The Best Commercial Chest Freezers 2021 Reviews

The most helpful guide to choosing the best commercial chest freezers is affordable, versatile, compact, and durable.

Chest freezers are a must-have in every home because they preserve your food for longer in case of a power outage and provides you enough space to store all your food. They are constructed with safety in mind, and therefore it is safe for storing food without any negative effect.

Chest freezers are affordable and are convenient for your kitchen appliance as it saves you the hectic of having to travel to the market now and then to restock your foodstuff and thus saves you time and money. The chest freezer will keep your perishable vegetables longer.

There are many types of chest freezers, and choosing the best chest freezer can be a game-changer because it can save you space, power, and money. The following is the list of the 6 best commercial chest freezer reviews.


The TOP 6 Best Commercial Chest Freezers 2021 (Reviews):


1. Maxx Cold 5.2 Cubic Feet Top Sub Zero Commercial Chest Freezer

Best Commercial Chest FreezersMaxx Cold 5.2 Cubic Feet Commercial Chest Freezer is the best because it can maintain its temperatures, including those times when you forget to close the lid and thus best known for holding food at the best temperatures of -24 degrees to -18 degrees.

It has a power rating of 30.4W, which is efficient and cheaper. It preserves food for 2 days during a power outage, convenient because it prevents your perishable food from getting spoilt easily. This is enhanced further with a locking lid, which ensures that all inside is secure and safe for consumption.

It has been designed from high-quality materials, and therefore it will serve you for longer. Besides, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Therefore, this commercial freezer is ideal for storing package food, meat, ice creams, vegetables, and desserts. You can easily wipe it during cleaning, which makes it versatile, especially its white coating. Its dimension is 30.4’’L X 33.7’’H X 22’’W and weighs 78 pounds.

Maxx Cold 5.2 Cubic Feet Commercial Chest Freezer is ideal for home, bar, restaurant, and ice cream shop. This commercial chest freezer has been designed to prevent frozen food from forming crystals, maintaining the original quality of food and freezer burn.

The disadvantage of this commercial freezer is that it did not have extra accessories when you purchased it.


2. Chef’s Exclusive CE206 Commercial Chest Freezer

Best Commercial Chest Freezers

Are you in an ice cream business and looking for the best commercial freezer that is versatile and attractive for your business? Then look no further than this mobile ice cream display chest freezer. Chef’s Exclusive CE206 Commercial Chest Freezer has a voltage of 115V-120V.

This is a 20 cubic feet long freezer that can store all your ice cream, and the LED lights inside will attract more customers who are purchasing your products and will skyrocket your sales. The molded plastic enhances the functionality of this freezer by ensuring that temperatures remain consistent throughout.

Mobile ice cream display chest freezer offers exceptional performance, stunning design, state of the art technology, and premium quality materials with 2 subs divided cabinets and wire basket. Chef’s Exclusive CE206 Commercial Chest Freezer is therefore durable and safe, and you can use it to store other food products such as pizzazz fruits, prepared meals, and vegetables.

The dimension of this freezer is 33’’L X 71’’W X 27’’H and weighs 197 pounds. It comes with a lock that ensures your items are safe when you are attending to other customers. Hence all your customers will enjoy eating ice cream from this high-quality commercial chest freezer.

The unusual thing with this commercial chest freezer is that it is oversized and thus bulky as it occupies more space.


3. KITMA Commercial Top Chest Freezer

Best Commercial Chest Freezers

KITMA Commercial Top Chest Freezer is 15.9 cubic feet deep. It can be used as an ice cream freezer as it comes with 2 removable baskets, solid door which is strong and can hold the contents inside well as it cannot break easily even in adverse temperatures.

It is the most selling commercial freezer because it produces low noise and is convenient for homes, groceries, or restaurants.

It saves on energy and leads to reduced costs, which are also its selling point to many people on a budget, especially during these tough times of the pandemic.

It maintains temperatures from -10F to -1F, and the drain plug makes it easy to discharge excess water while defrosting, and the hinged lid makes it easier to remove your contents easily from the freezer. The dimension of this commercial chest freezer is 49.6’’L X 26.5’’W X 34.5’’H and weighs 156.7 pounds.

KITMA Commercial Top Chest Freezer comes with a one year warranty and has 300W power and 115V-60Hz. It is also easy to clean and maintain this commercial chest freezer, and it is eco-friendly and spacious. This commercial chest freezer is bulky, which makes it cumbersome.


4. Maxx Cold 76’’ Wide Commercial Chest Freezers

Best Commercial Chest Freezers

This is an oversize commercial chest freezer of 30 cubic feet and 76 inches wide, and therefore you will have enough space to store all your frozen food. The hinge split top is hands-free and therefore convenient to close after removing contents from the freezer.

It is the best because it can keep food for up 2 days when there is power shedding, which is efficient and economical. After all, your frozen food will be fresh and be used easily. It is made of high-quality materials, and therefore the stored contents will be safe and healthy to consume.

The dimension of this freezer is 76’’W X 35.25’’L X 35.83’’H and weighs 209 pounds. It comes with a lock, and therefore your contents in the freezer will not be easily accessed by an unauthorized person. The baskets inside ensure that you arrange your contents neatly.

Maxx Cold 76’’ Wide Commercial Chest Freezers is durable and has been designed to readjust its temperatures to the pre-chilled food automatically. It is, therefore, efficient as it maintains the original taste and nutrients of the stored contents.

This commercial chest freezer comes with a one year warranty. The drawback is that it is difficult to clean thoroughly.


5. Whynter 62 Quart Dual Zone Portable Fridge

Best Commercial Chest Freezers

Whynter Store is a multipurpose freezer used in the home and a car with fast freeze functionality.

It works on both AC and DC with an AC power cord measuring 8 feet while the DC power cord measures 10 feet and has a dimension of 18.5’’L X 28’’W X 21’’H and weighs 57 pounds.

This portable fridge has been designed with stainless steel handles, which are durable and sturdy and can regulate temperatures from -8F to -50F. It is 62 quarts and has an LED temperature display and 7W.

This commercial chest freezer is designed with efficiency, safety, and style in mind. It can function in both AC and DC power sources, making it efficient to be used in any place, including remote areas where load shedding is common.

The good thing is that this commercial chest freezer is lightweight, and thus it is easily portable and more convenient, especially when traveling. It is a dual-zone, and thus you can have a fridge and a freezer combined, enabling you to have enough space.

Whynter 62 Quart Dual Zone Portable Fridge may not have enough space for large content, especially if you want to use it in a restaurant.


6. Chef’s Exclusive Commercial Chest Freezer

Best Commercial Chest FreezersChef’s Exclusive Commercial Chest Freezer is the best for selling your ice creams because it comes with a curved sliding glass, which is crystal clear and will attract more customers as customers will be able to see their favorite flavors.

The 5 wire baskets give you enough space to arrange your ice cream and other contents as you carry on with your business. You easily secure your freezer with a lock when busy to avoid unauthorized access, and therefore, it is safe and convenient.

It has been designed such that the curved sliding glass is easily reflective. With the drain plug, you can keep your freezer’s freshness and cleanliness during defrosting to prevent any contamination and ensure that contents retain their natural taste and it is fresh.

Chef’s Exclusive Commercial Chest Freezer ensures that temperatures are even and consistent and thus reliable, and it comes with a one year warranty. The dimension is 47.4’’W X 27.5’’H X 33.5’’L and weighs 152 pounds. It is a bit pricey and bulky, making it inconvenient.



Choosing the best commercial chest freezer is sometimes hectic with the many brands that have flooded the market. The above commercial chest freezers have been well designed by experts using high-quality materials, and therefore they are the best.

Their functionalities are unmatched, and it will save you the energy and time of going to the market frequently. They are easy to maintain and do not take up much of your space in the kitchen. The 6 best commercial chest freezers maintain the original taste of contents frozen without any alteration.

Therefore, if you purchase any of the above commercial chest freezers, every buck you will spend will be worth it because they are efficient, economical, and effective. They are reasonably priced and will be able to maintain even temperatures on the frozen contents.


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