Best Court Shoes for Pronation 2021

The tennis court is a completely different surface from all the others you have been on before. If you have been on a standard tennis court, you would know what I am talking about.

If you are suffering from pronation, you need the Best Court Shoes for Pronation to give you an advantage on the tennis court and offer you the balance required for you to play properly.

There are many shoes out there from different manufacturers claiming to be the Best Court Shoes for Pronation for you, but trust me, they are not.

Below I have a list of shoes that will help you and your gameplay on the tennis court.

The 10 Best Court Shoes for Pronation Review:

1. ADIDAS Performance Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoes

ADIDAS Performance Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoes

This tennis shoe is an outstanding choice for persons with flat feet. It offers appropriate support for your foot’s arch and much different assistance to a tennis player.

Laterally the product’s base runs an Adiprene and midsole made of foam, providing you with a wide-ranging cushioning and making every step soft and relaxed. There is supplementary cushioning under the arch of the foot.

The midsole absorbs most of the impact force once your feet hit the ground, eliminating the additional stress to your knees.

The upper is made of ballistic mesh, letting the airflow and keeping your foot dry. An exceptional design keeps the foot in an optimum position, giving you healthier stability and balance while you play tennis.

The outsole will not leave several marks, so you don’t need to worry about ruining the court.


  • Solid and very helpful
  • All-day-ease shoes
  • Provides outstanding lateral support essential for tennis
  • Abundant durability


  • The insole is thin

2. Nike Air Zoom Ultra

Nike Air Zoom Ultra

The Air Zoom Ultra is one of the best choices for tennis players with pronation who require lightweight footwear.  It is equipped with a great cushioning system.  


  • It has great support and stability
  • The traction and grip is excellent
  • It is very comfortable


  • It is quite expensive

3. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3

K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3

Talking of the tennis shoes that are good for overpronation issues, you can’t get healthier than K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3, whether for professionals or off-the-cuff players.  That is not to say this is your complete best option.

The midsole that goes through the entire length of this shoe preserve your feet line up while you play tennis.  Purchasers remarked how excellent the arch care was!

It’s made of synthetic leather and fabric (like utmost tennis shoes), but there is a possible problem.  While it’s likely that new and advanced versions of a shoe (like any other product) would be upgrading over the previous models, this shoe seems to buck that trend. 

Some fans of the Bigshot 2 were deeply disappointed with the Light 3 version.  It appears like compared to the previous versions (hard to find online), this shoe fails. 

The toe area (which looks to be mesh) does not mesh but a solid rubber material.  That’s an improving rip-off and trickery when you look at the photos.  They incline to be a slight being stiff rendering to several buyers.  You could do improve for the money.

On the other hand, not all is lost!  You can still get the women’s style on Amazon for a great price.  If you’d like to check out the women’s version, you can catch it on Amazon now!


  • Good price
  • They look decent
  • Firm construction
  • Worthy brand name
  • Delicious sustenance


  • Toe box might be too thin for some people
  • Not great exposure to air

4. Asics Gel-Resolution 6/7 Tennis Shoes

Asics Gel-Resolution 6/7 Tennis Shoes

If definitive support and comfort are what you need, the Asics Gel-Resolution 6 or 7 is the flawless choice for you. 

While many external cosmetics, colourways, and post of plastic reinforcements beside the exterior are a bit dissimilar from one model to the next, the difference between Resolution 6 and 7 is not enormous.

These models have a women’s and men’s version individually. The difference between men’s and women’s version is that the women’s version is slimmer to ensure a tight fit while the men’s version is broader.

The upper is completion synthetic leather and mesh panel, making sure your foot halts cool while you play.

It is very mutual that your feet become hot while you are run everywhere the court because of the perspiration that you yield. Nevertheless, with this shoe, you will have no difficulty because it permits airflow and eliminates moisture.

Furthermore, the upper offers great support for your feet and retains them safe and protected and well-aligned. This feature can avoid injuries to the feet.

There is a reasonable amount of cushioning in the middle area to care about the collapsing arches. This feature is vital for people with flat feet. The extra memory foam layer on the heels retains your feet at ease during long hour practice sessions.


  • Crucial comfort and support
  • Extremely light
  • Great worth for the price
  • Very long-lasting


  • A bit minor in the toe box
  • The insoles are not stellar, and an aftermarket insole may assist you better.

5. Asics Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoes

Asics Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoes

This one is amongst the finest models out there. Asics used only the top tools to make sure you get excellent performance and supreme comfort. They used a Solyte gel to create the midsole, which runs through the whole shoe base. It’s very attractively cushioned, and it delivers maximum comfort while you play.

The cushioning makes every stage soft and as comfortable as possible.

The cushioning and comfort of these shoes retains all the pain you might sense because of the flat feet at the minimal level. The provision for the lower arch makes sure that the arrangement of the feet is supported and protected, giving you extra comfort.

The outsole is made of synthetic material that makes available good grip and, consequently, eliminates slipping on the court.

The collar that drives around the ankle is made out of 2-layer memory foam that goes down to the heel protecting the heel in place. This also provides you more stability while dressing these shoes and eliminating most of the flat feet signs.


  • Outstanding foot support
  • Great airing
  • Light but very compacted
  • Super relaxed


  • They might be as well narrow for some individuals.

6. Nike Air Zoom Cage 3

Nike Air Zoom Cage 3

The Zoom Cage 3 deals with a good-looking blend of care and stability.  The proprietary XDR outsoles come with a six-month durability assurance, which will appeal to avid players considering a good investment.  This is exceptional in the tennis shoe arena. 

Flat-footed tennis players will like the low arch and the care-focused scheme of this shoe.

The Cage 3 has what Nike calls a “full bootie” design.  This means that the shoe has further padding around the ankle that locks your foot into place, and an external heel moulding help to add support without sacrificing cushion or ease. 

Think of it like a padded sock that move towards your ankle – as a boot would. 

The upper portion of this shoe uses a material called Kurim. Kurim is a flexible, durable, lightweight compound and makes available an almost “skin-like” or “sock-like” feel for the wearer.

In the meantime, it is pliable; Kurim will conform to your foot, which is seamless for anyone who does not have a normal to medium-arch and medium-width foot.

 On Cage 3, the Kurimstands over a breathable mesh lining. This mixture brings a fitted, breathable feel without adding much heaviness. 

The Air Zoom Cage 3 is an excellent selection for players who want a snug fit that is not too tight.  The “just-right” fit is a value that is not always cool to find if you have flat feet.


  • Easy straight out of the box
  • Very decent arch support
  • Long-lasting and breathable upper


  • The arch help might be too far back

7. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoes


 Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoes

Overlook about overpronation when you slip a pair of these on. These comfy, fashionable shoes make walking, running, and standing for long periods.

Great for athletic and fitness-minded folk, these shoe conglomerate casual good looks with stability and care.

Design engineered with a distorted sole, they deal with great initial lift and smooth move. What’s distinctive about them is that they slow down the speed of pronation because of their EVA molded midsoles and low influence rubber soles. This helps hang onto balance and grip.

Great structures like the foot grid at the rear, middle of the foot support bridge make it the ideal choice for committed walkers and those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The smooth finish of the interior makes sure that there’s no rubbing or blistering. The value band is on the high side, and there are reports of the shoes becoming “squeaky”, which can be to a certain extent annoying. The cushioning outcome may not last as long as you’d like.


  • Relaxed, stylish, stable, helpful
  • Multipurpose for the workplace and casual occasions
  • Decent for walking, standing lengthy hours


  • Costly
  • It turns creaky after some use
  • Upper fabric and grid cushioning system not long-lasting

8. Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 Overpronation Stability

Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 Overpronation Stability

Designed precisely for simple over-pronation issues while running, this running shoe is fabricated for road-surface and multi-use, deals superb stability, additional cushioning and improved motion control.

There’s torsion firmness in the middle that permits the front and heel portions to hold independent motion. Pronation control comes from the broad-minded diagonal roll-bar feature, and there’s a sectioned clang pad that runs the full length of the shoe, as long as better synchronization between heel and toe.

Evaluating in at 11 oz, this shoe derives with a structured saddle, rubber sole, and mesh upper for breathability, the arrangement of fabric and synthetic material, and a detachable sock-liner for hygiene.

It’s designed for additional width and great for both the gym treadmill and for out-of-doors running.


  • Healthier synchronization between heel and toe
  • Abundant for both the gym treadmill and for outdoor running
  • Offers outstanding stability
  • Extra cushioning and better gesture control
  • The external heel stand helps in foot stabilization


  • They are expensive
  • They may not be appropriate for extra wide feet
  • It is minor in the toe box
  • The shoes are painful

9. Adidas Women’s Solar Glide ST Running Shoe

Adidas Women’s Solar Glide ST Running Shoe

Engineered for constancy, comfort, and flexibility, this shoe’s your running mate indeed. It’s considered for long-distance runners, but you can wear them in all places, even to Disneyland!

Pocket-friendly, smooth and comfortable, they’re also great if your work involves you standing for long hours.

There’s an alleviating mesh upper placed tactically over a nicely padded midsole for that extra feel of control and ease while moving.

Heel counter aids to lock in the foot for better safety and stability. The shoes are breathable, and the design permits for max flexibility of the Achilles tendon.

The outsole is prepared from stretchable fabric that offers you more suppleness and elasticity. The inside of these shoes is ribbed for a healthier grip during movement and flexion.

The wraparound molded heel counter makes available better fit and effort of important ligaments and tendons.


  • Stability, comfort, support, safety
  • Appropriate for work, outdoors
  • Enhanced grip
  • Breathable and sanitized


  • Inner padding scratchy
  • Defective sizing

10. Hoka Bondi 5 Running Shoes

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Bondi 5 Running Shoe

The Hoka Bondi 5 Running Shoes are relaxed, breathable shoes designed to emphasise orthotic support for appropriate gait and correcting walking and running activities.

The thick rubber sole is considered with a Meta-Rocker build, guiding the roll of your foot as you stroll to correct your movements, moderately pushing your foot movements in the direction of a straight and accurate rolling motion.

The Ortholite insole offers additional maintenance and padding, boosting your ease while gently supporting and shielding your arches for added supination improvement. At the same time, the midsole is made from relaxed EVA foam for added cushioning and comfort, creating the shoes consistently comfortable while also proposing great orthotic upkeep for supination.

The uppers of these shoes for supination are complete from a breathable mesh fabric, protecting them lightweight and breathable in directive to safeguard that your feet are cool and dry even during extended times of intense exercise.


  • Dense rubber sole
  • Meta-Rocker scheme
  • Breathable mesh production


  • Very stable and stiff

How to Choose the Best Court Shoes for Your Feet

  • Ask a doctor– The doctor can speak to you about how severe is your condition and recommend the finest shoes for your flat feet.
  • Read the reviews– The user analyses of the shoes can be very useful because most of the reviews come from the individuals who used the product, and there are generally pros and cons and user ratings.
  • Compare products– Look for the evaluation tables online.
  • Ask people around you– If you know some persons that have the same situation as you have, talk to them and ask for guidance.


This is a great guide for those searching for the Best Court Shoes for Pronation that are needed for pronation.

All the shoes listed above have their advantages and disadvantages; they all flourish in some part and turn out to be bad in others.

The above list will help you choose the shoes that fit you better and gives to the best experience in the court. 

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