10 Best Crossfit Shoes for Pronation 2021 [Review]

The best shoes required for CrossFit are those that will enable you to carry out several exercises without changing the shoes. These exercises include; running, weight training, skipping, extreme workouts, and so on.

There are different brands of shoes on the market that are eligible for CrossFit, but the finest ones will have the balance required to adapt and cope with several activities that need to be done. When choosing the exact pair, you have to determine if the shoes have what is required to be a good cross fit shoe.

CrossFit has three diverse styles: running shoes that integrate added support, weightlifting shoes with additional comfort, and sneakers with the bare minimum but extra protection. Balancing, flexibility, breathability, stability, and comfort, together with support and protection, are the qualities of an excellent cross-training sneaker.  This is what makes them a distinctive type of training shoes.

It is also known as a cross-training shoe. They are exclusively designed for extreme workouts. They have to compromise in certain areas to provide numerous environments.

If you struggle with flat feet, this compromise is a disadvantage to you. Cross-training shoes are equipped with bottoms that are flat to the ground. This is possible because of the addition of ankle support techniques.

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The 10 Best Crossfit Shoes for Pronation 2021:

Below are ten of the best CrossFit shoes that are used for pronation. They are as follows;

1. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0

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Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0 is the peak of cross-fit shoes. These are inconspicuous shoes that have been designed to offer stability, flexibility, and support needed during cross-training. The NanoWeave uppers do not just provide to breathe; they are solid enough to provide the upper foot with the traction and support required to survive activities like rope climbing. 

A toughened heel cup, 360-degree heel wrap, and a power launch toe box serve as a protection chamber that keeps your foot firmly sheltered in the shoes during training. The heel-to-toe drop on this CrossFit shoe is up to 4mm, and this is the best size that will enable you to perform different training exercises. Crystallized rubber is the raw material used to make the outsole of this shoe.

The material is very durable and strong; even at that, it is still flexible, and this is what is needed during the manufacture of cross-fit shoes.


  • It has ankle holds on all sides
  • It has a large toe box
  • The layering of materials comes with a strong design


  • It has a small mid-rise

2. NIKE Metcon 3

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These NIKE CrossFit shoes were not just produced to give some of the best traction, soothe, and performance; they also offer the stability and support required to survive and be a contender in this world of sport.

Mesh is used to making the upper section of the NIKE Metcon 3, making it durable. The drop-in midsole pads your feet from intensive exercise. The forefoot is cushioned, and a rigid heel adds to the shoe’s ability to handle so many disciplines when training, lifting, and running are involved.

The rubber heel offers the stability and firmness needed to allocate your weight across your feet exclusively for those who lift weights. They are particularly lightweight shoes and have inflated material in areas that wear the most.


  • Equipped with drop-in midsole
  • It has mesh heels and ankle
  • Flywire cables are added for good lockdown
  • The rubber heel is firm


  • It is not the best to be used for marathons
  • Shoelaces get loose easily

3. Adidas Performance Gymbreaker

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Adidas is very reliable and one of the most trusted companies in the world of athletic footwear. This performance gym breaker is another sample from their great collection.

These CrossFit sneakers were made to serve you in any way possible, no matter the exercise or sport you choose to use them for. The low top design of this footwear isn’t just stylish but also lightweight and perfect for people who love to keep fit and stay healthy.

This sneaker for cross-fit activities gives a pivot-point outsole made from rubber to offer the wearer flexibility in the foot to create rotational movements easily.

The BOUNCE midsole offers superb comfort but not just that; it also helps convert your impact into energy. The adjustable floating mesh midfoot panels are there to ensure you have great support when training.

These shoes fit your leg in a sock-like manner; they are particularly lightweight and permit flexibility of movement required during cross-training. They have outstanding traction on any surface and can be utilized for any form of exercise or sport.


  • Its style is a low top
  • It fits the foot like a sock
  • It has a pivot-point outsole.


  • The ankle support is not very firm.

4. ASICS Conviction X

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The ASICS Conviction X is a superb shoe that gives top-notch cross-training experience than many others in the market.  

These shoes come in low top style and are designed with a RhynoSkin synthetic leather upper that is resistant to tear and abrasion; this is the major reason why Conviction X shoe is one of the most durable shoes you can find in the market today.

Its heel drop is about 4mm high, and the shoes are wholly designed to embark upon any form of activity ranging from weightlifting to running and so on.

The perforated inner sock liner guarantee that your foot remains cool and dry when you are training, and the integrated lace garage arranges your laces to ensure that there are no tripping hazards.

The firm and flat heel structure of this shoe are intended to allow you to spread your weight across your feet; this is necessary when you find yourself lifting heavy weights. They were made to handle exercises like squats, burpees, rope climbing, and so on.


  • It is equipped with an integrated Lace Garage
  • The firm flat heel offers great stability
  • Lightweight and durable
  • RhynoSkin synthetic leather upper
  • Perforated sock liner to drain moisture


  • Many people have complained about the shoe sizes.

5. Champion Gusto Cross Trainer

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Champion takes a straightforward approach to cross trainers as they introduce their Gusto cross-trainer shoes. This shoe has a simple appearance that doesn’t compromise.

The foot sole consists of rubber materials that contain spaced out cuts meant for added surface grips. The mesh and fabric build brings about a lightweight option. This lightweight option assists in developing breathability for the user; it never pressures or tightens on foot.

The inner sole is built with memory foam. This insert is very comforting and offers that close-fitting shape that is needed for flat feet.


  • It makes use of memory foam tech all over the insole
  • The entire outsole is made up of rubber
  • Mesh and fabric design


  • Only less than half of the ankle is covered.

6. PUMA Tazon 6 WN’S FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

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PUMA is another company with a huge presence in the world of sports. The new Tazon FM cross-trainer shoe is a strengthened brand with reinforced material.

The shoe is built with synthetic leathers that give additional strength to the outer sole of the shoe. This material is used up to the shoe’s tongue, creating a model that will be in the market for a long time. The reinforced materials can be seen in the rubber insoles. The back of the shoe is made up of a dual layer of both rubber and gel materials.

The gel layer assists in reducing fatigue and issues connected to increased movements. The rubber sole creates support and allows room for your ankle to breathe in and the ability to stay stable. The front part of the shoe consists of a thin layer of rubber materials.


  • Dual-layer found in the sole for support.
  • Strong materials together with synthetic leather were used in the build
  • The undercarriage is filled with proper layering


  • The toe box is small.

7. Reebok Crossfit Grace TR

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Reebok has come up with another brand, and this time they designed it for those who love to train.

A NanoWeave upper gives you breathability, and not only that; it is reliable in any cross-fit training. The low cut design makes it look attractive; these are CrossFit shoes that anyone would love to wear. The CMEVA midsole provides the comfort that is needed for cross-training.

The heel counter and rubber outsole give the user the support and stability required for lifting, rope climbing, and other exercises. Lightweight and flexible, the Grace TR is designed for only those who are ready to keep fit. 


  • The outsole is made of rubber
  • Made with CMEVA Midsole
  • It has a low cut design
  • Lightweight, durable and flexible


  • It is costly.

8. New Balance MX20V6 Minimus

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The New Balance has come up with a sneaker that gives the best cross-training for both men and women. It looks beautiful as it comes with a synthetic and TPU upper that turns out to be durable and breathable. 

Rope climbing or running, or any other kind of training you engage in, the New Balance Minimus gives you the necessary features that will enable you to remain fit, stable, and flexible. 


  • Vibram outsole
  • Asym collar with folded foam
  • Revlite midsole
  • Synthetic and TPU upper


  • Feet get wet a lot in it.

9. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainer

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The new Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid cross-trainer shoe is the real deal in the world of fitness.  The ankle’s midsection is raised a little in this shoe, which provides room for easy movements and turns that come about during training.

A three-layer material is used to design to bottom sole. This design begins with a gel-like material that is joined with two other layers of rubber supports. The gel area helps absorb shock, while the two rubber layers provide additional support to the bottom.

Made from synthetic materials, the strength is solid, and the weight remains less. The interior portion of the shoe consists of a removable insole that enables users to put in their support measures or develop a better fit.


  • Triple-layered sole
  • Presence of gel-like material that serves as a shock absorber and reduces wear and tear
  • Removable insole


  • The padding in the ankle supports limited.

10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe

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ASICS was one of the first pioneer manufacturers of cross-trainer shoes, and their new Gel-Craze TR 4 model is the best choice for those suffering from flat feet.

It begins with their new design to the rubber sole, where a gel-like substance joins with a rubber support system to enable easy movement. There is a nice plot that can be found within the shoe backing and insole.

The insole consists of the Gel-Craze technology initiates gel components that help extend to the toe box. The back is very durable and makes use of padding backing, which is thick.


  • Gel-infused technology
  • Two layers of support in the sole
  • The insole is very comfortable


  • Ankle coverage in the back rise is minimal.


Acquiring a CrossFit shoe that meets your needs is a thing of joy, no matter its brand. It means that you are ready to get on with CrossFit activities and make a difference. 

CrossFit has filled so many different activities and exercises. As a result of this, a shoe that can cope with all the activities is needed. If you are going for cross-training, your shoe has to have support and stability. This is very important.

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