The 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer UK for 2020

With many vendors in the market, selecting the best deep fat fryer UK 2020 may prove to stress.

Besides requiring a lot of research, comparing various models is bound to incur a high cost on your finances. To ensure that you invest in a good brand with less stress, I did all the research for you.

The research includes the examination of various models, thus preparing this detailed guide for you so that you won’t have to waste your precious time to find one. Also, this guide offers unbiased verdicts on each deep fryer featured and the pros and cons of each product.

Since it is a lengthy article, here is navigation to help you move to the sections you need easily.

What you will find in this article:

  • The 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer in the UK:
  • How to Pick the Best Deep Fat Fryer 2020
  • Frequently asked questions


The 5 Best Deep Fat Fryers UK in 2020:


1. Swan 3L Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer

best deep fat fryer in UK



The swan 3L deep fryer is an easy clean fryer featuring a viewing window, safety cut out, and adjustable temperature control. The adjustable thermostat on this deep fryer has indicator lights that enable you to identify the settings you have applied.

It also features seven different temperature functions, thus preparing meals for your family a breeze. In addition to its cooking presets, this model has a 3-liter oil capacity, which allows for deep frying of foods up to one kilogram.

What makes this among the best deep fat fryers UK 2020, however, is the keen eye on a user’s safety. The detachable basket and cool-touch handle on this model allow for easy removal of the food from oil without exposing your skin to burns.

Additionally, this fryer features a safety cut out and overheat protection setting, which monitors the status of the gadget and automatically switches the set off when a part is not operational. In addition to this, the set is fitted with non-slip rubber feet, which ensures the stability of the fryer when in use.

It also features an easy-clean, non-stick build fryer pan, which makes it easy to clean off food particles. This, in addition to the steel exterior, makes for easy maintenance of the fryer and durability. What makes it a great option is the long cable, which allows for flexibility in terms of placement on your counter.

The dimensions of this fryer are also ideal for a kitchen counterpart as they allow for easy storage, travel, and do not compromise the placement of other kitchen accessories. The fryer also comes with a 2-year warranty, which saves you from excess repair costs in the case of malfunction.

  • Compact
  • Steel built exterior and non-stick pan allow for easy cleaning
  • Fitted with non-slip rubber feet
  • Features 7 temperature functions
  • Fitted with a long cord thus allowing for flexibility in placement
  • 3-liter oil capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • this model is not fitted with a timer


The swan fryer is among the best investments you could make. Besides the warranty, this deep fryer gives a crisp finish that few can rival hence letting you prepare quality meals for your family.


2. Tefal Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer

best deep fat fryer in UK 2020: tefal oleoclean oil fryer



The Tefal Oleoclean 3.5 liter pro fryer is among the best deep fat fryers 2020 with a patented thermostatic oil filtration system. As such, it allows for your cooking oil to cool down after use and rids it of food particles before transmitting it to a collection chamber. As such, this saves you the agony of traditional decanting and prolongs the service of your cooking oil.

Even better, this fryer fully dismantles, thus allowing you to clean all the areas with precision. This, in addition to its odor filter, ensure that your food is free of stale stenches and also that your kitchen does not wreak of poor smell from escaping fumes.

It also features a cooking lid with a window that provides for easy monitoring of food hence preventing overcooking. The advanced oil temperature heating system provides optimal cooking temperatures for food, therefore, ensuring that the food exterior is crispy and does not absorb excess oil, thus allowing for the preparation of healthier meals.

Besides improving your kitchens overall décor, the sleek stainless steel withstands contact with moisture without rusting. What makes this among the best deep fat fryers 2020, however, is the 1.2 kg food capacity and 2300 watts of cooking power, which allow for faster heating of oil, thus faster cooking. As such, you can deep-fry foods that require temperatures ranging from 150 to 190 degrees Celsius.

  • 3.5 oil capacity
  • Features a patented thermostatic oil filtration system
  • High 2300 watts of cooking power
  • Odor filtration system
  • The cooking lid is fitted with a window
  • Compact
  • Expensive
  • The timer doesn’t stop upon completion of foods cooking


There is simply no going wrong with the Tefal deep fryer. While it ranges on the higher end of the price spectrum, however, it offers a substantial oil capacity and odor filtration system, which few models in the market feature.


3. Aigostar Deep Fryer 

Aigostar deep fryer The 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer UK for 2020



The Aigostar deep fryer is a robust large capacity fryer featuring 2200 watts of cooking power, thus allowing for quick and effective cooking. Additionally, this fryer offers a 3-liter cooking oil capacity that can accommodate enough food for a household of up to three members.

What ranks this among the best deep fat fryers the UK, however, is the thermostatic temperature control, which allows for temperatures between 130 degrees and 190 degrees; this is ideal for cooking tasty fish, chips, chicken, fritters, doughnuts and much more. Unlike its counterparts, however, this set heats up in five to ten minutes, thus hastening your cooking process.

This fryer also features a stainless steel housing and non-stick coated bowl, which provides for easy cleaning. Additionally, this model has a viewing window that allows for the monitoring of food, thus preventing overcooking.

To ensure your safety, the fryer is fitted with a cool-touch handle, which allows for secure handling despite the temperature of cooking oil. Also, the set is equipped with non-slip feet, which provide stability, thus allowing for even cooking and preventing the fryer from toppling over when in use.

  • Compact
  • The cooking pan heats up in roughly five to ten minutes
  • Fitted with non-slip feet
  • Has a cool-touch handle
  • Affordable
  • 3-liter cooking oil capacity
  • Too small for larger households


When it comes to the safety of deep-frying machines, the Aigostar offers the most features geared to safety. As such, it is ideal for a family with younger ones that are new in the deep frying field.


4. Tefal Filtra One Deep Fryer

Tefal filtra one deep fryer The 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer UK for 2020



The Tefal Filtra deep fryer is among the larger capacity fryers in the market featuring an oil filtration system. Featuring a viewing window and temperature control, this model gives you control over the cooking status of your food, thus preventing over frying. In addition to this, the model can accommodate 1.4 liters of oil and 1 kg of food, thus allowing for the preparation of a family setting.

It also comprises of a temperature indicator light and adjustable thermostat that can realize temperatures ranging from 150 to 190 degrees. This allows for cooking a wide range of food, thus giving you freedom with your recipe options. Additionally, the fryer has five cooking presets, including Vegetables, fish, scampi/onion rings, chicken, and chips, which helps you navigate settings temperatures with ease.

The Filtra One is safe to touch thanks to its cool wall body. As such, it assures you burn-protection in the case of contact when in use. Even better, the basket, filtering mesh, and lid of the fryer are removable and dishwasher safe hence allowing for easier washing.

  • 1.4-liter oil capacity
  • 1 kg food capacity
  • 150 to 190-degree temperature ranges
  • Features five cooking presets
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Cool-touch exterior
  • Lacks an easy oil drain option


The Tefal Filtra one is also among the large capacity food fryers 2020. Unlike many models, this feature cooking presets, which, together with its high wattage, allow for fast preparation of meals.


5. Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer – White 

Breville easy clean deep fryer The 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer UK for 2020

The Breville easy clean digital deep fat fryer is the easiest and safest way of deep-frying at home. Featuring a digital timer with a sound alert and a viewing window, the Breville fryer gives you maximum control over your cooking, thus preventing over frying of your food.

It also features a retractable basket that allows for the removal of food from oil efficiently and draining of oil. What ranks this fryer among the best deep fat fryers UK 2020, however, is the large enamel bowl, which allows for easy cleaning and accommodates two liters of cooking oil and one kilogram of food.

The Breville deep fat fryer features one of the most sophisticated temperature controls with a cooking indicator, which automatically switches off when the fryer reaches your set temperatures. It also features a permanent filter that keeps food vapor from escaping, thus keeping your kitchen free of smells.

  • Digital timer with sound alert
  • Removable enamel bowl for easy cleaning
  • Easy-clean removable lid with permanent filter
  • Viewing window to monitor cooking progress
  • 2 Liter oil capacity
  • 1Kg food capacity
  • Variable temperature control
  • Safety locking lid
  • Cool-touch body
  • Cord storage
  • Slightly pricier than its counterparts


It is a great deep fryer for a family setting as it saves you time and ensures a quality crisp taste on a wide variety of meals.


Factors to consider when buying a deep fat fryer 2020

Getting the best deep fat fryer extends beyond picking the first fryer that first crosses your sight. To ensure that you get service worth your investment, here are some factors to put into consideration.

Capacity- when selecting a deep fryer, consider the size of your household; hence choose a model that allows for preparation of meals that can adequately satisfy your family.

Wattage- The higher the wattage, the faster the operation of a deep fryer. As such, select a fryer with a high wattage, thus getting assurance for lower cooking durations.


Frequently asked questions

Can you use solid fat, or are you limited to use liquid oil?

While it is possible to use either, I would recommend against solid at as not only is it higher in cholesterol content but also tough to clean from the fryer once it dries up.


Are deep fat fryers smokeless?

The amount of smoke produced by fryers is solely dependent on the type of oil you use and the nature of ingredients. To curb the amount of oil produced, use cooking oil with high smoking points, and ensure that you cook food that is free of water. Also, consider investing in a set with an odor filter, thus reducing the smell emitted from the fryer to your kitchen.

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