The 5 Best Deep Fryer in Australia and New Zealand

With many deep fryers for home use in the market, finding the best deep fryer in Australia 2020 may prove to stress.  Despite the good number of deep fryers on the market, there are many factors to consider to purchase a set that serves your needs best.

To save you time and frustration while ensuring that you get service worth your money, I have researched, compared, and compiled this guide for you. Since this is a lengthy and detailed article, here are the important sections of the guide. You can click on the link to navigate to the area you want.

What you will find in this article:

  • The 5 Best Deep Fryer in Australia:
  • How to Pick the Best Deep Fryer 2020
  • Frequently asked questions

In this guide, we offer unbiased verdicts on each deep fryer featured and the pros and cons of each product.

The 5 Best Deep Fryers in Australia and New Zealand:


1. Breville, The Smart Deep Fryer

best deep fryer in Australia: breville deep fryer



The Breville deep fryer is a 4L capacity, smart deep fryer with an electronic thermostat that allows for rapid temperature recovery. It also handles oil splatter as the lid is designed in a manner that guides the oil back into the chamber.

Additionally, the removable vessel is dishwasher safe which reduces the struggle of handwashing. Owing to its seven preset functions, the Breville smart deep fryer can be used to prepare items ranging from fries, fish, wings, calamari, doughnuts and custom dishes.

It also features a powerful 2200 W heating elements which reflect heat upwards creating a cool protective zone which traps oil and food debris thus extending your oils life. What ranks this the best Deep fryer in Australia, however, is the LCD with automatic temperature and time control.

  • Huge 4L capacity
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Rapid temperature recovery
  • Handles oil splatter
  • Powerful 240 V heating elements
  • Features 7 preset functions
  • Compact
  • The set is heavier than most of its counterparts



You could hardly go wrong with the Breville smart deep fryer. Thanks to its easy to navigate LCD display, you can switch through cooking options that best suit your meals.


2. De’Longhi Traditional Deep Fryer

DeLonghi best deep fryer in Australia



The De’Longhi traditional deep fryer is a traditional large cooking capacity fryer that offers a patented oil filtration system. It also provides safety features like a crisp exterior and a viewing window which makes it an ideal set for household use.

With the patented oil cleaning system, you can filter oil without tipping or lifting the set. As such, you save yourself time and energy and also increase the life of your cooking oil. Additionally, the adjustable temperature control allows for cooking a variety of meals as it can reach temperature ranges of between 150 degrees C and 190 degrees.

A testament that this is the best fryer for a family setting is the 1.5kg capacity of food with up to 2.4 liters of oil which cater to food potions of a household not exceeding two members. It also ranks among the best deep fryers in Australia 2020 which offer an anti-Odor filter thus ensuring an odorless cooking experience.

To ensure safety for your family members, the set is fitted with non-slip feet which prevent slipping of the device when handling hot oil. The interior of this model is also non-stick, thus providing for easy maintenance.

  • Features a patented oil filtration system
  • Ideal for households not exceeding three members
  • Easy temperature control
  • Wide temperature ranges allow for the preparation of a wide array of meals
  • Allows for the monitoring of food when cooking
  • Fitted with a cool-touch exterior to protect you from burns and scars
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Silent operation
  • Temperature ranges are 25 degrees lower than the labelled range



The De’Longhi traditional deep fryer ranks among the best deep fryers in Australia 2020. Besides providing safety for its users, it reaches high temperature ranges thus allowing for the production of diverse meals. Additionally, the De’Longhi fryers offer silent operation, thus giving you peace of mind.


3. De’LonghiRotofry, Deep Fryer

Delonghi rotofry The 5 Best Deep Fryer in Australia and New Zealand



The De’Longhi Rotofry deep fryer is a one kg capacity fryer with an adjustable thermostat and angled rotating basket for crispier food while using lesser oil. Owing to the rotating angled basket, food is immersed in and out of oil cyclically, thus allowing for cooking of food potions using half the amount of the oil.

It is also fitted with an acoustic signal monitor, which alerts you when the cooking process is done, thus ensuring that food does not overcook. Since it is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, the model allows you to set the perfect temperature for fish, vegetable and custom dishes.

However, ensure that you know the cooking time for various food, thus preventing overcooking of food components. Additionally, the De’Longhi Rotofry deep fryer features a secure, clean system that allows for easy removal of oil and is fitted with removable and washable parts.

Also, it has a replaceable anti-odor filter which keeps the odors and oil vapors away, thus providing for a breeze cooking experience. The frying basket can also be raised or lowered, thus allowing for the removal of excess oil from the food.

Since the bowl is also dishwasher safe, it saves your fingers the trouble you would have previously faced with handwashing. It also features an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 150 to 190 °C thus allowing for cooking of larger potions.

  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Anti-odor filter
  • Sizable capacity for a household up to three people
  • Adjustable thermostat that allows for cooking a wide variety of meals
  • Dish washable parts
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Uses half the amount of oil that typical deep fryers use
  • The button is a bit stiff



While deep frying produces a crisp, delicious final product, the fuel expense may prove costly if you dispose of it after every use. With the patented oil filtration system, you can reuse your oil without sediments from previous cooking sessions, hence doing away with stale smells.


4. Kambrook 4 Liter Deep Fryer

kambrook deep fat fryer The 5 Best Deep Fryer in Australia and New Zealand



The Kambrook 4-liter deep fryer is among the larger capacity deep fryers for home use 2020. Featuring an easy non-stick removable bowl and cool touch handles, this model offers a quality experience in terms of maintenance and handling.

It also features a stylish stainless steel exterior that not only complements your kitchens décor but also withstands frequent contact with water without rusting. To ensure that you cook food to your desired level, the set provides a large viewing window.

What makes its service more pleasant, however, is the detachable dishwasher safe parts which reduce the burden of hand scrubbing the set. Additionally, the Kambrook deep fryer includes a removable anti-odor charcoal filter to eliminate smells, thus giving you comfort as you prepare your meals.

Thanks to its sizeable 4-liter oil capacity, the Kambrook deep fryer is ideal for more extensive family settings and commercial use. It also has a 2200 watts cooking power which allows for faster heating of the cooking chamber thus more rapid preparation of meals.

  • Sizable 4-litre oil capacity and 1kg basket capacity
  • Easy-clean non-stick removable bowl
  • Variable temperature control
  • Compact design
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Stylish stainless steel exterior
  • affordable
  • 2200 watts of cooking power
  • Large viewing window
  • Removable anti-odour charcoal filter
  • Known to overheat when in use



This is an ideal option for those starting with deep frying without making a mess with hot oil. However, it is essential to know the temperature ranges at which to cook food, thus preventing overcooking.


5. Yosoo Commercial 6L Electric Deep Fryer

yosoo commercial deep fryer The 5 Best Deep Fryer in Australia and New Zealand


The Yosoo fat fryer is stainless steel, large capacity fryer with high cooking temperature ranges and easily removable parts. As such, this set is not only easy to use but also provides for easy maintenance.

Given the wide temperature ranges offered by the fryer, it provides for cooking a wide range of meals at the right temperature. Also, the fryer offers a quality capacity which makes it an ideal choice for home and commercial use.

Among the items included in its purchase package include a stainless steel fryer basket, fryer handles and a temperature controlling tank.

  • Huge 6L capacity
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Rapid temperature recovery
  • Handles oil splatter
  • The set consumes larger countertop space



The Yosoo deep fryer is a quality set in the making. Besides its simplicity and beauty, this model heats up faster than its counterparts and automatically maintains optimal cooking temperatures for a variety of food. Additionally, this fryer allows for preparing larger potions of food which makes it an ideal choice for domestic and commercial use.


 Factors to consider when choosing a deep fryer for home use

While there are many deep fryer models for you to select from, there are many items to put into consideration to ensure that you invest in a deep fryer. Among the factors to put into account include:



The size of your household and the quantities of food you wish to prepare at a go is a crucial element to consider before investing in a fryer. For larger households, go for a bigger capacity deep fryer thus tackling your needs efficiently.



To ensure your safety, it is vital to consider the safety features the deep fryer you invest in has to offer. Among the standard deep fryer safety features include:

  • rubber stands at the bottom to ensure grip on the counter.
  • Magnetic, electric cords to cut power if the set is disturbed
  • Automatic shutoff upon overheating of the oil
  • Insulated handles
  • Cool-touch exterior


However, it is also essential to follow safe procedures when handling deep fryers. For instance, it is necessary to give the oil time to cool off before transferring it to your storage bottle.


Frequently asked questions

What is the healthiest way to use deep fryers?

Among the chief items to check is ensuring that you use healthy cooking oil with high smoking points and also to ensure that you drain the oil off of food ultimately, thus reducing your carb intake.


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