The Best Electric Blankets for 2021 Reviews

As the winter encroaches, there is nothing more inviting than crawling into a warm bed on a cold evening. However, heating your home every night for the duration of the winter can be hard on your wallet, your bills, and the environment.

Luckily, there is a cheaper and more convenient way to keep warm this winter, and it comes in the form of an electric blanket, heated mattress pad, foot-warming pads and several other personal heating products.

Electric blankets, as well as heating mattress pads, are blankets that have a heating device integrated into the blanket itself. This allows you to ‘plug in’ your blanket so that the warmth generated will be concentrated around your body, keeping you that much warmer. You can take your blanket with you to the sofa while watching TV or use it exclusively on your bed at night.

Investing in one of these power-saving gadgets can keep you warm for years, for merely a fraction of what it would cost to heat your whole house.

Due to their ever-rising popularity, there are many electric blankets out there, so choosing the right one for you will take some consideration.

How to choose the best electric blankets?

With so many personal heating products on the market, it may seem difficult to choose the one that is right for you.

There are plenty of products out there, some better than others, so when deciding which one to choose, we recommend that your initial consideration should encompass the three features: Safety, Durability, and Ease of Use. Once you have found your safe, durable and easy to use list of blankets, you may want to narrow those down to the comfort, style, weight, and size.

There are several well-respected and long-running electric blanket companies in the US whose products are used by millions of Americans every year. There is no better advertisement for a product than by its consumers, so once you find a blanket that seems perfect for you, look out for reviews by those who have purchased the product to get a better idea of what you may expect.

When it comes to electric blankets, we recommend that you always choose a brand new one and never settle for a second-hand one. Not only will your electric blanket last longer, but if it is faulty in any way or if something goes wrong during your use, you can usually get it replaced or repaired directly from the manufacturer.

Because of this, it is a great idea to look out for electric blankets or other personal heating products that offer you a warranty on your purchase.

What to look for in a good electric blanket?

If you have found a blanket that seems ideal for you, here are some tips on what to look for in a good electric blanket.

We recommend safety as the number one qualifier for your electric blanket. As the blanket will be in the very close proximity to you and your loved ones, any malfunction may result in safety hazards for you and your home. Because of this, the first thing you will find in a good electric blanket is the safety tested UL stamp.

UL is the stamp of the Laboratory Underwriters who are responsible for rigorously testing all new electric products in the United States in order to make sure that they conform to the highest standards of safety.

All electric blankets from the reputable manufacturers and distributors are required to have this stamp, but if you are not sure, always ask for this information before purchasing your blanket.

Durability and performance are other features we recommend you consider when purchasing an electric blanket. If you invest in warm winters, you will want a product that will last you longer than one season or a couple of months.

Check out the user reviews for the quality and durability of the product you consider buying for a clearer picture of how well your new electric blanket will last.

Here are the Best Electric Blankets for 2021

1. Sunbeam Heated Comfy Toes Foot Warming Pad

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  • Three warmth settings
  • Made with Polyester
  • 220 watts heating
  • 12 feet long cord
  • King size and Queen size
  • White colour only

The Sunbeam’s Heated Foot Warming pad is a warming pad that is designed to fit perfectly underneath your mattress at the bottom of the bed and is perfect for keeping your feet and your toes warm and toasty throughout the night. Though it can technically be used as a mattress pad, it does not work as well if repurposed this way and it is best when used as a foot-warming pad.

The pad is made of polyester for added warmth and employs three heat settings for comfort. Rather than a number, the heat settings are divided into low, medium and high.

The warming pad has a cord that is 12 feet long, making it convenient for a plug-in, regardless of where your sockets are. Because it fits the mattress, the warming pad will not move or get displaced during the night, which is great for consistent and continuous warmth.

We should mention, however, that this is not a heating pad, thus the heat will be milder. If you have cold feet or they get very cold during the night, it is recommended that you turn on the heating pad 10-20 minutes before getting into bed, in order to give it time to heat up.

Because feet are integral in controlling the body temperature, the Sunbeam’s warming pad has the potential to keep your feet, as well as rest of you, warm throughout the night. This product is especially recommended for weaker circulation and whose feet tend to get very cold.


  • Made of polyester, increasing the warmth and comfort
  • It fits perfectly on a mattress, reducing movement and agitation of the pad throughout the night
  • Balanced heat generation throughout the night
  • The three settings, low, medium and high, are constructed in such a way to give a perfect range of warmth
  • The pad is extremely easy to use without the complex controls
  • Safety certified by the UL


  • The auto turn-off feature works on 10-hour intervals, though if you change the temperature before the 10 hours is up, the timer will reset itself for another 10 hours
  • The warming pad does not get as hot as a heating pad would, so it may not be ideal for those who are looking for a more intense heat
  • The heating pad comes only in white colour


The warming pad is perfect for keeping your feet and your toes warm and we judge it as a good investment. However, it is not ideal if you’re looking for intense heat, as it is not a heating pad.

2. Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

2. Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

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  • 10 heat settings for therapeutic warmth
  • Twin, Full, King and Queen size
  • Machine washable
  • Packed with reusable zip bag for storage
  • Made with Polyester Microplush
  • Weight: 8 pounds for a King Size
  • 6 colours: Sage, Cream, Denim, Brick, Blue Beige

The Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric blanket is a heated, ultra-soft, electric blanket in Twin, Full, King or Queen Size. It is perfect for keeping you warm throughout the night, and if you have time to sleep in, it features a 10-hour auto turn-off feature for safety and security. Biddeford’s electric blanket is also UL safety listed as an electrically safe product.

The blanket is soft, thick and extremely comfortable, while also allowing you to relax without feeling the wiring inside the blanket. Though the blanket itself is comfortable and extremely soft, it is rather heavy at the King and Queen sizes and thus it may be a bit too heavy for some.

The heat settings allow the user to set the exact temperature that is perfect for them, and the blanket can also provide therapeutic warmth for those with muscle stiffness or back pain.

Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric blanket comes in a wide variety of stylish colours, though not all colours are available for every size.


  • The blanket heats up very quickly and efficiently, so you can be warm as soon as you get underneath it
  • The heating technology of the blanket heats evenly and consistently throughout the night
  • The controls are intuitive and are very easy to use
  • The blanket is machine washable for convenience


  • The electric blanket is rather heavy for its class, coming in at 8 pounds for a King size; a much heavier than some of the other electric blankets of the same size
  • It May not be ideal for restless sleepers, as covers can slide and ball up
  • Some customers have reported one side of the blanket having issues with the heating


The Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric blanket is perfect for first-time buyers and those looking for a change. Although it is a bit heavy, the blanket is extremely soft and comfy. In addition to its heating capabilities, the polyester micro plush adds an extra layer of warmth for a comfortable, night-long heat and a good night’s sleep.


  • Made with Velvet Plush
  • 10 heat settings
  • Washing machine and dryer safe
  • Weight: 4 pounds for a King Size
  • An optional automated 10-hour in-built turn-off feature
  • 6 colours: Garnet, Mushroom, Lagoon, Walnut, Olive, and Slate
  • Sunbeam exclusive ultra-thin wiring
  • Programmable pre-heat
  • Dual controls for King and Queen size bed

The Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket is a comfortable, warm, and ultra-light heating blanket, that comes in all bed sizes. Unlike many of the electric blankets in its class, Sunbeam’s Velvet Plush Heated Blanket comes with a programmable pre-heat so that you can jump into a bed with the level of warmth you need.

Sunbeam’s blanket also comes with an automated 10-hour turn-off feature, however, with this blanket, the turn off feature is optional.

If you’re planning on sleeping in, you may use the auto turn-off feature for safety and security, however, if you do not use the blanket for the full 10 hours or do not wish it to turn off after 10 hours, you may skip this feature altogether. This gives extra flexibility to people with different lifestyles and needs, which is not often seen in other electric blankets.

Another feature from Sunbeam that we love is the dual controls for the King and Queen Size beds. It does not have to be too hot or too cold for one person in the bed, as each side has its own separate temperature control that does not interfere with the person on the other end. This means a better night’s sleep for you and your partner.

If you tend to sleep alone under the King or Queen Size blanket, however, you must use both controls to regulate the temperature of the entire blanket, as it is not possible to do so with a single controller. This can be somewhat inconvenient if you are trying to change the temperature in the middle of the night and do it twice on two different controllers.


  • The blanket is both washing machine and dryer safe for extra convenience
  • The blanket is warm, comfortable and cozy, but it is not heavy, standing at 4 pounds for the King Size
  • Uses ultra-thin heating wires for comfort and heat, exclusive to Sunbeam
  • Dual control for the two sides of the bed


  • The auto-turn off feature is optional, therefore it has to be set before it will work, as opposed to automatically being set upon purchase
  • The blanket can be very slippery, especially for restless sleepers, causing it to slide or ball up on the floor or not fit properly.
  • While we love the dual controls, it is also not possible to control the warmth of the entire blanket with just one controller


Overall, we love the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket, especially for its warmth, comfort, and flexibility it affords. It is easy to use and it is light, which is especially great for those electric blankets lovers who are on the go. Easy to carry, you can take it with you to the living room or a camping trip without it taking up too much space.

4. Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated King Size Blanket

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated King Size Blanket


  • Made with 100% Polyester Micro-Fleece
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Twin, Full, Queen, King and Throw sizes
  • Pre-heat and hold feature
  • Automatic 10-hour turn-off feature
  • A built-in overheating protection system
  • Low voltage

Soft Head Luxury Micro-Fleece low-voltage electric heated blanket is a soft, comfortable heated electric blanket that comes in all standard bed sizes, as well as a Throw.

We particularly love the polyester micro-fleece, as in addition to being soft, it does not stretch or shed after washing, making it feel newer for longer. Soft Head’s warming blanket uses ultra-thin wiring that is virtually unnoticeable, thus feeling like a regular soft blanket with added warmth.

Because blankets tend to ball up from time to time, the SoftHead’s electric blanket has a built-in overheating protection system that we absolutely love. The blanket will respond to any temperature spikes in any part of the blanket and prevent any accidents from overheating.

The blanket’s wide range of sizes gives you more choices, depending on your needs and your lifestyle. Though it is an electric blanket, it does not heat like a heating pad or a heating blanket. The blanket may not be warm to the touch, thus to reap the full benefits of the blanket, you must be covered with it.

Though this is a great feature, it may not be ideal for everyone, especially if the heat levels cannot be determined by the touch.


  • The blanket is both machines washable and dryer safe
  • Ultra-thin wires are hard to detect, making the blanket more comfortable than others
  • Auto turn-off and overheating safety features included
  • Numerous sizes and styles can be used in any situation


  • The blanket is not warm to the touch even on highest, but rather, it requires users to be covered to experience the warmth
  • Ease of use is not as great – mishandling of the product can be hazardous, despite the inbuilt safety features


We love the Soft Head Luxury Micro-Fleece low-voltage electric heated blanket, its softness, and the heating capabilities, though this blanket may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for more intense heat, you may look at other options.

Notwithstanding electrical faults or mishandling, the Soft Head electric heated blanket does not tend to overheat, and the warmth is intense enough to keep you warm throughout the night without the risk of burns.


  • 20 temperature settings
  • Knitted, ribbed microfleece
  • Washing machine safe
  • Queen Size
  • Self-binding edging
  • 10-hour auto turn-off feature
  • Colours: Ivory, Taupe and Mink

The Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket comes with 20 temperature settings and is a knitted, ribbed microfleece for added comfort and softness. It features the 10-hour auto turn-off feature for safety and peace of mind, this heated blanket is perfect for those looking for more intense heat throughout the night. The heated blanket comes in the Queen Size only, so it may not be perfect for everyone.

In terms of durability, the Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket is of great quality, and we have not been disappointed with its performance. The cords of the blanket are not ridged but rather flexible, increasing the life cycle and the safety of the wires and the blanket.

Though lacking some of the intricate features of other electric blankets, the Ribbed Microfleece Heated blanket’s most prominent feature is its heating capability that outshines many of its competitors.


  • 20 temperature settings are above the market average, allowing a greater range of heat
  • The blanket is very durable and is of a great quality
  • Washing machine safe for easy and convenient cleaning


  • It only comes in the Queen Size, thus may not be suitable for everyone’s needs.
  • Unlike other blankets on the market, the Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket is recommended not to be used in the dryer but rather air-dried
  • Different colours of the blanket may be priced differently, thus you may pay more for the colour you like


For those that are looking for a durable blanket with a variety of heating options and a large temperature range, the Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket is a recommended product.

Though the blanket is not recommended to be used in a drier, it is safe for the washing machine and thus not difficult to clean. We love this blanket because it is simple, durable and very warm.

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