10 Best Gym Leggings That Aren’t See Through 2021

I know how it feels! 

You scrolling for the best gym leggings that aren’t see-through is a testament that you’re just like me.

After succumbing to the pressure of trendy gym leggings, I thoughtlessly rushed and bought a couple of leggings for my workout sessions.

While the comfort was unrivalled, my pants’ revealing, provocative nature limited me from giving my all to lunges or even stretching out in the field. I didn’t want to expose my undergarments and body outline to every Tom, Dick, and Harry!

With time, I avoided exercises that required me to stretch out my legs and took the hind-corner spot in group workouts. These leggings were limiting my exercises!

To regain my usual form, I set out to search for gym leggings that were not only non-see-through but also comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.


Best Gym Leggings That Aren’t See-Through

How I selected the leggings!

In this non-see-through leggings review, I aim to share my findings of the best, affordable squat-proof leggings.

When gauging these leggings, I read reviews from valid purchases and paid close attention to top-rated leggings.

Keep reading below to know the value of investing in an excellent pair of workout leggings!

10 Best Gym Leggings That Aren’t See-Through

1. Women High Waisted Activewear Sports Tights Yoga Pants

Women High Waisted Activewear Sports Tights Yoga Pants

  • Sizes: Small to XL

I fell in love with this pair of leggings at first glance.

The mystic design is super unique. Besides its cool style, this is also one of the most comfortable leggings to wear and pretty budget-friendly in the world full of high-performance gym leggings.

Featuring a four-way stretch, these legging can withstand various gym exercises without compromising your comfort. Also, the high waistband on these leggings ensures that they don’t fall off when you’re working out, thus the best gym leggings for hardcore exercises.

The sweat-wicking fabric assures you a dry and comfortable feel during your workout. Owing to its material composition (88% Polyester, 12% Elastane), the leggings are easy to wash and serve long without fading or overstretching.

To enjoy the best service from these leggings, it is recommendable to hang them to dry or tumble low.

  • Breathable
  • Durable affordable
  • 88% polyester, 12% elastane
  • Four-way stretch
  • Non-slip
  • A bit expensive over common leggings

2. Women Quick Dry Breathable Yoga Pants

Women Quick Dry Breathable Yoga Pants


  • Sizes: Free/One Size

Anyone looking for a pair of comfy soft, yet durable leggings need to check these out. I’ve worn these leggings in different activities such as slow jogging, uphill sprinting, free-flowing through yoga, and also lunging all day long.

Despite all these, they stayed put and remained extremely comfortable. The polyester-spandex blend of fabric gives plenty of stretches.

The lightweight construction keeps you feel cool while providing enough coverage. Best of all the features, the wide waistband keeps everything in place. However, ensure to consult the dealer for your waist size as the scale for these leggings is different from that of some models.

Tip: For quality service, ensure to wash with warm water.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Fitting waist
  • Lightweight
  • Quality elastic build
  • Measurement scale different from some of the legging’s designs

3. Women High Waist Light Grey Sports Leggings

Women High Waist Light Grey Sports Leggings

  • Sizes: Small to XL

At first glance, you might think that the black parts are see-through. They’re not! At a close glance, these leggings have thick fabric and a beautiful snakeskin print at the back. Additionally, the leggings have a bit of silky and elastic material, thus feels so comfortable and fab to wear.

 If I wear these in the gym, people would probably ask me where I got these pairs. The patterns on the leggings accentuate your bum and make your body look toned, too, thus making these the best gym leggings that aren’t see-through for bringing out your figure.

Even better, these leggings have an elastic waist thus don’t fall out when in use. The ankle-length on the legging is ideal for casual apparel, thus making these great multi-purpose leggings.  

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Great ankle length
  • Breathable
  • Flexible material
  • The high-waist design brings out your figure
  • Available in four sizes (S/M/L/XL)
  • Measurements are in cm

Tip: Allow a 1-2cm allowance from manual measurements for a good fit.

4. Women High waisted Patchwork Sports Leggings

Onzie Flow Half Half Legging 2049 Navy Python

Sizes: Small to XL

Among the features I love most about these leggings is the design. Although the lower part comprises a mesh design, the upper part is made of thick material and great squat-proof leggings. The slimming seam and extra-wide waistband make it more comfortable for exercise. 

If you are looking for not see-through, flattering, basic leggings- look no further! The leggings also feature a moisture-wicking build to ensure that you give your all to workout sessions while retaining your comfort. 

The lightweight, fast-drying material of these leggings reduces the need to invest in many leggings.

  • Squat-proof
  • Honeycomb mesh fabric
  • Quick-drying
  • Slimming seam
  • Wide waistband

  • Limited color options

Tip: cold wash by hand or machine and tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry.

5. Women Elastic Fitness Sports Leggings

Fiber (Many Styles) Leggings Colombian Yoga Pants Compression Tights

Sizes: Small to XL

These compression leggings have impressive multi-tasking skills. You can wear them daily runs in all types of weather, as a base layer cross-country skiing, and as a stand-alone when teaching yoga and acrobatics. 

They also have seams in all the right places to make chafing a non-issue, and they offer a handy stash pocket for an ID and cash for an emergency post-run coffee or beer.

We suggest washing them soon after exercising as they tend to hold odour easier than other wool tights. If you are looking for a pair of leggings that can be worn in any weather condition and scenarios, this legging is the perfect pair for you. These classic, comfortable, and flattering leggings are perfect for women who are always on an adventure!

  • Stash pocket
  • 6-thread double-lock stitch beams
  • Breathable
  • Shrink and fade resistant
  • Special measurement scale

Tip: Wear with a seamless underwear

6. Women High Waisted Striped Printing Sports Leggings

Mono B Yoga Leggings Squat Proof Performance Active Wear

Sizes: Small to XL

Vibrant and classy. These leggings have a Gucci or Victoria secret look. The lines accentuate your legs and hips. Even better, these leggings feature a polyester/ spandex blend, which increases their breathability and elasticity. 

We wore a pair for three days straight while we were rafting, and we were super impressed with its comfort and durability. The flat-lock seams in the fabric gave a chafe-free fit, and the wide waistband keeps everything in place regardless of the activity you are indulging in, be it running, swimming, paddling, or hiking. 

Also, these rank among the best squat-proof leggings, thus gives you a worry-free exercising experience. Additionally, these leggings are compressed in the right places, giving your legs enough support as you go about your activities. 

 Grab a pair of surfing leggings and have fun under the sun all day long without any worries.

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Compression design
  • Flat-lock seams
  • Squat-proof
  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Inclusive of pockets
  • See-through pockets

Tip: ensure to buy the right size as the leggings are limited to various waist sizes for maximum stretching.

7. Women High Waist Push Up Sports Leggings

Sugar Pocket Women's Workout Leggings Running Tights Pants

Sizes: Small to XL

These are indeed great statement pieces featuring a structured cut design that will keep them in place no matter where your workout takes you. Even better, these allow you to carry your necessary accessories, thus keeping at bay with your work and listen to your favourite tunes. 

Customers who have bought this pair recommend these tights for ladies who struggle to find pants to fit their hips and waist. Even better, these leggings are machine washable, thus allowing for convenience without affecting their durability. 

The best part: This brand also makes capris and leggings with tummy control and has thousands of positive reviews. Check out their store!

  • Non-see through side pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Four-way stretch
  • Sweat-wicking
  • High waist
  • Doesn’t reach the ankle

8. Women’s High Waist Christmas Print Sports Leggings

Women's High Waist Christmas Print Sports Leggings

Sizes: Small to XL

These leggings are standing firmly on the list with a great rating. What customers seem to love the most is the artistic design, a flash of colours in shades of blue. 

The wide waistband is bound to increase comfort as it doesn’t choke you or limit your motion. The leggings are soft and breathable wing to their polyester spandex material. The material mix also allows for more firmness and comfort in the leggings.

Indeed, it is a great pair of leggings to get you through versatile workouts.

  • A wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Breathable
  • Firm
  • Wide waistline
  • 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex
  • Larger patterns are not appealing

9. Women Slim Mesh Pleated Yoga Pants

PLENTOP 2020 Ladies High Waisted Solid Yoga Leggings

Sizes: Small to XL

Simple yet very convenient. This pair is thick enough for a jog outside in the winter, but the breathable material won’t make you feel hotter than usual. These are quality squat-proof leggings, thus allowing for flexibility without exposing your inner garments to prying eyes. 

Looking at the design, it’s perfect for my yoga session. The multiple stitch interlock design ensures that the seams don’t give out, thus promising longer-lasting service. 

We greatly appreciate the amazing fit, high-quality material that can easily transition you from the gym to yoga, coffee shops, and other errands.

  • Wide color selection
  • Fitted with side pockets
  • Wide range of waistband designs
  • Affordable 
  • Limited pattern and shapes

Tip: for a better fit, consult their measurement table.

10 Women High Waisted Black Sports Leggings

Fiber Colombian Activewear Leggings Joggers Jumpsuits Tights Compression Pants

Sizes: Small to XL

With microfiber, advanced technology, the Fiber leggings rank number one among the best squat-proof gym leggings. Unlike standard leggings, you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling these leggings up. This is because of the wide, anti-shrink waistband, which doubles for grip and comfort. 

Additionally, these leggings are built in a compression design, giving you a calm, soothing feeling and bringing out a dreamy figure.

These leggings also have a built-in tummy control that won’t leave you feeling suffocated. These are very high-quality legging. The inner lining and material are a superior blend that wraps your body in ultimate comfort and warmth.

Get ready to hit the gym! With these amazing pair.

  • Breathable
  • Compression design
  • UV protection
  • Wide waistband
  • Anti-shrink
  • Slightly priced above standard leggings

Tip: Recommended for Sizes XS, S, and M.

Regardless of their features, all these ten pairs were made in high-quality fabric and fit the quality you are after- Gym leggings that aren’t see-through. 

It is unquestionable why they are all bestsellers. The pairs were thick, soft, smooth, and very functional. For a more affordable option, I would recommend the 1st and 7th pair. Now that you know where to find the no-see-through leggings, what’s stopping you from getting them? 



WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE BEST GYM LEGGINGS 10 Best Gym Leggings That Aren't See Through 2021

Simply because you will be wearing them in your entire workout session or wherever you’re headed to, you must be comfortable enough to move freely, execute your workout routine, and go about your tasks.

Among the reasons as to why you need the best gym leggings to include:

Keeping up with your daily activities

Suppose you enjoy doing various activities such as exercising, boxing, yoga, weight lift training, or running. You will need leggings that are fit enough to support your muscles as you train.

The worst-case scenario is selecting a low-quality pair of leggings that keep riding up or sliding down, which will result in unwanted creases in your body, most visible in the legs.

Comfort prevails

As you buy leggings, I imagine that you’re going to wear them on various occasions such as exercising, outdoor camping, hiking, or any other errand of equal importance.

Considering all those situations, the material of the leggings you will choose must be breathable and lightweight enough to provide comfort for long hours. Otherwise, wearing substandard leggings may lead to skin irritation, among other health issues.

 Protect your ASSets

One of the worst situations would be finding out that your leggings were overpriced brands that rip at the seams.

This is embarrassing and exposes you to creeps and pervs at the workout gym and beyond. When finding a perfect pair of leggings, it is wise to go for durable, lightweight, and breathable ones for ease of movement.

Fashion meets function

A rule of thumb is that you must never sacrifice fashion just for function and vice versa.

Go for brands such as tracksuits that offer trusty leggings, which allows you to express your unique style. Some leggings may not have zippers, hidden pockets, or adjustable waistbands, but they’re reasonably the best way to cover your backside.


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE BEST GYM LEGGINGS 1 10 Best Gym Leggings That Aren't See Through 2021

Leggings can be described as the safe zone – the comfort food of the clothing universe. They are many women’s go-to wardrobe staple for all occasions. They can make a fantastic and quick transition from a workday to working out without taking too much time. All you have to do is to swap the top.

Leggings are comfortable, convenient, and suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. They’re a great wardrobe alternative on those days when sweats are not an option, and the thought of wearing jeans or slacks is more than you can bear.

1) Buy the right size

When you are working out or practising yoga, your body bends in various movements, making it very important to wear the right size. It’s quite annoying to wear loose yoga pants sliding off or those that give you a muffin top.

Buying the right size also prevents transparency issues when the fabric in your yoga leggings is overstretched. We all experienced that.

2) Do some research on the brands available

Athletic wear is such a huge and quick-changing trend right now. There are so many brands to choose from at a broad range of price points and styles.

You may ask, where can I buy yoga pants? Everywhere. Online, department stores, specialty stores, even flash sale sites. If you want to dig deeper, do a google search, “best yoga pants for women,” and find endless options.

If you’re a first-time buyer of yoga leggings, I recommend going to a store to try various brands and styles to find the most suitable fit. As a seasoned workout wear junkie, I prefer to buy my yoga leggings online.

 3) Look for the right materials

When it comes to yoga tights or yoga leggings, choosing the right material is essential in comfort and durability.

The most common fabrics found in yoga leggings are cotton, nylon, polyester, blended with spandex for stretch.

Make sure to check out the labels of your favourite yoga leggings and see which material you prefer in terms of touch and comfort. Try to imagine how it will feel while you’re sweating too!

 4) Look for the right fit

Yes, we all love a funky printed yoga legging, a leg-elongating striped yoga legging, or a flirty floral patterned yoga legging. Still, the style is just as important as a flattering fit and silhouette, which suits our type of workout and body shape.

High-waisted tights are great for days when you may be a bit bloated and opt for more coverage. A mid-to-low waist tight is great to show off your new abs of steel.

Consider yoga tights that provide more compression, or ones that offer more stretch, or both. Capri, crop, or ankle tights are all lengths to consider in the fit you feel most comfortable and confident.

There are even specially made maternity yoga leggings for the active mom-to-be who wants to stay fit throughout their pregnancy!


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE BEST GYM LEGGINGS 2 10 Best Gym Leggings That Aren't See Through 2021

The versatility of wearing leggings allows you to adapt to fast-changing fashion trends easily. We always seek a different swatch of leggings outfits and cool ideas on how to accessorize accordingly.

When we say leggings, it’s no longer just a plain black variety. Leggings are now available in a broad range of sizes, colours, patterns, styles, and textures.

All these varieties are urged women to find the perfect legging style for them. Gym leggings are available in many style variations, from knitted fabrics to fleece-lined, which are ideal for keeping you cozy and stylish on chilly days; to genuine, shiny faux leather material for easily switching from workout to evening errand.

You can also find leggings in intricate floral patterns or geometric ribbed patterns. Some are even made of rich fabrics such as velvet and damask.

You can also find a combination of jeans and leggings for those of you who desire the look of denim but wanted the comfort of leggings.


One of the many proofs that leggings are versatile is their ability to pair well with almost all different types of trendy footwear.

You may have that one pair that can be worn with chic sandals to sneakers to leather boots, and even high heels! Your choice of footwear sets the theme of your outfit. Wearing leggings with fashion sneakers add a casual and playful look, while wearing calf-length boots or ankle booties add a touch of chic.

High-heeled shoes or boots will give your outfit a dressy look, while those strappy sandals or flats give you a mix of casual with a classy look.


Jackets and vests add the last accent to many current leggings outfits. They are great for layering tops and leggings to give your outfit some added dimension.

Like leggings, jackets and vests are also available in various colours, materials, and sizes with some eye-catching features such as zippers, belts, and buttons that add visual interest.

Blazers of any length never go out of style, and it adds a professional look to your outfit.


One of the essential details to remember when wearing leggings to work is making sure you wear an appropriate length of the shirt.

It is really important to choose a top that long enough helps keep you covered. Buttoned shirts and tunics are in, especially those designed to be longer in the back than in the front, are ideal for wearing to work.

Fabrics such as silk and satin are good to wear to work as long as you make sure they are not too sheer. Wearing a scarf looks great to make it more professional while also providing added coverage.

Matching leggings with a blazer is another perfect way to set a professional look to your leggings. Blazers are available in many different lengths, cuts, styles, and fabrics.

Some blazers have pockets and clean lines of which adds a tailored look to most outfits. Fitted and even cropped blazers are also very appropriate to wear with leggings when you combine them with a longer shirt underneath.

Frequently asked questions

How do you know if your gym leggings are squat proof?

When testing your leggings, bend over to the lowest you can and check if you can see your pants’ colour. Alternative exercises that include stretching of your legs can also do. 

How tight should leggings fit?

The best gym leggings are those that do not sag on your crouch, are squat proof, and hold on to your body without slipping off. However, ensure that your leggings are slightly tight around the knees, butt, and calves.

Should your size up in leggings?

No. When buying leggings, consult the manufacturers recommended size chart for your perfect fit. Selecting a larger or smaller fitting may mislead you into buying leggings that are baggy or too tight, causing you discomfort in your workout sessions. 

Why do leggings roll down?

A loose waistband is a sole reason why your leggings keep rolling down. To avoid this, select a pair of leggings that hug your waist to a snug without choking you. However, ensure that the waistline is wide as thin waistlines may bite into your skin and cause itching. 

How can I tighten leggings around my waist?

To make leggings tighter, try the leggings on and mark the extra material on the waistband. Measure the extra material to reduce the waist evenly and retain the shape of your leggings.

If the leggings are baggy to the ankle, mark the extra material around your hips, muscle, and ankle for reduction. Next, please take off your leggings and turn them inside out. Using a pencil, outline the extra material and run a stitch through the line.

Ensure that you sew twice to avoid the bursting of your leggings on the seams. Also, use an iron to do away with extra material below the newly cut seamline. 

Do leggings shrink when washed? How can I wash my leggings without ruining them?

Good leggings should not shrink or enlarge upon washing. For long comfortable service, invest in anti-shrink leggings and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your leggings. 

Final verdict

Looking good and feeling good is essential to having the right mindset for optimal performance. To ensure that you go about your gym routine with ease, these ten best gym leggings that are not see-through are the way to go.

Besides lasting longer than standard leggings, these leggings are made to stretch out without showing your inner clothes, thus granting you peace of mind. Do you think they are a great addition to your wardrobe? Are there other squat-proof leggings you would recommend? Leave your comment below for further discussion. 


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