Best HP Laptops for Engineering Students in 2021

Are you looking for the Best hp laptops for engineering students in 2021? Which HP laptop is ideal for engineering students?

This is quite a common question that most engineering students ask themselves when choosing the best laptop to complement their education. First, you have to keep in mind that you need a laptop that offers more than mere entertainment.

The best HP laptop for engineering students in 2021 needs to have individual specifications to suit the task. Note that a few specs are a must-have for engineering students.

In this article, we will walk you through the best HP Laptops for engineering students in 2021. We will also take a quick look at some of the specifications that you have to consider when purchasing your laptop.

The Top 5 Best HP laptops for engineering students in 2021:

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What specs should I consider when buying my engineering laptop?

Before we start reviewing the best HP laptops for engineering students, you need to understand the basic specs that you need. Engineering students have to work with several complex programs like STAAD, AutoCAD, and so much more.

The minimum requirements

  • A quality dedicated graphics card
  • An Intel Core i7
  • A high screen resolution
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 500 GB hard drive, although SSD is recommended

You have to keep the above basics in mind when looking for the best HP laptop to suit your needs. However, note that these are merely minimum requirements, which means that you can go for a little extra.

1. Weight

It would help if you had a lightweight HP laptop when you are an engineering student. Understand that you will have to move from class to class within the day. Having a computer that weighs below 5lb makes movement between the lessons easy.

It would help if you found the perfect balance between weight and performance. Understand that high-performance HP laptops tend to be slightly bulky. When working on complex projects, you won’t need a laptop but rather a workstation.

2. Display

Regardless of the type of software you use, every student needs an HP laptop with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Note that higher resolution lets you open up multiple windows while maintaining clarity, which is crucial for engineering students.

The display size needs to be at least 15-inches for optimum performance. Smaller display size will limit the screen area, thus making multi-tasking almost impossible. However, note that a larger screen usually dictates an increase in weight.

3. Connectivity

The best HP laptop for engineering students in 2021 needs to have Bluetooth connectivity. Because you will spend most of your time with fellow students, you will need to transfer files between your laptops. Having Bluetooth connectivity will save you a lot of time and hassle while studying.

It would help if you also considered a CD/DVD reader with your new HP laptop. You may require a CD/DVD reader to carry out several functions, including watching movies and installing software. Yes, you can get almost everything online nowadays, but having a DVD player provides you with a safety net. You never know when you might need a CD/DVD player.


A backlit feature is always an important aspect that you need to consider. Engineering students spend a lot of time working on assignments and projects. Having a backlit keyboard keeps you working even in low light conditions, which is perfect.

Also, note that engineering students need a full keyboard. Not all HP laptops have a full keyboard making this a considerable consideration. Chemical and mechanical engineers will find a full keyboard useful when entering numerical data. You will get to save a lot of time, which is critical during data analysis.


3D work will require an HP laptop with a Core i5 processor. However, understand that Core i7 processors are faster and more effective for engineering students. Changes in technology mean that programs are also demanding faster speeds that can easily be achieved by a Core i7 HP laptop.

A Core i5 HP laptop is useful when you plan on using a lab computer for massive programs such as CITIA, SolidWorks, and much more. Having a powerful HP laptop is recommended because you can work on these gigantic programs even when you are not in the computer lab.


The more RAM you have, the quicker and faster you can get different tasks completed. According to several engineers, more RAM is always better. The good news is that RAM is cheap, and you can always upgrade your HP laptop.

16 GB is sufficient for all your 3D work, and any HP laptop can be upgraded. Have someone at the IT department open your computer and upgrade your laptop run by installing an external RAM. The process takes a few minutes to complete.


Finally, your budget is quite critical when purchasing the best HP laptop for engineering students. Ensure that you find a machine that fits within your budget. Yes, you might need to spend a little bit more, but you shouldn’t break the bank.

1. HP Pavilion

Best HP Laptops for Engineering Students

The 2020 HP Pavilion packs incredible features at a fantastic price that is too good to pass. What instantly attracts your attention to this impressive laptop is its vast storage capacity. You get a 256 SSD drive, which is quite remarkable. Engineering students can get to save all their files, including both personal and work-related.

The backlit keyboard ensures that you can keep working at all times. Understand that engineering students spend a lot of time in classes, which means that they equally have a huge workload. A backlit keyboard keeps you working throughout the night.

The 2020 HP Pavilion features a 3.6 GHz Intel Core i7-1035G1 which ensures seamless performance when multi-tasking. You get to run several programs simultaneously without experiencing any lag in the system.

What I found rather interesting about this impressive machine is the 8 GB DDR4 RAM. Users get ultimate performance regardless of the types of programs that they run. Note that the huge RAM also makes this an ideal choice for engineering students who love gaming.

Other additional features include the 14-inch GHD IPS touchscreen, Windows 10 home, and several connectivity ports. The touchscreen display increases convenience when working on different projects. Note that most people are used to touchscreens due to the constant use of tablets and smartphones.


  • Modern, sleek design
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Intel Core i7-1065G7
  • Large storage space


  • Quickly heats up

2. HP ENVY X360 laptop

Best HP Laptops for Engineering Students

When you are an engineering student, you will spend a lot of time staring at your screen. You, therefore, have to find a suitable HP laptop that can provide a bit of eye relief. Having a large screen will help you avoid eye strain, and that’s what the HP ENVY X360 laptop offers.

The 15.6-inch touchscreen FHD display makes it easier to also work on several projects simultaneously. Running modeling programs requires a crystal-clear display for the best results. The HP ENVY X360 will be instrumental when it comes to rendering, which is quite critical.

With a 4.9 GHz Intel Quad-Core i7-10510U, this laptop provides seamless operations. You can quickly switch between programs without experiencing any glitches. Moving from different classes is made incredibly simple thanks to this feature.

Here comes the most exciting part, the HP ENVY X360 features a 1 TB SSD and 32 GB DDR4 RAM. The advantage of this is that you get fast boot-up and sufficient storage space. You get to save all your files in one machine, which is both convenient and time-saving.

Multi-tasking is also made quite simple with this HP laptop. Finally, the intel UHD graphics can run massive programs, making it ideal for engineering students. Note that the HP ENVY X360 comes with pre-installed Windows 10 Home.

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  • Backlit keyboard
  • Windows 10
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • 1 TB SSD
  • Touchscreen FHD 1080P display


  • Average battery life

3. HP ENVY 17t

Best HP Laptops for Engineering Students

One of the most potent HP laptops that is ideal for engineering students is the HP ENVY 17t. With a dedicated 4GB NVIDIA GeForce 940MX and a whopping 1TB SSD storage, this laptop is in a class of its own.

It is specifically designed for high-end consumers who intend to run graphics-intensive courses such as engineering drawings. The responsive touchscreen display makes it even much more convenient and easier to use.

The featured Intel Core i7 processor nicely complements the 16 GB of RAM. You get a laptop that can handle any program you throw its way with a lot of ease. Switching between different projects and multi-tasking is made incredibly simple thanks to these features.

Note that the 1TB SSD drive can be upgraded to 2TB, which is impressive. Sufficient storage space ensures that you get to keep all your documents in one laptop. Organizing your files is also made pretty simple thanks to the massive storage space.

The 17.3-inch touchscreen display gives you the much-needed relief to avoid eye strain. You can work for several hours on your laptop without experiencing any discomfort. As an engineering student, you will spend a lot of time glued to your laptop screen.

With a Windows 10 Operating system, the HP ENVY 17t is an excellent choice for all engineering students. I found this laptop rather interesting from the get-go since it was specially designed for engineering students. It is truly a perfect fit for all engineering students who want flawless performance.

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  • Modern design
  • 1TB SSD + 256 GB NVMe SSD drive
  • 4GB dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
  • Touchscreen display


  • A bit loud

4. HP Spectre X360

Best HP Laptops for Engineering Students

This newly launched 2020 HP Spectre X360 features a cutting-edge design that makes it unique. The GEM-cut design ensures that you get a powerful laptop that is incredibly different from all the rest. Putting beauty aside, this HP laptop packs incredible features that make it ideal for engineering students.

With a 10th generation Quad-Core processor, this HP laptop can run different engineering programs effectively. You get to multi-task without experiencing any glitches, which is critical for all engineering students.

Understand that the HP Spectre X360 is a high-performance machine that features pre-installed Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. Note that Windows 10 Pro comes with several features, including the Edge browser that lets you quickly markup web pages on your screen.

With a 512 GB SSD, you get sufficient storage space for all your files. Even though you are an engineering student, you will use your laptop for more than just classwork. Having enough storage ensures that you get more functionality from your computer.

What I loved about the HP Spectre X360 is its superior speed. This laptop is incredibly fast when running programs, which saves you a lot of time. Boot time is also significantly reduced thanks to the SSD and 16 GB RAM.

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  • Fingerprint reader improves security
  • Pre-installed Windows 10 Pro
  • Full HD Touchscreen display
  • Sleek, modern design


  • A bit pricey

5. HP Pavilion 17-CD1030NR Gaming Laptop

Best HP Laptops for Engineering Students

The HP Pavilion 17-CD1030NR Gaming Laptop features an impressive NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card with Max-Q design and 6GB dedicated RAM. You get top-class performance from this laptop, making it perfect for engineering students.

The 17.3 FHD display ensures that you perform multiple tasks at once with ease. What sets this HP laptop apart from the rest is its performance that is significantly boosted by real-time ray-tracing technologies. No engineering software is too heavy for the HP Pavilion 17-cd1030nr Gaming Laptop.

The WLED-backlit keyboard keeps you working throughout the day. When studying engineering, you should expect to spend a large portion of your time working with your computer. The backlit keyboard will help you master the keys quickly in case you are not proficient.

However, what I love most about the HP Pavilion 17-cd1030nr Gaming Laptop is the Bios recovery protection. Losing projects and assignments can be rather frustrating to engineering students, especially when you have to re-do the entire project.

The BIOS recovery feature automatically cross-checks the health of your laptop to safeguard it against unauthorized access. Recovering from boot-up issues is also quite simple with this HP laptop.

The included OMEN command center lets you control your CPU settings. You can, therefore, prioritize which programs you want to get more traffic. This is quite a handy feature when working with several massive programs simultaneously.

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  • Omen command center lets you control CPU overclocking
  • 17.3-inch diagonal Full HD
  • 6GB dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti
  • Cutting-edge performance


  • Expensive


Do engineering students need powerful laptops?

Although engineering students don’t necessarily need a powerful laptop, it is vital to have one of your own. Understand that most schools have an engineering computer lab in case you have to do 3D modeling or any other project.

However, having a powerful personal laptop ensures that you benefit more from the course. You get to practice classwork conveniently from your computer, which is a huge plus. Note that you can’t spend the entire time locked in an engineering computer lab.

Is 8GB RAM enough for an engineering student?

Yes, 8 GB RAM is sufficient enough to run many programs, including virtualization and SolidWorks. However, with improvements in technology, programs will require more RAM in the coming future. 8GB RAM is sufficient for the time being, but you might want to consider an upgrade soon.

Are HP laptops suitable for engineering students?

Yes, HP produces some of the best laptops in the world with top-notch performance. However, not all HP laptops are suitable for an engineering student. Use our list of minimal requirements to find the best HP laptop for an engineering student in 2021.

Does AutoCAD need a lot of RAM?

Contrary to what you may have in mind, AutoCAD does not use that much RAM. It is a reasonably light program that needs about 8GB of RAM to function effectively. However, engineering students need to go for at least 16 GB RAM since they will need to run more than one AutoCAD program simultaneously.

Why do most engineering students prefer HP laptops?

Well, HP laptops tend to have longer battery life when compared to other laptops. This makes HP laptops more suitable for heavy and prolonged use. As an engineering student, you will need a laptop that can withstand prolonged use with a single charge.

Is Core i5 efficient for engineering students?

Although Core i5 laptops are pretty standard and cheaper than their Core i7 counterparts, engineering students need to go for the Core i7 models. If the budget is not a problem, then you need to go for a laptop with faster processing speed.


Buying the best HP laptop for engineering students in 2021 is not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of options to choose from that might leave you confused. However, we have brought you a detailed review of the top HP laptops in the market for engineering students.

Look at customer reviews and use our buyer’s guide to help you pick out the best HP laptop to suit your needs. Understand that it is not about the price but rather the performance. It would help if you had a laptop that can accommodate all the different programs used in engineering classes.

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