The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

If you’ve heard of the Kuvings juicers and want to know what they’re all about, then this in-depth review article will not disappoint.

Here, I go in-depth and compile the10 best Kuvings juicer models I could find in 2021; reviewed them, and compared their features, advantages, and drawbacks.

These juicers were designed to cater for various users; some are designed for home use, while others for commercial needs.

You’ll have to read the entire article to learn their different, and hopefully, pick the right one for your need.

Best Kuvings Juicers 2021 Comparison Table

Juicer Main Features Our Score  
Kuvings B8000
Best overall Kuvings juicer
  • Not suitable for citrus fruits
  • 20 years motor warranty and 5 years warranty for the parts
  • Easy to assemble
Kuvings E6000 Smoothie Maker
Best for home use
  • Durable and high-performance motors
  • Safe for children and seniors
  • Easy to operate
Kuvings C6500 Professional Juicer
Best for Making smoothies
  • Wide feeding chute
  • Quiet, convenient operation
  • Upgraded and stronger top set
  • A luxurious, sleek design
Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer
Best for arthritic fingers
  • It has a 3-inch wide feeding chute
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Vertical slow juicer
Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer Grey
Powerful and versatile option
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Super delicious juice
  • Less durable
Kuvings E8000 Professional Juicer
Best for updated Juicing technology
  • Easy to use
  • Can juice some whole fruits
Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer
Best high-end juicer
  • BPA-free parts
  • Quiet operation
  • 10% bigger feeding chute
Kuvings Smart Juicer Motiv1
Has a companion app for your smartphone for remote managing
  • Compact and takes a small footprint at your kitchen
  • Features silent operation
  • It has very premium looks
Kuvings Chef Juicer CS600
Has an industrial-grade motor that runs non-stop for 24 hours 
  • High nutrient retention and juice yield
  • Can process an entire apple
  • Can operate non-stop for 24 hours
Kuvings Master Chef Juicer CS700
Best for maintaining nutrients
  • 200W heavy-duty motor
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • Features quiet operation

Here are the 10 Kuvings Juicers of 2021:

If you love taking fruits and vegetable juices then it’s always wiser to get a juicer. But how would you get the best juicer owing to the numerous models in the market? Or, how would you find the best model?

Having the best juicer in your home will enable you to make high-quality juice with the vital nutrients. On a sunny day, you can just venture outside and carry the juice prepared by the best juicer.

But also know that buying a juicer is like getting a pair of shoes. There are numerous brands and models of juicers, and each is suited to different needs.

While a model can work well with fruits, another one is best for greens. Juicing at home gives you the versatility to make your own juices and control the portions. And of all the juicer brands, Kuvings always remains the best choice.

Kuvings brand is reputable brand in the juicing field, and manufactures sturdy, long-lasting, and reliable juicers. But note that they have several models and getting the ideal model can be daunting. But if you don’t know the best choice for you, our review will help you.

Our review shows you the top Kuvings juicer models to choose the best juicer that will serve your needs. So, whether you are a beginner or professional juicer, below are the best Kuvings Juicers for you in 2020.

1. Kuvings B8000 Domestic Cold Press Juicer

Kuvings B8000 Grey 1 The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

Type: Masticating Juicer

Ideal for: Anyone looking for the best overall Kuvings juicer

Not Ideal for: Juicing citrus fruits

If you are looking for the best Kuvings juicer, you will never go wrong with B8000 cold press juicer. It’s a masticating juicer that is ideal for domestic uses and comes with an optional pulp strainer.

The first time you unpack this model, you will love its sleek, luxurious design. It will spruce up your kitchen decor, and cleaning is hassle-free owing to its design.

The B8000 model is an entry-level juicer, and therefore, you have to cut the veggies or fruits before feeding them into the machine. To juice your produce, push them past the safety fin found in the feeding chute.

It’s also an upgrade from the B6000 model and features quiet and convenient operation at home. It’s our best choice for 2021 because it produces more juice yield due to its optimized squeezing technique. It also produces less pulp in your juice even when using veggies or fibrous fruits.

And you’ll also love its quiet operation that enables you to juice more produce in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, the juice produced is rich in nutrients as the machine doesn’t allow oxidation from heat, which can lead to nutrient loss.

Kuvings B6000 juicer is also made from safe and eco-friendly materials used when manufacturing medical equipment and aircraft. The material called ULTEM is used in the strainer and juicing screw of this device. It also features a wider chute that pushes ingredients against the wall to squeeze the juicer. And since the space between the juicing screw and strainer wall continually reduces towards the bottom of this juicer, it boasts of the highest juice yield.

Kuvings E6000 Smoothie Maker

smoothie makerr The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

Type: Cold Press juicer

Ideal for: Best for making smoothies

Not Ideal for: Commercial uses

Well, if you love making smoothies at home, then the white E6000 pearl is your perfect choice. This model is a perfect replacement for the B6000 Kuvings model, which was discontinued some time back. It comes with a large 82mm feeding mouth that allows you to feed even whole fruits to the juicer. Therefore, you won’t need a chopping board. This will reduce your prep time, and less cutting also means minimal loss of nutrients, air exposure, and loss of juice to the chopping board. It is also easy to clean after juicing sessions as you only need to close the smart cap, pour water into the chutes, and the rotating blades will handle the rest.

Kuvings take their devices performance’ seriously, and they produce durable, and high-performance motors. And though they are powerful, they are quiet and operate at slow speeds to ensure more juice yield. It also comes with a dessert maker set, recipe book, and a rotating cleaning brush.

It’s also super safe for children and seniors as it has a safety flip gate, which makes it easier to operate. Therefore, if you leave your kids at home, they won’t have to wait for you to prepare their favorite fruits or veggies juice. Elders can also make their favorite, delicious juices at the simple push of buttons. This flip gate also makes the machine’s usage easier for people with reduced strength resulting from medical conditions such as arthritis. Additionally, if you have small kids and love juicing in the morning, it’s super quiet and will not wake them up.

Kuvings C6500 Professional Juicer

C6500 Silver The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

Type: Cold Press Juicer

Ideal for: Making smoothies

Not Ideal for: Commercial Uses

Kuvings C6500 professional juicer is available in silver color. The device features a wide feeding chute to ensure you juice whole fruits and vegetables with ease. This will help you lower your prep time as you can juice, even without cutting. Additionally, it utilizes the optimized squeezing technique (J.M.C.S) to gives you more juice yield with less pulp. It also features top-notch performance while operating at a lower noise level to ensure you enjoy your juice in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The low-speed masticating technology of Kuvings has been patented in 50 countries worldwide and gently squeezes the fruits and vegetables to produce high-quality yield.

Also, note that the C6500 model features an upgraded and stronger top set and a luxurious, sleek design. The design is all you need to spruce up your kitchen décor. Additionally, cleaning it is hassle-free as it comes with cleaning brushes.

This model also produces high-quality juice by crushing whole fruits and veggies. This reduces the number of nutrients lost through oxidation when doing the prep work. Other important features are its durable, eco-friendly, and BPA-free materials to ensure the users’ good health.

Additionally, it has a 3 in 1 closable smart cap to enable you to make delicious fruits and veggies juice mixtures. It’s also highly secure with the in-built failsafe that ensures it only functions when well-assembled.

The three heat-vents also ensure maximum time operation while the auto-heat control system protects it from overheating.

Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer

71Gsvs5oa7L. AC SL1500 The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]
Kuvings C7000

Type: Masticating Juicer

Ideal for: Home use

Not Ideal for: Commercial use

Kuvings C7000 slow juicer easily fits into our list because it’s a slow juicer that works well for your home. It’s ideal for long-term juicing fanatics and is the easiest to use, making it ideal for beginners.

And if you would love a senior or patient to juice when not at home, it’s the best pick as even arthritic fingers can handle the operation with ease. If you want to make some lemon, ginger, or celery juice, just slice the ingredients and put them into the feeding chute.

It’s powerful in that it’s a very quiet model and has numerous cleaning tools to ensure it’s ready for some juicing tasks. You will always get fresh juice from this machine, and it also boasts of wide-feeding chutes. This enables you to feed whole fruits or veggies, which reduces your prep time.

Additionally, it has an upgrade kit that makes it ideal for professional juicers. C7000 comes packaged with an auger, pusher, new generation strainer, smart cup, rotation wiper, and a handy drum lid.

And when you want to make the best juice with less fiber and more nutrients, then you’ll always find this model the best choice. It will refine your fruits and vegetables while retaining the nutrients and enzymes. And it’s also quiet and a smoothie accessory to make delicious smoothies.

Kuvings C8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer Grey

Kuvings C8000 Grey The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

Type: Vertical low-speed Masticating juicer

Ideal for: Home use

Not Ideal for: juicing greens

If you are looking to upgrade from your Kuvings B8000 model, I would always recommend the C8000 professional juicer. It comes with numerous upgraded components, such as a new drum center.

The drum set has a round edge to prevent leakage and also ensures ease of cleaning and assembly. Its new maxi-strainer is modified on the bottom, and there is a new rubber on its center instead of a filter. This ensures simple assembly while also preventing leakages, unlike the B8000 model.

And there is an additional locking point that prevents the filter from wobbling while using the device.

Also, unlike previous models, the newly designed scraper ensures better blending of juice while the new auger also ensures you juice your green veggies better.

On the other hand, the empty hole in the screw reduces its weight and ensures finer juice production.

The screw and strainer are manufactured with durable and eco-friendly material commonly used in medical equipment and NASA space shuttles. This ensures it remains durable for a long time.

It has a powerful but quiet motor that operates at 50 RPM to ensure the finest juice. It has a capacity of 400 ml and weighs 6.4 kg.

It also works for 45 minutes continuously without stopping and is lightweight and portable.

Kuvings E8000 Professional Juicer

E8000 red juicer The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

Type: Masticating Juicer

Ideal for: Juicing fruits

Not Ideal for: Commercial uses

When it comes to making the best juicers and other electronics, Kuvings takes the first spot internationally. It utilizes the modern and up-to-date technology, which is visible in its E8000 Professional juicer.

The juicer will enable you to start your day with natural cold-pressed juice from your favorite nuts, vegetables, and fruits. And you can easily absorb these nutrients into your body to get energy for your daily activities.

If you want a smoothie, add avocado or banana. To boost your immune system, add ginger, and you can do more with their juicers.

The E8000 model is designed with the modern user in mind. It features easy to clean and hygienic bowl, which is resistant to corrosion, discoloration, and pervasive smell. Besides, it has now boasted of a new auger, which will crush your fruits with ease.

It also features other design improvements that work to get higher and more nutritious yields.

Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer

71RUVHcvv L. AC SL1500 The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820

Type: Masticating juicer

Ideal for: Juicing veggies and fibrous greens

Not Ideal for: Citruses

The whole slow juicer is one of the most lucrative in the juicer industry. And the EVO820 is one of the best devices in this category; it comes with a 3-inch wide feeding chute that can take whole fruits and vegetables.

Well, whole slow juicers are unable to process whole fruits for starters, and you will have to remove the seeds and pits before cutting them into smaller portions. But you will enjoy juicing with this device as it enables you to feed chunks of products for juicing.

It leads the pack with its design and technology and has an updated drum system, ensuring safer operations.

But if you want to juice citruses, then go for an optional module of this machine. You will also love that it’s available in wide finishes and has amazing elegant leather patterns.

You won’t have to worry if your kids handle the machine as the flap gate system protects the kid’s hands to ensure they don’t enter the juicing chamber. This makes it safer and reduces incidents in your kitchen.

The juice from this device can last for 3 days and is made from BPA free parts, and boasts of quiet operation

Kuvings Smart Juicer Motiv1

Kuvings Smart Juicer HealthFriend side The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

Type: Vertical masticating juicer

Ideal for: Keeping your health in check

Not Ideal for: People looking for a budget juicer

If you don’t mind spending lots of bucks for a Kuvings juicer, then I will recommend the Motiv1 smart juicer. It has a companion app for your smartphone to help you manage the device remotely.

Its also very handy as it enables you to juice healthy smoothies and fruit juices every day.

With this device, you will remain in good health as it produces maximum nutritious juice yield. Analyze your body to identify it among the 7 basic body compositions.

You’ll also love its 1:1 customized recipe plus exercise coach that includes health tips and exercises. It’s wide 82mm feed chute will also enable you to conveniently juice fruits and veggies.

This device comes with a luxurious design that can match any kitchen décor. It’s compact and will easily fit into the kitchen cabinet without taking a large footprint.

And it’s easy to clean by using its cleaning tool. You will also enjoy its powerful but slow motor that has a low-noise design. It is also BPA-free, eco-friendly, and is easier to clean.

Kuvings Chef Juicer CS600

71hAKGNoq0L. AC SL1500 The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]
Kuvings CS600

Type: Commercial grade masticating juicer

Ideal for: Commercial juicing

Not Ideal for: Anyone looking for a budget juicer

Chef Juicer CS600 is an amazing product from the Kuvings brand. This device has an industrial-grade motor that runs non-stop for 24 hours to extract the maximum amount of juice from your fruits or veggies.

So, if you are looking for a commercial juicer, then this is your best match. What you would love with this device also is that it can handle various types of produces.

And since it has a larger feeding chute, you don’t have to cut the produce into smaller pieces before feeding them.

Just feed your whole fruits and veggies and collect delicious juice on the other hand. Its drum design also aids in this task, and foods with smaller pits will not need precutting.

And if you want to juice leafy greens or fibrous produce, then it’s recommended to use the smaller chute to increase your juice yield. This will also improve the nutrient composition and quality of your juice.

Also, you will have access to an extra top set, which gives you more convenience. Additionally, your transition between different recipes will be easier as your team will easily clean the other recipe’s upper assembly.

Kuvings Master Chef Juicer CS700

61ChCtFEc4L. AC SL1500 The Best Kuvings Juicers to Buy 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]
kuvings whole slow juicer c700

Type: Commercial vertical slow juicer

Ideal for: Anyone who wants a commercial juicer

Not Ideal for: Anyone looking for a domestic juicer

Well, if you are looking for the best kitchen appliance for maintaining your health, then go for the Kuvings CS700. It’s z top commercial whole slow juicer that will juice your fruits and veggies while maintaining the best nutrient yield.

This world’s commercial juicer has a wider feeding chute with a flip gate that accommodates your ingredients while reducing the prep time.

It boasts of a 200W heavy-duty motor that delivers incredible power and durability while giving you the best results.

It includes a base and a hygienic juicing bowl. While using this device, you will enjoy 24 hours of non-stop operation. This enables you to juice for non-stop hours, and you also have a rotating cleaning brush that ensures easier cleaning.

Using the device, you will make healthy and fresh juice without harmful ingredients.


Well, if you are looking for the best juicers, then you’ll never go wrong with the Kuvings brand. It has an array of juicer models that are available at different prices and features.

Some models are ideal for anyone on a budget, and they can handle different types of produce. They can also handle different types of fruits, veggies and can make good smoothies.

Choose the best Kuvings juicer that best matches your needs and take it home today.

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