Best Laptop for 9-Year-Old Kids in 2021 (Review)

I am certain that you are here to look for the best laptop for 9-year-old kid in 2021…

Buying a laptop for your kid can be complicated but satisfying at the same time. In this modern era, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to the right notebooks for your young ones.

Furthermore, kids are now conversant with technology, and elements, such as ability to game, media creation, interactive multimedia, as well as more basic usages, like communication and school, are all important.

So, what is the best laptop for a 9-year-old kid in 2021? Although your kid does not need an extraordinarily powerful machine, it is important that you avoid old outdated HDD drives and processors.

At least, your laptop should run on a minimum 4GB RAM, Intel Core i5, 128GB SSD, and 11-inch display size.

Luckily, I have enlisted the best 6 laptops for a 9-year-old kid. With these options, you will be able to get a resourceful machine with optimum features as per your needs and budget.

So, let us start the show.

The 6 Best 6 Laptop for 9-Year-Old Kids in 2021

1.    Dell Inspiron 17 3793

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Dell is famous for producing reliable notebooks, and the Dell Inspiron 17 3793 is no different. It has a full HD 17.3-inch non-touch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels that make your work more vibrant.

When you are carrying out any duty, its display is excellent.

For your information, the Windows 10 Home edition comes with a good platform for kids. Besides, the laptop is installed with a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint sensor so that your computer is more secure.

This laptop brings forth 2 USB ports and a solitary HDMI output, which will help you connect to several output and input gadgets.

Its Intel Core i5 supports high turbo frequency and 6MB cache, and an additional 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage render extra strength to the device.

So, the processor is sufficient to run any software that you require. It is also best to note that the integrated Intel 620 graphics help support and coordinate as expected.


  • 3.6 GHz Intel Core i5-1035G1 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • 17.3-inch FHD Non-Touch Anti-Glare Display
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 18 hours of battery life


  • Powerful processor with enough RAM
  • Excellent battery support
  • Sleek and attracting
  • SSD support
  • Excellent display
  • Touch capabilities


  • It is expensive
  • Charging is not proportional to its price

2. Dell Latitude 5000 5400 14″ Notebook

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The specs of this laptop are very well-suited for coding, web designing, accounting, and gaming. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for your kid.

The laptop packs in a generous conglomerate of ports, and amazingly all the ports support thunderbolt high-speed data transfers. You will also love its exceptional lightweight and the high-quality display.

Latitude 5000 5400 comes with a powerful Intel Core Core i7 i7-8665U processor. Interestingly, it also boosts a clock frequency of 3.8 GHz. The 8MB of L3 cache enables the loading of pages to be vibrant and vigorous.

I also loved its 16GB RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 620, which helps the laptop work better than your expectations. If you have plans on buying one for your child, then this is among the best types of laptops to consider.


  • 1.9 GHz Intel Core Core i7 i7-8665U
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • 14-inch FHD screen
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • 11 hours of battery life


  • Exceptional display
  • Powerful and relevant processor
  • Top-Notch collection of high-speed ports
  • Battery life is more than excellent


  • Only type-c USB ports
  • Camera quality is low

3. HP 14-CF001DX

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HP is among the few trusted computer brands that you can rely on when buying a laptop. This version of the computer looks attractive and has lesser weight compared to other versions, and its weight of around 4.3 pounds will help solve carrying and falling challenges.

 It would be best if you realized quickly how this version is one of the slimmest laptops in the market, which provides a 128GB SSD to make sure it meets aesthetic slimness.

I love its 14-inch display in consideration of its price, and its monitor gets an increment because of the WLED backlighting technology. Also, its processor is powerful in contrast to its jobs. This version of the laptop gets sufficient support from the RAM of 8GB.

This HP version also provides Windows 10 OS straight out of the box. The interface of this laptop will, therefore, be excellent for the kids.

I came to realize even though its battery life goes on continuously for around 8 hours and so in case of a short time blackout, it can be so supportive.


  • 2.4GHz Intel Core i3-7100U
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 14-inch BrightView HD (1366*768)
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Windows 10


  • Provides good worth for cash
  • Packs in excellent processor
  • Fast solid-state drive
  • Intuitive user-interface


  • Underwhelming presentation
  • Less ports

4. Microsoft Surface GO

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You will be amazed to realize that this version of the laptop has an ultra-portable relatively small weight of 1.3lbs Besides, you will be attracted to its slimness on display that will give credit to this device.

On further research, I also realized that this gadget supports several device-alignment modes such as tablets, laptops, and studio modes. Its display is decent when looking at it, which will attract your kids, and it will be helpful in streaming, browsing, or even general watching.

This version offers Windows 10 Home edition in the stylus mode for better performances with the kids. Its processor is amazingly packed, and it is sufficient for kids who are not involved in high CPU intensive tasks.

Its battery also supports up to 9 hours that deserve to be recognized, which means that this version can keep you on for some time before power resumption in power shortage situations.


  • 1.6GHz Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y
  • 8GB RAM
  • S128GB SSD
  • 10-inch PixelSense (1800*1200) Display
  • Intel HD Graphics 615
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 8 hours of battery life


  • Decent specs sheet for the attached charges
  • Excellent aesthetics that is attracting to the kids
  • Extraordinary display
  • Unmatched battery life
  • Portable gadget with several modes of functioning


  • Your Kids may find it hard to adjust to the diversity of the gadget
  • Pretty small for the children

5. Dell Inspiron 14

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When you need to acquire an affordable gadget for your kids, you should consider this version since it is one device that offers a competitive aesthetic and has a lesser weight. It is amazingly made with a 14-inch display monitor that provides anti-glare support.

The backlighting display technology makes viewing very interesting and decent.

You will also be attracted to its processing power at the wheel; the CPU works conveniently with the inbuilt 4GB RAM, upgraded more to a standard 8GB.

Its performances are satisfying in connection to its price given. Its battery offers up to 8 hours of continuous operations but depending on the means to high usages and it can be of great help when the lights are off.


  • 1.2GHz Intel Core i5-1035G4
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 14-inch HD Anti-Glare (1366*768) Display
  • Intel Iris Plus
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Windows 10


  • Provides worth for your money
  • Excellent processing power
  • Faster SSD storage performance
  • Upgraded RAM


  • It has lesser RAM out of the box
  • Display feels overwhelming at certain elevations

6. Dell Inspiron I3567

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When I am looking for a smaller device for my 9-year-old kid, this version seems like a better choice since it is a sleek device from a well-established organization.

I will enjoy an 11.6-inch HD panel flaunting the LED- backlight technology that has high megapixels in terms of display.

Its touch panel is vibrantly responsible and works effectively within in-built Windows 10 Home edition and the Cortana digital assistant.

Therefore, it will also be eligible to deliver tasks up to the expectations you have since it has adequate processing power.

The processing power of this version of the laptop is decently packed, and it is more than enough to handle all the essential tasks of a kid.

The integrated graphics are also satisfying to the user. The sleek laptop provides battery support for as long as up to 8 hours, which means that the computer’s battery will not always be in the charger being charged.

Other features include wireless connections, HDMI connectivity, and express file sharing, which you will enjoy using as a kid.

What makes this laptop even more appealing is its 500GB HDD, where your kid can install and store their games, which are the kids’ favorite, pictures, and even essential schoolwork and projects.

This version finally enables stereo speakers with MaxxAudio technology, which helps the music to have even a more therapeutic effect on an individual or a child.


  • 1.6GHz Intel Pentium
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • 11.6-Inch HD touch (1366*768) Display
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Windows 10 Home


  • It is an excellent form factor and aesthetic
  • Decent battery life
  • Decent display despite the small size of the screen
  • Decent connectivity and port segregation


  • Less powerful processor
  • There is no SSD segregation

Final Thoughts

The laptops for 9-year-old kids in 2021 that I have reviewed in this guide will make any parent happy. So, get yours today.

For more exciting and detailed reviews, browse through the website.

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