Best Laptop for Elementary Students Children in 2021

Does a kid, especially in elementary school, need a laptop? Well, the answer is yes. At this age, kids start to develop curiosity and need to learn how to use a computer. A laptop is a compact device that helps kids train their computer skills and use them.

So, which is the Best Laptop for Elementary Students Children in 2021?

 If your child is taking up online classes, a laptop is a perfect option since they can use it from any area at home. The laptop models designed for kids come with varying features, and this includes the storage space.

So, the use and needs of your child should be determining factors when choosing the device. For example, if your kid requires the laptop to tag when going to school or to save homework and documents, ensure it has a large space and is portable.

The following review has the best laptop for elementary students in 2021

1. HP Stream 14 Inch Laptop

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Are you looking for a flexible laptop for your kid in elementary school? This is a reliable and quality laptop model worth considering.

This HP Stream 14-inch laptop has a large memory space that will, for sure, work for your kid at this age. This laptop from HP features a sleek design for convenient packing if your kid wants to go with it to school or work with it from anywhere around the house.

Let us look at some of the features that you will love on this laptop!

The device features a 14-inch display with a backlit display of 1366 x 768. This is a classic size suitable for kids at this age, without forgetting the compact size ensures portability.

The computer is equipped with a 4 GM RAM space and has a storage space of 32 GB eMMC. Thus, your child will be able to save and store essential documents and notes they learn at school. Another quality feature we love on this laptop is a great connectivity design.

This HP computer has a Wi-Fi antenna that delivers great and reliable internet connection for easy browsing. This means that your child can still enjoy watching their favorite educational programs on YouTube or Netflix using this laptop.

There is an in-built webcam to chat and communicate with their friends or take up online classes with it.

This laptop has the Windows 10 Home inn S mode. For educational purposes, your kid will access up to office 365 personal and 1 TB of one drive storage.


  • This laptop comes with a 1-year warranty for quality assurance
  • The sleek and compact design makes portability to be easy
  • The computer is equipped with touchpad gesture capabilities
  • The laptop has a digital media card reader
  • The battery can last for 15 hours before a recharge


  • This laptop does not have a slot of SD card in case you want to expand the storage space

2. HP 14-Inch Touchscreen laptop AMD Ryzen 3-3200U

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If you are looking for a more advanced laptop for your kid to use, maybe at home or school, this model from HP is the best selection.

The computer is light and compact, so your child can slip it in the bag when carrying.

Some of the advanced features you will love on this laptop include AMD Ryzen, three processors, and Radeon graphics. All these features help kids when surfing and studying in class.

The best part is that this laptop features the touch screen mode for convenient control and use while in class.

Does your kid love graphic work or editing? This computer is an excellent option for these jobs. You can also download all the editing apps that you may require to use.

The device has a total of 8 GB memory RAM space large enough. The other feature that makes this laptop a good option for large storage needs is the 265 GB state drive SSD.

The SSD on this laptop has the flash start-up base for quick start-up. The device works in a low noise to prevent distraction most, especially if your kid opts to use it in class.

The backlit HD display provides a reliable view for easy focus and to avoid eye-straining.


  • This computer is easy to operate with touch screen mode
  • This HP laptop has renewed ten windows model
  • The laptop is right for editing and other complex jobs
  • The machine comes with a warranty for quality assurance


  • The laptop is not affordable for all

3. HP 14 Inch FHD IPS WLED Backlit Laptop with Intel Quad-Core i5-1035G4

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If you are looking for a laptop that can connect with Bluetooth for sharing documents and other items, this is a great choice.

Although this HP model may cost relatively higher, it has excellent features that will fit your kid and you as a parent. Thus, it is a perfect option for family use. The laptop has an incredible brightness view that provides reliable lighting so your child can get a comfortable view when working with it.

This also makes it possible to study using the laptop at night. The screen measures 15 inches wide, a comfortable size for kids of this age.

The laptop is designed with a 4 GB memory system, and it comes with SSD with a space of up to 128 GB to accommodate a variety of documents and apps that you may need to download.

Another perfect setting or feature I would like to point out in this laptop is the 10th generation core i5-1035G4 mobile processor.

This minimizes the battery usage at low voltage so you can get an ultimate power boost when working with the laptop. This design also makes it possible to carry out a wide range of video editing, browsing, and even adding more applications.


  • This laptop has a large storage space
  • The laptop has backlit for excellent illumination at night
  • The laptop is ideal for multifunctioning
  • The laptop has webcam and HD audios for efficiency when taking online classes or meetings.


  • The battery on this laptop does not last for too long

4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 carbon 20QES8x600 14 Inch HD Laptop

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If you are okay going overboard with a budget, Lenovo’s quality laptop is the right choice. The device may have a small size of 14 inches, but the storage space and other features are perfect for a grown-up.

The compact size is a plus for portability if the child wants to tag it to school. This laptop from Lenovo has a Ram space of 8 GB and an SSD extra storage space of 512 GB.

This means that the laptop can be used by other people at home if needed since the storage space is enormous.

This laptop’s processor is i5-8265u Intel Quad-core, with 1.60 GHz that can extend up to 3.90GHz.

 Is your child taking online classes due to the pandemic on going? Well, this laptop is pretty much the best.

The laptop has a webcam that improves the online interactions, and the audio is impeccable for good audibility. Other than this, the laptop is compatible with headphones in case the kid does not want distractions around the house.

It also has a microphone input and output before the convenience control of sound and volume.


  • This laptop from Lenovo has extra -large storage space
  • The device is light in weight for easy portability
  • The computer has an anti-glare screen for comfort
  • The device has a full HD backlit for reliable lighting in different areas.


  • This laptop does not have the SD input, unlike other brands that retail at similar rates

5. Lenovo T460s Ultrabook 20FA 14Inch FHD Intel i5-6300U 2.4 GHz

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One thing that stands out on this laptop from Lenovo is the excellent features and budget-friendly price.

The laptop retails at less than 500 dollars but has quality features that you will find helpful. For example, the laptop has a storage space of 8 GB RAM that can store multiple documents and other apps. There is an SSD of up to 256 GB to ensure you have extra-large storage space.

This Lenovo laptop has a touch screen mode for easy control if the child wants an easy way to maneuver the laptop while in the class.

Your comfort when working with this laptop, even at night, is guaranteed as it has backlit for illumination. The quality of this computer is fully guaranteed since it comes fully inspected. Does your kid want a laptop she or he can take notes with while in class?

This model from Lenovo will serve the purposes. The laptop has a durable battery that can store charge for more than 10 hours before a recharge. This laptop’s design features two processors, and it has window 10 pro, which is advanced.


  • This laptop comes with a 90-day warranty
  • The storage space is large
  • This laptop has touch screen mode and keyboard for multiple use options
  • The battery is durable and keeps the charge for long


  • Some people may find the warranty too short-lived, considering the laptop is meant for kids


These are our top five selections of the best laptops to buy elementary school students. These laptops have high Tech and advanced features so your kids can grow with them.

The laptops have quality processing design and high memory to save as many documents as possible. However, these laptops have varying prices depending on the design and the features available. So, choose the model that fits your child from the five options.

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