Best Laptops for Biomedical Engineering Students 2021

If you’re here wondering, “What type of laptop to get for bioengineering?” and you need expert help choosing laptop Biomed Engineering, then this is the right article for you.

Laptops come with different specifications depending on the usage and the amount of data that needs to be stored. This is more notable, especially when it comes to learning; as students, we have different studies levels.

And as such, the requirement of the specifications of a laptop comes to play. For example, a geological and a biomedical engineering student would require a powerful laptop, but a biomedical student will need some features to do research and store data.

Most of the programs’ biomedical students require dedicated and strong graphic programs. Therefore, the need to have the best and latest gadgets that can run all the programs.

If you are a biomedical engineering student and are looking for the best laptop for your academic studies, you need to do thorough research before buying one. Your academic grade is essential, and as such, you need to pay keen attention to the laptop you require.

A slow laptop is very frustrating at times. A laptop that nearly takes minutes to load a web page can make you go insane. It is more troublesome for a biomedical engineering student since you have to keep up with the lectures’ pace, especially in class.

After careful research by tech experts, I have come up with a list of the best laptops for biomedical engineering students. With all factors considered, including the speed of the laptop, storage space, and other general specifications, the following list will surely guide you through.

The Best Laptops for Biomedical Engineering Students 2021 (Reviews):

1. Dell Inspiron

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It is so far the most affordable laptop for biomedical students. With features that are specifically designed for the type of tasks the student performs. The Dell Inspiron is a relatively cheap laptop compared to other similar alternatives. So long as you don’t run tasks that drain your memory, 8GB of RAM is enough. It has a widescreen display of 15.6 inches, which gives you a better and clear view of your content.


  • A good big display of 15.6 inches
  • The battery power of around 9 hours
  • Memory 8GB RAM and 257GB SSD
  • CPU Intel Core of i5-7300 HQ


  • You can use it for hours of about 8 to 9 hours.
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • Has the latest features
  • The screen is wide


  • Internal memory is relatively small.

2. HP Spectre x360

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This is a top-class laptop for biomedical students. With a battery life of about 8 hours, you are guaranteed a whole day of class without interruption. Should you need a top-class processing power laptop? Then this is the laptop you’ve been looking for.

Experts in the field of laptops highly recommend it for its ability to multifunction. For those students who want to carry the laptop around the classes or the lab, this is the gadget given its lightweight. It is, however, not that cheap for those keen on the budget.


• Battery life: 8 hours a day

• Display is around 13 inches

• CPU Intel Core of i7

• Internal memory of 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD


  • High processing power
  • Long battery life
  • Enough memory to store data


  • Highly-priced

3. Acer Aspire VX15

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With looks to die for, Acer is a perfect choice for engineering students. The price is also pocket-friendly, especially for students who are budget conscious. The processing speed by the Intel Core Chipset is about 2.8 GHz.

The big screen makes viewing content and multimedia easier.

It can last a student up to almost 6 hours, therefore sustaining the whole class hours. Going with the price, power, and battery life is worth the investment.


• Display is about 15.6 inches

Battery life lasting up to 6 hours

• CPU Intel Core i7


  • High processing power
  • Multifunctional capability
  • Ideal for students given its long battery life


  • Not so cheap compared to other similar laptops

4. Microsoft Surface Book

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This is the best laptop in 2021 for students pursuing biomedical engineering. If the budget is not your biggest concern, then this is the best gadget for you. The versatility of detaching the screen from the keyboard to use it as a tablet gives it the edge in the market.

It can be used in heavy, medium, and light processing. The RAM of 16GB is enough for students’ tasks. It also has a bright and crisp screen that is about a 13-inch display.

The Surface Book acts as a tablet and a laptop due to its chipset, split between the keyboard and the display. Bearing in mind the exclusive features that come with this gadget, one wouldn’t mind paying the high price.


• Memory is around 16GB and 512GB internal

• Battery life of whooping 14 hours

• Display is 13.5 inches


  • It is a multifunctional laptop
  • It has a battery that can last up to 14 hours
  • Has enough memory


  • Relatively expensive

5. Samsung Notebook 9 pro

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For a biomedical program, Samsung has the best 2021 laptops. It is also a multifunctional laptop that can be flipped to be used as a tablet too. It can handle all your class and lab work as it has an Intel Core of i7.

The storage is also something worth noting because the chipset has 16GB and 256GB of SSD.

The price is higher than other laptops with similar features. As of this year, its availability is still not so widely spread.


• Display is 13 inches

• Processor of Intel Core i7

• Battery life of 14 hours

• Memory is16GB and 512GB SSD


  • It can be used as a tablet and a laptop
  • Has a wide view displaying content clearly
  • It can easily be used both in the lab and in class
  • It is light and portable


  • Not readily available in the market
  • Slightly expensive

6. Dell XPS 15 (2020)

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This is far much the best laptop in the market, with its stylish and bright display. The keyboard is extremely comfortable and impressive. For engineering students, this comes when most students are struggling with slow and old laptops.

It might not be the cheapest in the market, but it is worth every coin. No student needs to suffer again due to the slow speed of the laptop.

Serious courses like biomedical engineering need serious gadgets and enough storage.


• Has an Intel of i7

• Screen display is 15.6 inches

• 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD


  • Brilliant speakers
  • Bright display
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • Expensive

7. Asus VivoBook

1,325 Reviews

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ASUS never disappoints, and this round, they have an amazing laptop. For engineering students, this comes with a bright and big screen to clearly display your content.

The storage is enough for regular class and lab work. It is light and slim to carry around the school.


• Display screen is 15.6 inches

• Intel Core i8

• Internal memory is 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD


  • Bright screen
  • Large memory capacity
  • Long hours of usage


  • Slightly expensive for keen on the budget

8. Acer Flagship Chromebook

382 Reviews

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This is a perfect choice for biomedical engineering students who have been using old and slow laptops. Although it comes at a high price, it is worth your money.

With features ranging from bright screen display, large storage to even high Intel Core of i7.

A must-have laptop can handle almost all the tasks the student undertakes in class and the lab. Research work can easily be undertaken due to its speed and extremely crisp clear content display.


• 8GB RAM and 256 SSD

• Long battery life is about 6 hours

• A wide screen of 15.6 inches


  • The long battery life enables the student to complete the daily class and lab tasks.
  • The big-screen displays all the data clearly.
  • Storage of 8GB RAM helps in storing all the research and information of the student,


  • Not readily available
  • Not pocket friendly especially for students

9. Dell Inspiron 1035G4

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This 2021 laptop is ideal for engineering students due to its high speed and large storage. Not forgetting the big and stylish screen that every student would need. This is the latest model in 2021, and the UHD Graphics come when engineering students require such graphics.


• Has an Intel Core of i7

• It is a 14-inch screen laptop

• 8GB RAM and 256 SSD

• Windows 10


  • It has a bright screen
  • It comes with a large internal storage
  • It can be used for as long as 7 hours


  • It is expensive for most students

10. ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop

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Though cheap, Asus Vivobook comes with all the features any engineering student would require. The space is relatively low, but with light tasks, this laptop is top-notch.

The stylish and slim design keeps it in the market as students wouldn’t mind using an amazing laptop. The processing power is high enough to process any research work the student might have.


• Internal storage of 8GB and 256GB SSD

• 11.6-inch screen

• Windows 10

• Intel Core of i6


  • High processing speed
  • Clear and amazing speakers
  • Enough storage for student tasks


  • Not widely available in the market


The best laptops for engineering students that offer exactly what they need can only be found after serious market research. This is important since if a student is running heavy programs like AutoCAD, they will require laptops that have strong and enough power. Experts recommend laptops that have a higher and strong Intel Core of about i9. Although they might seem very expensive, they come with enough power to undertake almost all types of tasks.

With slow laptops, students cannot clearly follow the lesson in class, and you end up missing important points. This is attributed mostly to laptops’ low capacity or small screen displays where you cannot afford multifunction.

The solution to this is seriously checking on specific features of the laptop before buying.

As a student, you wouldn’t want to buy another laptop with the same pace of processing. The solution to this is to note down all the features that you consider important in a laptop. In your list, ensure the internal memory is large enough since you don’t want to have a laptop that gets slower as it gets full. The small screen and dull colours of a laptop are a complete turn-off. When buying the 2021 latest laptops, ensure that the screen is bright enough. You don’t want to strain your eyes the whole day looking at a dull screen.

As you run your numerous tabs, some old laptops can’t hold too many tabs, and therefore it becomes a big problem when you are required to run several programs. This should not worry you so much. Samsung has the latest laptop that helps run as many tabs as you want. The advantage of running several tabs at once is that you can save time and data.

Using a small laptop that has a low resolution can be very tiresome at times. But thanks to the latest technology, we now have 4k resolution laptops that really make work easier and enjoyable. A 4k display will help the student in clearly viewing his/her graphic work.

I would strongly advise getting a laptop with i9 processors, a big RAM of about 32GB, 64GB, or even 128GB. If possible, having SSD hard drives can help in processing your tasks faster.

Using a small screen display affects the amount of information you can view on the screen. How about shopping for a bigger screen display of around 15 inches. Moreover, if you get a better laptop, you will simultaneously handle numerous tasks; therefore, you will do less work.

I strongly believe the above-mentioned laptops will be a good guide towards acquiring the best laptop for your biomedical engineering course.

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