Best Laptops for Programming, Coding, Developers 2021

Are you looking for the Best Laptops for Programming, computer science, Developers & Coding? When considering any machine, you should check for law power, fast speed, Cores, Threads, responsive keyboard, and large storage space. It should also feature a large screen and be portable.

In this list, you’ll find some great suggestions to help you land a machine that improves your productivity. We have compiled the 5 best laptops for programming, developers, and coders to help make your life easier.

Minimum requirements for computer science laptop

Features Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
CPU Intel i3 Intel Core i7 or above
RAM 4GB 8GB RAM or above
Storage 128GB 512GB SSD or above
Display 11” 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080)
Battery Life 5 8 hours or more
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 10 Pro

Comparison Table of 5 Best Laptops for computer science for 2021:

Name RAM Storage CPU Best for: Price
Dell Inspiron 5000 16GB 512GB Quad-Core i7 Most Affordable Check Price
Dell XPS 16GB 1TB Intel Core i7 Touch screen Check price
Lenovo ThinkBook 16GB 512GB Intel Core i7 Lenovo Laptop Check price
Acer Predator 16GB 256GB Intel Core i7 Gaming Laptop Check price
MacBook Pro 16GB 256GB Apple M1 (8-core) Apple Laptop Check price

The TOP 5 Best Laptops for computer science: Programming, Developers & Coding for 2021 (Reviews):

#1 – 2021 Latest Flagship Dell Inspiron 5000 (Most Affordable for Computer Science)

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Features: CPU: Intel Quad-Core i7| RAM: 16GB| Storage: 512GB| Display: 15.6-inch FHD| Battery Life: 11hrs| OS: Windows 10 Home | Weight: 3.78 lbs


The latest i7 processor is powerful enough to perform code-compiling tasks. Thanks to the increased cores and threads, your laptop works faster than the previous generations. It comes with Intel’s GPU Graphics card offered by NVIDIA, making it able to operate the graphics-specific programs without a hitch.

RAM and storage

With 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage, you have enough space for programming, and your laptop would never lag. You can code in Python, C++, Java, and HTML without your machine slowing down.


This machine offers you a 15.6-inch FHD screen giving you sufficient display for programming. The 1920 x 1080 pixels is perfect for daily activities.  With the large screen, you can open several windows simultaneously, allowing you to multitask.

Battery Life

The battery life on Dell Inspiron 5000 is adequate and lasts up to 11hours, and you can adjust the performance of the RAM, processor, and GPU on your machine.


Dell is lightweight, slim, and beautiful. It is great for programming students and professionals. You can always bring the machine with you comfortably.


Dell Inspiron comes with a sturdy and sleek design, providing quality configuration for app developers and programmers. The machine comes with great specs but doesn’t look like your typical gaming laptop. It is a good investment for your programming needs.

#2 – 2021 Dell XPS 13.3″: Best Dell Touch Laptop for Computer Science

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Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB | Storage: 1TB | Display: 13.3 Inches| Battery Life: 19hrs Battery| OS: Windows 10 | Weight: 2.70 lbs


This machine comes with the new 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor with 6 Core and 4.70GHz clock speeds. That translates to more processing power, allowing you to run multiple applications at once without the machine slowing down. Dell also allows you to customize your laptop’s fan speeds, performance, and temperatures. These features help choose between cool, quiet, and ultra-performance modes.

RAM and storage:

Thanks to the massive 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM, the system boots and resumes super fast. It also supports multi-tasking different programs simultaneously. This machine is three times faster than the previous models and uses advanced Wi-Fi technology to make your programming activities easier. That way, you can stream videos, join zoom meetings, write codes, play video games, and enjoy smooth online experiences.


Dell XPS features a sufficient 13.3 inches screen. Compared to other machines on this list, its screen is smaller but enough to get the job done. It also comes with a 4-element lens webcam that delivers sharp videos, reduces noise improves video quality in dim lighting environments. The display allows you to have a quality online live feed meetings, especially during this pandemic.

Battery Life

Dell offers you up to 12 hours of standby battery enough to last you all working hours. That way, you don’t have to run around looking for a charging port.


This machine is built with high-quality materials and sturdy chassis, making it portable and lightweight enough to carry around.


Dell XPS offers you great features, utility, and value for your money. It combines a large memory, storage space, superfast processors. You can now handle all office or schoolwork, entertainment, and streaming videos.

#3 – 2021 Lenovo ThinkBook 14 – (Best Lenovo Laptop for Computer Science)

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Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB| Storage: 512GB | Display: 14 Inches| Battery Life: 6 hours| OS: Windows 10 | Weight: 4.97 pounds


Lenovo features the 11th Generation Intel Core i7 that powers all your processing demands of programming. It clocks up to 4.70GHz maximum speed allowing the laptop to perform well while streaming videos, playing graphic games, and writing codes.


This machine offers you 16 GB of memory soldered to its system board; this allows you to multitask and transition smoothly between programs. With the 512GB, you have access to fast data access speeds. That way, you get to work and finish your deadlines on time.


The 14-inch FHD screen has a resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels. The screen allows you to enjoy realistic visuals and wide viewing angles thanks to the narrow bezels. It also features an improved webcam shutter to protect your privacy and delivers a serene video conferencing experience. Besides, you’ll love the tactile keyboard response on this laptop.

Battery Life

With this machine, you can expect the battery to last up to 11 hours. You have the option to customize your utilization and save more battery life.


This machine comes in a beautiful design, sturdy, and highly efficient. The laptop fits easily into a backpack or office bag, keeping you safe and secure as you commute. It weighs about 4.97 pounds making it lightweight and won’t have any negative impact on your back.


Lenovo offers you a brilliant way of programming and curving up a career in such a competitive space. It is a lightweight model, extra slim with amazing finishing. You can stay connected with your colleagues, professors, friends, and family virtually anywhere. It also provides a great entertainment experience.

#4 – 2021 Acer Predator Helios 300 – (Best Gaming Laptop for Computer Science and Those Who Love Gaming)

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Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB| Storage: 256 GB| Display: 17.3-Inch| Battery Life: | OS: Windows 7 Home Premium| Weight: 8.7 pounds


This laptop features the 11th Generation Intel Core i7, with a Dual-Core processor that clocks 2.3GHz speed. Compared to other laptops on this list, the processor speeds are slow but efficient, and you can still be productive with your projects.

RAM and Storage:

Asus comes equipped with a 16GB memory space and 256 GB storage space. These features are ideal for programmers and help them perform better and run their tasks smoothly. You can now retrieve your files faster and work on multiple programs at the same time.


It has a 15.6-inch display, which features touchscreen technology. The screen comes with LED lighting that protects your eyes and protects them from developing any problems.

Battery Life

With a 1 lithium polymer battery, you can expect an average of eight hours of standby battery power. This gives you plenty of life for high performance in coding and programming.

Operating System

This laptop comes with the windows 7 pro allowing you to bring ideas to life. It might not be the latest operating system, but it functions well, and you have no excuse for not meeting the deadlines.


Asus allows you to interact with software, applications, and writing codes. It helps you advance your career by offering you great features such as a large screen, processing power, and storage space that handle your workload with ease.

#5 – Apple MacBook Pro Laptop – (Best Apple Laptop for Computer Science and Mac Lovers)

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Features: CPU: Apple M1 (8-core)| RAM: 16GB | Storage: 256GB | Display: 13.3″ Full HD| Battery Life: 11Hrs| OS: Windows 10| Weight: 3.75 lbs


Apple MacBook is great for computer programming that comes with a processor speed of 2.6GHz 6-Intel Core i7. It is designed to handle lots of work and help you perform well at work. It is a great upgrade from the previous model and works well with android development, programming, photo editing, and video editing.

RAM and Storage:

This laptop offers you 16GB of memory and 256GB of storage space. You can now easily access your files or flip through open tabs without the machine slowing down. This configuration makes this laptop highly efficient and powerful.


MacBooks are known for their practicality and small size. This machine features a 13.3-inch FHD display screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Nevertheless, the display is sufficient and hinders nothing.

Battery Life

This laptop claims more than 10 hours of standby power, allowing you to continue working and stay connected.


This laptop comes in a beautiful foldable design. It is lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your backpack or purse without needing a special carrier bag.


This machine has a powerful processor, large storage, and memory space. It offers you a large display screen, a responsive keyboard, and powerful speakers. The laptop is sturdy, lightweight, and portable. It is a great machine capable of programming, gaming, art, entertainment, and assignments.

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Frequently Asked Question:

What kind of laptop should I buy for computer science?

When you’re shopping for a programming computer, there are a few things you need to note. First, all laptops are not the same and handle different tasks. You need to check out the specifications to make sure they can perform well under pressure. Here are a few things to consider when searching for your next laptop:

CPU: a good laptop should have a brilliant CPU performance that allows you to carry on your coding, software development, or programming without a glitch. The best machine is one with Intel Core i5 and above processor. A fast processor is ideal for helping you be more productive.

Display: Since you’ll be staring at the screen for long hours, you need a laptop that has a large screen with customizable options such as anti-glare and brightness. That way, you can protect your eyes from straining too much. Also, try to get one that offers full HD resolution to make the screen much easier to read.

Size: You need a laptop that is convenient and portable. Some machines are efficient but a nightmare to carry around. Smaller laptops are most recommended but might require you to get one with a smaller screen. Note that if the screen is too small, you’ll be straining your eyes or if it’s too big, your back will suffer.

Operating System: You have three main OS to choose from, including macOS, Apple, Linux, and windows. The most common OS in the market is Windows, but your personal preference should be your first choice. If you’re a student and on a budget, there’s always a machine for you, but make sure the operating system suits your requirements.

Storage: As a programmer, developer, or code, you require lots of space for your projects. Look out for a large SSD instead of an HHD drive allowing your laptop to work faster. You can also be able to multi-task and perform better. However, you can also opt for a dual storage system that utilizes both HDD and SSD.

Graphics Card: Graphics help your laptop to perform better. Depending on the intended activities, the graphics card may be essential if you enjoy gaming and streaming videos. However, you only need a machine to finish assignments, and the graphics card may not be essential.

Battery: if you prefer working while you commute, have a presentation, or take notes on campus, you need a machine that has long battery life. Sure, you can always use the power outlets near you, but backup power always comes in handy. The recommended battery life is 6 hours or more without charging. Note that lightweight laptops have longer battery life compared to heavier gaming laptops.

RAM: As a programmer, you’ll be running several programs and codes at once, making your machine slower. However, if you have access to 8 GB of RAM or more, you can multitask smoothly. If you can, access more RAM; go for it, but 8GB should be the minimum in this case.

Which laptop is best for computer programming?

Lenovo ThinkBook is the best for computer programming in this category. It offers you a great way to be productive and stand out in your line of work. The laptop is lightweight, portable, and has a sleek design. It is created specifically to support computer programming and helps you advance in your career.

Is a laptop necessary for CSE?

Yes and No. For yes, of course, you need a laptop for programming, but if you have access to a computer lab on campus or have a computer in the office, then it’s not necessary. If you’re a computer science major, the campus most likely has a dedicated space for a computer lab packed with machines with the required specifications. Although using shared computers can be risky, you can still practice and finish your assignments while looking to get one for yourself.

How much RAM do I need for computer science?

The more RAM your laptop has, the more you’ll enjoy a fast performance. Often, 8 GB of RAM is enough, but it’s better to get your hands on more. This allows you to use your machine smoothly and can support game development with better graphics or video editing. Depending on your frequent activities, you shouldn’t compromise RAM if you want to maximize its performance.

Which laptop is best, HP or Dell?

Dell laptops are considered better computers compared to HP. Dell has a variety of amazing laptops with competitive features. For instance, this list has Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron, best for computer science. Hp is also a great company with some impressive laptops but still can’t match up to Dell. However, since both have distinctive characteristics, do check out the specs before making a major decision.

Is Windows or Mac better for computer science?

This is one of the most searched questions when users are looking for the best laptops for programming, developing, and coding. Honestly, it only boils down to your budget and preference. If you’re a beginner, you can start with a windows laptop since they are common and easy to use. If you have extra cash to splurge on, you can go for the Apple Mac laptop. Either way, you’ll get value for your money, and both perform fairly well for computer sciences.

Do you need a powerful computer for coding?

If all you need a laptop for is coding or programming, then no, you don’t need a powerful computer. This is because programming is simply editing text files. You can get yourself a laptop with decent features and get on with your task. However, if you plan to use it for video editing and developing gaming software, you need a powerful computer. The computer may be costly, but the specs can handle a bulky workload.

Is Core i5 good for programming?

Yes, Core i5 is good enough for programming. This means the CPU is updated and can handle the challenging parts of programming. Note that laptops with the latest CPUs cost more but perform better. As a professional, you need a reliable, durable performing laptop to handle the pressure but manage to deliver. Paired with RAM above 8GB, your laptop becomes a powerhouse and allows you to code faster with precision. As a programmer, always ensure programs that use graphics run smoothly.

Is MacBook air good for CS students?

Yes, the MacBook air is good for computer science students. It comes in a compact size and lightweight, allowing the students to carry the machine around campus, from class to the next, with ease. Compared to Mac Pro, it has less horsepower but performs well for schoolwork. The machine is efficient, fast, and reliable. You can count on MacBook air to help you through school and maybe even a few years in work before you need an upgrade.

Why are Macs better for coding?

A MacBook comes with a UNIX-based system that supports computer science courses. The MacBook is specifically designed to handle android development and coding. This means you can navigate through your school courses flawlessly. Furthermore, Macs are more stable, user-friendly, with no sudden shutoffs and minimum system updates request. The only disadvantage of a Mac is the price tag. MacBooks are expensive and can be a little too much for computer science students.

On the bright side, Mac laptops last longer than windows laptops making up for the exorbitant prices. If you handle your machine well, it can last you up to six years of great service. For that, you invest in a good MAC that offers you more than 8GB of RAM, a fast CPU, long battery life, responsive keyboards, and a decent screen display. So before you add any machine to the cart, think long-term to get the value for your money.

Do most programmers use Macs?

Yes, most experienced programmers use Macs, but mostly it’s a personal choice. Also, as mentioned before, Macs support UNIX-based programs that offer quality services. These programs are powerful and allow you to handle complicated software without slowing down. Depending on your work nature, you can appreciate Mac more when you utilize its maximum potential to your advantage.

Why are windows better than Macs?

For years, the battle between the Mac and PC has been going on unending. Of course, both work fine, but it majorly matters to individual preference. However, there are ways in which the PC is better than the MAC.

For instance, a new user is much more likely to navigate windows easily than the Mac. Windows even has a remote assistance tool to help the professor control the computer remotely if it accidentally deletes important laptop features and can restore them. This helps with clumsy students or users who keep forgetting their passwords.

Here are 10 reasons Windows is better than Mac.

1. Cost-Effective:

A good laptop doesn’t have to break your wallet and get you in debt. You can buy an affordable machine with better specifications better or equal to the overpriced ones. Due to competition, laptop makers have released thousands of PC machines to satisfy the demand. On the other hand, Mac prides itself on scarcity and has a universal price. Usual Mac laptops are expensive and non-negotiable.

2. Better for Gamers

Apart from programming, windows accommodate computer games better with each generation. PCs now have massive storage space and the best graphics card. You also have the privilege of adding the required hardware to help run the latest game titles. This is not an option for the MacBook, making it not compatible with most gaming software.

3. Cheap Support

Apple has the most expensive technical support system compared to windows. The Mac products are sold exclusively from the Apple retailer’s shop, and you can also enjoy the 90-day phone customer support for free. The customer care services are top-notch, but the short 90 days approach is a bummer. As for the PC, you are free to fix your machine anywhere in the world, and the products are readily available in the electronic retail shop near you. The customer care service is also great, and you can keep upgrading your system to support the latest software.

4. Less RAM Required

A Windows machine can run on low memory without any breakdowns. Of course, it will work slower but still performs tasks as usual. On the other hand, when Mac runs on low memory, it is likely to crash anytime. This makes the windows laptop more reliable and durable.

5. Easy to Customize

If you are conversant with PCs, you can easily build from scratch or customize your machine without a hitch. This allows you to buy a less powerful computer at a lower price and customize it with readily available hardware to turn it into a Frankenstein beast that helps you maximize your potential. On the contrary, MacBooks cannot be tampered with or customized, and whatever you purchase, you’re stuck with it. Hence, if you prefer the Mac, ensure you get a powerful machine that serves you well.

6. The Operating System

This one is debatable, and some users prefer using the Mac operating system while others swear by Windows. With windows, you are free to control your device’s processes like driving a manual car, while Mac is more rigid and feel s more like an automatic vehicle that has pre-settings; you can’t make any small changes. Windows allows you to transform your machine to perform as you require it to.

7. Flexible Hardware

With windows, you can easily access hardware such as RAM, storage space, and graphics card to update your laptop. The hardware is readily available and cheap. Mac doesn’t support any of that, and if your laptop is outdated, you’ll have to purchase a whole machine with the latest hardware.

8. Two mouse buttons

Mac is designed to make your programming life easier, but a one-button mouse is not the best option. It can be a little confusing, especially if you’ve ever used two mouse buttons. Windows brings you the standard two buttons on your mouse, allowing you to explore freely.

9. Security

Future innovations are unpredictable, and sometimes failure or drastic changes can affect your machine. Windows laptops have other options and might avoid a certain faulty machine since they have better market choices. However, for Mac, the company makes their machine and develops the operating system under the same roof. If something goes wrong, the users have to wait until the issue is rectified and need new machines to solve the problem. That process is both time-wasting and costly.

10. Freeware

Windows offer users a large amount of freeware that helps your machine work better. You can easily download over 55,000 free programs that are compatible with your machine.


Programming, software development, and coding can be fun, but you can easily be frustrated without a good laptop. You don’t need to find the most powerful, the meanest machine in the market to be effective.

There is a wide range of capable laptops in the market eager to assist you with your programming needs. We have gone the extra mile to compile the 5 best laptops for programming, developers, and coding to make your search easier.

All you need is to list the most features specs that are important to you, then concentrate on the ones that meet the qualifications. All the laptops on this list perform well for programming, and you’ll enjoy the experience.

Happy Shopping!

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