The Best Laptops for Realtors and Real Estate Agents

What are some of the best laptops for realtors and real estate agents? Many agents are finding that it is important to find a good laptop to get their work done more efficiently and to make sure they keep up with all of the demands.

As an agent, people will want to look at your listings, use a webcam if they can’t be there in person, and even talk to you through social media. Some of this can be done using your smartphone if necessary, but there are times when a computer could help with the business side of your job. For example, a laptop is good for online listings and creating spreadsheets.

As an agent, you need to pick a computer that can handle all the tasks you would like to do with it.

You need one that can work on the go, something that gets the work done, and one that will not easily die out on you. Some of the best laptops for realtors and real estate agents you should consider include:

The Top 5 Best Laptops for Realtors and Real Estate Agents 2020:

Stunning 13.3-Inch Retina Display with True Tone technology;...
9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750h (12MB Cache, up to 4. 5...
System Ram Type: ddr4_sdram

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1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3”

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This laptop is a 2-in-1, which makes it easy to convert from a laptop to a tablet and back again.

Many realtors like the flexibility and durability that come with the Surface Pro and the screen is just the right size to make viewing easier, while still helping you to move around and get from one client to the next.

This laptop has everything you need. It comes with two USB ports so you can add pictures and anything else you need easily.

The battery life is close to 12 hours and it charges quickly, helping you to prolong the life of the battery, even when you’re on the go all day.

An additional feature you may enjoy is the kickstand, which offers 165 degrees of range, including a mode that puts the laptop at almost flat. This movement makes it easier to showcase images or share information with others.

The Pros

    • The battery life will last all day, for 12 hours or more!
    • The display is sharp and easy to read no matter the lighting.
    • A kickstand comes with this computer, making it easy to use no matter where you go.
    • Comes with a USB-C.
    • Contains an Ice Lake processor to keep things going.

The Cons

    • The keyboard is sold separately so you need to pay extra.
    • There are only two ports on this computer.


2. Apple MacBook Air

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The MacBook Air is a very popular laptop option for a reason. It provides all of the portability and power that you need, while also sharing compatibility with your smartphone, allowing you to work with both without issues.

The storage and RAM space is much more than most realtors will ever need, allowing you plenty of power to get things done quickly. Apple also makes it easy to add in more storage if you do handle many properties at once.

The new butterfly keyboard introduced by Apple MacBook will help you avoid hand pain when you need to sit at the office and get work done. And it is nice and quiet, making it easier to work in public during some of your showings.

The performance is very consistent so you can rely on this no matter where your listings take you. To get the most out of this laptop, you need to keep up with all updates though.

One selling point of this laptop is that it is almost silent. The fan does run constantly, and users can hear it, but it isn’t that loud and is easy to ignore. Previous models of MacBook Air struggled with problems of overheating, but Apple has made some great corrections to this laptop and that is no longer an issue.

The Pros:

    • The keyboard is brand new, helping to make typing easier.
    • The processor is faster than ever before.
    • A budget-friendly price point that you will love.
    • The battery life is up to seven hours for all-day running around.
    • Consistent performance that will give you the reliability you need.

The Cons:

    • The battery life is a bit shorter compared to some of the other options.
    • Struggles with really intense video production and editing tasks.


3. Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop 15.6 Inch

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Dell is a name you can trust, and with all the power, features, and portability in this laptop, it will quickly become your favorite.

In fact, the Dell XPS brand is a great laptop for any realtor who needs to work on a computer for doing presentations, showing off their listings, organizing spreadsheets, and completing the other busywork that their day entails.

It now includes a striking OLED screen and can handle pretty much anything your day throws at it.

There is a lot to love with this laptop. The design makes it strong so it can last wherever you would like to take it.

The keyboard is full-sized, includes a large touchpad, and even a fingerprint reader to keep your information safe.

The display is perfect no matter where you need to use the computer, and the performance is one of the most powerful on the whole list. You can use this laptop to upload images, download files, and get everything else done.

The Pros:

    • The display is one of the best of any laptop on our list.
    • The performance is fast and will not let you down.
    • This laptop comes with an impressive webcam if you need to make video calls.
    • The design is slim and easy to move with you.
    • The keyboard comes with a fingerprint scanner to keep your information safe.

The Cons:

    • The battery life is low for the price you pay.
    • The audio could be a little stronger.


4. Acer Aspire 5

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This laptop is one of the best options to choose from if you are on a budget. It is portable and easy to move, weighing in at less than 4 pounds and only 0.7 inches thick.

The display is 15.6 inches with a Full HD widescreen display. It also works with Acer Color Intelligence and Acer BlueLight Shield to help keep your eyes free from strain, no matter how long you need to spend on the computer each day.

That is not all you can love about this computer. It boasts 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD, and the battery is set to work for almost 10 hours so you can take this computer on the go with you.

The fingerprint reader technology keeps your information safe and ready to use, while you can log in with just a single touch. The keyboard also has a backlight, making it easy to work no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

The Pros:

    • It is an affordable price for those on a budget.
    • The BlueLight Shield helps protect your eyes from the strain of using the computer.
    • It has a good battery life to keep going as long as you can.
    • Easy to take along with you when getting work done.
    • Good performance to keep up no matter what kind of task you are doing.

The Cons:

    • The backlit keyboard may eat up the battery life more than usual.
    • The memory space is lower than many comparable models.


5. HP 15.6” Touchscreen LED Laptop Computer

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The newest 2020 version of this computer is a great option to choose from. It is affordable, it has great performance and speed, and works better than many of the past versions of HP computers.

This option may not be as well-known as some of the others, but it is powerful, has a large screen that is easy to look at and share with others, and can handle any images that you need while you do your listings.

One thing that realtors will notice with the performance is that it supports 4k resolution, it has some built-in security, and provides 2TB of storage, which is way more than enough to use this computer for years.

The design is also comfortable and lightweight, with extra strength added into the hinges to make it stronger and more durable.

The battery is replaceable and removable, something that is hard to find in many laptops these days and can help with the longevity of the machine.

The Pros:

    • The battery can be replaced or switched out, giving you more power.
    • 2 TB of space, which will let you use this computer for years.
    • Security features come right in the computer, making it the perfect choice to use.
    • The touchscreen allows for better showing and sharing with others.
    • Includes good video options if you need to create some for your job.

The Cons:

    • The audio is a little bit lacking if you plan to create music or need lots of sound on this computer.
    • The image quality in the webcam is a little low, but the microphone is one of the best on the list.


How to Choose the Best Laptops for Realtors and Real Estate Agents

It is not uncommon for realtors and real estate agents to purchase a laptop on a whim, doing so because everyone else does and they think they should have one. They may not look at any other options until it is too late, and they make a decision they are not happy with. This is an unfortunate reality and can cost a lot of money.

If you are still researching which computer to purchase, there are a few things you should always consider first?

Think About What You Need in a Laptop

Don’t purchase a laptop just because other realtors have one. Think about how you plan to use the laptop and go from there. You want to look for specific features on the laptop that meet your needs, not just the flashiest or most expensive option out there. Some realtors may need something more portable than a laptop, and they may need to go with a tablet instead. However, if you need something with more power, then a laptop is best.

Get a Good Brand

Many realtors will look at getting a Chromebook. The advertising is really good on these and it seems like you are getting an amazing, high-quality product, for a fraction of the cost of others. However, with Chromebooks, you get what you pay for. These computers will lack many of the features you need, they are slow to work, and they don’t work with some apps like Microsoft Word and others. Most realtors who purchase this end up purchasing another laptop soon after.

Think About the Security

If you plan to move around with your laptop often to get work done, then you must always think about security features. Look to see if options like a fingerprint scanner are on it, along with what anti-virus or antimalware choices are present. While a fingerprint scanner may not be critical, it can make a difference in how safe the information on your computer is.

What Do I Need My Laptop to Withstand?

Each real estate business is a little bit different and you need to consider what you would like the computer to complete on a day to day basis. For example, if you plan to travel with the laptop, then you need one that can withstand all types of elements and environments. Some laptops will withstand more than others along the way.

You may need one that is dust resistant if you plan to work near construction sites often. You may need one that holds extra memory if you do many projects on it other than email. Some even provide a bit of water resistance if you need to be outside more often.

Also, always consider the battery life. Many computers start out with bad battery life and as a realtor on the move, you don’t want to get stuck charging up the computer all the time. Pick one with a battery life of at least 10 hours and consider purchasing an additional battery to help when you need to be away from the office and power sources for longer times.


Choosing the best laptops for realtors and real estate agents is important. The right laptop will make you more efficient with your work and will help you get the best results when working with clients. However, purchasing a laptop simply because others have one, without considering your unique needs and how you will use the laptop is always a bad idea.

All of the laptops we discussed in this article are designed with realtors in mind. They have longer battery life, are stronger against the elements, and include all the best features you need. You just need to pick which one is the right one for you!

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