Best Match for Aries Man: What Is the Perfect Match for Aries?

An Aries man is strong-willed, determined, and result-oriented individual. At times you may doubt if you are the best match for Aries man, because of his unique features.

The ram has charisma, which makes him charming. Compatibility matters arise because each sun sign has a strong as well as a weak point. The most appealing part is the uniqueness.

Experts rate Aries’ personality as a raw masculinity archetype. Such men have cardinal and fiery forces that make them highly aggressive and at times, unbalanced. This makes them difficult to tame – they lack self-restraint.

You can doubt yourself when you fall in the hands of an Aries man. This is not new. However, there are known best match for Aries man. Some best matches are Sagittarius and Leo.

Before we look at compatibility, let’s look at the characteristics of the Aries man.


Aries man likes wining. Therefore he lays down strategies that will guarantee him a win. Like the god of war, he thoroughly prepares before attacks. The Aries man is always up to the challenge, whether it is in love affairs, business management, or real war. He lays his games in a highly competitive manner.

The most exciting part is he competes with himself. The motivating factor for an Aries man to compete is he knows well that he will win. Ladies like him because of this character.


Aries rules planet Mars. As a god of war, Aries has a thirst for war and love in equal measures. His profile features high levels of aggressiveness. He might, at times, incite a fight with other males to assert his aggressiveness.


As the first zodiac sign, Aries man lives to and protects his birthright. He always requires to be number one. In any case, he feels he is not your priority, he leaves to find a person who accords him the priority, i.e., first place status.

You call him an attention seeker. That’s fine, but you must validate his ego to capture his attention. Keep him close by showing him assurance signs, e.g., a refreshing kiss of love or a long warm hug. Do this when he demands or just as a surprise package. Be there for him.

Loves Praise

Who doesn’t like it when sweet words are directed to him? Of all zodiac signs, Aries needs them the most. You must treat this kind of man with care. Demonstrate your actions with sincerity. Do this by flavoring your daily encounters with sweet words that will captivate him. This will make you the Best Match for Aries Man.

The Aries man isn’t your type if you are poor with words. However, you need to be sincere about this kind of man. Why? He is built to detect any insincere actions easily. Once he notices, a hypocritical behavior he leaves without warning, and never will he come back.

Hard to satisfy

Aries challenges every opportunity. He’s a leader driven man. Commitment is not a priority because it is not in his nature. As such, he finds it challenging to locate the ideal mate. Essentially, he finds it challenging to settle down, especially for those with a moon. It requires a relentless and exemplary woman to keep such a woman around.

The demands of an Aries man depends on where signs will manifest in his chart. Nevertheless, a dominant chart Aries matches perfectly with a woman who is highly intelligent, direct, passionate, and mysterious. Such a woman can catch up with his interests.

Makes the first move

The Aries man chases. He hunts. If you chase him, you lose him. He is built to enjoy the art of pursuit.

The Aries man has mastered each level of pursuing a woman, starting from flirting to finally winning the heart of a woman.

His tactic is above par. But be cautious not to give in too soon. If by chance you get carried away by his flirtatious behavior, he may quickly lose interest in you.

When you make it harder for him to win your attention, he considers the chase worth his time. He sees a win in every problematic situation. He believes he deserves the best.


Romance is the core character of Aries. But you always have to rekindle his imagination to ensure he is not tempted to stray.

He expects true love because owing to his romantic nature and the love for dining and winning his lover.

The outstanding feature you’ll notice with Aries man is his demand for a woman who is versatile but still romantic. The lady must be able to play the role of a lover and a friend whenever he needs it. This will steal his attention forever.

What is the Best Match for Aries Man?

Unless the Aries man finds the perfect match, he won’t last for long. That is why it imperative you understand the ideal match. After in-depth research, the best compatible signs with Aries are Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarius. On the hand, the least compatible signs are Cancer and Capricorn.

Sagittarius & Aries Man

This by far the most compatible sign with Aries. It makes the Best Match for Aries Man. Sagittarius is as strong as Aries both physically and mentally. Much as they challenge each other, they have numerous common feature that makes them air up without any problems. This makes them enjoy most activities together.

Since the two types of men have an intense passion, you expect them not to hold back on anything. This gives an enjoyable life. Aries is stronger than Sagittarius, but Sagittarius is always willing to stand up to Aries whenever a challenge arises.

One of the strongest points of Sagittarius that Aries values most are exceptional social skills.

Leo & Aries

Leo loves to be in the spotlight. Aries is the first sign of zodiac who believes he should be number one. This can create a conflict because Leo will nudge Aries out of the way without any consideration.

The strongest point of Leo is that he knows how to work for a crowd better than anyone else. If you deny Leo number one, they tend to grow jealousy or resentment in life. If this match must succeed, then they must overcome their natural tendencies. They will undoubtedly form a solid match.

Gemini & Aries

Gemini-Aries combination is one of the most volatile but incredibly passionate relationships. When they strike a rapport, one cannot live without another. Both are excellent at flirting, but they value their freedom more than anything else. This makes them ideal for each other.

Look at this:  Gemini loves changes, surprises, and romance. That means life must always be creative for these individuals. Aries is the only man who can complete this love equation. Much as they appear as wild fantasy, Aries is equal to the match.

He is meticulous in each step. What is more, he does it with extravagance and finesse.

Naturally, Gemini enjoys the loyalty test of Aries – she will pull a few surprises to keep the things in balance and increase the need for aristo keep on chasing her.

Libra & Aries

Aries is a corky man. He likes being in charge. Libra has no issues letting him take charge. The strongest features of Libra is strong social skills, which Aries find remarkable lovely. Besides, Libra can fit in any crowd thanks to the chameleon-like character.

An expensive lifestyle and a keen eye for beauty are what Libra values. This may take a toll on Aries. The best way out is

Libra keep this character in check so that Aries remains happy. However, Aries likes the most extraordinary things in life. As such, he may not find it difficult spending money to get the finest, but he doesn’t love frivolous spending.

Aquarius & Aries

Aquarius is known for her fierce independence, a feature depicted by Gemini. She doesn’t like being told what to do when to do, or how to do it. On the other hand, Aries likes being in charge – pride meets pride.

The best thing to do is Aries to bite his tongue at times if he wishes to keep the Aquarius happy.


There are essential tips to apply to keep the Aries man close. U must be equipped with information such as how they perceive people (in this case you), how to excite them, capture their attention, and avoid arguments with them among others.

When you compare signs of the sun, you can come up with a good idea of how these signs are compatible. This is a quick and easy way of finding the best matches. At a broader level, there are some exceptions, however, because people are more than their signs.

With the fact that other planets affect the personality of a person, there are numerous possible combinations. This leads to millions of permutations. Logically, Aries will slightly vary.

Using Aries alone to calculate compatibility cannot give you the best results. To fully understand how compatible you can be with Aries man, calculate the position of other planets about the date of birth of the Aries, and make a comparison with yours.

This unlocks the real power of astrology [1] and gives meaningful information – specific information.

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