Best Mini Exercise Bikes for the Elderly [2021 Reviews]

It is a challenge for the elderly to maintain their fitness. The underlying reason for this may arise due to some chronic disease or any physical weakness.

The stiffness and fragility of muscle tissues is the main contributing factor. That may lead to injury if not handled carefully and intelligently. They should do exercise with the consultation of their family doctor.

Doing exercise safely and with ease becomes a challenge. Even walking becomes a challenge. They cannot even walk as per wish to remain fit through walking is the best exercise. In such cases, pedal exercise even becomes more crucial. Pedal exercises are safe, or you can make them safe with modern and well-designed equipment, less exhausted and frustrated.

A senior citizen can enjoy pedal exercise and keep fitness at the same time. These helpful machines are safe, flexible, and easy to use to maintain fitness.

Pedal exercise will improve blood circulation, muscle tone, joint mobility, cardiovascular health, and lung flexibility.

The 5 Best Mini Exercise Bikes for Senior Citizens in 2021:

1. Sunny SF-B901 

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The SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness comes with an amendable leg, along with an LCD 6-function display.

As you spin on the cardio unit, the 40-pound chrome flywheel for the sustenance of momentum, heavy flywheels in your workout help maintain peace, stability, and consistency. It uses a developed magnetic resistance mechanism with eight magnetic levels of resistance.

Its smooth and quiet-pedal motion makes it very appropriate to use at your workspace as it allows you to focus while keeping you fit.

This bicycle is portable and encompasses short desks that are up to 27 inches tall. You can thereby easily carry and use it. It also has an adjustable front knee pad that can adjust up to 10 inches.

It provides a healthy pedal motion that keeps you active, focused, and highly productive. Its eight calibrated resistance settings are adjustable and enable the user to work at any desired level.

When you change the base levellers’ that will keep the bike steady on rough surfaces, it prevents wobbling and jerks while riding.


  • It is smooth and quiet during use.
  • It is compact, and relocation is manageable from one venue to another.
  • It is easy to use and assemble.
  • Its range of resistance is double that of most pedal exercisers.


  • Under a normal-height office desk, it is not operational
  • Not suitable for a tall person.

2. Marcy ME-709

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This pedal machine is noiseless. You can enjoy watching your favourite show or read a book yet stay productive at work without distraction. It does not impact your knees.

With a traditional pedal exerciser, you get an up-and-down motion, but with the Marcy Recumbent exercise bike, you are getting a more smooth elliptical motion. This elliptical motion is way better for your knees than the normal up-and-down movement, which every pedal exerciser offers.

The smooth gliding motion can adjust between 8 levels of resistance to maximize desk workouts to gain muscle.

The digital monitor enables you to track your progress by counting the calories burned, strides pedalled distance covered and much more. The equipment houses an ergonomically built saddle with supportive high-density foam.

For added support for the back and arms, it includes contoured foam-covered handles to help maintain proper shape when exercising.


  • Come with an LCD monitor.
  • It has a minimal effect on joints, rendering it healthy for elderly seniors
  • It has eight resistance levels to choose from


  • It has fragile pedals and is best for lighter users.

3. Sunny SF-B1877

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The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877 Magnetic belt drive indoor cycling bike is another good pedal exerciser for the elderly who want to exercise while working.

Because of its compacted design, we can use it under the work desk or table. It is portable and easy to put on the desk for upper body training. It comes with safety straps for both; lower and upper body workouts, making it necessary for the elderly with weak body control.

A noiseless magnetic mechanism used with this workout pedal and the 8-level stress knob allows for various resistance levels. That allows the rider to pedal faster and harder more effectively. It is suitable for senior individuals to begin from a lower level.

The LCD records speed, time, calories, and distance. It is better to put it on a carpet instead of a solid surface to prevent the sliding issue. It comprises a 4-Way adjustable seat to help you stay in proper shape.


  • It comes with adjustable safety straps.
  • Resistance can be easily varied using the 8-level tension regulator.
  • It has a LED display that is easy to read.


  • The pedal straps are not sturdy.
  • difficult to move on a smooth surface

4. Marcy NS-716R

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This high-quality recumbent bike has a comfortable seat. It is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of individual users. For the best results, please keep your legs at a reasonable length.

An 8-preset tension-adjustment knob supports the magnetic wheel, allowing you to change your workout level in a snap for a seamless biking experience; this gives a smooth pedalling experience. That is more than 2x the other pedal exercisers.

The Marcy Recumbent Bike is compatible with an LCD computer screen, all at the touch of a single button, which monitors your distance, time, and burned calories.


  • Make no noise when pedalling
  • It is possible to attach and disconnect the LCD.
  • It has sturdy and adjustable pedal straps
  • with eight customizable resistance from mild to extreme resistance levels.


  • It has no handles for transportation.

5. Body Rider BCY6000

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This superior and high-quality bike by Body Rider is an indoor upright bike that houses curve-crank technology.

The curved crank feature adds constant stress to the X and Y axes on this trainer, providing a dead-zone-free rotation as you pedal. You get the most out of your aerobic exercise equipment with smooth operation and effective motion.

You can easily adjust the resistance level while still cycling. That is possible using a magnetic tension lever located by the handlebars comfortably on the upright arm.

For a complete indoor cycling workout, you can comfortably choose between 8 levels of resistance. This rear flywheel bike features a screen that monitors the calories burnt, time, speed, and distance.

It also includes a media shelf for the secure storage of your phone, keys, and other accessories.


  • Compact and practical design
  • eight adjustable resistance levels
  • User-friendly screen to display the various peripherals
  • Suitable for people with a height between 5’0″ to 6’1″ and with a user weight capacity of 300 lbs.


  • Expensive machine
  • Difficult to transport and maintain

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What are the benefits of Pedal Exercisers?

Boosts circulation.

Blood circulation is essential in pumping nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. When it comes to the elderly, the low flow rate may make their limbs feel numb and tingly. Pedalling increases nutrient and oxygen circulation to all parts of the body.

Toning the muscles

Pedalling helps to tone the legs, arms, and stomach muscles. It also aids in providing special treatment to the chest, shoulders, and back muscles due to the sequences created by using the leg exercise peddler. Alongside maintaining fitness up, they also assist in burning calories and lose some pounds.

Reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Pedal Exerciser ensures that the rate of metabolism improves by increasing the circulation of blood. It also helps reduce risks such as heart attack and stroke. Using pedal exerciser regularly reduces the chances of other chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Simple workout

These gadgets are also beneficial for light exercise at home. Using them is like taking a stroll or running gently. During winter, seniors often sit indoors while the weather is horrendous. An exercise peddler is like a mini exercise bike that will allow them to exercise in the house. Without having to think about the climate, they can even do a workout.

Pedal exercises are suitable for both legs and arms. Amazing right?

Pedal Exercisers:

A pedal exerciser is like cycles. Elderly persons with mobility problems can use these pedal exercisers as an indoor cycle due to their inability to cycle outdoor. This way, the elderly can maintain a healthy life physical style besides their challenges.

A pedal exerciser suits those elderly persons, unable to balance themselves, and there is a potential danger of falling and injuring themselves, one of the common concerns for elderly persons.

The pedal exerciser is compact and portable, and one can carry it around from one place to another. You can also take it outside while travelling for a pleasure trip. It is safe to use yet just as effective as other cycle exercisers.

These are suitable for persons who want to do moderate-intensity exercises to build strength and endurance of their upper and lower body.

Since we can use it to do exercises for both the upper body and lower body, either we can use a pedal exerciser on the floor or the tabletop. This way, one can enjoy and perform exercises for both your upper body and lower body. That eliminates any potential injury of muscle and falling.

Not only elderly persons but people of any age can use pedal exercisers. Doctors advise them for healthy seniors as well as those undergoing physical therapy after injury or surgery. These are safe, user-friendly, and potentially less risky. Their usage may be versatile and allows anyone to use it to gain fitness.


The benefit of using a pedal exerciser is double fold. It helps elderly persons to maintain an active physical lifestyle yet without compromising their safety. Pedaling engages the gluteus, gluteus quadriceps, and hip flexors. Incorporate resistance features for a more intensive exercise.

In the upper body, pedal exercisers help strengthen muscles focusing on biceps, triceps, shoulders, and forearms.

Here are some prominent and evident benefits of using a pedal exerciser:

  •  Strengthen both the upper and lower body and tone them.
  •  Help to build stamina and endurance.
  •  Improve cardio healthy and consequently good blood circulation.
  •  Help to keep their blood pressure lower,
  •  Keep the joints strong and healthy, improve mobility.
  •  Promoting weight loss by removing calories.
  •  Rehabilitation of definite leg injuries
  •  Better sleep and improved mood
  •  Encourages multitasking, reading, or watching TV while exercising.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Mini Exercise Bikes for the Elderly?

Type of Pedal Exerciser:

There is quite a range of pedal exercisers available in the market with features like digital display, easy to handle, quiet operation, etc. Consider following before buying.

Size of the pedal exerciser:

Dimensions of the pedal exerciser play a vital role in the case of use for the elderly. It should be very stable and should not shake when put on a level surface. Ensure that the height should be less than the width for stability.


The pedal exerciser should be compact and foldable so that it occupies little space for storage. You may place it under the table, bed, or desk. Also, it should be lightweight and portable, with a comfortable handle for easy grip.

Medical pedal exercisers:

You can also use a pedal exerciser for physical therapy and rehabilitation purpose. You may buy medical exerciser peddlers as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Digital display:

For tracking fitness goals and noting the progress, important data appears on the LCD screen with large digits like time, distance, calories burnt, speed, pulse rate, and much more.


The selection of different levels of resistance should be available so that the elderly can adjust the resistance as per need.


Pedal exerciser comes with straps that hold the legs and prevents them from slipping.

Quiet operation:

The peddler is noiseless and avoids any distractions. It enables users to exercise and enjoy other activities like reading or watching TV.

User friendly:

The operation of the pedal exerciser should be easy to understand to avoid irritation amongst the elderly. That may affect the mental and physical condition due to frustration.


These are our top five picks for the best pedal exercisers that are available on the market today. Take a close look at the features when considering a pedal exerciser, for any single one has different ones while some have greater functionality than others.

The safety features of these machines are the efficient pedal exercisers. That makes them stand out from one another and makes them perfectly suited for seniors who are just looking for a quick, safe, and reliable workout routine to keep their bodies active and their minds at ease and peace.

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