Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

In this article, we’ve reviewed and compared the top 10 Best Ninja Juicer Blenders of 2021 – Their noticeable features, pros, and drawbacks.

Ninja is a manufacturer of household appliances such as blenders and ovens. Overall, their mixers have a great build quality and while they are primarily constructed of plastic, they feel solid and durable. Most jars, lids, and blades can be placed directly in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Some blenders also include some unique accessories and accessories like a food processor or a mini juicer. However, most of them cannot be used for hot mixing, which is a bit frustrating if you are looking to puree soup.

Ninja mixers hit the home appliance scene with mid-range mixers that rival some of the higher-end brands. Ninja has also hit the market for the smallest blenders for people who want single-serving juices that they can mix for breakfast and take on the go.

Today, Ninja has expanded its product line to include an incredible range of mixers that will meet almost any need.

From simple personal blenders to hybrid mixers that take care of some of your other cookware tasks to high-speed, high-performance mixers, you are sure to find what works best for your kitchen table and your budget.

Ninja Juicer Blenders Comparison Table

VPN Service Main Features Our Score  
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender
A powerful, high-performance pot for all your blending and juicing needs
  • 1100 watt base with 3 speeds
  • 72 ounce total crushing pitcher
  •  Two 16-ounce Nutri-Ninja Cups
The Ninja BL770 blender
Highly affordable and powerful mixer blender
  • 72 ounce total crushing pitcher 
  • 2 horsepower
  • 1500-Watt Motor Base
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • BPA free parts
  • Lightweight
Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender
Perfect for grinding grains
  • 1500 watts
  • 10 Auto-iQ Programs
  • 10 presets
Ninja CT650 smart display
Features touch controls and three manual controls 
  • 1000W motor
  • Great capacity
  • Affordable
  • Auto-iQ Technology with 4 timed pre-set patterns
Ninja BN701 Professional Plus
Offers better control for better mixing speeds
  • Auto-iQ technology with three automatic programs
  • 1400 peak watts 
  • Nice, cracked ice
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy base
Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender
Offers power to extract hidden nutrient from whole fruits and veggies
  • 900 watts blending power
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Manual pulse for easy crushing of ice, seeds, skins, stems and frozen ingredients
  • Gives smooth and consistent results
Nutri Bowl Ninja NN102
A powerful blender with a 5 automatic iQ programs to express, extract, mix, chop, and make the dough
  • Pretty loud
  • Auto-iQ software eliminates guesswork
  • 1200W motor
Ninja Mega Cooking System
An incredibly durable, easy to clean and adaptable blender
  • 1500-Watt Motor Base
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • BPA free
  • Extremely sharp blades
Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender
Compact and stylish blender
  • Very loud
  • 700-watt power pod
  • Using ad cleaning is pretty straightforward
  • Affordable
The Ninja BL456 blender
A compact blender with a punch of power
  • 900 watt base for better blending
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe  removable parts

The TOP 10 Ninja Juicer Blenders of 2021:

  1. Professional Ninja Countertop Mixer
  2. The Ninja BL770 blender
  3. Super-Fast Ninja Chef
  4. Ninja CT650 smart display
  5. Ninja BN701 Professional Plus
  6. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender
  7. Ninja Mega Cooking System
  8. Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender
  9. Nutri Bowl Ninja NN102
  10. The Ninja BL456 blender

What is the reputation of the Ninja and Blender brand?

This product quickly became one of the best-selling products in the world. Blenders are incredibly cheap and durable. It features innovative and advanced technology that takes mixing to a new level while keeping its price affordable for everyday use at home. Obsession for customer satisfaction!

Why choose the Ninja mixer over other brands?

Ninja Blender offers excellent value for money. You are buying a machine with the latest technology at affordable prices for your daily kitchen. The devices are compact and easy to use, while providing maximum performance and versatility.

This brand has earned an excellent reputation for quality, customer service, and innovation.

What are the benefits of Ninja mixers?

  • Very reasonable price range
  • The latest in nutrient extraction and mixing technology
  • The product range offers options for kitchens of all sizes.
  • Customer service is the highest priority
  • One of the market leaders in the field of small kitchen appliances.

Who should buy the Ninja blender?

Ninja Blender offers options for everyone. If you want to discover a healthy and nutritious diet for yourself or your family, then you must buy Ninja Blender.

What Kind of Ninja Mixers Are Best for You?

Countertop mixer. Generally, full-size machines are larger and heavier. It is not easy to store and should be kept outside and occupy the kitchen workspace. They are best for large families and homes with lots of entertainment.

Personal blender. They are smaller, more compact, and lighter mixers. It can stand out on the countertop and put it away if needed. The container capacity is more modest and suitable for a single takeout.

Hand blender. Hand mixers can be stored in a cupboard, pantry, or kitchen drawer. You can mix the ingredients in a bowl of your choice and it does not take up space on the work surface. Because it is portable, it is not suitable for people with weak hands, hand pain, or arthritis.

Ninja mixing lines

The basic mixer. Are you new to the ninja franchise and want to give it a try? Basic blenders are like traditional blenders, allowing you to make nutritious and healthy juices and drinks. It runs faster than other brands and can easily crush snow with its durable blades. They are great for veggies and give you variety and variety in one machine.

Intelli-Sense kitchen systems. Ninja’s range of Intelli-Sense systems offers blender, food processor and kneading functions in one. It works with the innovative Auto-iQ technology software. These preset programs combine mix, pulse, and pause functions. By knowing the type of container attached, they will adapt your program automatically.

Ninja trainer. The chef game leaves nothing! It is perfect for making soups, sauces, dressings, baby food, smoothies, frozen drinks, batters, and more. Many come with additional containers.

It also provides several advanced Auto-iQ technology programs, as well as manual programs.

Nutri Ninja. The Nutri range features modern FreshVac pump technology that draws oxygen from its container before mixing. This process binds essential vitamins and nutrients and prevents oxidation. Drinks stay sealed and cool for up to 8 hours after brewing, which is essential for health-conscious people.

We have compiled a list of reviews of the 9 best ninja mixers.

1. Professional Ninja Countertop Mixer

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

The Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful, high-performance pot with 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serving functions. Powered by 1100W, which is enough to turn ice into snow in seconds, it works as an animal and easily smashes anything you throw at it.

The 72-ounce pitcher is large enough to make drinks and smoothies for the whole family, while the 16-ounce cups covered with a lid make it easy to have delicious and tasty smoothies to go. With the single serving option, mixing is no longer a problem if we do not want to make the large container too dirty. There would be no waste either, as we could make a decent amount.

Other than that, one thing disappointed me with this blender – this is the way the blades come together in the jar. It is not pressed directly into the blender glass, but only secured after the lid is attached. If you are not careful when removing the cover, the blade assembly may slide completely and fall off.

Since it is very hot, rather than washing it by hand or risking damage in the dishwasher, it is better to soak it in hot soapy water to clean it.

Overall, Ninja has continued to successfully make great products for its customers. This new generation looks well made, strong and durable at an affordable price, and will satisfy even the most pessimistic buyers.

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2. The Ninja BL770 blender

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

Our favorite juice mixer is the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, which is an affordable, high-performance mixer with blending, chopping, and single-serving functions.

This 9.2 Lb. It has an impressive 1500W motor that allows you to squeeze whatever fruit or vegetables you throw at it. Package includes one 72-ounce plastic jar, one 64-ounce food processor jar, and two 16-ounce glasses with travel lids.

It also includes multiple blade combinations including mix, chop, and mix serving once. The five-button interface is simple and modern, and we loved the service. You can juice directly into the travel mug, which is very suitable for juice lovers who travel frequently.

The stainless-steel blades are very sharp, making cleaning difficult. During testing, we discovered that plastic containers are not particularly durable and can break if used too much.

Ninja offers a one-year warranty that covers only the motor, and the company also collects shipping costs under the warranty.

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3. Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

While there are many mixers that can make their own smoothies, only a few can grind and turn grains into flour. This makes this blender ideal for bakers who want to grind their own grains and other dry ingredients into the flour.

 It can also be used to grind spices for custom spice blends and can also be used to grind coffee for perfect smoothness for all types of coffee makers.

This blender has ten different Auto-IQ programs to help you get perfect results every time, including flour / grinder, frozen drinks, extracts, shakes, soups, ice cream, purees, sauces, dressings, and nut butters.

For excellent control when no program is in use, it has ten speeds and variable speed control, plus a programmable pulse and timer button. This includes a 72-ounce pitcher and a 24-ounce cup with spout lid for sipping on the go.

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4. Ninja CT650 smart display

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

The Ninja CT650 Smart Screen Mixer has a 1000W motor and touches controls. If you want a bit of adjustment, there are three manual controls for high and low heart rate.

The carafe is a durable, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic body. For safety reasons, the machine cannot be operated if the container is not locked in place and the lid is properly secured.

This device contains more space and requires more storage space. If you need a compact form, this is not your option. Strong too, though strong.

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5. Ninja BN701 Professional Plus

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

The most remarkable feature of this product is that it only provides Auto-iQ technology with three automatic programs and combines four manual programs that allow you to control the mixing speeds yourself.

On mixing power, this product surprised me with its performance. It is strong enough and has a low to medium capacity to crush ice into ice and make many great shakes and shakes. However, it is not suitable for making green juices.

Six sharp stainless-steel blades built around the plastic shaft. Like other Ninja products, these blades do not lock directly onto glass. Therefore, care should be taken when using it. The bowl is large, 72 ounces, and the motor delivers a peak of 1,400 watts.

On the other hand, this mixer makes a loud noise that can be annoying for the people around it and is not suitable for families with children or the elderly. This has a great impact on the daily life of your family. Here we have some great options for a serrated blender. You can watch this.

Compared with other products, this product does not contain any additional accessories. If you want to reduce noise, you can turn down the mixer or see the list of quieter mixers here.

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6. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

This compact device is perhaps the simplest of the Ninja mixers and has no buttons. Simply snap on the cup and press down to mix. Mixing will stop when triggered, so the spring components are simple and easy to control.

This includes one 24-ounce mug and one 18-ounce mug, plus two swallow and seal lids that you can use to carry your drink on the go.

Since it does not come with multiple accessories, it takes up less storage space. However, they do have a replacement container so you can toss one in the dishwasher and still have a clean container ready to go. The cups and accessories are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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7. Ninja Mega Cooking System

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

Extremely well designed, this blender is incredibly durable and easy to clean, adapting to almost any need. As a ninja, of course, it delivers unbeatable professional performance with blades that grind, cut, blend, blend, and blur in the blink of an eye.

If making hot soup with the Ninja Intellisense cooking system was not acceptable, now this appliance is the perfect place for all your soup-making needs. However, for safety reasons, it is best to avoid mixing anything over 180 degrees Fahrenheit as recommended in the manual.

Regarding the warranty, please note that this device has a limited time and accessories warranty. Therefore, it is imperative to perform regular maintenance checks on your mixer to ensure that all parts are working optimally.

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8. Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

This is another loud model, but small enough to wrap around a towel and muffle noise. The cups hold only 16 ounces each, making them a one-to-one serving model.

The air hole in the swallow caps is small and may not work well for thicker drinks.

If you need a compact shape for smoothies or smoothies, this is worth a look. If you have multiple users in mind, only two mugs are included, but additional mugs are available for purchase.

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9. Nutri Bowl Ninja NN102

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

Ninja NN102 is a powerful blender with a 1200W motor. It has 5 automatic iQ programs to express, extract, mix, chop, and make the dough. It also offers two manual programs: Start / Stop and Pulse.

Auto-iQ software makes mixing easy, provides the correct settings, and takes the guesswork out.

This mixer is loud. So, if you live in tight spaces like a thin-walled apartment or multi-person beds, be careful when using them.

The food processor bowl may be too small to accommodate more than sauces and gravies and may not have a chopping blade. If you are looking to make a coleslaw, this is not your option.

With all plastic parts, durability is an issue. However, the device is guaranteed for one year. Customer service is not showing good signs of being helpful, but we hope it improves.

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10. The Ninja BL456 blender

Best Ninja Juicer Blender 2021 Review

The Ninja Bl456 Blender is a 900-watt personal stand mixer for use on the go. Comes with one 18 oz mug and one 24 oz mug with a pop-up lid. You can press manually to get the desired consistency by pressing the cup on the machine. You can mix ice and frozen fruits in less than 30 seconds.

This is a compact 4×4 base blender model that requires little storage space.

The two downsides to this device are noise and holding the mixing cup by hand. This may not be the best option for your early morning needs if you have a noise-sensitive home.

Holding a mug is a bit tricky, but if you need a little touch, you should check out our other reviews. It is also a disposable blender. So, if you need a multi-user option, consider something bigger.

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Shopping Guide: How to Pick the Best Ninja Mixers in 2021

Ninja spared no advertising expense and worked for him. This is a popular brand with many options.

  • Costs: Ninja offers a wide range of models for all budgets. Depending on your needs, you should be able to find one that suits your lifestyle and the funds available.
  • Size: Model sizes range from ultra-compact personal mixers to large, space-demanding families
  • Energy: The mixers in our test menu have powerful motors. We all agree that grinding ice or using a mixer in general is not a quiet process. If you have young children or toddlers, you will need to find alternative ways to block out the noise.
  • Use: Some mixers have additional accessories that allow for versatility of the food processor. If you do not have a lot of space to store a model of this size, see if you can use it to get rid of another appliance in your kitchen. Knowing exactly how to use it can help you narrow down your options.
  • Material: All models in our test reports are made from BPA-free plastic. While glass is the final material, plastic construction can take a beating and still produce good results. Plastic is generally cheaper than glass. You should consider all the food equipment you buy in terms of the type of plastic used. Some plastics will not hold and can warp in the dishwasher.
  • Cleaning: As usual, we do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning. The easier it is to clean the device, the more it attracts us. As mentioned above, be careful when putting plastic jugs in the dishwasher because some hold up well and others can warp. The last thing you want is a blender jar that has stopped working with the lid on. Pay close attention to this in your research.
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Ninja is one of the pioneers in the field of small appliances and is known for manufacturing high performance mixers. The Canadian brand offers mixers for almost everyone, from budget models to premium models for commercial applications.

Ninja makes a variety of full-size and personal-use blenders that are well-designed and durable to the touch. Most of them come with an extra glass so you can take juices or other mixes on the go. Some come with unique attachments or accessories that give you more variety when preparing food. However, they prefer preset speeds over a fast connection. Most ninja mixers cannot mix hot either.

Regardless of your budget or the type of blender you are looking for, our list of the best ninja mixers is here to help you find the right one for you.

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