Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Are looking to compare and see which is the Best Omega Juicer to buy in 2021?

Juicers have gained popularity over the past few years and they will be around a little longer. During this pandemic, people are now looking for better diet solutions with healthier benefits. Omega is a known and trusted brand offering a variety of top-notch juicers in the industry.

They focus on compact design, functionality, performance, and durability. The juicers are meant to help you extract all the vitamins, minerals, and digestive nutrients to help you stay fit, energize your body, and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re considering getting an Omega juicer, there are a few things to keep in mind. There’s performance, efficiency, size, cost, quality, and product warranty. Check out the compiled list below and find some of the best Omega juicers on the market in 2021.

The TOP 10 Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review & Compared

Our TOP Picks:

  1. Best Overall Juicer: Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer
  2. Best Value Juicer: Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer
  3. Best Juicer for Easy Cleanup:  Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer
  4. Best Juicer for Greens: Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer
  5. Best vertical Juicer:  Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer
  6. Best multi-purpose Juicer: Omega Compact Multi-Purpose Nutrition System Juicer
  7. Best for citrus Juicer: Omega Juicer C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer
  8. Most Versatile Juicer: Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer
  9. Easiest Juicer to Use: Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer 
  10. Best for pulp separation: Omega NC1000HDS Juicer Extractor Nutrition System

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Comparison Table

Omega Juicer Main Features Our Score  
Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer 
Best Overall Juicer
  • 15-year warranty
  • A low speed of 80 RPMs
  • Four stabilizing feet, and quiet operation
  • 5-settings for maximum juice output and
4.9/5 Stars
Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer
Best Value Juicer
  • Triple stage augers for more juice yield
  • Operates at low 90-110rpm
  • Less foam and clogging
  • Sleek design
4.8/5 Stars
Omega Vertical Low Speed Juicer
Best Juicer for Easy Cleanup
  • Runs at 80 rpm
  • Three settings: On, Off and Reverse
  • Dual stage juicer 
4.7/5 Stars
Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Juicer
Best Juicer for Greens
  • Runs at 80rpm
  • Dual-stage juicer
  • Separate pulp ejection
  • Quiet but powerful motor
  • A large feed chute
4.7/5 Stars
Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer
Best vertical Juicer
  • Heavy-duty juicer screen
  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Quiet operation
  • A power auger with low speed 43rpm
4.7/5 Stars
Omega Compact Multi-Purpose Nutrition System Juicer
Best multi-purpose Juicer
  • 80 RPM at 200-Watt
  • 15-YEAR coverage 
  • 110/120 Volt model 
4.6/5 Stars
Omega Juicer C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer
Best for citrus Juicer
  • 1800 Rotations Per Minute
  • 3 different size juicing cones
  • 110/120 Volt model for use in North America exclusively
4.6/5 Stars
Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer
Most Versatile Juicer
  • 200-Watt juicing power
  • 15-YEAR  warranty on parts and performance
  • Dual stage masticating extraction
4.5/5 Stars
Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer 
Easiest Juicer to Use
  • 375W juicing power
  • 1/2-horsepower motor for 12,000 RPMs
  • Automatic pulp-ejection system
4.4/5 Stars
Omega NC1000HDS Juicer
Best for pulp separation
  • 200-Wattjuicing power
  • 15-YEAR
  • Low speed of 80 RPMs
4.4/5 Stars

1. Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

The Omega J8006 slow speed juicer enables you to feed your body with the healthy nutrients it requires to survive. It can help you reduce sugar cravings, junk food while you lose weight, and stay healthy. The heavy-duty machine works on vegetables such as radishes, celery, kale, carrots, peas, peppers, and beets without killing the valuable nutrients.

Enjoy the natural flavors and fresh juice in the comfort of your kitchen. It features an FDA-approved melamine auger that runs at a low speed of 80 rpm. It preserves healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation, and allows your juice to last more than 72hours without degradation.

The Ultem auger is eight times stronger than other cheap plastics and features a powerful gear reduction that is equivalent to a 2HP motor. This machine uses a dual-stage juice processing system that extracts the maximum amount of juice from fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

You can also use the Omega juicer to grind nuts into nut butter, baby food, whip up soymilk, mince herbs and garlic, grind coffee and spices. It features a sizeable feeding chute allowing you to drop your ingredients in small portions. That way you can harvest maximum high yield juice from the little ingredients added.

The juicer has a thin towel to help mitigate and stabilize noise. This makes the juicer silent allowing you to enjoy making your fresh juice in peace. It also features an automatic pulp ejection function for continuous juicing and spits out dry pulp.

Omega comes in a horizontal shape, large enough for commercial or large families. It has four sturdy feet to support heavy-duty performance. Use the adjustable end cap with five settings for maximum juice extraction and output. With the 15-year coverage on the motor and other parts, you can enjoy long-term efficiency and overall improved health.

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2. Omega NC1000HDS Juicer Extractor Nutrition System

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Omega NC1000HDS uses a dual-stage slow masticating style to grind and squeeze out the fresh juice. It uses low speeds of 80rpm reducing heat build-up and oxidation. The rotating auger system is powerful enough to squeeze out hard vegetables such as celery, wheatgrass, carrots, and other leafy vegetables.

Enjoy creating new recipes, improve your overall health and immunity with this nutrition system. The juice extracted is packed with full doses of antioxidants for your benefit. For maximum high yield, Omega NC1000HDS features an adjustable end cap with five settings to harvest more fresh juice out of your fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

It also has a large feeding chute compared to the omega models so you can spend less prepping time. Take advantage of the reverse function to unclog the juicer and pre-clean. Enjoy continuous juicing with the automatic pulp ejection making your cleaning process a lot easier. The model is easy to detach and all the juicing parts are dishwasher safe.

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3. Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Omega presents you with a juicer that is modest and budget-friendly. The horizontal cold presser is built for heavy processing and bulk load. It is perfect for juicing fresh fruits, vegetables, and stubborn leafy greens.

Slow juicers produce a higher yield compared to fast centrifugal juicers. The masticating juicer runs at a slow speed of 90-110rpm to preserve essential enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins. As a result, the slow juicer ensures no heat build-up, minimum oxidation, froth, and clogging.

This Omega model has a compact and sleek design that will look amazing on your counter and save you space. It blends in perfectly with other kitchen appliances and doesn’t have to worry about hiding it away from the public eye.

 With the aid of the juicer, you can now enjoy healthy juice to improve your energy levels and sleep for a productive day. Consuming nutritious juice is a natural immune booster and supports your overall health.

Having a functional slow juicer is a good investment and gives you access to healthy nutrients at your convenience. The machine also has a low noise level allowing you to juice whenever you want without disturbing your family’s peace.

Enjoy continuous juicing without worrying about cleaning up later. The juicer is easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble allowing you to reach the furthest corners. All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

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4. Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

If you are on a juice fast or detoxification journey, this machine will help you achieve that. This Omega model is designed specifically for juicing celery, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, and other leafy greens. Ignite your health with nutritious green juice, boost your energy levels, and improve your digestive system.

This cold press juicer works at low speeds of 80 rpm minimizing oxidation, heat buildup, clogging, and foaming. The triple rotating augers help you squeeze out the celery slowly for maximum high yield leaving only dry pulp behind. The slow speed maintains and protects healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation. This allows you to store your fresh juice for up to 72hours.

The machine is easy to operate and recommended for beginners. Don’t get stuck with chemically processed green juice when you can juice fresh products at home. Save on grocery bills while enjoying fresh juice every day.

Investing in one helps you have easy access to nutritious vitamins to boost your health and immunity. It is built with sturdy and durable materials to serve you along time. It also features a quiet but powerful motor with an improved gear reduction equivalent to a 2 HP motor.

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5. Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Healthy living begins at home with Omega vertical masticating juicer. You can start your healthy journey in the comfort of your home. With the Omega cold press, you can improve your immunity and health with a dose of antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins. Why eat fruits and vegetables when you can juice them?

This omega model has a contemporary and compact design. Dual-edge auger enhances the masticating process with tighter fit tolerance strains to extract higher juice yield. The process breaks down the fiber to a palatable or smoother level to harvest thick and nutrient-packed juice.

Utilize the no-drip juice tap at the end of the juice spout during the juicing process to create cocktails, smoothie recipes, and other mixing functions. When you need to change the collecting jar, close the tap and then open it to release the juice without making any mess. This also helps you avoid creating messes and adding to your cleaning time.

Omega VSJ843QS is designed for efficiency and performance. It offers you the purest, highest degree of extraction, and healthy juice yield. The machine uses a slow masticating process at a low speed of 43rpm to preserve healthy enzymes, reduces oxidation and heat buildup. That way your nutritious juice lasts more than 72hours without any degradation.

In addition, this model features an auto-cleaning system that keeps the screen clear, increasing your appliance’s efficiency. The auto-clean up system reduces your cleaning process. The juicing parts are also dishwasher safe. As a bonus, the manufacturers offer you 15-year coverage on the motor and other parts.

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6. Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Omega cube juicer is a powerful masticating machine designed for commercial, large family, and versatile production. It is capable of making juices, grinding coffee, herbs, nut butter, nut milk, pasta, baby food, ad sorbets.

The machine is huge and bulky to withstand long periods of juicing or hard produce. It has an industrial design with a square footprint and cube shape. It utilizes a dual-stage masticating process for maximum yield.

This Omega model operates at a low speed of 80rpms, allowing the juicer to chew and grind through tough fibers. It also penetrates membranes to harvest the wholesome flavors and nutritious vitamins from fresh produce. This method ensures minimal heat buildup, no oxidation for longer-lasting juice, and less foaming for natural tasty juice.

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7. Omega CNC80S Compact Multi-Purpose Nutrition System Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Similar to other omega juicers, this model has a glossy finish and compact design. It is built with durable materials to serve you for years to come. The model has a horizontal auger placement to handle both soft and hard ingredients.

You can now make a guilt-free nutritious dessert. Make all your preferred frozen treats or ice cream from almond milk, peanut butter, and pecan milk for the summer. The machine can also grind seeds and hard coffee beans without the need for a separate machine.

It utilizes a slow masticating process that operates at low speeds of 80rpm reducing heat buildup and oxidation while promoting healthy minerals. With the juice, you can achieve maximum juice yield, rich flavors, and natural colors in the comfort of your own home.

The machine has a powerful silent motor ensuring you enjoy a peaceful environment. It takes little counter space but fits in with other kitchen appliances effortlessly. This model is easy to use with a continuous automatic pulp ejection for easy cleanup.

It comes with detachable parts that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. In addition, the model has 15-year coverage on the electric motor and other parts. It is a machine worth investing in and has value for your money.

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8. Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

The Omega C-20C citrus juicer is efficient and functional. It is specifically designed for squeezing orange, lemon, and grapefruits. You can use the machine for a commercial grade or large family lemonade production. It is a compact model, sturdy, with a stylish design.

The machine is powerful enough to handle all your juicing needs without jamming or overheating the juice. This ensures that you extract fresh and flavorful juice every time you crave a cold healthy treat.

It houses a cast aluminum and chrome industrial look. It blends perfectly with other stainless steel modern kitchen appliances. The model also features three juicing cones to fit all size citrus and a surgical stainless steel bowl.

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9. Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer 

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

The Omega BMJ330 is a high-speed juicer for wholesome flavors and tasty juice. The appliance houses a 359-watt juicer with a functional ½ horsepower induction motor that operates at a high speed of 12,000rpms.

It has a large feeding chute to accommodate large fruit and vegetable chunks cutting down the preparation time. It handles most ingredients except green leafy vegetables. If you need to juice products such as celery, kale, and wheatgrass, you might want to skip this product.

This model is quieter than other high-speed juicers and the cleanup is relatively easy. Before detaching the juicer make sure the blade has stopped completely otherwise you risk it tearing up the plastic chute apart.

After squeezing the fresh juice, use the spout to dispense your juice directly into a glass or storage container while the pulp automatically ejects into a separate bin in the back. For easier juice harvesting, tilt the unit forward to extract every drop of juice. Otherwise, the machine will continue dripping after you finish creating a mess that you’ll need to clean up.

The juice amount is less compared to other masticating juicers and the pulp collected still has a significant amount of juice left. However, the juicer is economical and durable.

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10. Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer

Best Omega Juicer 2021 Review

Omega vertical low-speed juicer runs at 80 rpm faster than the other horizontal models. It features a patented screw design auger conveniently located at the top of the machine. It comes with a pusher to hold the ingredients down during the juicing process.

The machine doesn’t extract as high yield as other masticating juicers and leaves more pulp in the juice. This machine isn’t capable of handling green leafy vegetables well. It struggles and extracts little juice. If you let the machine run for a long time, it is prone to overheating and jamming.

This destroys all the nutrients in your fresh produce. Learn to let the juicer breathe in between the process or you risk it breaking down. 

 It features two collecting jars one for the juice and the other for pulp ejection. For easier pre-cleaning, you can run water through the chute to self-clean.

The VRT juicer has a sleek, compact design that fits in well with other kitchen appliances. The model is easy to clean, handle, assemble, and detach.


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The Omega Company Overview

Robert Leo founded Omega Company as Olympic products in 1985. The company spent over 20 years focusing on designing juicers based on consumer’s feedback. They always strive for innovation and functionality in every model they produce.

However, in 2005 the company shifted its focus to vertical low-speed juicers to deliver fresh juice loaded with healthy nutrients. Up to now, the company has a clear vision to deliver upon the client’s needs while promoting a wellness lifestyle in the process.

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What’s the Omega brand reputation?

Omega brand values quality over anything else. They pride themselves on their heritage and pour their efforts into every model they create. So far, the clients love their products and reviews are off the charts.

One Dr. OZ even mentioned that omega juicers are his personal favorite. The company also offers leading warranty coverage on the motor and other parts. The company has established itself well in the USA based customer service.

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Types of Omega Juicers

Juicers are designed differently to satisfy the needs of various consumers. They vary in sizes, shape, performance, and quality. Each model works with a certain kind of fruit and vegetables. Do you need a fast juicer or quality over speed? There are four types of Omega juicers, read on to understand their functions.

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Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers are the fastest of the juicers and budget-friendly. They consist of a mesh chamber with razor-sharp teeth that spins at a high speed to chew the ingredients. The appliances are fast and reliable for making juice in less time. They have a large feeding chute to reduce prep time.

On the downside, this type of juicer is loud, overheat, and maximum oxidation due to high speed. Oxidation causes loss of nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins thus reducing the juice quality and storage life. On the bright side, centrifugal juicers are good for crushing hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables but steer away from leafy greens.

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Masticating Juicer

Masticating juicers are the most preferred and recommended machines in the wellness industry. They are also referred to as slow juicers because they take longer to process fruits and vegetables. They feature a powerful auger that crushes ingredients and squeeze against the chamber to extract the juice.

The masticating juicers feature small feeding chutes forcing you to take more preparation time before juicing. Their small chutes need you to clean and chop the ingredients into pieces to make it easier for the machine.

Masticators are versatile and multifunctional. They can act as juicers, grinders, and processors. That way you can make your favorite nut milk, nut butter, pasta, sauces, and sorbets without having to buy other appliances to perform the same tasks.

Despite the slow speed, the juicers are capable of handling soft and hard vegetables. You can throw in your green leafy vegetables, grind the coffee, and soft fruits without damaging the quality of the results. The slow process preserves nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while improving the juices’ shelf life. Note that these machines are the best options for leafy greens.

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Triturating Juicer

The triturating juicer is also known as the twin-gear juicer. They feature two powerful gears assembled next to each other and rotates at a low speed. For quality juice, they crush, grind, and extract juice from the ingredients to preserve nutrients. The juice produced is of good quality, thick, smooth, and rich in flavors.

Twin gear juicers are great for hard vegetables, roots, crunchy fruity and leafy vegetables. They are multifunctional and may have separate kits for chopping veggies, crushing seeds, making noodles, and grinding nuts or coffee.

On the downside, the triturating juicers are large and bulky. They are mostly for commercial purposes or large juicing tasks. They are also very expensive and the best ones range from over $400.

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Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicers are specifically designed for only citrus fruits but they are worth the investment. Most of them are vertical machines and occupy little counter space. They are sleek, compact, and highly efficient. They feature a collecting jar and a spinning bowl to press your juice. They come in all sizes, shapes, prices, and materials. You can also choose between an electric and manual juicer.

They are also categorized as cold-pressers. They generate little to no heat during the extraction process preserving all the nutrients. They also have detachable parts to ease your cleanup process, assembly, and disassemble.

They are also made of durable materials to serve you for a long time. Citrus juices don’t create messes and need no extra prep time.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best Omega juicer in 2021

To get the best value for your money, you need to choose a juicer that perfectly suits your needs. Although some of them are versatile, here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing an omega juicer.

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If time matters to you, you can choose a centrifugal juicer. They offer you fresh juice in a matter of minutes. If you prefer quality to speed, a slow masticating juicer is the best one for you. Low speed reduces heat buildup and oxidation while retaining vitamins from the fruits and vegetables.

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Motor power

A juicer with a powerful motor gets the job done. You have to look for performance and productivity or your juicer will disappoint you. If you plan to work with leafy greens, crunchy ingredients, or dry seeds, your juicer should be able to handle the pressure. For instance, masticating juicers are versatile and houses capable motor power giving you the best results.

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Easy to clean

Some juicers can be a nightmare when it’s cleaning time. You have to consider a juicer that requires less energy to clean. The recommended juicers should be easy to detach and assemble for easy cleaning. The detachable parts are usually dishwasher safe but make sure you confirm. Some masticating juicers have self-cleaning systems to reduce pulp build-up. As for centrifugal juicers, they take time to clean out the stuck fibers and pulp.

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Choose a juicer that will blend well with other appliances. Also, consider the amount of space that you have in your kitchen. You can choose between a vertical and a horizontal design with optimal features that suit your needs. Note that, some models are beginner-friendly while others are level experts and have advanced technology that requires basic knowledge. Ideally, all these features are simply bonuses to the juicing process.

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Having a clear budget will help you focus only on a juicer that falls under your price range. That way you can avoid overspending while there are perfectly good juicers you can afford. A good juicer costs at least $100 to $1000.

Note that, the essential features also contribute to the final cost and some functions you can do without. Keep in mind, centrifugal juicers are cheaper than masticating juicers. This is because centrifugal juicers are prone to breaking down hence they have 1 or 2 years of warranty. On the other hand, masticating juicers have longer warranty periods ranging from 10-15 years.

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Final words

Omega is one of the most respected and recognized brands in the wellness industry. The company has modified its products based on feedback and request to achieve the most coveted models. All listed juicers above are tested and approved.

Whichever one you choose, it will serve you a long time with warranty covers in case any of them have any issues. Take your time to read the reviews and make a wise decision. Remember, your juicer will be around for a long time and you shouldn’t have any room for regrets.

Happy shopping!

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