The 5 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp Reviews of 2021

Mobility assistive devices, including wheelchairs, scooters, have already brought a revolution for disabled people. These devices help the disabled and people having difficulty walking to accomplish their day to day activities at home and outside. For easy and safe access to and from your vehicle, business, and family, you should also need wheelchair ramps.

Ramps are of two types- portable and permanent. However, in this article, we have concentrated on the best portable wheelchair ramp that benefits you in many ways. We are also here to help you find and buy the best one to meet all your needs, from vacation homes to visiting your friends and family.

Are Portable Wheelchair Ramps Safe?

A portable wheelchair ramp allows you to handle stairs, steep doorways, etc., nicely without making any trouble. But it can be a cause of danger, too, if you do not use the right ramp size for these ways. It would be best if you never used a short ramp to move on to a higher vertical rise. The less the height of the ramp you will use, the better it will work for you without making any danger.

best portable wheelchair ramp

There is an ideal measurement of the height of the ramp, which is 30 inches or less. It does not slip from the doorways or stairs because it can stick on the way well. It means that you need one foot or 12 inches height of ramp for one vertical rise inch. Therefore, you can keep protected from sliding or making any unwanted accidents.

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5 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp Reviews 2021

On behalf of you, we have spent so many hours researching online. Not only that, but we have also gathered our practical experiences here so that you can get the best portable wheelchair ramp. Each portable wheelchair ramp here is tested and worth buying. But you can choose yours considering your needs.

1. Titan Ramps Portable Wheelchair Ramp Multi-Fold 8 ft Long x 30 in Wide 600 lb Capacity Anti-Slip for Home

Titan Ramps Portable Wheelchair Ramp Multi-Fold 8 ft Long x 30 in Wide 600 lb Capacity Anti-Slip for Home

Your search should end with Titan portable ramp if you are searching for one of the lightest weight wheelchair ramps. This versatile portable ramp allows you to use it at home, office, businesses, and garage for your convenient movement with your wheelchair. Its lightweight feature benefits you to carry anywhere you need it.

The 96-inches long ramp with 30-inches wide inside it ensures your wheelchairs movement smoothly. So, it might be the best wheelchair ramps for the family at home because you can move on to the stairs or your raised doorways comfortably. Its build is safer and sturdy and has a weight capacity of 600 lbs, which is enough for you to drive your wheelchair over the ramp.

The aluminium construction of the ramp prevents your wheelchair from corrosion. Therefore, you can use the lightweight yet sturdy ramp years after years. It is a durable, sturdy, and multi-fold ramp for your wheelchair and mobility scooter that requires a little assembly before you use it. Within minutes, your ramp is ready to use it.

Titan Ramps Portable Features:

  • The ramp comes with a 2 ½ inches angled lip, which protects the ramp from sliding and keep it in place.
  • Being lightweight and foldable, you can carry the ramp with you anywhere you can store it easily.
  • The wheelchair ramp is built with corrosion-resistance aluminium that ensures its longevity and flexibility.
  • The length of the ramp is 96 inches and 30 inches wide inside, which can endure 600 lbs.
  • You need to place it correctly on the ground to touch before you use it.

2. Ruedamann 4′ x 33.4″ Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Ruedamann 4' x 33.4? Portable Wheelchair Ramp

If you have steep stairs at home, you need portable wheelchair ramps for steep stairs, such as Ruedamann portable wheelchair ramp. The anti-skid pad of the ramp does not allow your wheelchair to slide downwards. Hinges are used to connect the middle of it to produce an avoidable sound because the ramp manufacturer ensures its load-bearing capability.

It is lightweight, and portable features allow you to use over stairs, doorways, steps, etc. You can fold the ramp and store it in your car’s back before you go anywhere with the ramp. It is one of the best wheelchair ramps that keep in place due to having a unique tail plate. It allows you to ramp to touch and stick to the place for better safety and maneuvering.

The nylon handle of the ramp helps you to carry anywhere effortlessly. It is 33.4 inches wide, so you can use it for any wheelchair, whether powered or large. Its weight capacity is 800 lbs and waterproof. It comes with a recommended using height of 7.9 inches.

Ruedamann 4′ x 33.4″ Features:

  • The anti-skid pad of the assistive mobility tool prevents your wheelchair from sliding downwards.
  • The folding feature of the ramp benefits you for easy storage, and you can carry it comfortably.
  • The ramp comes with a unique tail-plate design that allows it to touch the ground and keep it.
  • For all wheelchairs, you can use the ramp that is 33.4 inches wide, and the nylon handle allows you to carry it comfortably.
  • Its 800 lbs of weight capacity help your wheelchair to maneuver over the ramp effortlessly.

3. HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Portable Skidproof PVC Carpeted Folding Wheelchair Ramp, 6′

HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Portable Skidproof PVC Carpeted Folding Wheelchair Ramp, 6'

Homcom lightweight, portable ramps come with versatile uses for wheelchairs, scooters, bikes, and other unwieldy wheeled things. Aluminium alloy is used to build the wheelchair ramp for you. Thus, it becomes more durable, stable to use for them. This portable aluminium wheelchair ramp is anti-corrosive. Therefore, there is no chance to slide your wheelchair from the track.

Moreover, it is a foldable wheelchair ramp that can be stored anywhere and can carry what you need. The ramp comes with a weight capacity of 600 lbs, yet lightweight. It has two high side rails that mitigate your falling from the wheelchair to keep you safe over the ramp.

The ramp is very compact and functional due to having a tri-fold feature. It is easy for you to fold up it, and you can store it anywhere in your car or home. You will find it all accessible where it is difficult for you to maneuver with your wheelchair to move, whether it is steep stairs, doorways, etc.

HOMCOM Lightweight Aluminum Features:

  • It is a versatile ramp that can be used for wheelchairs, scooters, bikes, and any unwieldy wheeled things.
  • An anti-corrosive aluminium alloy has made the ramp more durable and stable and protects your wheelchair from sliding.
  • The sidewalls of the ramp prevent your wheelchair along with you from any unwanted fall off the ramp.
  • For better maneuvering on the ramp, it has a cover of black frosted skidproof PVC carpet.
  • The tri-fold feature of the wheelchair ramp allows you to carry and store anywhere you need.

4. MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ramp/Threshold Ramp

MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ramp/Threshold Ramp

Are you after aluminium wheelchair ramps for homes? Then, the MABIS DMI ramp should be the best solution for you. The non-skid wheelchair allows you to maneuver for curbs, steps, and more. The shape benefits you to move over the ramp safely and securely due to the U-shaped tracks. The telescopic feature makes it more comfortable while storing at home and in vehicles.

Two wheelchair ramps come with it, allowing you to capacitate 300 pounds each and 600 pounds. So, it is sturdy enough to hold you and the wheelchair’s weight over the ramp. When you look at the importance of the ramp, it is only 6 pounds each.

You don’t require any tool to assemble the wheelchair ramp because of the telescopic design. Also, it comes with a nylon storage bag that helps you to keep it inside it. But it would be best if you did not use it for a powered wheelchair or scooter.

MABIS DMI Healthcare Features:

  • Due to aluminium construction, it is rust-resistance; therefore, you can use these ramps for years.
  • The ramp’s telescopic and retractable feature makes it easy to adjust and store in a storage bag.
  • For more safety and stability, the aluminium ramp comes with non-skid U-shaped tracks.
  • These ramps have a weight capacity of 600 pounds in total and only 6 pounds of the ramps.
  • You require no tool when it comes to assembling the wheelchair ramps.

5. Fullwatt 3FT Non-Skid Aluminum Portable Wheelchair Ramp Folding Portable Wheelchair

Fullwatt 3FT Non Skid Aluminum Portable Wheelchair Ramp Folding Portable Wheelchair

If you have an electric wheelchair or heavy scooter, Fullwatt 3FT is the best bet for you. Its high weight capacity has made the wheelchair ramp a unique product though it is a small portable wheelchair ramp out there in the market. It can easily capacitate up to 600 pounds with its two parts. Both parts are connected with hinges for better functionality.

Being small and lightweight, it should also be portable ramps for the elderly. They can carry the ramp with them anywhere they want because of their size and weight. It is constructed with a steel frame to provide you with the best support for your wheelchair.

You can carry the ramps like you are taking a suitcase. Yes, it has a handle on both sides so that you can bring them separately for your better comfort. The ramp’s dimension is 36 inches long and 31 inches wide, which is the perfect space for any wheelchair or scooter to move over the ramp.

Fullwatt 3FT Non-Skid Features:

  • It is a small, lightweight, yet high weight capacity up to 600 lbs for heavy scooters and powered wheelchairs.
  • Sturdy construction of the ramp allows you to use it roughly and can leave outside because it can endure weather, fire, and impact.
  • When it is folded, its sizes narrow down in half, so it is easy for you to carry anywhere like a suitcase.
  • For portability, it is 16 inches wide and 3 inches high. When you unfold the ramp, it becomes longer to capacitate your wheelchair.
  • Traction tape is used on top of the ramp for better grip and prevents sliding off.

How Long of a Wheelchair Ramp Do I Need?

You can use your needed height of the ramp considering the doorways, stairs, or business slop. It does not mean that you should use any size of the wheelchair ramps for maneuvering these places.

If the slop’s height is one inch, you should use a ramp that is one foot long. It is a basic formula that ADA suggests wheelchair users for their betterment. Otherwise, there may happen unwanted accidents while crossing the wheelchair ramps with your assistive mobility devices.

How Do You Use a Portable Wheelchair Ramp?

Handling steep stairs, doorways become more comfortable when you have a portable wheelchair ramp with you. As a user of the ramp, you may already know how to use it.

Though it is not difficult to master, you need to closely examine a few different things. These considerations will help you to understand and use your wheelchair ramps conveniently and quickly.


Always maintain the ratio of the height that ADA recommends if you want to avoid any mishaps. The 1:12 rate is the best one that you might have to follow. For one inch height of the staircase slop or doorways, make sure you will use a one-foot long wheelchair ramp. If you have to maneuver at 2 inches, you should consider a ramp that is 24 inches.

Place it correctly

Most of the wheelchair ramps come with the tail-lip. It allows you to place the ramp on the ground to touch it and keep it in place. After putting it, make sure the ramp looks straight for better functionality. Also, consider maintaining the appropriate gap between the two ramps if you have a set of two pieces of ramps.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions may help you understand the topic better. You can also benefit from finding the best portable wheelchair ramp after reading the answers to these questions.

Will Medicare pay for the wheelchair ramp?

Your doctor needs to provide you with a prescription recommending you to give a wheelchair. As you need a wheelchair ramp to maneuver steep staircase and doorways, Medicare will pay for a wheelchair ramp.

Does insurance cover wheelchair ramps?

Yes, if you need wheelchair ramps for better mobility, insurance covers wheelchair ramps. But you have to make sure that your doctor is suggesting you have wheelchair ramps.

How long should a wheelchair ramp be for 2 steps?

First, you have to determine the height of the steps. ADA has suggested using a one-foot wheelchair ramp for one-inch slop height. If it is 2 inches, the length will be 24 inches.

Final Thought

Your wheelchair does not ensure your free movement only. Along with it, you have to have a wheelchair ramp that will benefit you to overcome the height of your doorways, staircase, business, etc. We do hope and believe that the article will help you find the best portable wheelchair ramp that best suits your needs.

From our standpoint, we recommend you to have MABIS DMI because it comes with your needed benefits and features. Its aluminium construction increases the longevity and sturdiness, making it rust-resistance. The non-skid U-shaped tracks ensure better maneuverability and stability, and it has a weight capacity of 600 pounds.

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