The Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers 2021

Those who are in the habit of sleeping on their stomach find it hard to adjust to their body changes, especially in the last trimester.

The growing belly not only makes it almost impossible to sleep on your stomach, but it can be dangerous too. The pressure on the belly can harm your unborn baby. So sleeping on your stomach is a big no in pregnancy.

But not anymore, manufacturers have found the solution to this problem as well.

In this article, we will look at some of the best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers.

These pillows provide you with a safe and comfortable position. So you can sleep in a position you want without posing any danger to your unborn baby.

Also, laying down with these pillows’ help also helps your body relax and release pressure.

Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

We have selected some of the best options for stomach sleepers. Let’s review some of the selected pillows.

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How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting a Pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers.



Safety is the first requisite when you are buying anything in pregnancy. And this one becomes all the more important for selecting a pillow for stomach sleeping.

The belly down posture can be harmful to the baby, so you can’t take any chances with the pillow’s safety.

Make sure the pillow you select features all the security measures for your safety and well-being. And don’t use anything uncomfortable in pregnancy. Even when you select the pillow carefully but somehow don’t feel comfortable with it, please don’t use it as a rule.


Type of Pillows

For stomach sleeping, different types of pillows are available. The most common type is the inflatable pillow. It is more than a pillow, and you may call it an inflatable mattress as well. It’s a full-body side pillow that is specifically designed for stomach sleeping.

It features a hole in for the bulging belly. So the pillow allows you to relax in a belly-down position.

Another type of pillow is just a simple pillow with a hole for the belly. This one is designed for the stomach sleepers, but you need more pillows, which tor the rest of the body. So the choice of pillow is your own.



When it comes to the pregnancy pillow, you cant and should not settle on cheap options.

Especially if you are buying an inflatable pillow for stomach sleeping, it should be reliable and strong enough to handle your weight easily. If it compresses easily or leaks air, the pillow can become uncomfortable and even dangerous.

So the key is to listen to your body, and if it feels slightly uncomfortable, don’t use the pillow.


The TOP 6 Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers:


1. Cozy Bump New 2021 T: Best Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

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Cozy Bump offers a comfortable pillow for those who are in the habit of sleeping on their stomach. Sleeping on the stomach can be almost impossible without a pillow like this.

The pillow is carefully designed to be supportive and comfortable for the expecting mom. It can provide a comfortable sleeping position for pregnant women who are tired of sleeping on their backs or sides. It relieves the pressure and aids in decompressing the spine.

The pillow features a round bump hole in the middle that makes stomach sleeping possible even with a huge belly. The comfortable pillow helps you release tension from your body and gives rest to your lower back and spine.

It’s an inflatable pillow that feels very soft and comfortable beneath your body. The sturdy material keeps it in a good position even after using a long time.

The pillow comes in an easy to carry bag. You can carry it along wherever you go easily. Storing the bag is also very easy.  You can deflate it and put it back in the bag like a folded cloth.

Overall, it’s a good option for those who find it difficult to lie in any other position. It’s like having a full body massage that relaxes it. You may call it one of the best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers.



  • Relieves pressure from the back.
  • Inflatable pillow.
  • A hole in the middle for the belly.
  • Comes in an easy to carry bag.
  • Deflate and store conveniently.



  • You have to be careful that it has enough air.


2. HOLO The Original Inflatable Maternity Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

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This one is another maternity raft for stomach sleepers. It is designed for mothers who cannot lie on their tummy and need some support.

The Pillow is carefully crafted to help pregnant women and allows you to customize it as per your choice. It has a deflectable head or neck support that you can inflate or deflate as per your choice.

The pillow features with raised rims to soothe your body. The ridges relieve pressure from your spine, legs, pelvis, and tummy.

It is a secure option, and makers have given thoughts to the expectant mother’s safety. It has safety valves that prevent deflation. The dual air chambers also ensure the air pressure is maintained.

The pillow is made of very soft and smooth material that stays gentle on your skin and doesn’t irritate it.

It’s a multipurpose pillow that you can use at home for sleeping on your stomach and carry it to the pool for some amazing swim time as well. The raft pillow will float on the water where you can relax and have some comfortable time in regnancy.

The pillow is an easy and comfortable solution for your many pains and aches. It’s a good investment, and you can confidently call it one of the best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers.



  • Inflatable pillow.
  • It can be used in multiple ways.
  • Soft and soothing material.
  • It can float in the pool.
  • Rims on the surface for body massage.



  • It can be pricked easily.


3. Back & Bump Comfort: Pregnancy Pillows for Stomach Sleepers


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This one is another great option for stomach sleepers. It’s a premium quality pregnancy pillow designed for your maximum comfort and security.

The pillow has an adjustable belly hole. Not all of us have the same belly diameter and fits in the same mold. You can adjust the hole to suit your size with this pillow.

Another great feature is its breast indentation. You have heavy breasts in pregnancy that can be painful, especially towards the last trimester. Breast sensitivity is a common pregnancy problem. This pillow is designed to be comfortable in that area as well.

The pillow allows maximum comfort. Whether it is your legs, breasts, or head, they have thought of everything and made the pillow comfortable for that part of the body.

It has safety valves that prevent sudden deflation. There is no risk involve while you are resting on the pillow. The special opening also makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

It is easy to carry, as well. Deflate it and carry it within a small bag. You can make use of the pillow for some fun time at the pool, relaxing at home, or for a few hours in the sun on a warm day.

It’s a good option for tired expecting moms and provides a good value for your money.



  • Carefully designed for your maximum comfort.
  • Breast indentation for sensitive boobs.
  • Great for yoga.
  • Easy to inflate or deflate.
  • Special headrest and leg decline.



  • The headrest is not raised enough.


4. Belly Down Pregnancy Pillow  for Stomach Sleepers

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This one is a bit different option if you are not very fan of inflatable pillows under you. It’s an excellent option for belly down sleeping position towards the last trimester.

The best part of this pregnancy pillow is its size. Almost all other pregnancy pillows take too much space on your bed, leaving no room for your partner. This one is a very targeted pillow that is designed just for your belly area. It does not cover any extra space.

The pillow is 4 inches thick, which means you can keep using the pillow even towards the last days of your pregnancy. It stays comfortable and secure, no matter how big your belly grows.

You can continue to use this pillow even after delivery. It can be used for your sleeping and also for the baby as well. The pillow’s natural shape allows babies to lay in a recline shape that helps if they have reflux issues.

Overall, it’s a great pillow that won’t cover unnecessary space, and you can continue to sleep in any position you like, even on your stomach.



  • Small and adjustable.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It can be used later for the baby.
  • 4-inches deep hole for your belly.
  • Relieves pressure from the back.



  • Not very comfortable.


5. Fad-J Maternity Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

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Here is another uniquely designed pillow for stomach sleeping moms. The pillow is designed with the shape for lifting the abdomen or pregnant women. The shape allows you to lie on it comfortably on your stomach.

It’s a fan-shaped bulged pillow that decompresses your body. No matter how big your belly grows, the pillow keeps making you comfortable and relaxing with belly down position.

The pillow has a cotton material cover that is very comfortable on your skin. The cover is removable and washable, so you can keep it clean for a long.

It is sewn with a sewing technique that does not spread the pillow’s threads so it won’t lose its shape and stays at it is even after prolonged use.

The pillow core is filled with feather cotton. The central part remains very soft and comfortable.

It is firm and tough from the sides for giving your body good support and relieving pressure.

Overall, it helps the expecting mother relax, and you may call it one of the best pregnancy pillows due to its shape and feel.



  • Fan like shape.
  • Soft bottom.
  • Sturdy and secure structure.
  • Easy to wash the cover.
  • Durable pillow for the belly.



  • It would be best if you had more pillows for the legs or head.


6. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

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The last option in our list of the best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers is this full body pillow. It’s an inflatable pillow with a hole for the bulging belly.

This one is more than a pillow. It works like an air mattress for the whole body, and its shape gives room for the belly, so it remains pressure-free and secure while you rest on the stomach.

The pillow is made of durable plastic that can be inflated or deflated as per your needs easily. You can deflate it and store it in a cupboard is also very encouraging for those who have limited space.

The inflated mattress has a curved chest design that does not compress the breast when lying on the stomach. It features an inter ring design for adjusting the belly.

Inflating the pillow can be a problem if you don’t have an electric pump. This pillow comes with an electric pump so you can inflate or deflate easily whenever you need it.

It comes in an easy to carry plastic box that can be used for storing as well.



  • Inflatable pregnancy pillow.
  • Chest indentation for breasts.
  • Special valves for safety.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • It comes in a plastic box.



  • Needs to check air pressure from time to time.


Final Words

Pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers are very relaxing. These pillows take off the pressure from your body and help you relax.

The inflatable pillows are great for spending some quality time on the pool or beach as well.

All options in our list of the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers are carefully chosen for your convenience. Make sure you consider all options and choose the one that seems more comfortable for your body type.


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