Best Recliners for Seniors to Sleep in 2021 Reviews

Recliners are important in relieving the elderly from fatigue and muscle aches. Equipped with features like massage and different positions, the elderly can use these chairs as tools for physical exercises. To ensure the elderly people don’t walk around, these recline chairs are made with side pockets. These pockets are for keeping phones and remotes, which the elderly regularly use.

Some of the advantages of using these recliners include improving blood circulation and reducing the incidences of arthritis. Most of the best recliners for seniors are included in medicare insurances. Recliners are made with a robust frame making them one of the durable medical equipment. Since they come different in designs, know the features to check for when choosing one.  

Are Recliners for Old People?

Yes, they are for old people, but that doesn’t mean young people cannot use them. The core aim here is to provide comfort to the body. The massage function offered by these recliners can be of benefit to even young people. It is recommended for the elderly because old people tend to live a relaxed life, bringing a lot of health problems. 


Young people who wish to have their back stretched and change positions when sitting should consider using these recliners. Knee joint health is important to everyone, young or old. This means even young people who use recliners promote their knee health and back health. You relieve yourself from stress by the happy mood that results from sitting on a sofa recliner.

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The 5 Best Recliners for Seniors to Sleep in 2021 Reviews

If you have been looking at some of the best recliners online but you don’t know the features of the best ones, here is a sample of some of the best recliners. Take your time to go through them and know what to look for when choosing a recliner.

1. Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliners

Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliners

Powered by two motors, it easily moves any weight in any position one would wish to stay. The handheld remote is all you need to ensure you change positions. For the elderly who have a problem standing up, you can lift the chair to a level that makes it easier for the person to stand. People with back and leg problems cannot have a problem standing or even sitting.

The generous backrest of between 105°to 180° is enough to enable the elderly to get suitable positions. There is also a footrest of between 90 degrees to 180 degrees. Two an appropriate back and leg position, every sitting position is nice for the elderly. The premium upholstery adds to the comfort of the user. With a robust metal frame, it is tough for the recliner to break down. 

The recliner is designed to withstand a weight of up to 300lbs. It serves people for a long time because even the leather covering it is waterproof and doesn’t easily scratch. There is a lumbar pillow to support the sacral backbone for those who like lying on the back so that it doesn’t get pain.

Irene House Features:

  • Two universal rear wheels make the chair move easily.
  • There are side pockets where you can put your remotes and phones. 
  • In the front, there are two wheels, which makes it easier to move the recliner. 
  • Waterproof leather that resists even juices and drinks-making it looks impressive.
  • A soft feel armrest on both sides to ensure you enjoy a comfortable sitting 

2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

With three stable positions, the elderly can choose what position is best for their health. Choose where to keep your drink, whether you are left-handed or right-handed. The side pockets serve as a storage point for the phone, remotes, and other devices that the elderly may need from time to time.

Two USB ports are available where you can charge your smartphone as you sit comfortably on the sofa. With a robust frame that is TUV certified, its operation is quite meaning long service provision. Thanks to its soft fabric that ensures no pressure is applied to the elderly skin. Skin sores are less common. It has a silky hand and good elasticity, so it doesn’t scratch easily. 

To further add to your comfort, this most comfortable recliner sofa comes with two armrests. Just relax fully by keeping your best position and relaxing your arm on the armrests. Overstuffed pillow arms, springs at the back, and the swinging nature makes it a perfect recliner to eliminate fatigue from the elderly. You can raise the seat to your perfect level for easy standing, especially for those with knee and back problems. 

Mcombo Electric Features:

  • Overstuffed pillow arms for enhanced comfort when sitting 
  • Quiet operation that ensures parts do not wear and tear easily
  • Power Lift assistance to ensure movement and setting of positions is safe 
  • It comes with two USB ports where the user can charge devices 
  • The two side pockets are for keeping regularly used products like remote and phone

3. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner 

Air Compressor, 80 Gallon Vertical Two-Stage 14CFM 5HP

This is a premium recliner owing to its heated massage capability. You don’t even feel the tension on the recliner; it works for long without breaking down. There are two cup holders where the elderly can put their drinks, perfect for both right-handed and left-handed. The wood used in making the frame is formaldehyde-free, so it is not harmful to the outside environment. 

The motor of these best electric recliners for seniors is very strong, so it can push the chair up to assist the elderly in standing up and ensuring they sit without pain at the back. You can extend both the footrest and backrest. Since you can recline the back of the seat up to 150 degrees, it is a true epitome of comfort.

The areas where you can get a massage when sitting on these comfort chairs for the elderly include the shin, thigh, lumbar, and head. Charge your devices while relaxing because the recline comes with USB ports. Overstuffed backrest and seat cushion adds to the comfort of your seat so that you enjoy excellent relaxation moments. No fatigue, tiredness, sit on a soft fabric and change position when you see it fit to do so. 

Esright Power Features:

  • Treated fabric for an excellent tactile sensation that reduces fatigue
  • The fabric is so soft but strong to withstand pilling and felting 
  • USB ports that can charge low-power devices such as phones and tablets 
  • A silent functioning motor that ensures it lifts the elderly for easy standing
  • A stuffed armrest is available that ensures there is no fatigue at all 

4. Lift Recliner Chair, Bonzy Home Overstuffed Lift Chairs

Lift Recliner Chair, Bonzy Home Overstuffed Lift Chairs

Featuring soft and comfy leather, the best recliners for seniors is designed to offer comfort and promote back health to the elderly. The high-density leather is soft so that you don’t feel pressed and get fatigued. With such a quality, the sponge remains in good form even after being used for a long time. 

For those with leg problems, the recliner comes with a counterbalanced lift that lifts the whole chair for easy standing up. To further enhance comfort, there are side pockets on both the left and right sides. You can put your remote in these pockets so that you access it while reclining. It is made with a robust frame that can withstand up to 300lbs.

This means even those who are having a lot of weight can use it without breaking the lift recliners for seniors. The leather is wear-resistant, so it doesn’t pill even when used for a long time. You have up to four positions to choose from. 

Lift Recliner  Features:

  • Counterbalanced lift that lifts the whole chair for easy standing 
  • There is a remote control that enables the elderly to change positions 
  • Pockets on both sides for the elderly to keep remotes and phones 
  • It is ideal to be used in the living room because it operates silently 
  • Faux leather is easy to clean and doesn’t pill easily, making it last long 

5. Recliner Chair for Living Room Power Lift Massage Recliner

Recliner Chair for Living Room Power Lift Massage ReclinerLeg problems that make it difficult to stand up or a backache, this recliner comes with a lift that enables the user to lift it to the level where standing is easy. The Elderly can make themselves comfortable with the 4 massage points. Two on the neck and two on the waist, which works simultaneously to ensure the elderly are well massaged. Using the remote, the elderly can set the massage duration to ensure they are massaged to their own satisfaction. Massage is performed with the 8 vibration modes; the remote has all the modes for one to select.

Most of the best massage recliner chairs have a sturdy frame that prevents them from breaking.  This recliner is not different because it comes with a robust frame that can withstand a weight of up to 300lbs. The elderly can stretch their legs because of the stretchable footrests. Top of the range leather that is waterproof and resistant to pilling lasts longer than expected. Thanks to its overstuffed back, it ensures there is no pressure on the backbone even when the elderly stays in one position for a long time. A high-density sponge that doesn’t wear easily, making the recliner remain satisfactory throughout. 

Recliner Chair for Features:

  • 4 massage points to ensure the elderly get properly massaged
  • A counterbalanced lifting system that lifts the recliner for easy standing
  • A high-density sponge that doesn’t wear easily for long durability
  • An excellent frame that is strong to withstand the weight of up to 300lbs
  • Stretchable footrests that allow the elderly to stretch their longs for comfort 

Why Are Recliners for Seniors Necessary?

Recliners have been used as a source of luxury by many people. People didn’t know that these recliners have many health benefits to those who use them, especially the elderly. 

Reducing Fatigue and Muscle Aches 

Elderly people are always prone to fatigue because they are always in a sedentary lifestyle. With these reclines, they can always change positions, ensuring their bodies remain active throughout. The fact that they don’t stay in one position is like exercising without any risk of injury. One of the safety tips for seniors living alone is the use of recliners. They can exercise by changing sitting positions so they remain active without running or jogging. 

Reliever Stress from the Elderly 

Sitting in one position is physically stressful. The old body is not supposed to stay in one position because of the vulnerability to pain. With physical pain, old people normally get psychological stress. Recliners are soft, and they change positions making the elderly enjoy total relaxation. This, in return, brings peace of mind. Total relaxation yields a happy mood, and as a result, even stress is alleviated.

Improves Blood Circulation 

One of the helpful ways to increase Blood Circulation is through massage because it keeps the blood vessels active and open. With recliners equipped with massage technology, the elderly will have proper blood circulation throughout their body organs. Changing of positions, stretching of the legs, and massage ensure complete blood circulation throughout the body. With improved blood circulation, conditions like wounds, regular infections, and coldness reduce, leading to perfect health. The good thing with recliners is that they even rise to assist the elderly in standing.

Enhancement of Back Health 

The elderly normally have a weak backbone that is prone to fracture and pain. Intervertebral disc dislocation is also common in the elderly. Even pain will not be part of their life with the recliners that are overstuffed with the sponge. Since the recliners rise for them to stand, fractures will not be common among those who use the recliners. Leg pain, especially at the joint, reduces because the weight to the knees reduces. Elderly people can sit and elevate their legs, so they don’t use their legs as weight-bearing components.

Most of the recliners are even covered by insurance companies meaning their health benefits have become evident almost everywhere globally. 

Frequently Asked Question

Some of the commonly asked questions about recliners have never been answered. Here are some answers to the questions asked by most people so that you get informed. 

Are recliner chairs bad for your back?

No, they are not bad for your back because of the back health features they come with. These recliners have a backstretch mechanism to assist your back to relax. You can keep any angle of relaxation you want that fits your health.

Are recliner lift chairs covered by medicare?

Yes, part B of your medicare covers the recliner sofas. They are part of the durable medical equipment that has been instrumental in improving back health. Some of the conditions they reduce include arthritis and motility problems. 

Can you fix a recliner chair?

Yes, a recliner can be fixed and return to its normal working condition. The one fixing the recliner must be well-aware of the tech used in the recliner to avoid ruining it further.You can call a technician who is specialized in fixing recliner chairs or do it yourself.

Final Verdict 

Recliners are an excellent lifestyle practice for elderly people. With features like the backstretch and leg elevation, the elderly can live a stress-free life without fatigue or backaches. Some of the best recliners for seniors come with massage features to ensure the elderly neck and waist are massaged. Massage relieves stress and also improves blood circulation to the entire body. The elderly people on massage recliners improve immunity and also don’t develop skin sores. 

Since most of these seats rise using the counterbalanced lift system, the knees are relieved of pain when they are standing or sitting. Conditions like arthritis are not part of the old person’s life. If you are still unsure what recliner to go for, the Bonzy Home Overstuffed Lift Chairs can do the job. It has three positions to change from side pockets and elevate the back and legs for total relaxation. 


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