Best Rowing Machines For Seniors In 2021

Ease of use, comfort, and space-saving designs are must-have characteristics in the best rowing machines for seniors. Concept2 for seniors is a rower with many potentials, even when fitness is a life priority. If you want to spend a bit less on fitness machines, make sure to look at the other recommended rowers for seniors compared below.

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Why seniors need a rowing machine

A standard rowing machine workout burns between 200 and 300 calories per 30 minutes. This makes rowing machines some of the top fitness machines for seniors to use at home. Here are a few other rowing machine benefits for seniors you might have overlooked.

  • Reduced impact on the knees

Seniors know all too much about knee and joint pain. After an active life, knee pain is more common than many expect. Unlike running, a rowing machine has no negative impact on the knees. Furthermore, it might be the only fitness machines the elderly can count on when facing severe knee pain.

  • Efficient storage

Modern rowing machines feature a foldable design. This is ideal when it comes to everyday use. For most seniors, having the luxury of a dedicated home gym is something out of reach. This is why fitness equipment that takes up minimum space is highly appreciated.

Not all rowing machines come with a foldable design. Some can be stored vertically. Before you purchase a rower that doesn’t fold, make sure its length is shorter than the height of your ceiling so that it fits properly.

  • Good calorie-burning rate

You can easily burn up to 600 calories per hour on a rowing machine. Staying fit is important at all ages, but for seniors, this becomes of special importance. Eliminating excess body weight reduces the pressure on the knees and the lower back. Being fit also encourages good muscular strength so that you can live your life a bit better. A fit senior is also a person that is capable of doing all house chores properly without any help.

What to look for in a rowing machine for seniors

Finding the right home rowing machine is complicated. There are too many rowers on the market to make a quick decision as an inexperienced user. As a senior, you need to think smartly about your purchase and prioritize the right characteristics in the fitness machine.

  • Comfort

Comfort is mainly given by the parts of the rower machine you touch. The seat and the handlebar are the main parts you come in contact with during the workout and the foot pedals. An ergonomic seat is preferred to a perfectly flat seat for proper workout comfort. Choosing a padded handlebar also helps.

  • Digital workout trackers

What can be done without any workout logging? Sure, you can go far simply rowing yourself. But without a clear stroke number or elapsed time display, you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re doing during your workout. This is the main reason a digital computer with a screen to display workout parameters is mandatory in a rowing machine. For seniors, the workout data can help guide efforts towards a healthier physique.

  • Guided app support

Some rowing machines are compatible with smartphone apps via Bluetooth. All workout data can be transferred to an app where you record all of your rowing sessions. You can easily track cardiovascular health through such apps.

It also helps that many rowing machine brands also offer online rowing classes you can follow. You don’t need a Bluetooth-enabled rowing machine to follow along with these classes.

Most apps work on a monthly subscription plan basis. The benefit of such online rowing classes is that you can get guidance from seniors from expert fitness trainers. With or without app support, you still need to make an effort and row yourself. But some guidance can help.

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review – Best Overall

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It’s almost impossible not to head Concept 2 Model D recommended whenever you have the best exercise machine for seniors. This question has one answer for those who’ve used the Concept2 rowing machine before. Sturdy, durable, and ready for the most intense workouts, this is the right choice for all seniors who take rowing and fitness in general quite seriously.

This rowing machine is ready to be used daily. This is why it is recommended as a rowing machine for the elderly who plan to use it a couple of times per week.

Starting with the design, this rowing machine has already been highly appreciated. Like a rowing machine that folds for storage, you can find a corner for it in your home when your workout is done. It uses magnetic air resistance, which means it’s lightweight. Magnetic resistance rowing machines might be a bit too heavy for some seniors.

Multiple types of training are available on this rower for seniors. It features the award-winning PM5 digital monitor, which allows you to toggle between simple rowing, intervals, or specific distance rowing.

All of these different programs are made to keep you motivated to grow more and more. Ideally, you’d note your results on a piece of paper so that you can always push for better results in the future.

The wireless capabilities of the PM5 computer also allow you to connect a heart rate chest strap to this rower. While the chest strap doesn’t come in the box, you can purchase one separately if you truly care about your cardiovascular health, which should be a priority for the elderly.

The Concept2 rowing machine also works with the ErgData smartphone app. You can use this app to automatically record all of your workout data and personal best results, which replaces the classic fitness notebook.

The Model D rower is better for seniors than the Model E rower; it’s bigger brother. At a weight of just 57lbs, the Model D is a few pounds lighter than the Model E, which means you won’t have any back pain when trying to move it around the house.

Other characteristics

  • 10 damper levels
  • It can store workout data on USB flash drives
  • Made with a folding frame that doesn’t require tools
  • Backed by Concept 2’s Workout Of The Day emails


2. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Review – Best Affordable

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Some seniors might specifically look at the simplest machine to improve cardiovascular health or for a minimalistic machine for getting in shape. The rowing machine is ideal for the elderly. Among all of the options available today, this indoor rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness is the leading choice for simplicity.

It’s the polar opposite of the Concept2 indoor rowing machine. Sunny Health & Fitness only added a simple digital display on its rower. It also added a simple knob for its 8 levels of adjustable resistance. This might be one of the most successful rowers for everyday use, as most seniors don’t need as many resistance levels as the younger rowers.

The manufacturer has also added oversized pedals. These are ideal for quickly getting on and off the rower. For seniors, this is a matter of importance.

Non-slip handlebars equip the Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic rowing machine. They are the safest option when it comes to preventing accidents when rowing at high speed. Built-in transportation wheels also help seniors. These small wheels roll even on carpets, so there’s not much heavy lifting involved when finding a new rowing spot.

Other characteristics

  • Made with a long 14” seat
  • It only measures 53” in height when folded
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Designed with non-slip handlebars and pedals


3. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rowing Review – Best For Multiple Exercises

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Rowing machine exercises for seniors can seem limited if you also want to exercise your arms. In this case, the Fitness Reality indoor rowing machine is the best choice. It features one of the simplest designs, allowing you to perform exercises such as biceps curls or triceps extensions from an upright position.

This rowing machine is a bit more complex than many would guess, given its low price. It comes with 14 magnetic resistance levels. All of these levels can be properly adjusted so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the workout.

One of the best parts about this rower is that it can be used as a simple exercise machine most times. You may only be interested in other supported exercises from time to time. As expected, it comes with a built-in computer so you can track all essential workout data.

Other characteristics

  • Includes Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with MyCloudFitness app
  • 250lbs maximum weight capacity


4. HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machine Review – Best For Smooth Rowing

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Seniors suffering from all types of joint pain consider water rowing machines friendly to their bodies. But a water rower outshines almost all other rowers in terms of smooth exercising. Quiet and versatile, this water rower from HouseFit is ideal when you want to enjoy a relaxing workout style.

Unlike air or magnetic resistance rowers, it also comes with an enhanced capacity to simulate real rowing. An indoor water rower is the closes option to real rowing, which says a lot about what you can expect with this machine.

You shouldn’t worry about possible water spills as the rower’s water tank is tightly sealed. You can even store it vertically without any water drippings. At the same time, this rower comes with all of the functions you expect in workout effort tracking. A built-in LCD shows you all your essential rowing parameters.

Other characteristics

  • Designed with a stainless steel rail
  • Includes floor stabilizers
  • It holds overweight users and weights of up to 330lbs
  • Made with transportation wheels


5. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine – Best User Interface

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Sometimes finding an exercise machine for seniors that is intuitive is most important. Circuit Fitness is an Amazon-exclusive brand that makes the Deluxe rowing machine. This is easily one of the best rowing machines for seniors when it comes to the user interface. It features a wide LCD screen which means all of the data is spaced out properly so that it’s easy to read. Having a user interface like this can be important for seniors, especially when perfect vision starts to suffer.

 This exercise machine also has a few other reasons that make it ideal for the elderly or anyone looking for the ultimate comfort. Even its handlebar is padded, so nothing is pulling your fingers too hard even when you row at high speed.

Designed with adjustable foot straps, the rower ensures you stay in position while rowing. This is important as the adjustable foot straps secure your feet to the pedals. An 11-pounds flywheel can be demanding, and you need to be in the correct anchored position while rowing to move it efficiently.

Other characteristics

  • Made with a rugged injection-foam ergonomic seat
  • Compact 49 length x 20.5 width x 51 height folded dimensions
  • It tracks rowing rhythm per minute

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All rowing machines for seniors work best when they are used frequently. With a clear workout plan, you should also prioritize healthy eating and drinking plenty of water. As a senior, you don’t have to be stuck at the office all day which means you have more time to prepare healthy meals and more time to train. This is why a home rowing machine is always beneficial, as it’s within easy reach.

The benefits of training on a rowing machine as a senior include lower body fat. This is associated with reduced risks of developing cardiac health issues, which is worth the investment as a sole reason to get a rower in the first place. Furthermore, rowing machines are fun. Not many other fitness machines can be as exciting to use, especially when most can be too complicated to use past a certain age.

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