Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]

Rowing machines offer you a great way to work out your full body. As a result, you build strong muscles and leave you sweating from head to toe. Each row requires you to push yourself with your legs and pull back with your arms. That way, you maintain your balance as you engage your whole body.

Most rowing machines are huge and bulky, but if you’re low on space, you can always get foldable, portable, and convenient equipment for your home. Rowing machines also comes with transport wheels to help you move the equipment easily. That way, you can clear space after you’re done with the intense workout.

 To help with your search, we have compiled a list of the best rowing machines for your home gym. Check out the best rowing machines to suit your needs.

Our Top Picks:

  1. Best rowing machine overall: Concept2 Rowing Machine
  2. Best motivating rowing machine: Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine
  3. Best connected rowing machine: SereneLife Foldable Rowing Machine
  4. Best dual resistance rowing machine: Yovital Rowing Machine
  5. Best foldable rowing machine: XTERRA Fitness ERG200
  6. Best budget rowing machine: Stamina Elite WAVE Water Rower
  7. Best water resistance rowing machine: TOPIOM Rowing Machine
  8. Best magnetic resistance rowing machine: Dripex Rowing Machine
  9. Best oil pressure resistance rowing machine: GOTOTOP Rowing Machine


The 9 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 in 2021 (Reviews):

SereneLife Rowing Machine

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SereneLife helps you bring the gym to your home. You can now enjoy your daily exercise and achieve your dream body in a short period. With the foldable rowing machine, you can get your cardio levels up and a full-body workout as soon as you sit at the machine. It helps combine the benefits of anaerobic and aerobic exercises to strengthen your core, burn calories and get your heart pumping.

What do we like about the rowing machine?

Air and magnetic rowing machine

SereneLife is a low-impact workout machine that uses air and a magnet to help you exercise. It targets forearms, triceps, biceps, shoulders, thighs, and legs. Enjoy a full-body workout in the comforts of your own space.

Workout while having fun

This equipment comes with advanced technology to calculate the distance, time, calories shed, and strides. That way, you can keep track of your progress and stay motivates to train. After a while, you’ll feel energized, have cardio fitness, burn fat, and shed notable weight.

The durable, high-quality rowing machine

This rowing machine is made of heavy-duty steel metal alloy and engineered ABS to make it durable and of premium quality. The equipment is suitable for all sizes and is strong enough to support weights of up to 250lbs.

Adjustable resistance

With the aid of a simple button, you can increase or decrease the machine’s level of resistance. It allows you up to 8 levels, helping you push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. You can customize your workouts and keep increasing your intensity effectively.

One year

 With the one year guarantee, you can trust the machine will serve you well without any technical issues. But in case you run into any problems within the year, feel free to contact their responsive and friendly customer care to help resolve your problems quickly.


  • Digital LCD
  • 8 levels of tension resistance
  • Foldable rower machine
  • Quiet and smooth-gliding contour row seat
  • Comfortable to use
  • Pedal style footrests 


  • LCD monitor needs improvement


SereneLife is a great addition to any home gym. It helps you get a cardio workout and full-body training without ever leaving the door. It is easy to assemble, with simple settings guidelines to follow. The equipment is foldable, with a small footprint making it great for smaller spaces. It is also affordable and easy to maintain.

Stamina Elite Wave Water Rower(luxury)

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Programmed to perform effortlessly, Stamina elite allows you to customize your workout. Instead of the normal air or hydraulic resistance, the Elite rowing machine uses water for resistance. It features paddles that glide through the housed water in a reservoir. This makes rowing strokes smooth and flexible from start to finish.

Similar to rowing in a large body of water, the resistance increases as you stroke faster. You can also add or remove water to adjust the resistance with a realistic water resonance. The machine rowing set is comfortable, and you’ll get in shape in no time.

High-end fitness monitor

71tJKXeD8oL. AC SL1500 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]

Elite rower machine features a high-end fitness LCD screen and a chest strap heart rate reader that pairs wirelessly with the monitor. The screen tracks time, distance, stroke count, calories burnt, and pulse rate.

The rower machine has been upgraded with a high-end fitness monitor and chest strap heart rate sensor that pairs wirelessly with the monitor. The larger, easy-to-read fitness monitor displays the stats that matter most, including distance, time, calories burned, stroke count, strokes per minute, and pulse. Now you can improve your cardio endurance, shed weight, and track your progress.

Wave water resistance

Wave Water resistance feels and sounds like rowing on the water with resistance that provides a dynamic rowing stroke with infinite resistance levels. Water provides infinite levels of resistance – the harder and faster you pull, the more resistance you’ll create. Plus, the resistance feels and sounds like rowing on the water is excellent motivation.

Adjustable-length footplates

Footplates and space are important for maximum results while using a rowing machine.  The machine comes with adjustable-length footplates that accommodate feet of all sizes. With the adjustable foot straps, you can secure your feet easily, ready to start rowing. Your feet should feel comfortable and secure before you start your exercise.

Comfortable features

A good rowing machine should be smooth and comfortable for an enjoyable experience. With the paddle seat, strapped footplates, and handles, your strokes are smooth and sturdy. Your grip never gets blisters, and even with long sessions, your hands will be safe. This helps motivate you to keep exercising daily without any excuses to default.

Folding frames and wheels

Since the machine is foldable and has wheels, you don’t have to worry about space. Even with the water tank, Elite remains stable and secure during your training. After you’re done, fold up the equipment and push it into storage without any struggle.


  • High-end fitness monitor
  • A chest strap heart rate sensor
  • Expert-guided online exercise routines
  • Sturdy rowing beam
  • Smooth gliding, padded seat


The monitor defaults after sometime


Stamina Elite offers you a unique way to exercise. Offering you a realistic water resonance, you can train all your major muscle groups with low impact and natural strokes. The equipment is silent and allows you to train in the dead of night or early mornings without disturbing anyone. Compared to other water rowers, it is averagely priced and helps you shed some weight without leaving your home.

XTERRA Fitness ERG200

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Xterra fitness machine offers you a continuous rowing motion for a full-body workout. It helps you boost your cardiovascular health, burn calories and engage your muscles. The machine offers you an impact-free training session with complete control of the intensity levels. The machine utilizes a dual aluminium rail system that allows you to row swiftly. With the wide Velcro straps, your workout sessions are comfortable and exceed your expectations.

What do we like about the machine?

71RrHQdO7OL. AC SL1500 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]
Compact frame designs

Space is mostly the common issue among users, and this rower solves that for you. It is large enough to stretch your legs but has a small footprint to allow you to use it in smaller rooms. The compact frame design also folds up for easy transport and storage after you’re done.

Performance Monitor

With the large 3.7 inch screen, you can track elapsed time, count strokes, calories burnt, total count to help you note your progress and motivate you to keep working. For optimal viewing, you can tilt the monitor.

8 levels magnetic resistance

Xterra comes with 8 levels of intense magnetic resistance that can be achieved through a dial knob mounted conveniently within your reach. The magnetic system is smooth, silent, and friction-free. Thanks to the 9lbs flywheel, the rowing machine delivers a perfect balance in momentum, thus making you feel like you’re rowing for real. 

Comfortable features

This equipment features adjustable strap pedals to help pivot your feet the right way. This helps maintain stability when exercising. It also comes with a large contoured seat for maximum comfort and performance. It is padded to help you exercise for prolonged sessions. In addition, the equipment comes with a comfortable and textured row handle to prevent blisters for more intense workouts.


  • Performance Monitor
  • Adjustable Console Angle
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • High RPM Flywheel
  • Adjustable Pedals
  • Folding Design
  • Contoured Seat
  • Padded Row Handle


  • The resistance is not that challenging


Xterra rowing machine offers you a cheaper way to exercise. It is a budget machine with good features better than other rowers in its category. It is smooth and quiet, allowing you to exercise whenever you wish. It comes with some comfortable features that you’ll find useful. It is recommended for beginners.

Yovital Rowing Machine

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Yovital rowing machine activates your full body workout and cardio with low impact compared to treadmills. A rowing machine is great for users of all ages, sizes, and gender. It is a safe way to exercise tone your muscles without fighting for a spot in the gym. Bring the excitement to your home and utilize it to hit your fitness goals.

What do we like about the machine?

813c5iRLkGL. AC SL1500 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]
Super Quiet

Designed with a high-quality steel flywheel, magnetic resistance, and aluminium slide rail, this rower machine is smooth and super quiet. For a home setup, silence is a virtue, and this machine doesn’t disappoint.

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

With 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, the machine helps you tailor your workout from beginner to expert. Keep in mind, if you desire more resistance, row harder and slow down if you need less. That way, you can get the maximum workout every time without straining your knees.

Fitness Monitor

Thanks to the fitness monitor, you can watch your performance with real-time readings. The Digital screen shows you the time elapsed, pulse, distance, calories, and stroke count. That way, you know how far you’ve gone and how much more you need to hit your daily goals.

High-end Solid Build & Easy Folding

 Designed with a superior metal frame, the machine is strong and durable to last many years. It comes with extra-long slide rails to stretch and accommodate up to 6’5 inches. An ergonomic textured handlebar and elastic seat help support you for a stable and comfortable workout session. For easier storage, the machine is foldable and has transport wheels for easy movement.


  • Patented Magnetic Flywheel
  • 8 Levels Adjustable Resistance
  • Suitable for All Users in Home
  • LCD Console Displays
  • Fully Padded Comfortable Seat
  • Easy to Install, tools included


  • The pull railway straps wear out after some time


Designed to accommodate users of different ages and heights, Yovital is truly a family machine. It is simple to assemble and operate. With the functional features, you can set up in less than an hour and ready to start your fitness journey. It also saves on space is easy to move from one room to another.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

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Concept2 is one of the most recognized household names with over 40 years of experience making the best rower machines in the world. The machine is mainly used with fitness gurus, competitive athletes, and established gyms. It offers you intense training with low-impact exercises like no other. With the model D, you can train anywhere in the world, and it gives you the results you’re looking for.

What do we like about this machine?

71%2BC3g1g71L. AC SL1500 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]
Trust Your Workout Data

This rower machine comes with advanced technology that features an LCD screen, wireless Bluetooth, USB flash slot, and heart rate. These features help you measure your progress with real, reliable, and accurate data with every stroke. It helps you calculate intervals, stroke count, time, and distance. With the included games, you can enjoy the fun workouts daily.

Control Your Workout Intensity

With the adjustable resistance levels, you can control your training intensity. The rower comes with an air resistance flywheel that operates smoothly with every stroke. To adjust the resistance levels, change the damper through the 10 levels of intensity. The machine is also silent and works smoothly. 

Easy to Assemble, Move, and Store

Although the Model D is heavy-duty and strong, it is relatively easy to assemble and only has 8 screws to fix. You can easily assemble with basic tools. Once fully assembled, it rolls smoothly on caster wheels for storage. Unlike most rower machines, this equipment separates into two without using a frame lock mechanism. It detaches swiftly and allows you to roll it into storage.

Stay Motivated

The machine comes with a wide range of popular workout apps. It allows you to sign up for concept2’s workout routines with your smartphone or tablet. Now you can stay motivated, follow other users’ routines, and join online challenges to keep you on the toes.


  • Damper levels 1-10.
  • Minimal noise
  • Smooth feel
  • Connects to popular fitness apps
  • Easy to assemble with only 8 screws
  • Rolls smoothly on caster wheels
  • Air-resistance flywheel
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • ANT+ compatibility for heart rate monitoring or apps


Very expensive


Concept2 rowing machine features a flywheel, digital monitor, ergonomic handles, footrests, and contoured seat. It accommodates people of different heights and sizes with a durable record of accomplishment. The heavy-duty frame makes it worth the steep price, and considering athletes and fitness experts swear by it, the machine would be a great addition to your home.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower

14,394 Reviews

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With Sunny Health, row into shape in the comfort of your apartment or home. This rower delivers all the necessities for a challenging yet fun rowing workout. With the upgraded magnetic tension, you get equipment that operates smoothly and quietly. Designed with a heavy-duty steel frame, the rower machine offers you a challenging and convenient way to exercise.

What do we like about the machine?

71LhLzro1TL. AC SL1500 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]
Digital monitor

With the large screen, you can monitor your progress, helping you push towards your fitness goals. The LCDs time, scan, heart rate, stroke count, and calories. That way, you don’t exercise blindly but set targets and achieve them.

Adjustable magnetic resistance

With a simple turn, you can increase or decrease the 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Challenge yourself to shed extra weight or enhance your cardio throughout your fitness journey. It also comes with a long slide rail that accommodates rowers of all sizes without friction.

Transportation wheels

For portability, the machine features transportation wheels allowing you to move the machine from one room to the next. Simply tilt and roll away after you’re done with your exercise. Understandably, you’re already tired from your workout, no need to strain to lift the machine.

Non-slip foot pedals

 Your feet are secured and safe with the textured non-slip foot pedals during the most vigorous and demanding exercises. The feet straps are adjustable, allowing feet of all sizes remain saddled for stability. That way, you can focus on your workout without worrying about slipping and injuring your feet.


  • Digital monitor
  • 8 level magnetic resistance
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • Cushioned seat
  • Floor stabilizers
  • Transportation wheels
  • Non-slip handlebars
  • Foldable design


The monitor is notably tiny


Sunny health offers you a quiet machine perfect for your home. The noise level is minimal and is okay to use even late at night or early morning. It comes with a small footprint allowing you to use it even in tiny spaces. The rower machine helps you achieve a serious workout with low impact results. It can be used with people of all ages without straining the knees. It is a heavy-duty machine and will serve you for years to come.

Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine

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Sportstech rowing machine combines functionality and practicality. You can now train efficiently with the help of app function, pulse belt compatibility, adjustable resistance, and LCD monitor to track your performance. The machine is perfect for small spaces and accommodates users of various heights and ages. Strengthen your legs, back, arms, and chest quietly in your personal space.

What do we like about this machine?

81vA4gmIOlL. AC SL1500 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]
Compatible app console

With the help of Sportstech and Kinomap, you can have virtual reality training. The equipment brings you apps, exercise videos that keep you entertained and motivates you to keep training. The multifunctional display is simple to use also helps you track your progress. In addition, the equipment comes with a handy chest strap that connects wirelessly to the display giving you accurate data.

Compact and mobile

Sportstech is designed to fit in small spaces with extra transport wheels to help you move the machine to storage and out. The machine is easy to set up and fold in a few simple steps.

Individual resistance

 This machine uses magnetic resistance to challenge you during your workout. Depending on your fitness, the 15-degree incline offers you a natural rowing motion, full cardio, and endurance training that is gentle to your joints.

Stable and safe design

Thanks to the superior quality track and ball-bearing textured seat, you can now work out safely and comfortably. The machine features support legs for stability even during intense workouts. With a few steps, the machine is up and ready to use.


  • App compatible with Kinomap and Fitness data
  • Pulse belt compatible  
  • Multifunction display
  • 8-fold manual magnetic resistance
  • Ball-bearing seat
  • Aluminium rail
  • User weight up to 100 kg


Draw length is too short


Sportstech introduces you to a fitness world with exciting new features to motivate you to achieve your body goals. For its price tag, the machine offers you advanced technology with app compatibility. You can now enjoy following some virtual workout videos and join challenges that would help you compete with other users worldwide.

Dripex Rowing Machine for Home Use

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Dripex is another incredible machine for home use. Designed with quality heavy-duty materials, the machine will serve you a long time. It comes with the latest design and construction, allowing you to achieve your wellness and health goals.

What do we like about this machine?

61xBqy omgL. AC SL1000 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 2021 [Most Affordable]
Original & Ergonomic Design

 Dripex is engineered with an authentic and sleek ergonomic body frame to complement your furniture. It is perfect for small spaces, and the foldable feature makes it convenient. It also has wheels to help you move the machine easily compared to other exercising machines.

15 Magnetic Resistance Adjustments

This machine features 15 adjustable magnetic resistance to help you achieve intense workouts that yield good results. This is a great way to improve your overall health with low impact, easy on joints, and accommodates fitness of various levels. Through the adjustable levels, users of all ages, physical condition, weight, and height can use the machine.

Super Silent Aluminum Sliding Frame

Dripex rowing machine comes with a unique dual aluminium railway that allows you to glide back and forward smoothly without any friction. The motion is super silent, with ball bearings and shock absorbers underneath.

Multi-Purpose Home Gym Equipment

The machine is versatile and allows you to enhance your cardio, and strengthen your muscle groups, including your arms, shoulders, chest, abs, core, back, glutes, lower body, and feet. You can now easily shed the extra pounds with far less impact and stress on your joints.


  • Double Aluminum Sliding Rail
  • 15 Adjustable Magnetic resistance levels
  • Upright Storage for Space-Saving
  • 3D Cushioning Seat
  • Monitor Display for Time, Distance, stroke Count, Total Count, and Calories shed.
  • Fit for Full Body Workout


The seat makes noise during movement after a while


Dripex is a sturdy and stable machine made of a heavy-duty aluminium frame. The resistance challenges you and gives you the heat you need to burn the calories fast. It is easy to set up and operate. The machine is great for users of all ages and weight making it perfect for a family gym.

GOTOTOP Rowing Machine for Home

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Gototop rowing machine comes with a unique oil pressure resistance that ensures a uniform and smooth rowing session. It comes with functional features to enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

What do we like about this machine?

Intelligent display

With the advanced LCD, you can record your stroke count, calories shed, distance, and time elapsed while exercising. That way, you start motivated and customize your fitness goals and row towards achieving your dream body.

Oil pressure resistance

Unlike most rowers, this machine uses oil pressure, creating fun, smooth and uniform rowing. The process is effective and friction-free. It is simple enough for people of all ages and physical issues. It delivers low impact and won’t be sore after your workout.

Ergonomic design

This machine is designed for stability and comfort. With the ergonomic cushion, double rail design, environmental protection, and non-slip pedal, your workout session is smooth and safe.


  • Intelligent instrument framework
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • LCD monitor
  • Oil resistance
  • Non-slip foot pedals


LCD monitor needs improvement


Gototop rowing machine is a great machine for beginners. It has fewer assembling parts, and you can set it up in a few minutes. The machine is affordable and comfortable to use. It can support the weight of more than 100kgs and all ages. You won’t regret this purchase.

TOPIOM Wooden Water Rowing Machine

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Topiom delivers a versatile wooden machine that allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle in your home. With all that is going on globally, you don’t need the gym to keep fit. This machine features some interesting features to ensure you enjoy the benefits and have fun as you work out.

What do we like about the machine?

Top Quality Water Tank

Made from polycarbonate aviation materials, the machine is durable and stable. It uses a water resistance system to create impact and help you achieve your fitness goals. It comes with a water tank that allows you to increase or decrease intensity as you wish.


This machine features a V2 monitor that allows you to synchronize with your smartphone via Bluetooth. That way, you can access online workout videos for entertainment, motivation, and inspiration. The monitor also tracks your stroke count, distance, time, and calories shed.

Adjustable Footplates

With the adjustable strap footplates, your feet remain secure and stable even during the most intense workouts. The footplates are large enough to accommodate feet of all sizes, and with the adjustable straps, you can’t slip out. In addition, the machine features a lengthy trail enough for even tall users. This way, users of all sizes are welcome to use the rowing machine without any strain.


  • Top Quality Water Tank
  • LCD-Display
  • Adjustable Footplates
  • Extra Long Foot Stripe
  • A low impact on your back and joints
  • Compact design and noise optimization


  • Uncomfortable seat


Topiom comes in two packages that are well packed for safety. It is easy to assemble, and you’ll be done in less than an hour. For storage, the machine stands neatly against the wall leaving all the space for other things. It is convenient and fun equipment to use.

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How to shop for a rowing machine

With the many options out there, it’s important to carefully determine what you need and examine each model. You don’t want to end up with a rowing machine that disappoints you. Your best fit should be convenient, easy to use, and motivate you to exercise frequently. Here are a few features to consider:


 Different types of rowing machines come with magnetic, air, hydraulics, and water. It uses electromagnets with magnetic rowing machines to slow down the metal flywheel, giving you the resistance you need. For air rowing machines, they use wind produced by the spinning flywheel to create a drag. Hydraulic rowing machines, on the other hand, uses a hydraulic fluid in a piston or two connected to the handles of the equipment. In addition, water utilizes a water tank, and a flywheel dipped inside to create resistance.


Depending on your space, size should matter. Note that most rowing machines differ in size. However, the right size should allow you to straighten your legs, maintain a good posture yet small enough for a home gym. If you have a small storage space, opt for a foldable rowing machine such as the ones with hydraulics or magnetic resistance. In addition, the best ones should also accommodate a weight of more than 220 pounds. In addition, the seat should be large enough to accommodate your weight and contoured, allowing you to maintain a proper posture.  

Ease of use

Rowing machines follow a natural movement, and beginners don’t need any guidance. Generally, all you need is to sit and start rowing. In addition, the machine should be easy to set up and maintain. Even if you might have someone to help you set it up, it doesn’t mean they would be there when you need to move it or clean it.


Have you ever used a rowing machine before? Are you a beginner in exercising or a fitness enthusiast? Working out is rewarding, and most people brag about it more than you realize. Breaking a sweat at home is the way to go, but it should never feel like a game of tug of war. Your machine should have a smooth operation, with low impact. As you work on your cardio and toning your muscles, the soreness will discourage you from exercising again. Thus, the machine should be comfortable.


Rowing machines are generally pricey. Purchasing an item with your hard-earned money only to break down in less than a few months doesn’t make sense. Make sure you read the reviews and the durability of the product. Be bold and choose a machine that will serve you for a long time. Whether you decide you need an expensive or cheap machine, make sure it adds value to your workout. It should also be fun, flexible, and budget-friendly.

Final thoughts

Rowing machines are becoming increasingly popular among home gym equipment. They are capable of helping you burn calories and high cardio exercise. The rowing machines have a low impact and are recommended for people of all fitness levels and ages. If you follow the right procedures, you’ll have a success story after using your rowing machine for a while. In addition, the best rowing machines can be a prime source of weekly exercise. Having that in mind, note that buying the best rowing machine is a personal journey and should only suit your needs.

Happy shopping!

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