The Best Spin Bikes Under $400 in 2021 (Reviews)

Finding the best spin bikes under $400 can be complicated. Most spin bikes are quite expensive, especially for home use.

Made from durable materials such as steel and featuring a heavy flywheel, these stationary bikes aren’t cheap to manufacture. But you can choose one of the spin bikes reviewed below to get in shape at home, on a budget.

The build quality of a spin bike makes most users choose these fitness machines over other similar exercise bikes.

Made with a durable frame and backed by a long warranty, these bikes have minimum electronics and are highly mechanical. This makes them stable and reliable for daily training.

What to look for when buying the best spin bikes under $400

Spin bikes come in all shapes and sizes, even when they cost up to $400. You might feel discouraged by the technical jargon used to describe their features, especially as a beginner. Here are a few things to consider when you’re after an inspired purchase.

Flywheel weight

The flywheel is the most important piece of a spin bike. Its weight is important. Lightweight flywheel supports easy pedalling, but they do not offer sufficient feedback with intensive cycling. Heavy flywheels require more force to get up to speed, but they can be similar to professional bikes with their feedback. Most cheap spin bikes are made with flywheels that weigh 30 and 45lbs.

Cage pedals

Cage pedals aren’t new to spin bikes. However, they aren’t offered on most spin bikes for home use. This is why most users should prioritize this feature as it improves both comfort and safety.

The comfort of the ride is improved when the foot moves together with the pedal. Cyclists shouldn’t lift the fit off the pedals during the workout.

Cage pedals also improve cycling safety. There are too many accidents where a foot or both feet slip off the pedals when the cyclists are standing up. To avoid such accidents, it’s best only to choose the best spin bikes with cage pedals. The good news is once the feet are fixed in the adjustable cage pedals, users can move along with the cycling session.

Digital monitors

A digital monitor is added to fitness machines to track and display workout progress. This is also the case with spin bikes, where digital monitors show multiple workout data. This includes the following parameters.


Studies show an average person can burn up to 300 calories cycling for 30 minutes. The 2021 best spin bikes estimate the calories cyclists burn during the workout. While the number is an estimation, it is still close enough so that you get a better understanding of your effort on your path to burn body fat.


The distance you cover on a spin bike is calculated based on the distance you would cover with a real bike out in the outdoors. It can be an indicator of performance where you know you need to cycle for several miles to reach a specific workout goal.


Time spent on the bike is also necessary. Most indoor cycling sessions at the gym last around an hour. This should also be the target workout duration for most home users as it offers the most calorie-burning benefits.

Heart rate

Not all spin bikes measure heart rate. But those that come with pulse sensors are ideal for people truly looking to improve health. A pulse sensor is typically added to the handlebars in common grip points. It measures your pulse, and you can interpret this to check your fitness progress. In time, your heart health should improve as you begin to build better cardiovascular endurance.

The TOP 5 Best Spin Bikes Under $400 in 2021 (Reviews):

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002/C Review – Best Overall

Best Spin Bikes Under $400

Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the leading brands in the home fitness industry. Its trusted products are even often copied by smaller brands. Its affordable exercise bike is the best spin bike under $400 you can use at home. Adjustability and the cycling position are key when it comes to efficient training.

This spin bike features an adjustable seat. You can adjust it both by height and by the depth which allows you to sit at a minimum distance of 18” and a maximum distance of 23” from the handlebars. Regardless of your height, this type of adjustment range allows a proper ergonomic cycling position.

The bike also features multi-grip handlebars. Highly efficient during long workouts when you want to switch up your cycling position, these handlebars are inspired by real aero racing bikes.

A 22kg (48lbs) flywheel is responsible for the tension adjustments on this bike. This large flywheel is inspired by the spin bikes you see in the gym. It offers sufficient resistance even to the most experienced cyclists.

Made with silent stride components, the bike can be used even early in the morning while the rest of the house is asleep. Just like professional spin bikes, it also incorporates other useful accessories that make your journey to a fit body a bit easier.

Built-in casters are added to the spin bike. You can rely on them as often as needed when moving your bike in front of the TV or next to a window for some fresh air riding. Even a bottle holder is included with this bike. Since cycling sessions can take up to an hour at times, it’s always handy to have a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your workout.

Other characteristics

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  • Designed with adjustable resistance levels
  • Recommended for users up to 125kg (275lbs)
  • Made with sturdy floor stabilizers
  • It only requires minimum assembly.

2. Hopesport Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Best Handlebars

Best Spin Bikes Under $400

Made with a lightweight 35lbs flywheel, this spin bike is among the ideal home fitness machines. Easy to use and easy to move around the house, it offers the resistance and the fun experience needed to tone legs, abs, and even lose weight.

The Hopesport spin bike comes with a tension adjustment knob that allows you to simulate steep climbs, descents, and cycling on flat ground. Most users find these functions easy to use.

The tension adjustment knob is situated right beneath the handlebars which means you don’t have to stop cycling to adjust intensity levels.

An LCD monitor also shows you all of the main workout parameters. You can even see the estimated calories you burn during a given cycling session.

Keeping track of calories is important as you have to know just how much effort you put into your workout, especially when you plan to lose weight.

The cycling position also invites users to cycle more and to train more intensely. The seat is adjustable in 4 directions which means all users should be able to find the right cycling position with reduced pressure on the knees.

As for extras, this bike is equipped with a smartphone holder. Cyclists can watch training videos and virtual cycling sessions on YouTube to stay motivated.

In the absence of an integrated training app, this can be the only way to follow pre-recorded online cycling classes.

Other characteristics

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  • The bike tracks the cycled distance
  • Included stand uphill cycling mode
  • Made with a large seat
  • Designed leatherwear handlebars.

3. Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Best for Dedicated Users

Best Spin Bikes Under $400

If you want to use a spin bike every day, you can’t simply choose the first product you find. There are small differences to know when it comes to the usability of a rugged daily spin bike.

Take the Yosuda indoor cycling bike. It comes with professional-level cage pedals which allow even the most intense cycling session to be performed without slipping accidents.

Its cage pedals are a considerable advantage when it comes to uphill cycling. Too many users slip when cycling at high speed while standing up when using simple pedals without a cage lock.

Other pro-level functions of this spin bike include its rustproof steel frame. You can rely on the frame to hold for years and as long as you use it indoors, it’s going to be the only cycling bike needed to get in shape.

The ventilated seat of the spin bike is also a bit larger than the average alternative. This automatically recommends the spin bike for all types of users. This might just be the cushioned seat your family needs when they want to get in shape regardless of their size.

Other characteristics

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  • Made with a rugged tension knob adjuster
  • Designed with a tablet holder
  • Includes a wide 7.8” cushioned seat
  • High 270lbs maximum weight capacity

4. Labodi Exercise Bike Review – Best for Multimedia

Best Spin Bikes Under $400

Not everybody is keen to cycle for hours each week. Finding the right motivation is difficult for many people but it can be easier with music and videos. This is why Labodi added the largest tablet holder on its spin bike. This turns the company’s spin bike into an entertainment center as it even fits the largest iPod.

Once you get moving, you also get to see the other main benefits of the bike. These include a large 3.7” screen with live workout data. You see your workout time as well as the cycling speed on the screen. The display alone might be a good reason to get this bike for those who need immediate workout performance input.

Based on a belt drive and a 35lbs flywheel, the exercise bike impresses with its overall silent performance. A silent stride is more important when training at home as most users want to train without disturbing other house residents.

Another advantage the bike has over others comes with stability. Included floor levelers make this spin bike one of the top performers when installed on uneven surfaces such as on the garage floor.

Other characteristics

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  • Included sturdy cage pedals
  • Height-adjustable handlebars design
  • High 330lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Available in 3 colors

5. Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Best for Cardiovascular Health

Best Spin Bikes Under $400

Spin bikes are often used to get in shape. But cardiovascular training also makes your heart healthier. The problem with most spin bikes is they don’t have a built-in heart rate monitor so that users can measure heart rate. This is where Pooboo delivers its most successful fitness machine.

This spin bike comes with multiple built-in heart rate sensors that allow you to keep track of your cardiovascular health. These sensors are placed on the handlebars so there’s no specific step to take. You simply hold the handlebars where the sensors are to get a heart rate reading.

Adjustable cage pedals are also added to this potent cheap spin bike. It allows you to adjust the pedal cage correctly, according to the size of your feet. For the ultimate safety, users are recommended to always keep this cage tight around the foot.

Other characteristics

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  • 330lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Designed with a 30lbs flywheel
  • Made with heavy-duty 0.12” solid steel
  • Designed with a tablet holder.



The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002/C is the ideal choice for most of those interested in-home training. With a simple design, this spin bike is very easy to assemble and intuitive to use.

For those who plan to use a spin bike more than a couple of times per week, both the Hopesport Indoor Cycling Bike and the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike offer the customization features needed for intense daily use.

Some users only need a spin bike as they can watch TV, YouTube and listen to podcasts while training as this is almost impossible with other fitness machines. The Labodi Exercise Bike is recommended for such users.

Users with known heart conditions or those who want to check their pulse during an intense workout can turn towards Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike.

With its integrated pulse sensors, it becomes the simplest spin bike to lean on for daily workouts while tracking cardiovascular health. Nonetheless, all of the bikes above are sold with long warranty plans. They can be considered for long-term use, even if they come at a low price.

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