Best Stand Mixers Reviews (2020 – 2021) – Buyer Guide

A stand mixer is a machine that uses a rotational mechanism to carry out your repetitive kitchen tasks.

Best Stand MixerThe best stand mixers will be one of the most exciting purchases that you will make if you bake most of the time. You will appreciate the ability of the food stand mixer to power through the thick batters as well as stiff doughs without worrying that your arm might ache.

The mixer has multiple attachments and also a large capacity bowl thus excelling in making cakes, whipping, whisking, and kneading dough thus better than food processors.

The stand mixers’ main body is hinged with an output for a number of attachments such as dough hooks, whisks, and beaters but you can always upgrade and purchase a wide range of attachments.

The machines have a great reputation when it comes to whisk the egg whites cream butter and whip up a dough. They do these tasks quickly and efficiently. On top of that, they have simple speed settings and they are easy to operate. They are also medium-sized equipment thus occupying a smaller space in your kitchen

Since this is an investment that you would like, it is necessary that you have the money, space, and the need for this machine and thereafter take the plunge.

If you make the correct decision and purchase the best food stand mixer that is affordable, then there is an assurance that it will last for decades. This makes it worth your money and adding so much to the activities that you can do at home.


Hand-held mixer vs Stand mixer.

Hand-held mixer vs Stand mixer.A hand mixer will carry out similar baking tasks as the stand mixer and also operate using rotating attachments although it is smaller than the stand mixer. It is also affordable and easy to pack for storage as well as easy to clean.

A stand mixer has greater power and a larger capacity. It is more versatile since it provides a wide range of attachments.

The outstanding feature is that it is entirely hand -free hence allowing you to proceed with other chores while it works.

The large capacity bowls are designed to include ingredients and also minimize messes. On top of that, they will handle heavier mixes such as pastry and pizza dough much better.


Ultimately, the stand mixer is with no doubt an upgrade of the hand mixer hence it will all depend on your budget.

This article will take you through some of the best food stand mixers that are on the market and also help you in making the correct decision for your kitchen.


The Top 10 Best Stand Mixers Reviews for (2020 – 2021):


1. KitchenAid KSM155GBSR 5-Qt Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KSM155GBSR 5-Qt Stand MixerThe KitchenAid mixer has been in this market since 2012 and it is already a classic brand that screams “serious baker.” If you are doing your mixing in an open space and you wish to hear your radio over the sound of your mixing machine, then this is the best product. The motor is surprisingly quiet no matter the texture of the dough.

The glass bowl has a capacity of 7 liters and this is big enough to whisk about 2 liters of cream to perfection in a matter of minutes.

The power hub makes your mixer a culinary center since it has more than 12 optional attachments. The mixer will assist you in making a fusilli pasta from scratch or shred a block of parmesan cheese within a short while and much more.

KitchenAid mixer is a 5-quart glass bowl that has measurement markings and an extra touch of elegance for your modern kitchen. It also features a convenient pouring spout and also graduated measurement markings.

On top of that, the product is a 59-point planetary mixing action meaning 59 touchpoints per rotation ensuring thorough ingredient incorporation.

The product has 10-speed settings that are great for any task or recipe, whether kneading bread dough or stirring wet or dry ingredients.

It also boasts a tilt-head design that allows clear access to the attached beater or any other accessory thus you can easily add a variety of ingredients for a recipe.

The KitchenAid model comes in a wide range of colors that are great for everyone thus you can find one that matches your personality and style.



– It has a large capacity.

– It is quiet at maximum power.

– Great design.

– Variety of colors.



– Quite heavy to move it around.



This product is a great value for money considering its versatility and great durability. The brand has a great reputation thus the mixer is worth the price.


2. Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand MixerThe Cuisinart SM-50BK mixer comes with a durable constructed thus an overall better machine. It is constructed of heavy-duty metal with an industrial style.

Customers have reviewed the product to have lasted them long thus passing the durability test thus saving you some money since no constant replacement.

At 500 watts, the machine is equipped with a powerful motor that will handle your thick dough effectively. The motor has the capacity to operate at 12 different speeds that include a slow-start function that you do not cover your kitchen floor with flour by blasting it at full speed.

The Cuisinart stand mixer features a timer that is useful to prepare recipes that include instructions of how long you need to knead the dough. The timer enables you to complete other preparation work without having to look at the dough very closely.

At 5.5 quarts, the bowl is great at handling double batches of your best recipes thus ideal when cooking for a number of people. It also has handles that do not lock far into place making it easy to insert and remove.

Cuisinart provides the best warranties for stand mixers thus no worries about the purchase. The product boasts a 3-year limited warranty and the motor features a 5-year warranty.



– Great quality.

– Added accessories.

– Value for money



– Customers complain about the heavyweight.



The brand has a great reputation for quality products with great durability as well as a stylish design. With a great warranty, you have no worries about purchasing the product.


3. KitchenAid Series Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Series Stand MixerKitchenAid stand mixer allows you to make your favorite cakes as well as multiple batches cooking dough. It features a stainless steel mixing bowl that has a capacity of 5-quart and also a comfortable handle.

It features 10 speeds making it your culinary center as you mix, whip, and kneads ingredients easily. On top of that, it fits optional attachments ranging from pasta makers, food grinders, and many more.

Additionally, it has 59-point planetary mixing action that means 59 touchpoints for every rotation around the bowl ensuring thorough ingredient incorporation.

The dough hook, wire whip, or beater rotates around the bowl providing an incredible bowl coverage and a comprehensive mixing.

The machine has over 20 available colors thus you have the freedom to choose one that matches your personality and style.

KitchenAid series stand mixer has a tilt-head design that gives you clear access to the bowl to attach the accessory. This enables you to add ingredients for your recipe.

There are complaints about difficulties in adding ingredients to the bowl and they do not like the fact that the attachments have to be removed from the equipment so as to remove the bowl.



– Great warranty.

– Great value for money.

– Durable.



– The design has issues.



The product boasts durable construction and an industrial style. With numerous features, the machine is a great value for money.


4. Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Stand MixerThe Hamilton Beach stand mixer is a good option when on a budget. The product features a 4-quart stainless steel bowl that might seem smaller but has the capacity to hand almost all your recipes for bread dough, cookie dough, or cakes.

With a tilt-up design, you are able to add ingredients quickly thus saving you time to carry on with other preparations. It also features a quick release of attachments.

Baking has been made easier with this product since you effortlessly mix the thick batters and doughs like cookies with the 300-watt powerful motor.

On top of that, the Hamilton stand mixer has 7-speed settings that allow you to move from a low stir speed to the fastest whip speed with precise control at every level. Additionally, there is a splatter shield that guards against drops, spills as well as messy drips.

The product ensures mixing versatility since it comes inclusive of a dough hook, flat beater, and a whisk. The three attachments are safe for the dishwasher.



-Quiet motor.

– It is versatile.

– Easy to clean

– Easy to use.



– No cone found.



Overall, this is an outstanding stand mixer that meets all your baking needs. It also boasts great versatility with numerous attachments thus demonstrating great value for money.


5. Ankarsrum Original 6230 Stand Mixer

Ankarsrum Original 6230 Stand MixerAnkarsrum original mixer allows you to mix and knead your cookie dough, bread dough, and any other baked goods fast and efficiently.

The machines include a 7-liter mixing bowl made of stainless steel bowl, dough knife, dough roller, dough hook, and also a dust cover lid that allows the dough to rise on the bowl.

The stainless steel mixing bowl has a great capacity of 21 cups flour and also a unique revolving design. As the bowl is turning, the deeply fluted rollers function as your fingers, and the scraper mimics the palm of your hand.

The scraper then folds the dough with rhythmic motion and the roller provides a powerful massaging action. The inclusive mixing attachments are gentle for gluten-free batters and also perfect for higher hydration dough.

The unit also comes inclusive of a 3.5-liter double beater bowl that is made of BPA free Tritan plastic that is durable and safe to use with boiling sugar syrup. It does not leave any fatty residue after whipping the cream.

The stand mixer also includes a set of multi-wire balloon whisks that are perfect for egg whites, cream, meringue, marshmallows, and many more.

The product features a speed knob control that allows a seamless transition from 45 up to 130 RPM with an electronic speed sensor that adjusts the motor torque to the load automatically.

On top of that, there is a 12-minute timer that ensures the mixer does its work when you are doing other preparations and it will stop when you want it to



– Elegant design.

– Variety of colors.

– Durable

– Easy to use.



– It is quite heavy.



Altogether, Ankarsrum food stand mixer is a quality product that boasts great durability. It is versatile with many mixing attachments that meet your baking needs.


6. WONDERMILL Complete Bread Dough Mixer Machine

WONDERMILL Complete Bread Dough Mixer MachineThe product is a brand of WonderMill that has been known for more than 20 years with experience in delivering quality services as well as expertise to customers.

The product boasts on quality and durability and you have assured a replacement at no cost if a part of the machine breaks. On top of that, the product comes with three attachments that enable you to bake cakes, meringues, cookies, and many more.

The product comes with a blender that is high-powered and perfect for protein shakes and also milkshakes

Furthermore, the motor has 3 times power that pushes through heavy loads hence you need not worry about your hands developing fatigue. The great power makes it somehow louder than other machines but it does a great job on big batches.

The blender is designed with a break-resistant technology that prevents any damages to the blender container from accidents such as falls or slips.

Most kitchen mixers jump around but this is an exception. The product is equipped with rubber stoppers that prevent any jostling around.



– Lightweight.

– Does wonders with big batches.

– The product is durable.



– It is loud.



Altogether, the product is the best when it comes to quality and durability. You have assured replacement without any cost if a part of the machine breaks down. With such services, the product is a great addition to your kitchen.


7. VIVOHOME Multifunctional Stand Mixer

VIVOHOME Multifunctional Stand MixerVIVOHOME stand mixer is a versatile machine that comes with various multiple useful functions such as a meat grinder, blender, and juicer. It also has a number of accessories that help you get the results you will need for any recipe.

The product is equipped with a powerful motor of 650 watts that finishes mixing, kneading, and mincing fast and thoroughly. It also has 6 speeds control function that allows you to carry out your preparation needs

On top of that, the VIVOHOME stand mixer comes with three multipurpose accessories including a stainless steel wire whisk, aluminum dough hook, and also an aluminum mixing beater. The dough hook mixes and kneads dough easily while the whisk is able to whip egg white and frosting.

The 6 quarts mixing bowl creates a large capacity for baking cakes, cookies, and bread. It also features a tilt-head shield that enables you to add ingredients without worries of messing your floor.

The product is also a perfect gift idea due to its beautiful design that will match with your kitchen as well as a gift for housewarming anniversaries, weddings, and many more.



– It is a perfect gift idea

– Large capacity bowl.

– Versatile.

– Features a powerful motor.



– It is loud during operation.



VIVOHOME stand mixer that is versatile and meets most if not all of your kitchen tasks. It allows many attachments and does its job quickly and efficiently. It is a great addition to your kitchen.


8. Litchi Stand Mixer

Litchi Stand MixerIf you are looking for a way to make amazing baking recipes and without slaving in the kitchen, then Litchi stand mixer is the machine to go for. It will make your life easier and guarantees 100% mouthwatering recipes.

The product features a 650 Watts motor that has 6-speed control as well as a pulse function for exceptional kneading and also mixing performance.

This stylish and ergonomic mixer has a tilt-head function that allows easy access to your mixture and other different accessories. These attachments include a Y-shaped mixing blade, a whisk, a C-dough hook, and also a flex flat beater.

The best product to surprise your family members and colleagues during events such as weddings, housewarming birthdays, and many more. This will be the focal point throughout and its great reputation of convenience, elegant design, and also time-saving will have them ecstatic.

You rest comfortably knowing that your investment is 100% risk-free since the machine is backed by a 1-month full money-back guarantee as well as a 2-year free replacement warranty.



– 2-year warranty.

– Easy to clean.

– The product is a great gift.

– It is versatile.



– It is quite heavy.



Generally, the product has a great warranty that leaves you with no worries about poor investment. The mixer is also a great value for money with its versatile functions that simplifies all your baking work. It is a product that is worth the price.


9. Sencor Full Metal Stand Mixer

Sencor Full Metal Stand MixerThe product features a 500 Watts motor powerful enough to handle any dough texture. It also has six attachments that will save you time and are also hassle-free.

Not only does it feature the standard three attachments that include a beater, dough hook, and balloon whisk, but there are also other 3 additional accessories used for grating, slicing, meat grinding as well as stuffing.

The attachments have a single bayonet-style together with a locking mechanism as well as a disc mount. This versatile kitchen mixer comes inclusive of the most popular and recent accessories.

The bowl has a capacity of 4.75 quarts and made of stainless steel and it is capable of mixing 3.3 lbs of dough or else whip a maximum of eight eggs white all at the same time.

With a detachable bowl and a bayonet attachment mounting system, the product becomes easy to clean since you can easily remove the attachments.

On top of that, it is safe to use due to the lock-in safety feature at the top position as well as anti-slip feet that promote safe usage.



– Easy to use.

– Lightweight.

– Many attachments.

– Versatile.



– No cone found.



Overall, the product is versatile thus accomplishing all your baking work. It is also easy to clean hence saving you time used when scraping the flour. This makes it a top product for your food mixing.


10. KitchenAid 7 Qt Stand Mixer

KitchenAid 7 Qt Stand MixerThe KitchenAid 7Qt mixer is designed to offer a professional style result and it is regarded as the most powerful as well as best performing mixer.

It has a great capacity of 7 quarts that enables you to mix up to 8 lbs of dough quickly and efficiently. This is the best mixer if you plan to bake for your family or colleagues.

The 16-cup flour capacity bowl has 10-speed ranging from a very slow stir to a fast whip. The slow speed start ensures you do not spill your content on the floor.

The product also features durable construction that shows limited or no wear and the accessories come with a 6-month limited warranty guaranteeing your satisfaction.



– Quality construction.

– Great warranty.

– Easy to assemble and use.

– Versatile.



– It is quite heavy.



Altogether KitchenAid mixer is a great machine with high-quality construction thus no worries of constant breakdown. The product is also versatile and will perform most if not all of your baking tasks. It is a great addition to your home and demonstrates great value for money.


Buying Guide For The Best Stand Mixers.

Below are the factors to consider when choosing the best food stand mixer.



It is best when you choose the most powerful mixer within your budget range. A higher wattage translates to a powerful motor meaning you can mix sturdier dough safely and easily.


Bowl Size.

Large mixers with great bowl size are the winners if you bake throughout the week or you will need to feed a hungry family.

If you consider a large stand mixer with a large capacity bowl, then it will need a powerful motor to need the dough effectively. If you are cooking for a fairly small family of around two, or you have a small kitchen, a small model will suit you.

The small models will be easier to move maybe from the cupboard to the countertop and great if you have no plans of using it on a regular basis.

The large size bowls can range from 5 to 8 quarts and ideal if you plan to bake for sale or for your extended family.


Features and accessories.

They range from the speed to the number of attachments, consider the available features equipped on the model that you are considering. Select a stand mixer that has many speed settings and also comes with a paddle, whisks, dough hook to achieve the best value.


Lift vs Tilt-head.

The tilt-head mixers are the most common and allow you to get the mixer head away from the bowl. However, if you are planning on using the mixer under the kitchen cabinet then the lift bowl models will be the better option since it can be lifted up or down for filling and also removal.


Value for money.

It will not be necessary to break your banks and purchase a machine with numerous accessories if you are only considering making basic cakes.


Final Thought

In conclusion, food stand mixers are a great addition to your kitchen since they will help you in most if not all your baking tasks. They ensure quick and perfect mixing and you will not have any worries about developing fatigue. This article has described the top-rated best stand mixers as well as a buying guide for the same.

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