The Best Swaddle Blankets For Baby 2021

Swaddle blankets should be on the top of your list if you are up for baby shopping.

Soon you would realize how important good sleep is for the baby and you as well.

The swaddling helps the baby have long sleep sessions when you can relax and take little time for yourself. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best swaddle blankets in the market. We have selected options from loose cloth to ready to swaddle more convenient bags.


The Top 5 Best Swaddle Blankets For Baby 2021:

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Let’s see how different options can be useful. Buying a ready to wear a blanket or a piece of cloth depends on your choice.


1. Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap: Best Swaddle Wrap for Newborn

Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap for Newborn



Miracle Blanket is life-saving for sleep-deprived moms. The swaddling blanket wraps your baby in a snug hug and gives him a womb-like feel. The secure feelings keep the baby asleep for long.

The blankets are made of 100% cotton that is the only fabric you can trust for the baby. The soft material feels soft on the baby’s skin. It also allows plenty of airflows, so no chance of baby feeling sweaty or overheated due to tight wrapping.

The blanket is available is so many soft colors. You can choose a blue, pink, white, or any neutral color for the baby.

The swaddling blanket has secure seams on the sides that prevent any rip or tearing of seams. The blanket also keeps the baby secure without too much tightening that some babies hate.

It is also very easy to wash. You can wash it in a washing machine and tumble dry too. The frequent wash won’t fade its color or make it dull.

The quality of the material is fine. It won’t need much pressing after wash. It’s a soft material that keeps the baby secure, preventing any startles or twitching.



  • The breathable material.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Soft in touch.
  • Easy to wash.
  • 100% cotton.



  • You have to learn the swaddling technique.



2. Love To Dream Swaddle UP Transition Bag

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Transition Bag



Swaddling is not merely wrapping the baby in a blanket. It is a proper technique. So if it’s your first time and you don’t know how to swaddle up the baby invests in this type of swaddling bag.

It’s not a piece of cloth like our previous option. It’s a complete ready-to-swaddle bag which is time-saving and easy to use.

The swaddling blanket comes in ready to wear shape. You can simply put the baby inside and zip up.

A swaddle bag helps you to adjust the swaddling technique as the baby grows gradually. You can let his arms free later, and you can even allow his legs out as he grows and likes to stay open.

The swaddle bag has two-way zippers that allow you to change the diapers at night without disturbing the baby.

The swaddle bag is made of 93% cotton. They have added 7% elastin to give the blanket some stretch. It remains comfortable for the baby.

The blanket still remains breathable and prevents overheating. It’s soft on baby’s skin and helps him get proper sleep during feeding sessions. Its certainly one of the best swaddle blankets that you can buy.



  • Ready to use.
  • Grows with the baby.
  • Allow you to change a diaper with a lower zip.
  • Stretchable material.
  • Soft of baby’s skin.



  • Bit pricey.



3. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 

The Best Swaddle Blankets For Baby 2021



These are easy to swaddle blankets for the newborns. The 100% cotton material is all that you want for the baby. It is very comfortable for the baby. It won’t irritate his skin, and also allows air circulation so the baby won’t feel overheated.

It’s a pack of three swaddles so you can wash and use it with turns. It comes in special wings like shape for mothers who don’t know how to swaddle the baby perfectly.

All you have to do is to fasten the wings and baby is safe and secure like in the womb.

The blanket comes with special loops for fastening so that you can make it a perfect fit for your baby.

The swaddling cloth has an appropriate size for babies. However, it is available in two sizes. So if you have a large baby or want to buy for above three months baby make sure you choose the right size.

Overall, it’s a useful option for mothers. Three swaddle also help you to keep rotating them daily and



  • Easy to swaddle shape.
  • Comes three in a pack.
  • 100% cotton material.
  • It comes with Velcro for closing.
  • Available in different colors.



  • You may have a sizing issue with this one.



4. Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle

91btch87mvL. SL1500 The Best Swaddle Blankets For Baby 2021



These are for parents who want the best for the baby. These are organic swaddles and so far one of the best swaddle blankets in the market.

The blankets are made with the finest cotton material. These are extra comfortable and lightweight blankets that engulf your baby as if he is in the womb. The soft material won’t scratch or irritate the baby’s skin.

You can use them in multiple ways. They are perfect for swaddling before sleep. You can also make use of them as a stroller cover, or the light blankets are also perfect to be used as a receiving cloth for the parents.

The blanket comes in the perfect size. It is 47 by 47 inches that has ample room for swaddling babies of all sizes.

The high-quality fabric comes with very fashionable prints. It has a monochrome design that is soft and soothing. The blankets are easy to wash and won’t fade or become dull even after daily use.

Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle



  • Organic material.
  • Extra soft.
  • Soothing monochrome print.
  • Perfect size for swaddling.
  • Easy to wash.



  • Available in one color.



5. HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle

71QLfgo1DuL. SL1500 The Best Swaddle Blankets For Baby 2021



This one is a bit a warm option for winter. It’s not cotton made swaddle like our all previous options.

Its made of polyester and comes in slack like shape for swaddling. The fabric is perfect if you have chilly evenings. It keeps the baby warm and comfortable.

The swaddling cloth comes with special zips for holding the baby in. It features a special inverted zip for changing the diaper when the baby is sleeping.

The blanket comes with adjustable fasteners so you can make it a perfect fit for the baby. It has a unique design with more room for a hip-healthy baby.

You can use it in three different ways depending on your needs and the age of the baby.

You can keep the arms tucked in, or keep the hands out for self-soothing. As the baby grows, you can completely transition with baby’s arm out. So the blanket helps the baby grow with the baby and adjust to his changing needs.

Overall, it’s a good option if you are looking for a warm blanket for your newborn.

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle



  • Keeps the baby warm.
  • Adjustable fasteners.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Allow you to swaddle in three ways.
  • It comes with a sack design.



  • Not a cotton-made blanket.



How Swaddle Blankets are Helpful?

Swaddle clothes, blankets, pods, or bags, whatever you buy for your little one, are invaluable to new mothers.

Just as everything with the baby is new for you, the baby also comes into a new world and may take his time in adjusting to new realities.

They are edgy, cranky, and feel insecure. They miss the cozy, warm, and dark atmosphere of the mother’s womb.

Swaddling gives them a secure hug-like feel. Babies feel more comfortable and can get better sleep.

So here are a few benefits of swaddling.


Provide Warmth:

Whether you have the air conditioner on in summer or a heating system in winter, you want to cover the baby with a nice and warm cloth. So swaddling provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to the baby.


Prevents startles:

Babies often startle in sleep. It’s a special condition called Moro Reflex. They lift their arms and wake up suddenly. They can wake up and start crying unless you are there to soothe them and help them feel secure.

Swaddling keeps baby well wrapped. It prevents any startle reflex and helps babies to sleep longer.


Soothes the Babies:

As we said, babies need to be held frequently. They may feel insecure and agitated for all the reasons. It’s a strange world for them.

Swaddling gives them a feel like they are held by parents and in a safe environment. They sleep better and for longer sessions.


How to Choose the Best Swaddle Blankets for Your Baby:

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting the swaddle blankets for the baby.


Type of Swaddle

Now the method of swaddling and the purpose remains the same, to make the baby comfortable and give him a womb-like secure feeling. But there are different swaddling blankets available in the market.


Swaddle Cloth

Traditionally you have those pieces of cloth soft cloth that is used for swaddling. These are affordable, and you can make use of them in multiple ways like covering the baby in a stroller as you go out.

But you have to know the swaddling techniques for perfectly wrapping up the baby.


Swaddle Bags

These are well-made swaddle bags that leave little for new parents to do. You don’t have to be a pro to use them. You need to put the baby in and zip it up like a bag. The baby remains comfortable inside.


Sack-like Swaddle Cloth

Then there are some special sack-like swaddle blankets with loops and fasteners. You can leave the baby in and wrap it up simply.

Fasteners help you have a good fit around the baby. These have wings like sides that you can wrap.

You can customize their use by keeping the arm out as your baby feels comfortable.

These are more convenient and time-saving too.



Whether you are choosing the blanket or special sacks for swaddling, make sure you choose the right size. Too little will not fit, and soon your baby will grow out of it.

Too big, and it will be loose, and won’t give a snug fit. The purpose of the swaddle is to keep the baby well wrapped. So make sure you choose the right size.



The material of the blanket is essential. Babies have very sensitive skin. Some babies are even allergic to synthetic clothes. They can irritate the baby’s skin.

Swaddling cloth is wrapped tightly around the baby. So it should be soft and comfortable.

Cotton is the best material when it comes to any cloth item for the baby. It is soft on touch and does not scratch the skin at all.

Cotton is also a breathable material. So it allows air to circulate through it as well. With cotton-made fabric, you have no risk or making baby overheated. The fabric keeps the baby warm and comfortable.

Some parents are even more careful and want to settle on nothing less than organic. We have included an organic option for those parents in our list of the best swaddle blankets for the baby.


Easy to clean

Whether you are choosing a sack-like swaddle cloth, blanket, or swaddling bag, make sure the material is easy to clean. A swaddle blanket is something you would be using daily. So make sure you have an additional option so you can wash and wear it with turns.


Grow with the baby

If you are selecting swaddling bags or sacks, make sure it allows you to transition as your baby grows.

Babies will not remain immobile for long. Soon they will be wiggling around, and some even hate tucking their arms in the blanket.

So, make sure the swaddle blanket can be used in different ways. It should allow you to adjust the baby’s arms in, above, or even out of the bag.


Final Thought

Swaddle blankets are essential for new parents. They are very inexpensive and easy to afford, but they offer excellent value.

They keep your baby secure, safe, and comfortable. What more new mothers need if they can get little time for themselves with a soundly sleeping baby.


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