Best Tennis Shoes for Mens & Womens in 2021 [REVIEW]

For any tennis player, finding the best tennis shoes is always a plus. Tennis is a physically demanding game. It involves movements and maneuvers within the court. You can only move safely if you have the right footwear.

While there are numerous types of shoes in the market, not all shoes fit every use in the world of tennis.

Manufacturers have specialized in creating different kinds of tennis shoes. That implies there are shoes with different characteristics, including durable shoes, lightweight, and court specific shoes. While getting all these features in one shoe can be impressive, such an incident is almost impossible.

The primary thing a tennis player must understand is that tennis is a fast-paced game, and therefore support and stability are paramount for faster, harder, and stronger play.

Getting a cheap flimsy shoe won’t support you in your gaming. It may lead to injuries.

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Do you want to know the best pick? ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes carried the day as the best overall tennis shoe.

By now, you should know that wrong tennis shoes = poor play + injuries.

Tennis is an exciting and high-speed game. Braking, turning, and sliding are frequent. It would be best if you had a shoe that can keep your feet intact, even with the most sudden and intense move.

Look, it may not be possible to find all top-shelf features in one pair of shoes, but it is vital to get acceptable levels of integrity in a shoe.

All the shoes in this review offer above-average performance.

10 Best Tennis Shoes 2021 Reviewed & Compared:

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes ReviewPerfect Blend of Comfort, Stability, and Lightweight

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ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes may not pass as iconic footwear. But trust me, they meet all the demands of a tennis court and the feet of many tennis players.

What makes the Gel-Resolution 8 a standout is the superior stability levels it offers to its wearers. Precisely, the built of the shoes features Dynawall technology on both the medial and lateral. This results in higher levels of support during motion.

Again there is a new lacing system – Dynawrap! This system is unique as it uses the wearer’s motion to enhance stability. You have two straps:

One connects the lateral edge to the medial lace, and the other connects the medial lace to the lateral edge. When you apply pressure to the lateral side, it pulls the medial lace to create a secure fit. And if you have smaller feet, the mechanism locks in your feet perfectly.

While their many good things to say about Gel-Resolution 8, the low heel cap may make you feel quite insecure because you feel like your feet are leaving the shoe.

The footwear is well padded and feels comfortable. Similarly, the outsole is durable. Actually, it offers more dynamic braking force than its resolution 7


  • Provides better blend stability and Comfortable
  • Traction is decent
  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great support
  • Overall built quality is stable and durable.


  • The shoes are tight feet, which may alter your movements.

2. ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes ReviewBest for Foot Support


ASICS Men's Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes



The ASICS Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes was created to enhance 3 things – support, speed, and comfort. That’s is why renowned tennis player Novak Djokovic endorses them.

The shoe retains the popular elements of the initial FF, i.e., ultra-responsive FlyteFoam cushioning as well as the Mono-Sock construction. But it differs in the upper. The upper has a new design – a heavy presence of a supportive blend of mesh and TPU material.

The new upper, together with the Mono-Sock constructions, makes the FF2 offer maximum support and stability within the court.

Usually, when sliding, there is a tendency for the feet to move laterally. The FF2 has a PGuard technology that stops such movements. So as you play, the shoe contains your feet; however, aggressive you move.

Bounce and responsiveness are consistent throughout the play, thanks to the organic fiber construction FlyteFoam midsole. The super-fibers have a high density and are firmer; thus, more durable.

When you put on the FF2, you’ll feel a roomy forefoot and toe box. This may not be a good thing for some tennis players. However, for FF2, space is due to the stretch of the Mono-sock construction and new upper.


  • Lightweight
  • Offers excellent foot stability
  • Good grip/traction
  • Comfortable


  • No warranty
  • The roomy toe box may make the shoe bigger for some people.

3. NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 ReviewBest for Durability


Nike Zoom Vapor Cage 4



The Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is for faster and more dynamic play than previous cage tennis shoe models. It stands between Vapor and Cage line shoes.

While its design is a standout, actually crazy, the cage 4 is one of the most durable tennis shoes. Additionally, it packs stability and surprising levels of responsiveness. It has an entirely new style, a unique feel, and new tech.

You’ll realize that it has a lower profile cushioning, vital in increasing stability and general court feel. The upper part of the shoe feels durable. However, its durability scarifies on breathability.

Conspicuous observation is the glaring asymmetry between the left and right sides, which it gets from both Vapor and Cage.

Along the bottom of the upper on each side, there are stabilizers and protection. In some parts, the outsole wraps up to protect areas prone to wear and tear, e.g., toes.

To add durability to this shoe, there is a rectangle rubber overlay on the upper. They the rubber overly is in a spaced-out manner. And apart from just strength, sliding effects of players.

One noticeable thing you’ll realize with cage 4 is the partially separated upper. Such a design is vital in protecting laces during extreme sliding.

The shoe is comfortable, though it can be difficult for the first few times, i.e., break-in period. Again, with the roomy toe box, you have to be a little careful with the size. Experts recommend picking a shoe half-size down.


  • Great lace protection mechanism
  • Better stability
  • Durable outsole
  • 6 months warranty


  • Uncomfortable when you wear them for long

4. Lotto Mirage 100 Speed Men’s Tennis Shoe ReviewBest Budget Tennis Shoe


Lotto Mirage 100 SPD

The Lotto Men’s Mirage 100 Speed Tennis Shoes are one of the 2019 releases. They are light and flexible, a design that offers a fast and agile experience in the court.

Tennis players need stability, supports, and comfort is what


It reduces the risk of injury on top of exceptional experience in the court. That is the reason ATP pros like Kevin Anderson and Matteo Berrettini wear them on their tournament.

The quality of the midsole is high. It lets you have an efficient movement in the court. Precisely, it combines technologies such as Syn-Pulse, Enerturn, and BFC to bring out a practical shoe. You are guaranteed excellent cushioning, stability, and shock absorption.

The mirage 100 is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and stable, yet highly durable.

The upper combines nylon and polyurethane, while the toe cap features Kurim rubber anti-abrasion material for durability. Though tough, this material still manages to flex naturally.

There is a layer of soft padding around the heels and in the tongue, while the heel control technology ensures that you get the correct heel support and control.

When you buy the mirage 100, you get two pairs of insoles, which come in different sizes, i.e., thin and thicker. The two thickness sizes make it easy for you to customize your fit.

On the other hand, the outsole features an innovative geometric design to allow traction on your court surface. Besides, the LongLast 40 anti-abrasion rubber compound with a differentiated herringbone pattern ensures a superior grip even on fast surfaces.

Keep in mind; these shoes are narrower as compared to other tennis shoes. As such, they feel snug at the front. It is therefore advisable to order a half-inch up your size for perfect fitting.


  • Lightweight
  • Traction is great
  • Durable sole


  • It’s narrow; hence can be uncomfortable for some people.



5. K-Swiss Aero Knit Tennis Shoes ReviewUnique Looks and Super-Lightweight


K-Swiss Aero Knit Tennis Shoes


K-Swiss Aero Knit Tennis Shoes has a unique upper design. It appears like a shell. It hides the shoelaces beneath the foldable tub, offering added protection. You notice a molded EVA sock liner under the hood that wraps and locks in the foot.

The upper has a flap, which, when you pull back, you access the laces. And, once done, tuck them back. It’s a little clumsy, but with a bit of practice, you’ll find it easy.

This upper design aims to reduce ripped laces. Such is a big problem with players who slide aggressively.

The Upper is soft and lightweight, while the midsole is plush. The Infi-Knit upper is aesthetically appealing and can offer lateral support.

The shoe’s bootie construction offers protection against excessive shifting or sliding when you change directions in the court. It is the molded EVA and TPU midfoot chassis, which keeps the shoe together during aggressive movements. They prevent your ankle from rolling during changes.

The biggest problem with the upper of the Aero Knit is that its breathability isn’t impressive. Additionally, stability is just okay but not great because there isn’t substantial supporting material.

Such downsides make the Swiss Aero Knit Tennis Shoes the best tennis shoes for light hitting and doubles instead of high demanding gaming styles such as competitive singles.

Nevertheless, the shoe is impressive in terms of cushioning. From toe to heel, it features a generous layer of cushioning that makes it comfortable. The surge midsole absorbs shock properly and provides a nice balance and responsiveness.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible upper


  • Not breathable
  • It doesn’t offer enough support like other shoes


6. New Balance 996v4 Tennis Shoes ReviewLightweight Support, Breathability, and High Rebound


New Balance Women's FuelCell 996v4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

The New Balance 996v4 Tennis Shoe boasts impressive technological advancements, which puts it among the highest performing lightweight modes.

How is that?

996V4 is lightweight. Its weight is significantly lower than in previous versions.

The construction of the upper of the shoe is breathable and lightweight, thanks to the Hypoknit material. Further, the low-wear areas have a lightweight solid rubber (LWSR), which keeps the shoe’s weight down.

Tennis movements can damage this lightweight material quickly. To counter that effect, the upper of 996v4 has a reinforcement of PU Medial Guard around the shoe’s front. Thus, it remains stable.

You’ll love the shock-absorbing, responsiveness, and energy return ability of these shoes. Such features are a result of the midsole having a full-length FuelCell and NDurance. Additionally, these features confer traction and durability.

The New Balance 996v4 Tennis Shoe has an updated tongue to ensure that your feet remain in place.

How does it feel to put on the 996v4?

The shoes are quite comfortable, and it’s an ore of true to size. The upper is softer without feeling loose. Generally, it offers sufficient rebound cushioning, with a better feeling underfoot.

Ankle cushioning and support are adequate too, and the addition of wings on the tongue makes it stay locked in place.

However, the best feeling is how the hypoknit gives it a light, airy feel, making the shoes highly breathable. This means you can play for longer without needing to take them off.


  • Well ventilated
  • The interior is well padded, thus comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Higher lateral stability


  • It is a little too snug for some people.


7. Wilson RUSH PRO 3.0 ReviewResponsive Cushioning and Breathable


81qE5nAHkrL. AC UX395 Best Tennis Shoes for Mens & Womens in 2021 [REVIEW]


The Rush Pro 3.0 retains its predecessor’s (Wilson Rush Pro 2.5) stability, durability, and reasonable comfort. But, it adds something else – better ventilation and lightweight nature.

From the look, the 3.0 has a streamlined design and is given a whole new upper. It has more mesh, which provides it with high adaptability and breathability. The shoe is generally softer on the inside, while the Duralast rubber outsole offers reliable traction and durability.

However, you have to be careful with these shoes because you may lose a bit of support while playing. This ultimately leads to toe jamming. The loss of support is primarily due to the stretching of the upper.

Is the Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 worth your dollars?

Many aspects of this shoe make it stand out. It offers comfort, stability, and control. The cushioning around the shoe makes it comfortable. The upper is soft, while the underfoot is highly supportive and responsive rather than plush.

Surprisingly, with all these additions of cushioning material, the 3.0 remains lighter than the pro 2.5.

Again, its users say that it has improved ventilation. You can be on the court for longer times without the shoes baking your feet.

However, the arch support is okay, but not good. But this depends on your feet type.

Pro 3.0 has exceptional durability also, thanks to Duralast rubber. Also, it has an acceptable level of grip.

Again, the toe guard is well made, which means you have excellent durability, toe protection when you drag your feet, and a generally substantial toe guard.

And that’s why it has a six-month durability guarantee.


  • Acceptable breathability
  • A more responsive underfoot cushioning
  • Soft and well-padded interior
  • Comfortable


  • Toe jamming caused by the rigid and pronounced toe guard


8. Nike Vapor X Knit Review Streamlined Customized Fit and a Solid Close-To-Court Cushioning


Nike Vapor X Knit


The Nike Vapor X Knit has the looks and the features that make it ideal for tennis play. What you’ll love about this tennis shoe is the support, stability, and looks. No wonder Roger Federer loves them!

Vapor X knit employs similar technology to the Vapor Xs, e.g., Zoom Air unit and XDR outsole. However, specific to this shoe is an additional innovative upper.

It has a one-piece upper, and it enhances support via introducing Circular-Knit material and an internal sleeve. Furthermore, the knit upper and the bootie construction alongside the Dynamic Fit lacing system allow you to customize your fit.

Apart from being sufficiently comfortable, the shoe offers acceptable stability. It locks in your feet, giving you a secure feel. Moreover, the bootie construction hugs your feet nicely, reducing movements.

Note that, around the toe and medial sides, the shoe has an addition of durability pieces. The pieces give the shoe a stiffer feel but an awkward one. Nonetheless, you get reliable protection against foot movements while stopping or changing direction.

The shoe runs a little bit narrow, especially the toe box, but they are similar to the Vapor X. the only difference here is that the Vapor X has a more pronounced dynamic fit system than the knit.

For the knit, the internal is responsible for upper support, and they hug your foot during dynamic movements.

The rubber on the outer sole is durable. Even with intensive use, it shows minimal wear and tears. However, toe protection deteriorates unexpectedly faster.


  • Bootie constructions and knit offer great support and protection against foot movements when you stop or change direction.
  • Acceptable supportive cushioning and are responsive.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable sole


  • Not breathable
  • It can be uncomfortable for wide feet


9. Fila Men’s Axilus 2 Energized Tennis Shoes ReviewBest for Aggressive Play Style and Wide-Feet Individuals


Fila Men's Axilus 2 Energized Tennis Shoe


The Fila Men’s Axilus 2 Energized Tennis Shoe is an excellent pick for people having wide feet. But it packs all the essential features you’ll get in a high-end shoe.

You’ll love the Axilus 2: the stable upper, durable outsole, and lightweight. It is breathable but not sufficient enough for a long time play. Again, most users and testers found the toe durability to be a little wanting.

On a general note, the shoe stands up to its role.

The shoes have an average score when it comes to comfort. The cushioning on the interior part isn’t much, especially in the underfoot, but it is sufficient for play. Similarly, the midsole has scanty cushioning at both ends of the shoe, affecting its responsiveness.

Nonetheless, the shoe is low to the ground. This makes directional changes of the court safe as well as easy. Additionally, the upper material is flexible; thus, you do have the break-in feel.

Keep in mind that this shoe is wide. If you do not have wide feet, you have to tighten the laces properly to fit properly.

The support level of the shoe isn’t high; you’ll slide around in the court often. But the stability is above average due to the wider fit. It is a low fit, and together with the TPU shank which provides, rigidity, results in pretty good stability.

The sole is generally durable. However, the toe experiences wear and tear somewhat faster.


  • 6-month durability guarantee
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for wide feet


  • Minimal cushioning
  • Narrow and medium feet individuals won’t fit


9. Fila Men’s Axilus 2 Energized Tennis Shoes Review – Best for Narrow Feet Individuals and Stability

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3 Review

Mizuno is an upcoming name in the world of tennis. In fact, a good number of ATP Tour players back this footwear. What you’ll notice with this shoe is that it is a slim fit. So if you have wide feet, it may not be your perfect choice.

Nevertheless, the footwear is consistent in the court. It disperses the impact energy evenly; thus, providing remarkable stability. Besides, it packs a double layer sock liner which that hugs the feet providing comfortable cushioning.

While they may not be the best feet wide footed people, the Wave Exceed Tour 3 remains one of the most comfortable shoes you can take to a tennis court. The generous cushioning offers a plush ride, particularly at the heel. Besides, the uppers are soft, and you do not need a break-in period.

Mizuno Wave is a name best known for its stability.


The Wave Exceed Tour 3 incorporates Wave technology into this shoe. The technology disperses energy from impacts to a broader area. In turn, it allows you to have a stable and smooth ride. With the supportive uppers, this technology ensures that your feet remain at the Centre of the shoe.

Another strong point with this footwear is the traction it offers. It will give the confidence to play in these shoes – you can accelerate, change direction, and break without problems.

A much as this technology delivers on lateral stability, it has minor heel slippage while moving forward.

But, when it comes to sole durability, it’s okay, but not good. We owe this to the lightweight and responsive feel. The outer sole can hold up for quite some time, anyway.


  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent traction
  • Fast feel


  • Narrow fit
  • Heel slippage


Buyer’s Guides: How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes 

Tennis is about 70 percent footwork. Getting anything less than the best tennis shoes is tantamount to failure. Your toes are the most affected part, followed by the sole of the feet. So you need to look for a shoe that will be kind on your feet.

Men and women’s needs slightly different when it comes to buying shoes for tennis due to the difference in play style.

While men want something that can absorb the impact of hard movements and a lot of netplay, women require something to make them get around the court rather quickly.

Nevertheless, both men women need something supportive, comfortable, and have enough traction.

Parts of a tennis shoe

  • The sole: this is the bottom part of the shoes. It is typically spongy and provides extra support and, in some cases, the bounce factor. In most cases, it is made of rubber. Insole shoes, the sole is covered by an outer sole, which a harder layer will contact the floor.
  • Inner sole: this is the entire lining in the interior of the tennis shoe. In the best tennis shoes, this part is usually cushioned and padded to offer extra support. Some designers give it a different shade of color from the upper to add a flash of color around the ankle.
  • Upper – the top part of the sneaker that covers the foot. It is also padded to offer support and comfort to the foot. It is made of textile and synthetic material.
  • Heel counter: this is part that lines and reinforces the inside of the heels of the shoe. It is essential to keep them steady and support your feet.
  • Tongue – this I a part located under the upper that goes over the top of the foot.
  • Foxing: a material strip running around the outside of the sneaker and covers the line where the upper meets the sole. It is essential to slow down the glue’s degradation that holds the upper and the sole together.
  • Lace guard: this part reinforces the lace holes. It is either sewn or glued on top of the lace area.


How We Chose Our Best Tennis Shoes for Men and Women on This List

We understand that whether you are in for a casual play or a competitive play, the best tennis shoe is the ultimate deal, and finding a shoe that meets your ambition is the right way to succeed. We considered:

  • Brand: when it comes to sneakers, there are big names. As much as we love big brands, it is also important to consider their current reputation and the quality of the material they use. All the products are from reputable brands that deliver high-quality shoes that will handle the court’s heat.
  • Reviews: reviews are firsthand information from users. Therefore, they validate the true quality and efficiency of the product. All these products have an immense number of positive reviews, which make the shoes worth the try.
  • Price: it is good to work with a budget. The list of our products has a variety of prices to cater to everyone looking for tennis shoes.

Features To Consider In a Tennis Shoe:


This factor is essential as it makes the shoe to last longer. This factor is vital for tennis players who are frequently on the court, and they may not want to buy other shoes more often. Keep in mind that it is costly to keep on changing the shoe all the time. So finding a durable pair of tennis shoes can save you money as well as give you unmatched support.

Durable tennis shoes are comfortable and offer more support because of the additional material. This addition usually increases the weight of the footwear. Nonetheless, with improving shoe technologies, lightweight tennis shoes can be made.


if you are a tennis player, you probably understand the amount of abuse you can subject your shoe too – friction, tension, scrapping, etc., you need a pair of tennis shoes made of sturdy material to withstand such abuses as constant high-stress playtime.


The shoe must have adequate padding along the interior to get you through a routine of practice and competition without injuries.

Moving around the court with shoes with a mean layer of cushioning will make you feel uncomfortable and result in blisters.

So ensure that you get the best tennis shoe for standing all day. Padding should, therefore, be on insoles, tongue, and sides.


While most people would love having the best lightweight tennis shoes, such shoes always sacrifice comfort and stability.

To make them lightweight, some layers of padding must be removed. However, technology is improving, and we expect lightweight shoes that are comfortable soon.

Court surface

The type of court has a significant bearing on the kind of shoes you buy. Typically, you can play your tennis on a hard court, clay court, or grass court.

You need to find shoes that match these conditions.

  • Hardcourt, e.g., concrete: the outer sole should be resilient while the interior should have sufficient cushioning to protect your foot.
  • Clay court: these grounds are a bit slower. The tennis shoes for this ground should offer both traction and lateral support. The sole should grip without leaving marks.
  • Grass court: you need nothing less of a good grip considering that grass is slippery.

Playing style

The tennis shoe you choose should keep up with your pay style – aggressive baseliner, all-court player, or server.

Baseline players need durability and stability; for servers, they need a durable toecap as well as a perfect fitting insole for protecting your toes.

Shoe flexibility

Flexibility is a factor that allows the tennis shoe to mold your feet as you move around the tennis court.

Essentially, more flexible shoes will help you run around easily – the material in the shoes will adjust to your movement. Advanced players find these shoes as their best option.

The downside of these shoes is that they offer little support.


Tennis shoes that offer support usually may come with a higher profile around the ankle for extra support. Besides, the shoes have more cushioning in the sole and upper.

This keeps the foot stable, helping with pain and preventing injury, but it sacrifices flexibility and mobility. These shoes, however, are good for people with previous tennis injuries.


Is there a difference between sneakers and tennis shoes?

Sneakers cover a wide range of shoes that can be worn both in the court and in regular dressing shoes. However, tennis shoes are specifically created for playing tennis on various tennis courts.

How should tennis shoes fit?

Any tennis shoes should give comfort and support during gaming. Keep in mind that tennis is an intense game.

The shoe should leave at least 3/8 to a half-inch between your big toe and the end of the tennis shoe for it to be appropriately sized. The heel should fit tightly, and the shoe must not let your foot slip up and down while walking.

How long should the shoes last?

Like any other athletic shoes, tennis shoes should last for between 3 to 6 months or 500 miles, but this depends on how often you use them.

Still, your type of play or court you play determines how long your shoe lasts.

How do you stop tennis shoes from squeaking?

Squeaking is a common problem with sports shoes. You can apply strategies like applying baby powder under the insole, and you should fix the loose soles and heels.

Besides, ensure that you clean and dry your shoes after every use, and if you have leather shoes, oil them regularly and ensure they remain clean.

Must you wear tennis shoes while playing tennis?

Absolutely. Tennis shoes provide cushioning and traction needed or proper playing on the tennis field.


As much as your racket and balls may help you achieve your best in tennis play, taking your footwork seriously can elevate your gaming to a whole new level.

With proper research, you’ll get the best shoe for tennis. Keep in mind that flexibility, support, comfort, and stability are crucial to finding the right shoe. Still, you should not sacrifices on durability, the breathability of the material, and traction.

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