The TOP 6 Best Beverage Fridges With Locks 2021 (Reviews)

The wait is over and here I finally made it to the TOP 6 best beverage fridges with locks – They are durable, affordable, and are for most home use needs.

One of the most crucial things that people look for when buying a beverage refrigerator is a lock. There are many benefits of buying a beverage fridge with a lock. First, it prevents your precious beverages from being stolen.

Secondly, it prevents children from gaining access to the fridge and playing with content inside. Lastly, a lock also prevents people from gaining free access to your beverages. This is important, especially if you have stored costly and valuable beverages in the fridge.

Buying a beverage refrigerator with locks will give you total control over the beverages you have stored inside. You will determine how much beverages are consumed, who consumes it, and who gets to access your refrigerator. This means no unpleasant surprises.

But the quality of the beverage refrigerator with a lock that you purchase matters a lot. Some beverage refrigerators are equipped with high quality and secure locks, while others have low-quality locks that break down after a few days of use.

If you want to keep your valuable beverages out of reach by unauthorized persons, you need to purchase a beverage refrigerator equipped with a high-quality lock. To make your work easy, we have reviewed multiple beverage refrigerators with locks and compiled a list of the six best beverage fridges with locks.


1. Whynter BBR-801BG beverage refrigerator

best beverage fridges with locksWhynter is known to manufacture high-quality, energy-efficient, compact, and secure beverage refrigerators, and Whynter BBR-801BG beverage refrigerator is no exception. This refrigerator is equipped with a cylinder lock that provides protection and additional security from unauthorized persons. The cylinder lock that features is one of the best locking systems. It is highly secured, reliable, and durable.

The fridge’s sleek and compact design enables it to fit in even in tight spaces easily. Therefore, this refrigerator is highly recommended for people with limited space. The installation is either free-standing or built-in; the choice is yours.

The digital temperature control that it features allows you to adjust and monitor the fridge temperatures to get the best results. The fridge temperature ranges from 34 degrees F to 43 degrees F, which is ideal for storing beverages, including wines which are very sensitive to temperature

The powerful compressor cooling that it features provides continuous and consistent cooling on stored beverages. LED lighting with on/off switches provides the much-needed illumination for enhanced visibility. The reversible door that it is equipped with allows users to access the fridge from both sides, making it convenient for both right and left-handed persons.

The Positives:
  • Cylinder lock
  • Large capacity: can hold up to 80 standard 12oz can
  • Digital temperature control with a temperature range from 34°F – 43°F
  • Powerful compressor cooling
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Built-in / Freestanding installation
The Negatives:
  • Quite noisy


2. Aobosi 24-inch beverage and wine cooler

best beverage fridges with locksThis 24-inch dual-zone beverage cooler is perfect for those searching for a large capacity, easy to operate, quiet, secure, and energy-saving beverage fridge.

It is equipped with a high-quality safety lock that protects your beverages from free access.

This fridge features an advanced temperature control system that allows you to independently control each zone’s temperature. This is important because it allows you to store your beverages at the best chilling temperatures.

The left zone offers a temperature range of between 35.6 degrees F and -50 degrees F, while the right zone offers a range of 41 degrees F and 64.4 degrees F.

Its large storage space can hold up to 18 standard Bordeaux bottles, and 57 pops cans. This fridge is ideal for storing beer, wine, water, and soda together. The high-efficiency and powerful compressor that it features is super quiet (42dB) and equipped with circulation fans that cool all bottles or cans quickly and evenly.

Each cooling compartment is illuminated by blue LEDs, which improves visibility and enhances the fridge’s aesthetics.

With this refrigerator, you do not need to leave a lot of space when installing for heat dissipation. This is because the refrigerator is equipped with a stainless-steel front vent. This makes this beverage refrigerator perfect for built-in installation.

Its attractive look also makes it perfect for freestanding installation in your office, living room, kitchen office, etc. The adjustable feet that it features help to make the refrigerator stand horizontally.

The Positives:
  • Powerful compressor for fast cooling
  • Safety lock
  • Removable shelves
  • Transparent digital displays with one-touch controls
  • Large capacity
  • Advanced temperature cooling system
The Negatives:
  • Consumes a lot of space


3. Kalamera 15-inch beverage cooler

best beverage fridges with locksKalamera 15-inch beverage cooler is ideal for those looking for a compact, high-capacity, energy-efficient, and secure beverage refrigerator. This cooler is equipped with a high-quality locking system that keeps your precious beverages out of reach from unauthorized people.

Its stainless-steel material and transparent glass front with blue LED lighting to add esthetics to your home. The powerful whisper-quiet compressor that it features uses advanced cooling technology for even cooling your bottles and cans with minimal vibration.

Although compact, this Kalamera 15-inch beverage cooler can hold up 96 cans of your favorite can of beverage. The embedded carbon filter helps to purify the air, thus removing odors to preserve your beverages better. The soft blue LED lighting helps to enhance visibility, while the removable beech wood shelves allow you to store your beverage in an orderly manner.

The tempered glass door that it features helps prevent the damaging ultraviolet rays from damaging your drink’s taste. The one-touch control panel with an LED light makes it easy to adjust and monitor the fridge temperature from 38-50 degrees for optimum cooling of all your beverages.

This unit also features a temperature memory function that restores the unit’s set temperature after it is back on from power lost. This is important because it helps to keep your beverage from going bad with increasing temperature

The Positives:
  • Quiet operation
  • Lock system for security
  • Sleek design
  • Super quiet
  • Powerful whisper-quiet compressor
  • Removable shelves
  • Free-standing
  • Temperature memory function
  • tempered glass door for UV protection
  • Embedded Carbon Filter
The Negatives:
  • The door is not reversible


4. Amaste wine and beverage fridge

best beverage fridges with locksIf you are looking for a secure beverage fridge, Amaste wine and beverage fridge is the right choice for you.

This unit is equipped with a high-quality and reliable lock that prevents children and other unauthorized persons from gaining access to the fridge’s content.

This unit has a dual temperature zone, each with its own control panel. This allows you to set the perfect temperature for your beverages. The advanced compressor cooling system that it features maintains a steady temperature of 41-65-degree F on the left zone and 38-65°F on the right zone.

The interior of the refrigerator is the same temperature, meaning that every shelf is evenly cooled. The Amaste’s advanced compressor cooling system that it features maintains your beverage in a steady temperature range of between 41 and 65°F, which is crucial, especially for storing wine.

The advanced internal air circulation system that it features to ensure that air circulates to all beverages are cooled evenly.

The double-pane tempered glass that it features protects your wine from ultraviolet rays and other elements that may damage your beverages. This unit can comfortably hold up to 24 bottles and 92 cans.

The adjustable and removable wooden and glass shelves with soothing rolling designs help to hold your beverages securely. The built-in Blue interior LED light will help you identify bottles and quickly read your wine/beverage labels.

The Positives:
  • Built-in or Freestanding installation
  • High-quality lock system
  • Quiet operation
  • Double pane tempered glass that protects the unit against UV rays
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful compressor
  • Blue LED light for increased visibility
  • Adjustable and removable wooden and glass shelves
The Negatives:
  • Quite expensive


5. Danby beverage center

best beverage fridges with locksDanby beverage center is perfect for people who are looking for a space saver beverage cooler.

Its 4.3 cubic feet beverage can store up to 124 soda cans and seven bottles of wines. Its temperature range of between 39 degrees F to 64 degrees F is perfect for storing your beverages cool without freezing them.

The Danby beverage center features a powerful compressor with fan-forced cooling that maintains a consistent internal temperature throughout the cabinet.

The digital thermostat that it features will allow you to know the refrigerator’s temperatures at glace. The glass door display and blue LED interior lighting allows you to clean the unit’s contents.

The integrated key and lock system that it features enhances the security of your drinks. The tempered glass doors with stainless steel trim help keep your drinks cold and safe by blocking the UV rays. It also features a reverse door that makes it easy for both left and right-handed users.

The Positives:
  • Reverse door
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful compressor
  • Lock up your beverages
  • Features a mechanical thermostat
  • Blue LED interior lighting showcases the contents
The Negatives:
  • Limited space


6. KoolMore Commercial beverage refrigerator

best beverage fridges with locksIf you are searching for a commercial refrigerator with a high-quality lock system, the KoolMore Commercial beverage refrigerator is an excellent choice for you. This unit is perfect for storing soda cans, beer bottles, sports and fitness beverages, and energy drinks.

The KoolMore Commercial beverage refrigerator is equipped with a premium-grade glass that removes condensation and keeps internal cabinet temperatures at optimum.

The adjustable temperature control panel allows you to set the ideal temperature based on the contents to ensure optimal cooling. The beverage cooler can be adjusted from 1 to 7.

LED lighting at the top of the unit helps to enhance visibility. There is also an independent light switch that you can turn off before you head home to help save energy. The lock system that it features will ensure that all the refrigerator contents are safe even when you are not close.

The Positives:
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Double-paned tempered glass
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Large capacity
  • Powerful compressor
The Negatives:
  • Quite noisy

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If you want to enhance your beverage fridge’s security, you need to buy a beverage fridge with a lock.

This way, you will be sure that your fridge contents are safe even when you are not close to the cooler. However, the quality of the lock that the refrigerator is equipped with matters a lot. It is vital to purchase a beverage refrigerator that is equated with a high-quality lock.

All beverage fridges that we have listed above are equipped with high quality, durable and efficient locks. We recommend them to anyone looking for the best beverage fridge with a lock.


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