The Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500 2021 Review

Are you frustrated with deciding on the best beverage refrigerator under $500 in 2021? If so, then I have got you sorted in this buyer’s guide.

Many hours went into the research for these beverage coolers, and rest assured that you will find your perfect one in this buyer’s guide.

Beverage refrigerators are some of the ideal appliances to have in your house or car if you want a constant supply of cold drinks. It looks like your typical fridge, with the same operating model; the main difference is that this refrigerator is quite small in build.

As such, it can fit in your countertop or your car, something that makes it highly adaptable as it is portable. When looking for an excellent beverage cooler, you must consider the price factor. You need to work within your budget to avoid overspending.

With our being on pricing, we come to your aid with the best beverage refrigerator under $500, offering you a review of suitable units under the indicated price tag.


The TOP 6 Best Beverage Refrigerators Under $500 for 2021 Reviews:


1. XHCP 24L Multifunction Electric Fridge

Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500The XHCP 24L multifunction electric fridge is a fridge like no other, which comes with heating and cooling functions. This feature makes it very convenient for outdoor activities such as camping, where you are sure that your food and drinks are in the desired environment.

At 24 liters, it has an excellent capacity, which can hold many drinks and food. When you combine the heating-cooling function and the impressive volume, then you have the right appliance for your car on road trips and similar engagements. When using the heating function, a thing to know is to give it a 30-minutes pause before going from cold to hot.

The XHCP multifunction electric fridge is also easy to use, and you can connect it to your car for powering needs via the cigarette lighter. This beverage refrigerator is friendly to the environment and will not cause fluorine pollution. It is also lightweight, translating to easy handling.

You cannot ignore this refrigerator’s small frame, which makes it a great addition to your car without taking much space.


Key Features

  • It has heating and cooling functions.
  • 24-liter capacity.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • It is a semiconductor electrical fridge.
  • Economical on space courtesy of small dimensions.


2. XHCP 22L Mini Fridge

Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500When getting any appliance for your car or office, you might consider the aesthetic factor to improve your space’s look. Talking about aesthetics, the XHCP mini-fridge comes in a unique design that will radiate your car’s interior or your desk at the office.

The fridge has a 22-liter capacity and can accommodate a large capacity of items you want to store from drinks, health products, vegetables, and fruits. You can choose the hot or cold settings, a feature that makes it versatile – picture an appliance that can either heat or cool your foods to see how convenient it is. The fridge has a powerful dual-core cooling effect, where you witness a 28-degrees Celsius temperature reduction in 5 hours.

Topping up on its catchy design is its small dimensions of 28.5X35.5X42centimeters, making it economical on space. It can fit in your car or office without taking much room. The dimensions also contribute to portability, coupled with a side handle that makes it easy to carry and handle.


Key Features

  • It has an excellent design.
  • 22-liter capacity.
  • Small build.
  • Features hot and cold settings.
  • Intelligent CNC display.
  • Low noise production and energy saving.
  • It has a sturdy glass door design, with anti-scratch and dust-proof qualities.


3. CJVJKN 6l Mini Car Refrigerator

Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500The CJVJKN 6L mini car refrigerator is the ultimate solution to your warm soda or bottle of water. It has a small design that is ideal for your car and is the best companion when you are out on a road trip. You can appreciate its flexibility, where you can also use it at home, so long as you have an adapter.

Unlike most mini-fridges, this one has a quiet motor fan, eliminating noises, disturbing at times. With a 12-volt rating, this is not an appliance that will hike your electricity bills if you set it in the house. You can switch to the hot mode when using it, warms your food instead of cooling it.

The mini-fridge is lightweight at 11.02 pounds and comes with a strap, allowing you to carry it like a cooler box. You can expect a long service from this cooling appliance due to its sturdy build. It has zero fluorine pollution, making it environmentally friendly.

Some of the stuff you can warm or cool in the CJVJKN 6L mini car refrigerator include medicine, fruits, vegetables, drinks, and snacks.


Key Features

  • Quiet motor.
  • A strap for portability.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Lightweight at 11.02 pounds.
  • A 12-volt rating.
  • It has both warming and cooling features.
  • Zero fluorine pollution.

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4. QCGZJCY 25L Mini Car Refrigerator

Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500A key factor to consider besides price when getting a beverage refrigerator is the capacity.

Mini fridges with a larger capacity, such as the QCGZJCY 25L mini car refrigerator, give you enough room to store many drinks, fruits, and other things you want chilled.

The impressive volume makes this mini car refrigerator suitable for larger passenger cars like vans or SUVs.

This cooler is also user-friendly, and you can easily work your way out with its controls. You set the preferred temperature, which will reflect on the temperature control panel.

Let us pay attention to its premium build, featuring a corrosion-proof plastic exterior and a stainless-steel interior. This build makes the appliance robust and durable and improves its freezing capability.

The battery protection system has three levels to pick from if you want to contain a battery drain automatically. Another thing to know about this cooler is that it does not have fluoride insulation, making it environmentally friendly.


Key Features

  • A 25-liter volume.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • It features a premium build with a corrosion-proof plastic exterior and stainless-steel interior.
  • A battery protection system to prevent battery drain.
  • No use of fluoride; hence, it is environmentally friendly.


5. QWE 20-Liter Portable Car Fridge

Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500All-rounded is the best term to describe the QWE 20-liter portable car fridge, starting with its amazing futuristic look.

Based on its looks, you can upgrade whichever space you want this beverage refrigerator to grace, from your car, desk, or kitchen countertop.

Another fascinating thing about this appliance is that it uses direct-current technology. The result is a fast-freezing capability.

You may also choose between the warming or cooling functions, a hint at its versatility. This means storing various items from ice-cream, breast milk, medicine, drinks, and even health supplements.

This QWE beverage refrigerator has a noise reduction design, which helps reduce the emission of sounds that can be a nuisance.

At 20-liters, this appliance gives you ample room to store many items, for maybe a road trip or to have constant snack supplies in the office. Another perk is that it has energy-saving properties.


Key Features

  • A stylistic design.
  • Economical on space.
  • Uses the direct-current technology for a fast-freezing capability.
  • It has both cooling and warming functions.
  • A noise reduction design.
  • 20-liter capacity.
  • Energy-saving properties.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

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6. QWE 10-Liter Mini Fridge for Cars and Dormitories

Best Beverage Refrigerator Under $500If you have a road trip coming and you want an endless supply of cold drinks and snacks, you should set your sights on the QWE 10-liter mini fridge for cars and dormitories.

As its name implies, it is also a great addition to your room, where you have a budget and easily manageable cooling utility.

You will appreciate its simplistic design at first sight, which can boost your car’s or room’s outlook.

It is a multi-grid storage beverage refrigerator, which allows you to arrange your fridge and have things in order. It also maximizes the 10-liter capacity, where you can have some beer cans, fruits, and even an ice-cream tab in the different grids.

It is a dual-use fridge, meaning it has both cooling and heating functions, showing you how adaptable it is.

The appliance has a quiet fan; hence, no noise as it runs.

The aluminum build guarantees you lengthy service, without signs of wear and tear.


Key Features

  • Simplistic design.
  • Multi-grid storage.
  • A ten-liter capacity.
  • Dual-use, as it can warm and cool.
  • A quiet fan.
  • A sturdy aluminum builds.
  • A 5-kg weight.

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Final Verdict.

A beverage refrigerator is one of the most convenient appliances you can have, where you take advantage of its cooling function and small design. A look at the best beverage refrigerator under $500 gives us a decent collection for you to check out as you take care of your finances.

There are several features that the highlighted mini-fridges major on, such as aesthetics, where some have excellent body styles and durability. Other features are convenience, capacity, and weight.

There are some with a dual function, where you can use the fridge to either cool or heat your food, which is a giveaway of their versatility. Still, on versatility, you may have the fridge in your room, your office, kitchen, or car depending on your preference.

It is a great utility to get, and this review narrows down your search to some of the best under the $500 price tag.

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