Black LCD Screen Air Fryer Review

This air fryer comes in a bold black color, and for a no-name brand appliance it sure packs a punch; It has an LCD screen where you can control your cooking time and temperature.

It also has eight nifty pre-programmed cooking settings which include a variety of dishes such as steak, chips and even cake!

The design was created with the consumer in mind and we found the pull-out cooking basket easy to use. We were no longer weary about washing-up since the drawer and the basket is both dishwashers friendly.

This fryer also includes a nifty little feature in the form of a food filter on the back of the appliance which stops any unwanted smells dead in its tracks and keeps any dust from entering your food.



  • Time Out
    This fryer features an auto-stop function; so that the timer and the heat both shut off if you happen to open the cooking basket mid-cycle. Probably not a feature that will easily curb any cooking curiosity, but we found it handy.
  • Not Too Hot to Handle
    With a thick plastic exterior, the fryer is cool to touch even while it is cooking. And yes, we quite irresponsibly and very living-on-the-edge actually tested this. The reinforced heat resistance also ensures that the fryer lasts longer.
  • The Sounds of Silence
    There are quite a few fryers on the market today that some do complain is a bit noisy. This black beauty is one of the fryers that we found is not very noisy, and remains quiet throughout the cooking process.
  • Try All Eight
    The fryer has eight different settings which help you cook a variety of healthy dishes with over 80% less fat. We enjoyed testing these out; from cake and chicken to steak.
  • Functional Food Filter
    We liked this feature since it finally demotes fryers as fatty fume dispensers. This handy installation ensures that all oily fumes are blocked and any extra oil is stored in the bottom of the fryer.
  • Going, Going, Gone Grease
    The pot is made from non-stick material, so all we had to do was leave the pot in soapy water for no more than ten minutes and all grease and stains were gone.


  • Getting Worked Up Over Washing
    The included cooking basket is made of wire, which makes it much more difficult to clean than some others.
  • Less is More
    We loved the LCD screen and loathed the touch controls. There are so many options to choose from that it does become a bit complicated at a certain point. Although after a while you do get used to it.
  • No Name
    This fryer is a no-name brand and if you are a stickler for a trusted name brand appliance, this might be a problem for you. We did feel a bit like we were playing Russian fryer roulette when we made the purchase. However, we read so many raving reviews that we had to try it out for ourselves! This fryer does the job just fine, and if you are looking for a well-trusted appliance on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, then this is definitely recommended.

Product Features

black lcd screen air fryerThis fryer’s auto shut-off function actually makes forgetting a non-factor. The double pan cooking style ensures that food is cooked evenly throughout the cooking process. With its potent 1500-watt cooking power our meals were prepared in no time.

We especially loved the “warm-up” setting; this meant that we could easily defrost our meats and vegetables without worrying about accidentally cooking them.

Price & Value for Money

If you’re not a brand fanatic this could be the perfect entry-level fryer for someone testing out the air fryer waters. It’s an effective and functional fryer that doesn’t require you taking out a loan in order to take it home.

There is always a bit of risk involved when it comes to a no-name brand since you don’t know exactly how reliable the appliance will be, but we found no proof that this appliance will perform poorly anytime soon and neither did many others judging by various positive reviews.


30cm deep x 33cm wide x 31cm high


This fantastic member of the fryer family can hold 1.7kg of food.

What You Can Cook

Like most air fryers on the market today, your dish choices are almost unlimited – it all just depends on your fryer’s cooking capacity. This fryer cooks meat and fish to absolute perfection.

We would recommend using this appliance for all your main dishes if you are planning on serving a couple of people. For family-sized portions, you’re probably better off sticking to some side dishes.

It’s important to note that its cooking capacity won’t hold full-size cuts of meat like an entire chicken breast.


Final Verdict

black lcd screen air fryersFor a no-name brand, this beasty turned out to be a worthy contender amongst the fryers on the market today. For almost half the price, it’s a fantastic option if you want to start testing the family-friendly air fryer waters.

It’s a sturdy kitchen appliance made from high-quality materials, which makes cooking effective and washing simple and fast. With a large variety of cooking options, you can easily make a large variety of meals – although you shouldn’t bargain on the recipe booklet to help with that.

It can also be a little tricky to master all these programmed touch control options the first time around, however, you will get used to it.

If you’re a fan of the non-smelly, silent fryer variety, and don’t want to spend a huge amount, then this appliance is definitely for you.

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