Blesser’ & ‘Blessee Relationships’

It’s a new buzzword now, much like the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, it’s everything to do with what you’re prepared to do for money or using the money in exchange for companies. Unlike sugar relationships, especially in black urban circles where ‘blesses’ and ‘blessee relationships’ are all the rage.
blessers blessee relationships

What is a blesser?

A wealthy man who is maybe filthy rich and relatively old, but he indeed has money and he’s generous to you. You may lack money because of tuition and now you’re about to back to school, you’re may need rent because you just have lost your job, you may broke and need someone helps you with credit debt. Or you just want a luxury lifestyle. If you date one, who can set you up with clothing accounts, college tuition and overseas holidays when spring break, and sometimes even a car. So it means your life has been blessed.

 Sugar Daddy VS Blesser

On my opinion, they are same, financially anyway… Still, some small differences, for example ‘sugar daddy’ is more famous word when people see a rich older man who spoils a young woman, but ‘blesser’ is not put so much attention on ages, and it is more popular in the black urban circle.

levels in This Game

Trust me when I say there are levels in this game, I’m not kidding you. As some blesser dating sites claimed, if you’re lucky enough to hook up with a Level One Blesser, you might get blessed by Dubai vacation, luxury shopping once a week, and you might even get yourself a flat as part of the deal.

How About Sugar Relationship When Compared with Blessee Relationship?

Vote sugar relationship if I must do something. I read some news and social network content about blessee relationship, kinda tends to go to extremes, someone thinks of young women are engaging in a new type of exchange of ‘sex for goods’. Because many blessers are Playboy and they want hook up more than companionship or friendship, basically sugar relationships are more about conversations and get to know each other more before meeting or really spoiling. I think it’s softer and more reasonable.

A Controversial Topic

Someone thinks that it is hard to prove the value of education and hard work when our youth see so many struggling graduates and there seem to be all these ‘short-cuts’ to the good life. But why sugar daddy dating has been needed by growing numbers of people? If both parties are happy with themselves, why you stranger judging that? “A blesser is a new trend. Why suffer as if you are not beautiful enough to be blessed? Enjoy yourself, and don’t let people judge you.” —One of the Facebook pages posted. Agreed.
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