Blood Spells: Cast Free Blood Magic Spells in Step by Steps

Did you know that when you cast a blood spell, you are casting a very powerful spell? Did you also know that the use of blood in any spell also gives the spell a very strong connection to the other side? Blood spells did not just come into existence. Blood spell has been in existence longer than many other spells we all know today. Blood spells can be used to get whatever you want promptly. Apart from that, blood spells are powerful, and with that, you can always expect to get what you want out of the spell every single time.

I know when the word blood was mentioned, what first came to your mind was something dangerous, or something that involves you killing another person. But trust me, you can still perform a blood spell without killing a person. And the best part is that you would get just what you want out of the spell. Just before proceeding with the step by step process of how to cast free blood magic spells to let’s understand some few things about blood spells.

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What are Blood Spells?

What Happens When a Man Eats Period BloodBlood spells are spells that are cast with the use of blood. When casting a blood spell, it is important to note that blood is all that is necessary for the ingredients needed to be complete. So, not all blood spells involve you taking a life. Truly I would not deceive you or convince you, and there are other blood spells that involve taking the use of a live animal’s blood. In some more severe case, human life might even be required. But I wouldn’t advise you to get into that kind of magic.

When the magic spell you claim to indulge in always requires you to take the life out of someone all in the name of the use of blood is black magic. And black magic of this magnitude is a big no for you trust me. But that aside, in the blood spell we would be talking about today, all we need is just blood. Either your blood or the blood of an animal, whichever you prefer.

Blood spells are very powerful, and because of that, it should be done with extreme care and caution. Just a slight mistake when casting a blood spell can result in catastrophic repercussions. That is why the blood spell is always done by professionals. But I want to believe you can handle it, so let’s go ahead with the spell. Blood spells are spells that can be cast when it seems as though all other spells are not working. The way and manner the spell changes the way things are meant to be are so amazing.

Blood is unique, and because of that it creates a very strong connection with something. Take for example if you have a friend with a problem and you want to cast a blood spell on your friend to help. You can use your friend’s blood to create a kind of connection to your friend like never before in other to help. The fact that you are using your friend’s blood does not mean you need the whole litres of blood your friend has. All you need to help out in a case like this is just a few drops of blood, and you’re good to go.

Why would you need to Cast Blood Spells?

Come To Me SpellBlood spells are very powerful and at the same time very versatile. You can use a blood spell for virtually every single situation. You can use a blood spell to curse, and at the same time, you can use it to bless. You can also use it to heal, and at the same time, you can use it to cause an illness. Virtually anything you can think about, you can use a blood spell for it.

For you to cast blood spells that work, you would compulsorily need blood to consecrate it. Blood is powerful and the key ingredient in a blood spell. The blood is more or less like the stamp that seals the spell you’re making when cast a blood spell.

If you might have tried so many different spells, and none of them seems to be working, then I believe you would have to resort to blood spells. So, I want you to have that mindset that blood spells are so versatile in what they do. So, whatever you want to achieve, know blood spells can work for it. All you need to cast it is just the true blood, and the right spell to say.

The Risk Associated with Performing Blood Spells

When it comes to performing blood spells, a lot of people are scared if there is any risk associated with performing it. The answer to that question is a simple yes and no, there are risk associated with performing blood spells. The risk associated with performing blood spells is indirectly tied to you. You are responsible for what happens to you while casting a blood spell.

A blood spell has so many uses, and at the same time it has so many steps and ingredients, but blood is always the number one ingredients you would need to make the ingredients complete. Now, if your ingredients aren’t complete and you proceed with a blood spell, there would be complications. Or even if you have the whole ingredients, and you do not follow the steps involved in casting the blood spell is that there would be complications as well. Blood spells are delicate and should be cast with care. So, as long as you keep your head low and you adhere strictly by the rules and regulations of the blood spells you’re good to go. Just make sure you do not have to worry about anything as long as you follow the instructions properly.

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How to Cast Blood Spells

Never Mess With Love Spells And Here's The Reasons WhyAnd now, here comes the best part. The part we have all been waiting for graciously; how to cast blood spells. This blood spell we are going to be talking about is a blessing spell and can be done frequently. It is about sterilising your go-hand. Go-hand in the sense that the hand you make use of for the things you do.

You do not require many things to cast this blood spell. And the best part is that it is a very good thing to do to yourself. So without further ado, here are the ingredients that are needed to cast the blood spell.


  1. One dark red candle
  2. One white candle
  3. A few drops of your fresh blood
  4. White and red threads
  5. New pin
  6. A small bowl
  7. Water



Step 1

The first thing is first, get your mind ready for the spell. Make ready the ingredients you want to make use of the spell. After making ready the ingredients, ensure you work on your mind next. You need to be in the right state of mind for this spell. You need to believe in what you are doing. Your mind needs to accept the spell would work. After getting yourself into the right state of mind, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Next light the white candle first. Inside the small bowl, pour some water, not to the brim though, halfway would be just fine. Use the pin to pierce your thumb. Drop a few drops of blood into the bowl of water.

Step 3

At this stage light, the red candle and place the thumb you pierced into the bowl of water. Say this following chant, “I sanctify you, I bless you. Through thick and thin be the best. Whatever you touch turns to gold.” Say this chant seven times.

Step 4

As soon as you are done saying this chant the seventh time, use the red thread to tie your thumb, the one you pierced. Don’t tie it so stiff, neither should you tie it so loose. After you have tied the thumb, sprinkle all the water on your belonging, like your clothes, your car, your apartment.

Step 5

After sprinkling the blood and water in the bowl, tie that same thumb with the white thread. Ensure you leave the threads tied to your thumb for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can untie the threads, and you can expect to find the spell working out for you.


Blood spells are powerful like I said earlier, and most often it is recommended only when you have tried other spells, and they didn’t work. Blood spells do not also require human sacrifice. So, don’t have that mentality when I mentioned blood sacrifice. So, in all, cast this blood spell and thank me later when it starts working for you. And also remember to be careful and follow the steps as it is so you do not run into problems while trying to fix a problem. Stay safe and remain blessed.


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