Braun Cruzer

Braun Cruzer

Braun Cruzer

Shaving is not something that you have to do in the morning, like having yea and washing your face, it is now a style statement.

There are various ways of shaving your beard. Just take a look around you, and you’ll see several different styles of trims. The Braun Cruzer for the face is just the answer to this.

Review Overview

  • Ease of Use – 9
  • Functionality – 8.3
  • Blade Options – 8.1
  • Close shaving – 7.6
  • Durability – 7.6
  • 8.1 NICE!

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It is a shaver, trimmer, and styler all at the same time. It enables you to make proper curves or prominent edges. Its shave is very close and gives a very neat look. It is above all other shavers because you now have the option to clean shave, or make a goatee or even make the length small only. The Braun Cruzer is adjustable to four different lengths for you to experiment with.

This is a dry shaver, meaning that it is not intended to be used with shaving creams and lather. However, it is easily usable in both dry and wet environments. Even in a shower, the Braun Cruzer works at its best. It is the design and engineering that enable it to be completely waterproof, and therefore it is usable during a shower or on wet skin. Its cleaning is also very simple. As it is waterproof, you have to run it underwater.

Shaving and styling have never been this fun and simple. Consumers around the world have loved this product. In the previous Braun shavers, not much thought had been given to the design and look, but with the Braun Cruzer, the company has gone the extra mile. It’s not the typical black boring shaver. It has two shades of grey with great blue highlights on edge. The shaving head is wider, so the shaving is completed faster.

The Braun Cruzer is a chargeable shaver, and you do not need electricity at the time of shaving. Also, if you have somehow forgotten to charge your Braun Cruzer, you can benefit from its quick shave feature. This feature enables you to perform a quick single shave with just 5 minutes of charging. It is easily chargeable worldwide because it works on 110-240 voltage. Its overall charging is also completed very quickly.

61UKwe MftL. SL1136 Braun Cruzer

As the Braun Cruzer has a great feature to be used everywhere globally, it would have been great if the company also included a traveller bag to store the machine and combs. Also, you might want to test your beard if your hairs are coarse. Sometimes coarse hair is more difficult when it comes to shaving them.

The Braun Cruzer is ideal for sensitive skin. It gives you a close shave and great trim without irritating your skin with cuts and chemicals. The shaved head is touch-sensitive, making it adjustable to all face types and shapes.

The price is very reasonable, under $100. It is easily affordable and very long-lasting. If you have been looking for a hassle-free shaving partner, then this is the one. No additional costs of creams and no problems in maintenance. It a simple product to carry and maintain as well.

91EPOz208lL. SL1500 Braun Cruzer


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