Braun 3 340s Series Review

 The Braun 3 340s Series

The Braun 3 340s Electric Shaver is perfect for men who do not want to accept any compromises. It can be used both wet and dry, making it a comfortable option.

The design is adaptable and versatile, and it manages to handle successfully a three-day beard. This product can be easily integrated into the shaving routine thanks to its great features.



Review Overview

  • Ease of Use – 8.4
  • Functionality – 7.9
  • Blade Options – 7.8
  • Close shaving – 7.8
  • Durability – 8.2
  • 8 GOOD!


Braun Series 3-340s Electric Shaver seems to be the product that you will be using for a long period of time and always achieve the same high level of quality.

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Braun Series 3-340s Electric Shaver is based on a free-float system with triple action. It is gentle to the skin, so it does not cause irritations.

The twin foils, together with the integrated middle trimmer help you achieve a really close shave. As it includes wet and dry technology, it is compatible with gels and foams.

You can use this product on different beard lengths. The trimmer works wonderfully on the moustache area and sideburns.

The LED display provides constant updates regarding the battery level and also the charging status. It is very easy to maintain because it is fully washable so you can forget about the hair getting stuck on the blades.

Braun 3 340s Series Review


  • It can handle all beard types, including the rough one, providing the same close shave;
  • The battery life is excellent, you can use it for more than a week on a single charge;
  • You can use it to shave your whole head, as it does not cause irritations;
  • It is silent, and this means that you will not disturb your neighbours if you shave early in the morning;
  • It handles very well the neck area for a complete shave in no time;
  • It is built solidly and feels very sturdy.


  • The trimmer needs to be held at a certain angle to work perfectly;
  • The on and off button can be a bit uncomfortable for the grip.


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