Braun Series 3 350cc Review

The Braun Series 3 350cc

The Braun 3 series has been highly consistent and reliable and is often considered a top brand among modern users. The latest product in the Braun 3 series, such as 350, has been receiving highly positive reviews from the consumer market due to its smooth results and durability.



Review Overview

  • Ease of Use – 7.3
  • Functionality – 6
  • Blade Options – 7.9
  • Close shaving – 5.1
  • Durability – 7.9
  • 6.8

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The 350 shaver has lots of great features that work in different ways around the skin. The long hair trimmer attached with the 350 razors is an exceptionally well-designed trimmer that works great on long hair. It also offers some unique styling techniques for modern users. The Braun 350 shaver’s washable parts are a great positive point for users as they don’t have to worry about the shaver getting burned or broken down. The body of the shaver is highly compact and sealed, and you can easily wash the blades under the flowing water to get those extra bits cleaned within no time.


The 350 version has a great LED display that indicates low charging status and cleaning conditions. The battery attached to the 350 shavers is more powerful than the other 3 series shavers. It holds a tremendous capacity and can work for several hours without attaching the power cord.


You can even attach the power cord with it and use it smoothly, which is an option that was missing in some other 3 series shavers. A full charge up takes almost an hour, and once you are done with that, you can have almost an hour of good shaving experience without any slow down or stoppage in between.


Another great part about the 350 shavers is the head of the shaving blades, which work tremendously on the skin and don’t cause any pain or rashes. The middle blades help in the adjustments of long hair, especially if you don’t need any major shave and only want a light setting of the facial hair.


The maintenance of a 350 shaver, like  Braun Series 3 340, is also very easy and doesn’t take much time. All it requires is taking off the head of the shaver and a quick cleaning inside. You can even apply some oil onto the moving blades to make them move smoothly without causing any friction. That’s about it with the cleaning phase of the 350 shavers, and once you do that, you can start your next session more effectively.  Despite many positive reviews, there are still some users who associate some problems with this product. Some of the critics complained that the trimmer broke off while trimming the beard.


According to them, this is due to the low-quality trimmer design, which creates a less smooth shaving experience. Another problem with this shaver is that it gets stuck in between a shaving operation. Read how to choose the best electric shaver.


In my view, there may be some problems with the 350 shavers, but I found it a pretty good product, and it still gives me great results. So I’ll stick with it until I find a more superior product to surpass the great features of the Braun 350 version.

Braun Series 3 350cc

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