Break-up Spells: Free Spells that Works Fast

Do you want to learn how to Cast powerful Break-up Spells: Free Spells that Works Fast [in 5 Easy Steps]? Here’s a powerful spells that will break you up as your heart desires. 

We all know how break-up can sometimes be. Sometimes you might not love a person anymore, and because of your goodness, you don’t want to break the person’s heart. In cases like this, you’d probably be doing all your best for your partner to break up with you. That way the breakup would be less painful. But guess what, why go through all that stress when you can easily cast a spell that would make your partner break up with you.

There are also cases when you feel your partner is cheating on you. In cases like that, a breakup spell can come in handy. There are lots of cases where you can take advantage of the use of breakup spell to get what you want. You can even use breakup spells to cause a couple to break up, that’s if you have a crush on one of the partner.

Whatever your case might be that made you decide to indulge in the breakup spells, trust me, you are in the right place. We are going to be talking about breakup spells in this article in details. This article aims to ensure that you are well informed about breakup spells and confident enough to perform one.

What are Break-up Spells?

Break-up spells: Never Mess With Love Spells And Here's The Reasons WhyBreak up spells are spells that are cast in other to cause a rift between two couple married or unmarried. Break up spells are a completely safe and minimal risk is involved. And just like a lot of other spells, break up spells too was not just invented. Breakup spells have been in existence longer than you can imagine. In time past, a lot of people have used the breakup spells for their wants and gains. You too can take advantage of this little secret to get just what you want.

Break up spells are also powerful, or at least powerful enough to break the love between two people. The way breakup spells works is that it removes the love that exists between two couples. Now, when two people claim they are in love, in the spirit realm, it is likened to a plant being planted. Their expression of love is what fertilises the plant to grow and thrive. How much they express the love towards each other is what would determine how well the plant will grow.

So, what the breakup spell does is that it corrupts the connection the couples have with their love plant. Instead of their expression of love should flourish their love plant, it doesn’t. And eventually the love plant starts to shed away, and with time it withers away.

Breakup spells can be used for whatever you will it to do. So, is breakup spells dangerous or not? I think that question can be best answered by you. Breakup spells will allow you to change the course of your relationship or someone else relationship without causing heartbreaks. Both parties breaking up would feel as though it is the right thing to do. To them if you asked why they break up, with a smile they would reply to you it’s our agreement.

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Why would you need to Cast a Break-up Spells

Free Binding Spells for Lovers That Works FastNow let’s talk about why you need to cast breakup spells. In short, simple words, you are casting a breakup spell because you can. And you are casting a breakup spell because that is what you want. Break up spells are cast to get the person to love, or leave the person, or to break the love that exists between two people.

Some people even use breakup spells for revenge. Some people feel if they can’t have the person they love, then nobody will. Technically speaking, breakup spell is more or less like a rift in fate. Instead of allowing fate to decide the course of a relationship, you get to decide it with breakup spells.

Breakup spells have also helped some people break free from unhealthy relationships. Either you are in an unhealthy relationship, and you need help, the perfect solution for unhealthy relationships is a breakup spell. You would be breaking out of an unhealthy relationship without hurting a fly.

And even if you’re not the one in the unhealthy relationship, maybe it’s for family member or your friend, you can still cast the breakup spell on their behalf. But you would still need to get all the ingredients you would need to cast the breakup spell for someone. So, if you can get your hands on the required ingredients to cast a break up spell, you can cast the breakup spell for anyone.

The Risk Associated with Performing Break-up Spells

sin 146121 1280 Break-up Spells: Free Spells that Works FastAre there any risk associated with casting someone breakup spell? Yes, there are just some few risks associated with casting it, but then again, it can be avoided. The risk associated with performing breakup spells is all attached to not following the instructions properly. Instructions are given so that you get what you want out of the spell and avoid running into problems. If you can follow the instructions that are given for the breakup spell, you wouldn’t encounter any problem whatsoever.

Take for example the shame involved if people find out you cast a break up spell. Shame is a risk associated with casting some breakup spell, that is why all breakup spells are done in secrecy. You cannot go out there and explain to every person why you cast a breakup spell.

Apart from that, other adverse side effects are associated with casting a breakup spell. It is advisable that if you are going to cast a break up spell, you should do it well. After all, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. So, in all, when you cast a breakup spell, make sure you know what you’re doing, and you have an end game you want to get. And lastly, make sure you have no regrets.

How to Cast Break-up Spells

Master How to Do Magic Spells for BeginnersAnd now, here comes the part we have all been waiting for; how to cast breakup spells. Break up spells are powerful and involves just some few steps. It also requires some few ingredients, and you’re good to go. When you cast a break up spell, sometimes it works just immediately, and the couple starts seeing their faults and breakup comes next.

In today’s post, I am going to be sharing with you a breakup spell that works instantly fast with the use of lemons. So, before we jump into the instructions let’s know just what and what we would need for the spell to be a success.


  1. Lemon
  2. The couple you want to break up picture
  3. Scissors
  4. Black candle
  5. Purple candle
  6. Cayenne pepper
  7. Black pepper
  8. Vinegar
  9. Salt
  10. Six pins
  11. Black String
  12. Athame


Step 1

Light your candles and place them about a foot apart from each other. The essence of candles is because candles have a high relation with the other side. You can also anoint the candles to make it more potent.

Step 2

Use the athame to slice the lemon into two halves lengthwise. Then on each half of the lemon, sprinkle the cayenne pepper, black pepper, vinegar, and salt.

Step 3

Next, use the scissors to cut and separate the couple face in the picture into two with only their face remaining.

Step 4

Use the pins to attach the picture to the face of the half of the lemon. Do the same thing with the second half of the picture. Then combine both halves of the lemon and use the remaining pin to hold the lemon together.

Step 5

After securing the lemon together, say this chant, “Evil, fight, arguments, sleepless nights and it will get worse and worse. It will be like an evil curse upon your heart. Unless you separate and go your different ways this signs shall not depart from you. Deep down your heart, you know you are out of love and with lots of hate. You would only break free from this bounds when you go your separate ways.” Say this chant three times.

Step 6

As you say the chant the third time, use the black string to secure the lemons together finally. Then you have to go and bury the lemon as deep as you can. So that the lemon would never see the light of day again. No matter how little sunlight shines on the lemon, it would neutralise the effects of the breakup spell.


As at this very point, I hope you have been able to build enough courage to be able to cast this breakup spell. Because by now you should already know all you need to know about breakup spells. So, cast the breakup spell, get what you so desire and thank me later. But do not forget always to be as careful as possible. Follow the instructions vividly and make sure you know exactly what you are doing.



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