Can I Drink Green Juice Every Day?

If you are a juice lover, then there is a common question that can I drink green juice every day because you know excess of everything is bad but don’t worry, the answer to this question is YES. the beauty of green juice is that you do not get bored by drinking the juice of one vegetable and fruit as there are several vegetables and fruits that are green.

Kale, Swiss Chard, cucumber, spinach, celery, and wheatgrass are the green veggies, while green fruits are apple, kiwi, citrus fruit, and kiwis.

If you have a taste issue, you can add parsley and mint to boost your juice’s taste and freshness.

A glass of green juice every day- keeps a doctor away.

Green veggies and fruits have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help keep the blood sugar level low and hinder the clumping of platelets that cause clogging—the risk of heart attack increases.

Green juice also helps to remove the stone of the kidney.

Everyday juice will fulfill the need for fruits and vegetables.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, every adult, men, and women need a specific amount of fruits and vegetables in a day. As 2 cups of vegetables are necessary for an adult person and vary as age increases, it isn’t easy to intake veggie and fruit. Green juice solves this issue as juices of veggies and fruits are easy to intake and fulfill nutrients’ requirement.

Regular intake of green juice will help to increase your appetite.

Juices do not have fiber content. Protein and fiber content are the essential things to indicate that your stomach is full and stop eating. If you take the juice of green veggies and fruits, they already have a small amount of protein, and fiber is also removed during juice formation. So green juice cannot replace your meal as it will increase your appetite, and you will feel hungry after an hour or 30 minutes after taking this juice.

Anti-aging effects

Everyone wants to live young and fresh, but age is a reality. You cannot dent the aging process but delay it with the help of green juices. Green juices have vitamin A, vitamin E, and manganese antioxidants and save the body from oxidative damage and make you look young. For better results, you can add tomatoes and carrots in Spanish or any green juice.

Chlorophyllin green plants help to boost your blood.

Chlorophyll intake is understood while taking green juice. It acts as hemoglobin that acts as an oxygen carrier and helps to treat anemia. Green juice also acts as a buffer and maintains the pH of the body.


Can I drink green juice every day? Yes, you can because it will improve your medical history and keep you young. So, in short, this is an energy drink that boosts my energy level and appetite.


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