12 Signs of Infatuation: Can Infatuation Result to Real Love?

Generally, it’s very common for people to confuse infatuation with love with some of us believing that infatuation can also result in real love. In most cases, people fail to understand that infatuation and love are actually two different things. In reality, infatuation is the actual opposite of love.

To be able to answer the question; can infatuation lead to real love? You need to understand the difference between infatuation and love.

Ideally, love is normally a combination of strong as well positive emotional and mental states that bring a sense of unchangeable desire to be selfless.

On the other hand, infatuation is actually the opposite of love since its an uncontrollable passion towards an individual that is not based in common sense but rather the present feelings as well attraction.


Can Infatuation Result to Real Love?

Affirmatively, infatuation cannot lead to true love since it’s the actual opposite of love. For instance, infatuation is more of receiving while love is more of giving selflessly, infatuation is based on fantasies, imagination, and its short term. Love, on the other hand, is more of a reality and it’s long-lasting. Love is more of being secure, trust as well as willingness to make sacrifices. Infatuation, on the other hand, is more of insecurity and unwillingness to make sacrifices when applicable, and to this effect, infatuation can never result to love.


12 Signs You’re Infatuated with Someone and Confusing it With Love:

  1. With Infatuation, You Never Feel Like Knowing the Person: In most cases, in a relationship, its very crucial that you get to know the other person in a more personal manner but with infatuation that is not the case. You might spend a lot of time with a new person, but you end up admiring them instead of knowing them in person. In most cases, with infatuation you end up imagining about that person and living your own fairy tale, in other instances you end up liking that particular individual since you have a made-up version of them in your mind and this way you feel you don’t want to know that person beyond that you’ve made up for yourself.
  2. You are Only Focused on What You Want from Them and That Relationship: Basically, with infatuation, you end up visualizing the relationship from a personal point of view and not a couple of point of view. For instance, you might be too much focused on the relationship from the perspective of dating, marrying and getting kids as well as short term events, such as spending much time together and bonding but with the other person, it’s quite the opposite. When you find yourselves having two different perspectives, then it means you are too much focused on your interests which are infatuation.
  3. You Become Desperate Easily: Desperation is one of the clear signs of infatuation. In most cases, when one is in an infatuation situation, they want to speed up as well accelerate things to the next level, and that way desperation kicks in as you are too much focused on moving too fast through the relationship. Normally with infatuation, desperation is a result of insecurity.
  4. You are Always Flirting: With infatuation, every conversation is more about flirting with each other as well as complementing each other as if there is nothing else to talk about. Normally, what happens is that you don’t have that much of affection with the other person and that way you seek refuge in flirting and you both don’t want to get out of that phase into the real world and converse how normal people do.
  5. You are Overwhelmed Like You Just Won a Lottery: Been infatuated is more like feeling like you just won a lottery, and at times you still can’t believe that you are with that person and for that, you live in that disbelieve and excitement. In other cases, you might change your schedule just to spend time with that person like skipping work and boycotting friends as well as family members. Infatuation destructs you schedule keeping your mind preoccupied with that person.
  6. It’s Going Really Fast: Infatuation forces an individual to speed things up as well as taking the relationship to the next level. In the real sense, you are so focused on hurrying things out instead of taking time to know the other person. All you want to do is to think about your partner and at times, make quick decisions even without considering the actual facts.
  7. In Most Cases, You Are Not Yourself: Ideally, what infatuation does is that it scrambles as well as messes your brain to the point of not thinking straight. All you think of is to impress that person even to the extent of not been yourself that way been a different person other than you. Again, with infatuation, you are willing to change things that define you just to impress the other person.
  8. Lust Overpowers Your Emotions: Normally, infatuation is all about the now feelings; what you can get from the other person, in other words, you are so much blown away by a person in the sense that you just want to be with them for how they look and not for genuine reasons. Again, infatuation makes you be more sexually attracted to an individual instead of been attracted to the other person for who they are in reality.
  9. You Become Too Defensive: In some cases, you might end up interacting with other people who have interacted with the person who you are attracted to, and in case they bring up a story about that individual you get extremely defensive bearing in mind you barely know them. Occasionally, you become defensive and jealous whenever you see them close.
  10. You Become Delusional: Infatuation strongly affects your judgment since you might think you are in love, but in a real sense, it is a mere attraction which is temporary. At times you don’t think straight, you make rational decisions which are unthought for as well make you be more focused on interests that only concern you.
  11. You Easily Lose Interest In the case that you are already in a relationship, you will easily get bored with your partner. With Infatuation, things that you thought you liked about that person, you no longer find them appealing and as more reality kicks in, you realize you never liked them as a person.
  12. You Are in Love with Superficies ThingsMost of the times, you will hear them say that they like the way another person talks, walks, smiles, or even laugh and claim that they have fallen in love with them. The truth is that this is always infatuation since you can never connect with someone due to some superficial things likes smiles and walking styles. You can only fall in love with someone due to their inner being and not they why they physically look.



To this end, infatuation can never lead to real love since its always based on self believe that a certain person is of a certain version while in reality, they are totally different.

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