Can Juicer Juice Pomegranate? 

Many people and I bet that you are reading this because you are among them, craving to drink pomegranate juice, most preferably in the morning, for its nutritional contents. I will teach you the best way to juice pomegranate and teach you several other things you will find valuable and very enlightened. So, Can juicer juice pomegranate? Yes, you can make juice from pomegranate using your juicer, and there are several ways in which pomegranate can be juiced in a juicer, but which one is the best? This brings me to:

What Is the Best Way to Juice Pomegranate?

I am going to show you the best way to juice pomegranate. We shall use six large pomegranates.

First things first, remove the part of the fruit that looks like a crown using a paring knife. Angle the knife downward to make a circle around the crown.

The next stage would be to cut the fruit into sections. I usually cut the pomegranate into four sections. Still, there is no specific restriction to this, so that you can do more than four or even less, depending on your preferences, then break it open into different sections.

Pour some cool water into a large bowl. From underneath the water, break the pomegranate into sections. Breaking it in the water helps to prevent the pomegranate from squirting all over the place. Drain off the water from the fruit after separating it from the rind.

Pour the arils into a blender, turn it on and let it run until all the arils get crushed, but most of the seeds remain whole. This procedure usually takes up to a maximum of 20 seconds.

Next, pass the pulp through a strainer. You will notice that the process takes some time because the juice is very thick. Use a rubber spatula to press the juice against the strainer. This will make the process go a little faster.

The juice is now ready to be served. The six big pomegranates are enough to fill about four cups. In case you are not able to finish the juice, you can store it in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh for up to 6 days.

Do You Have to Peel the Pomegranates before Juicing?

Yes, it would be best if you peeled the pomegranate before you juice it. The peels, if left unremoved, can interfere with the taste of the juice and introduce a bitter taste in the final product. Please get rid of any significant size membrane to prevent them from spoiling the best juicing seeds. To avoid any wasted of the juice, perform the peeling and everything else above the mixing bowl.

What Fruits Can You Not Put In a Juicer?

If you were convinced that all fruits can be juiced, then you were wrong. I will share with you several fruits that should not be put in the juicer and tell you exactly why you shouldn’t.


In as much as avocados are known to contain a high value in nutrients and their ability to provide excellent flavor in almost any beverage, they cannot be juiced. Here is why: avocados are consistently creamy and are not as juicy as fruits that are good for juicing. It, therefore, presents a problem if you want to extract juice from them.

You can, however, put them in a blender and add them to smoothies and other drinks that are blended and not juiced. You will still enjoy its rich vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and a lot more.

Whole apples. 

Can you juice apples? Yes, but not when they are whole. You should first remove the seeds. The seeds contain amygdalin, which, when metabolized, can be poisonous to the body.


Can mangoes be juiced? No, they cannot. Because of their mushy content, mangoes are not an option for juicing. Instead, if you want to enjoy some thick mango juice, we recommend that you blend it to puree the mango, and it can then be added to any juice.


The fleshy white part of the coconut cannot be juiced because it doesn’t contain enough juice. Similarly, bananas do not have enough juice in them and should not be used in a juicer.


Can you juice cherries? Yes, but the fruit contains a soft mushy consistency, which means that it would take so many cherries to produce a single glass of juice. The main reason why many people tend to avoid juicing cherries is that it requires you to deseed before processing them.

Blueberries are also not suitable for juicing because of the mushy consistency. They are generally expensive, considering that you would need it in large numbers to make just one cup of juice from them.

Can You Juice Pomegranate in a Breville Juicer?

Can you juice pomegranate using a Breville juicer? Yes, you can obtain juice out of the pomegranate fruit using a Breville juicer. You can do this in simple steps.

Juice at least five pomegranates in your juicer. With the availability of a juice press, there will be no need to deseed the pomegranates. Pour cold water into a big bowl, then set it aside.

With your thumb in the middle back of the slice, press to invert the area. Pull down the handle of the juicer to squeeze the juice out of the fruit. At this point, the seeds should pop off into the water.

Slice open the pomegranate, then gently scoop out the seeds. One pomegranate has up to half a cup of juice. This will save you so much money when you prepare your own pomegranate juice than buying t from the stores.

So, to wrap it all up, we have clarified that you can make pomegranate juice using your juicer. I have taught you the best and easiest way to go about the process of making your own pomegranate juice at home. We have made the clarification that not all fruits should be juiced. We have a more comprehensive range of knowledge as concerns the pomegranate fruit, and at that, I want to throw you a challenge that the next time you make a juice using your juicer, give pomegranate juice a try and see how you love it.

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