Can Juicer Make Soy Milk at Home? 

So, you want to make your own soy milk and wondering: can juicer make soy milk at home?

You are probably cracking your head on whether it would be economical to buy another kitchen appliance to make your soy milk or look for a way to go around this. I have some good news for all of us soy milk lovers. You have come to the right place.

Can a juicer make soy milk? Yes, a juicer can be used to make soy milk, and in this article today, I will show you how exactly you can go about this simple procedure. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but I promise you one thing, by the time you get to the end of this article, you will learn so much it will make you regret why you didn’t come here way earlier in the first place.

So, let’s get into it.

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So, Can Juicer Make Soy Milk? 

So, Can Juicer Make Soy Milk? 

Yes, you can make your own soy milk in short, straightforward steps. I’m going to show you just how. Soy milk is easy to prepare and can be a great alternative to milk from the cow. It has a strong flavor and can be found easily in the stores, although homemade soy milk tastes so much better.

You will only need water and yellow soybeans to make your own soy milk from home. However, please note that before drinking soya milk, it should be boiled because it contains legumes, which cannot be consumed raw. You have the option of using cocoa, carob, or vanilla extract as ingredients to make it sweeter.

How Do You Make Soy Milk With Omega Juicer?

To make soy milk using the omega juicer, you will need a cup of dried organic soybeans, six cups of water, salt, a half teaspoon of vanilla extract, a sweetener of your choice, and a teaspoonful of cinnamon.

Soak the soybeans in three cups of water overnight. After this period, drain the water, wash the soybeans in clean water, and then place them in three freshwater cups.

Ladle the soybeans and water into the juicer using the juicing screen in the omega nutrition center. Add more water at this stage if you would love the milk to be less thick.

Transfer the milk to a pot and heat it until it boils. On boiling, reduce the heat to low and allow the milk to simmer for 25 minutes. Skim the milk, then remove the filmy layers and the foam on top of the milk.

Remove the milk from the heat, and add the flavor of your choice, together with some salt, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Mix them until it all dissolves. Your milk is now ready to drink.

How Long Does Homemade Soy Milk Last?

The homemade soy milk can be stored for a maximum of 5 days. The milk will stay fresh for five days, but if you still cannot finish it, remember to boil it after every few days, which will make it last even longer when stored in the refrigerator.

Why Is Soy Milk Bad For You?

Research into the contents of soy found that it contains isoflavones, which resemble estrogen, promoting cancerous cells’ growth. It can impair fertility in women and also disrupt the functioning of the thyroids. According to some scientists, soy has the potential of disrupting the endocrine, which in essence means that it can perform the same function as estrogen in the body, leading to hormone overload.

In case you have thyroid issues, you should keep in check the amount of soy intake in your body. Studies indicate that soy foods interfere with the absorption of medication meant to treat the thyroid. This happens when you take soy in large quantities, as suggested by a nutrients review study done back in 2016. Studies on soy are still in progress, but according to the scientists, you should wait for a period of at least four hours after consuming soy before taking the thyroid medication. Of course, if you also have an allergic reaction to soy, it will help you avoid trouble if you stayed away.

Is It Ok To Drink Soy Milk Every Day?

Is it OK to drink soy milk every day? Yes, it is OK. However, I would throw caution on the amount of soy you consume. We have established that consuming too much soy, especially to people who have thyroid issues, may cause impairment of the absorption of thyroid medication. You might want to check with the regulations set by the American Institute for Cancer Research, AICR. They recommend taking up to two servings every day for whole soy foods, including soy milk. Taking soy can increase your confidence, and it would be a good idea to take a cup each morning to start your day in the best way possible.

Does Soy Increase Belly Fat?

Does soy increase belly fat? No, it doesn’t. In fact, it helps to reduce the gain of belly fat on women whose age is past menopause. According to a study done on 18 postmenopausal women, those who drank soy-based shake every day for three months tended to gain less fat on the abdominal area than those who had a milk-based shake.

Soy has some compounds referred to as isoflavones, whose structure is similar to that of estrogen. They bind to estrogen receptors in the fatty tissues. Theoretically, therefore, the isoflavones contained in soy can help to regulate the metabolism of body fat.

It is not clear why the protein in soy specifically affects specifically abdominal fat. What is clear, as at this time, is that soy protein contains isoflavones that may prevent fat accumulation in the abdominal area.

We have established in this article that it is possible to make your own soy milk at home using nothing but your juicer. Don’t be left behind from enjoying the numerous health benefits of soy when taken in the recommended amounts.

Try it today; you might find your new favorite drink.

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