Can Masticate Juicers Juice Carrots?

Carrots are pretty hard vegetables. If you opt to grind them, it is most likely the nutrients will be eradicated.

By noticing this aspect, the masticating juicers are great ones to go ahead. The masticating juicers offer two types of speed.

One holds for the softer fruits, while the other is for the hard fruits like carrots. The slow pace of the masticating juicer machine makes sure that the nutrients are safe and secure.

Ways of using the Masticating Juicer machine

The masticating juicer machine is the one that uses a slow screw to produce the force against the screen. The process of juicing is slow.

Besides, there is not as much oxygen and heat you’ll get, which you get from other juicers.

It would help if you peeled the carrots while putting them in a juicer. It removes the outer skin, which can eliminate residue or lingering dirt. When you run masticating juicers, it makes a noise, but it slows down gradually.

Types of Masticating Juicer machine

There are many types and examples of masticating juicers. 3 of them are here in this article:

  1. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

This juicer extractor performs brilliantly and will not break down. It has two speeds that you can adjust according to requirements.

It has an incredible reverse ability to prevent jamming. Besides, there is a shut-off after every 20 minutes to avoid the overheating of the motor.

This juicer machine is comparatively lighter as compared to other ones. Besides, this machine is available at low prices, which undoubtedly attracts many buyers.

  1. Omega Premium juicer and Nutrition System

Omega premium is one of the best and demanding juicer machines. It is genuinely a workhouse for people who aim to have a helpful juicer machine.

It has a speed of 80 RPM, which makes this a bit faster than any other masticating juicer machine. Despite being faster, it saves nutrients and produces results with an efficient taste.

The motor of this machine is quite powerful. It has five adjustments of setting to increase the output according to preferences. If you want to buy a good juicer machine, then the omega boasts will surely help your cause.

  1. Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer

Slowstar Vertical is a pretty efficient juicer machine. It has double edges, which is two times superior to the typical auger machine. Slowstar juicer operates at 47 RPM speed with so much efficiency.

It does not produce even a small amount of heat. This juicer machine extracts juice, which is full of nutrition and mouth-watering flavor.

Tribest back offers a 10-year warranty in case of any trouble. If you buy this juicer machine, I can rest assured it will be the best experience for you.


Can masticating juicers juice carrot?” is such a question which people often search. The answer is, “yes.” In fact, masticating juicers are better than any other juicer for juicing carrots.

Three types of masticating juicers mentioned above can make your confusion clear if you have any regarding masticating juicers. You will surely find this article helpful.

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