Can You Be in Love and Infatuation at the Same Time?

Can you be in love and infatuation at the same time? Throughout life, people search for that one person who they can grow with, who they can triumph through the struggles with and who they can count on no matter what.

Everyone needs someone to love. But is it really love or is it infatuation?

The definition of infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. Often infatuation is addictive and possessive.

The individual that is infatuated can go to extreme lengths just to see the target, or what they are infatuated with.

Depending on the person infatuation can even be dangerous. They can become ingulfed in the person without even knowing much about them. The feelings are often unreasonable and sexual desire plays a huge role.

When these feelings take over someone, they may make extremely risky choices that otherwise they would never do. Their thought process Is clouded and overcome by desire.

But like most impulses these feelings are short-lived. Infatuation eases and then the person is left feeling empty. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster that leaves both parties damaged.

A very temporary situation that goes with the temporary feelings a person experiences with infatuation. People experience infatuation for many reasons, such as needing attention or excitement in their lives.

Pure loneliness can cause a person to want something so bad that they see things that aren’t really there and then the experience becomes an obsession. Chemical imbalances can also play a role or mental issues and trama.




On the contrary, to infatuation there is love. A different kind of experience. Love is associated with deeper feelings and shared experiences. Love takes place over a long amount of time, hopefully, a lifetime. Partners develop connections and it takes work to maintain.

It also develops gradually without obsession, it should start with common interests and then go from there into something more meaningful. Love is not based off a sexual desire, of course, sex plays a role in being in love, but it is not the foundation for the relationship.

When people are in love, they build friendships and families. Partners who love each other hold a wedding or family gathering of some sort, to showcase their binding. This also signifies the life long commitment they are making, bringing more love and more happiness to each other by including their families.

Children are born and planned to fit their lifestyle, they choose to work as a whole and build a future. Love provides support in all aspects. Emotional support, financial and sometimes mental. Often when they face hard times, they have a will to work through them.

When a person is in love they think of the future with their spouse and what they need to do to get there. Both parties feel that they can accomplish things together and work towards a common goal. All of the focus isn’t centered around an idea or an obsession.

Love isn’t the idea of being wanted but the work that you put into the relationship in order to move forward with your life. The life that you and your new spouse share.

The couple isn’t interested in short-lived fantasies, they want a lifetime of them.


What’s the difference?

The two experiences have many comparisons. When a person is experiencing infatuation, they sometimes see the person above them or out of this world extraordinary.

The feeling drives their desire and increases their adrenaline experience. Whereas love the couple sees each other as equals and they work together towards goals.

When partners are in love, they are working to get to know each other and grow deeper in love, people who are experiencing infatuation think they know everything about the target but really know nothing. This refers to the euphoric feelings you feel with infatuation.

Jealousy is another symptom of infatuation, jealousy can be present when in love but not in an unhealthy way.

Extreme jealousy to the point of violence is associated with infatuation. The person feels like they own the target and therefore no one else can have them. Infatuation is being obsessive, Love should be freeing. When two people are in love, they are a team and work to build each other up, they don’t obsess over the other person and their actions.

Love is forgiving and hard working. You will never meet a couple who says love is easy because it’s not.

Infatuation is based on impulsive feelings that have no real meaning. The experience feels easy because it isn’t real, the feelings are false. They may seem real at the moment, based on hormones and rash decisions, but they won’t last and soon the feelings will fade. Love lasts through the years, through the good and the bad.

When partners are experiencing love they are feeling genuine feelings based on events that have happened. They are building these feelings and are not making them up or forcing them. It is important to be careful when dealing with a person who is in fact infatuated with someone else, whether it be an extreme case or a mild case the behavior should be addressed and corrected before things get too far and people get hurt.

Emotional damage is lifelong. Mental illness can be associated with extreme cases of infatuation such as obsessive love disorder. Where the person feels they need to protect the target as mentioned in the above paragraph.

Infatuation is associated with isolation and control, Love is letting your partner do as they please and involving yourself so that you are able to build memories.

Overall there are many differences when it comes to love and infatuation. Infatuation on any level is not a healthy interaction or relationship. Love is not always easy but if a couple works hard and is comitted they can build a wonderful life together.

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