Can You Change Lawyers in the Middle of a Personal Injury Case?

Can You Change Lawyers in the Middle of a Personal Injury? That is the main question that most people ask.

Being in the middle of a personal injury case can be stressful enough without a good lawyer. If you are not happy with your current personal injury lawyer, consider looking for a new lawyer.

That is because it is perfectly acceptable to change your lawyer if you wish. But what are some of the things to consider?

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Factors to consider when changing a personal injury lawyer

A lawyer can promise you certain things, which can convince you to hire them, but they may not be able to do them.

Sometimes lawyers can’t answer or return phone calls, making communication with their clients difficult.

However, there are times when no one is to blame, but the lawyer and the client cannot work together.


Your legal needs

You may be satisfied with a personal injury attorney in general but discover that she doesn’t have the experience you need.

For example, if you initially thought that your injury case was simple and therefore, you hired a lawyer without much experience, you might need to change lawyers.  That can happen when you need help, but it is not provided.

You should not have to stay with a personal injury lawyer who cannot afford the expert representation you need.



The main thing you should consider when planning a change to another personal injury lawyer is the cost involved. This process will cost you money.

The initial cost involved in the process is the compensation that should be given to the first lawyer for the problem handling of the case so far.

In addition to the usual fees and payments you will make to your new lawyer, you may be charged additional fees for taking care of another lawyer case.

That is usually to introduce you to the situation and to obtain information from the other party.

If you are charged on an hourly method, you can expect a high price replacement for it.

If the lawyers you hire, old and new to replace you, must be paid through emergency fees, this change in lawyers will not increase the cost you bear.

A contingency fee is an amount based on a percentage of the final settlement payable.

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You do not like the proposed legal strategy.

You should agree with your lawyer on the best strategy for your case. Of course, sometimes you may have different opinions, but in the end, you have to reach an agreement.

You should tell your lawyer about your preferences and interests, but you should also be aware that he or she is a legal expert.

However, if you are entirely opposed to a particular decision, and your lawyer will not modify it to satisfy you, it may be a good idea to find a new lawyer.

The same thing happens if your attorney confirms that you can’t get the result you want.  That way, you should at least get a second opinion from another personal injury attorney if you are sure your desires are not unreasonable.



Sometimes, clients believe that once a lawyer is appointed, the decision is final and they cannot change it.

They think they will be stuck with a lawyer no matter how competent and lazy they are.

As a client, you possess the right to change attorneys in the same way that you have the right to change any service provider you have assigned.



You may have reason to resent your former lawyer, so you won’t want to pay them any amount.

However, keep in mind that they are still working on your case and that they are entitled to some compensation.

They should pay them their expenses and the problems they faced for their cause.



There are cases where lawyers file an argument for the amount to be paid after the agreement is settled. Sometimes, these cases may have to be resolved by the court.

The cost of maintaining a wrong lawyer is generally more than you should spend when getting a new lawyer. It may also be the reason you to lose your case.

So, if you feel your lawyer is handling your case poorly, contact-free to get rid of it.


Personal confidence

Sit down with your lawyer, talk about the problems you are having, and tell them you are unhappy.

It is good to possess a free relationship with a legal professional and feel comfortable talking to paralegals and office staff, as well as with a lawyer.

Searching for a personal injury claim can be a lengthy process. That is why you must feel safe with the lawyer you have chosen to hire you to help you.



An informed personal injury lawyer will help you make the transition easier by working with your current attorney.  That can help you obtain and deliver all documents and property to ensure that you have a fair settlement.

It is good to speak to other lawyers to make sure they are ready to accept your claim before dismissing your first lawyer.

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Fortunately, changing personal injury counsel is often simple. Once you find a new lawyer, who can meet your legal needs, inform your current lawyer that you are switching from a law firm.

Once you pay for services already provided, you can send your legal file to the new personal injury attorney. At that time, you can follow the case with confidence that your lawyer has a good chance of getting the results you want.

Many lawyers may be reluctant to accept a file from another lawyer. Each case is different. It depends on how long the first lawyer took the record, what steps the first lawyer took in the claim, what the documents in the file offer, and whether the proposals were made and at what amount.

In some cases, when people come to our office to change personal injury attorneys, we don’t need a copy of the file.

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