The #1 Reasons a Cancer Man Gone Quiet on You

Cancer Man Acting Distant (Why Has Cancer Man Gone Quiet)?

Whenever you have your cancer man as a partner, you need to be careful always around him; when you have seen your cancer man becoming distant all of a sudden, then there must be a strong reason behind that. When you see your cancer man acting remote, many reasons can create that, and here are some of the things that might cause that. You need to know them so you can avoid them if possible. You should never forget to make your cancer man active and happy ever.

8 Common Reasons That Make Cancer Men Go Quiet on Their Partners:

1 When You Make Him Jealous

Whenever you find your cancer man being so boring or doesn’t understand your situation and you start going out with another noncancer man, that will openly make your man get so jealous, and due to lack of security which the cancer man experiences, he might start getting quiet and being silent from you. It is not because they don’t love you, but because that man feels so secure when there is a third party, and he’s decided to surrender since he feels he can’t compete with another man.

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2 When You Act With Dishonest

After you have got a cancer man to chase after you, and then you start being dishonest to him, he will begin acting so distant from you. If a cancer man sees you as a person he cannot trust, then he will stop disclosing any of his information, views, ideas, among other things, to you. Cancer man is not so social with people who are not careful; they need a person they can fully count on even if they are not around.

3 When You Change Your Character

One of the things that make a cancer man be attracted to a woman and fall in love with her is her character. However, some women can only want to wear good behavior and act smart, so they can be noticed by the cancer men they are interested in, and after that, they go back to their real old characters. When a cancer man sees such behavior in a woman he loves, things will start changing, and from there, you will see a cancer man acting distant from his woman.

4 When A Woman Becomes A Joker

Most women don’t understand people’s self-esteem, and they might act like jokers, even around cancer men. If you have a cancer man, always remember that you need to talk about serious issues when with him. You don’t need to act jokingly around him since such men have problems with their emotions, and they might understand your jokes from a different perspective. This will make them fear you and even feel inferior, and they will start acting so aloof and distant from both their women and the friends of their women.

5 When A Woman Has No Vision

Also, a cancer man will want to associate himself with a woman who, apart from being understanding and supportive, is also a visionary and ideally woman. A cancer man doesn’t need anyone who only wants to work as a housewife, which is enough. If you’re going to make cancer men chase after you and remain with you forever, make sure that you have your vision and work, and you can help each other make your empire durable. When you notice a cancer man acting distant from nowhere, ask yourself if you have a vision and help each other out in life. Cancer Men doesn’t want other problems since they are problems themselves. They want women that are ready to work and willing to take care of their vision and life.

6 Carelessly Dressing Woman

When you don’t know how to dress and only do classy dressings because you want a cancer man to get attracted to you, then he will, and you will win. However, it would be best if you never forgot to keep up with the habit of dressing classy. When you start dressing carelessly and differently from the chic dressing code you had, then you will notice that your cancer man has begun to act cool and so distant from you. It is because you are not the person you pretended to be when he saw you. This might be so serious, so you better be you rather than acting someone else and after sometimes you see your man acting so distant.

7 Rude Woman

A cancer man has no time for any naughty woman. Cancer Men are already emotional, and at times, they can’t fully control themselves, so if a cancer man sees you and likes you, you become rude, and he will be calm to you. Cancer Men like kind and caring and protect women to fully entrust their children to and not rude ones. When you are rude, you will notice your cancer man has started being relaxed and very cold to you. You can either change to a good and kind woman or let care take care of your future.

8 Woman With Mood Swings

Most women like getting moody after sometimes, especially during their menstruation periods. Some can control that, but other women that will get emotionally and uncontrollably during such periods. If you! An is a Cancerian, and you also act moody; he can’t handle all that, which might force him to work so distantly from you. A Woman should always try to control herself with mood swings, especially if she knows she has a cancer man.


Always make sure that you know small things that can give reasons to a cancer man acting distant. You should always avoid these reasons that can separate your communication with your cancer man to have a happy and successful life with your cancer man.


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