Certified Medical Assistant Resume

Are you a certified medical assistant graduate with experience or with no experience and would wish to learn how to write a certified medical assistant resume. In this article, you will learn how you can come up with a standard certified medical assistant resume. Let’s begin!

What is a certified medical assistant resume?

The certified medical assistant resume (CMA resume) is essentially the same as the usual medical assistant resume, except that you include information regarding your certification as a medical assistant in either a separate section or under education. The sections of the certified medical assistant are usually presented in the following order.

First Section

The first section of the certified medical assistant resume is the main header, which contains your full name, temporary and permanent address, contact numbers for landline and mobile phones, a fax number, if applicable, and your official email address.

An optional specific career objective usually follows this in functional or skill-based resumes. This consists of a brief statement that identifies the main goal of your application, such as, “To obtain a permanent position as a medical assistant.”

Its equivalent in the chronological resume is the qualifications summary, where you may opt to briefly describe your qualifications in a sentence, followed by several concise, bulleted statements that itemize your skills and proficiencies, especially those that will not be singled out when you describe the various tasks and responsibilities entailed by each job you had in the past.

Don’t forget to include your phone number. You have to remember to put your phone number on your CMA resume, somewhere that it will be seen well. You can include it at the top left corner of the resume, and make sure you put it in bold in a large font than the rest of the resume.

Second section

The section on education follows and should list down the names and locations of your schools and training programs, the date of graduation or the time encompassed, the degree title conferred, and relevant awards or honours, if applicable.

You can mention your academic qualifications. You can talk about the highest Educational Attainment, from high school to college. You can also talk about your Certification Courses other than for Certified Medical Assistant courses.

You can speak of courses like basic computer packages, CPR + First Aid courses, counselling courses, post clinical care courses, and much more.

In this section, you may opt to include information regarding your certification as a medical assistant, such as the year acquired. However, if you want to include other relevant certification, such as certification in basic life support, phlebotomy etc., you can create a separate section for certification alone.

Third section (main)

The subsequent section depends on the type of resume you write. For chronological resumes, this can be designated ‘Work Experience,’ ‘Related Experience,’ ‘Professional Experience’ or ‘Career Experience’ where you present relevant past employment history, detailing your job title, your employer, the period you held that position and the tasks and responsibilities each job entailed.

For functional resumes, this section would be termed ‘Relevant Skills,’ and the subheading would include your pertinent skills, followed by particular examples of each. Again, the strength of your certified medical assistant resume can be increased by beginning each statement with words of action and citing specific examples where your skills and abilities directly benefited your employer.

Here are the qualities that you should have in your CMA resume skills section:

  • Administration Skills — you can talk about the preparation of reports, filing and submission of forms, handling of patient inquiries and updating their documents.
  • Clerical Skills — you can talk about documentation, phone handling.
  • Clinical Skills – you can talk about preparing patients for medical examination, collecting patient’s samples, handling the X-Ray machine.
  • Team- Oriented — you can talk about your unique ability to work with a large team of physicians.
  • People Skills— you can talk about your outstanding communication skills, friendliness, lack of attitude or charged emotions.
  • Analytical skills such as the ability to identify inconsistencies in reports and other sources of information.
  • Creativity — talk of your ability to find an immediate resolution for patient concerns and queries.

Section four

This is an optional section and contains aspects such as Volunteer History, Awards, Achievements and Honors, Professional Affiliations, and Continuing Medical Education. Include pertinent information under these headings in your certified medical assistant resume if you know that it can improve your chances of getting an interview.

When doing so, keep in mind that your certified medical assistant resume must be limited to one to two pages only. Remember to be as comprehensive in disclosing your skills, trying to be as honest as you can.

Finally, do not include your photograph, age, birth date, marital status, religion, and your list of professional references in your certified medical assistant resume. For the latter, you should only enclose your list if it has been specifically requested in the job posting.

What common certification can you include in your CMA resume?

  • RMA Certification

RMA in full stands for Registered Medical Assistant. To be given this certification, a student has to do an RMA exam. The results will determine if the student has exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities that would enable them to assume the duties of a Certified Medical Assistant.

  • CMA (Certified Medical Assistant).

Certified Medical Assistant is also one of the widely recognized certifications because it provides evidence that someone has a high degree of diligence in medical assistant duties. To become a CMA, candidates must take and pass the CMA Certification Examination.

  • CCMA(Certified Clinical Medical Assistant)

This certification is reserved for medical assistants who have completed their diploma or equivalent and have completed a training program as a medical assistant.

  • CAN (Certified Nursing Assistant)

  • CPR, and much more.

Certified Medical Assistant Resume Tips

There are plenty of job opportunities for Certified Medical Assistants, but you will only be handed the position if you have an outstanding certified medical assistant resume. This means that you must craft an eye-catching Certified Medical Assistant resume to grab the attention of the hiring managers.

Below are some tips worth consideration:

  • Craft a comprehensive CMA resume containing brief information on your most relevant qualifications and experiences.
  • Don’t forget to mention your skills, experiences, particular keywords applied in the medical field.
  • Make each word in your resume portray you more professional. Let each phrase depict your expertise in the medical field.

Below is a sample of a fictional Certified Medical Assistant Resume.

Susan Jones

Main Street, FL (34567) [email protected]


Detail-oriented Certified Medical Assistant who is passionate about advocating for patient health. Offers outstanding services in inpatient care in a fast-paced environment. Has remarkable experience in both administrative and clinical roles.


Proficiency in both verbal and written communication skills.

Exceptional administrative roles.

Proficient in injections and dressings.

Remarkable knowledge of digital medical records.

Certified in First Aid.

Data entry (60 words per minute).


Bright High University, Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting, 2018.

City Hope Community College, CCMA, Certification pending, 2019.

Regional Red Cross, First Aid + CPR Certificate, 2019.


Certified Medical Assistant at Highway Group of Hospital Jan 2018 – Dec 2018

  • Collected patient information and performed other basic tests (i.e., temperature, blood pressure, and pulse)
  • Sterilized medical equipment and ensured the general cleanliness of the facility.
  • Managed patient appointment.
  • Managed bookkeeping and filing (i.e., promptly recorded data).
  • Administer oral and injectable medication and immunizations.
  • Drew blood and collected patient specimens.
  • Verify patient pharmacy information and prescription.

Was This Fictional Sample a Good Certified Medical Assistant Resume?

Yes, it was a good CMA resume because, essentially, it stresses one’s ability to care for patients and the incredible skills in an office environment. This CMA resume sample is also wonderfully formatted clearly and concisely.

First, you can see that in the professional summary, the applicant has drawn the attention of the hiring managers by mentioning the most valuable skills and characteristics he/she possess. You can see that the applicant has stressed his/her commitment to patients and quality care.

Moreover, in the work experience section, the applicant gives solid examples of where he/she has worked. You can also see the medical phrases and keywords used by the applicant to describe his/her expertise.

You can also see that the core qualification section, education, certification, and work experience section are easily skimmable. A quick scan of the above resume for specific keywords or phrases gives instant results of the areas the hiring managers are looking for.

When you check the experience section, it clearly explains the proof of your skills and showcases how you used them in past positions.

Lastly, you can see this sample has explained the relevant training and certifications to show this applicant has the sufficient skills for the job.

These things will catch the eye of a hiring manager, and within a few days, your phone will have endless beeping for interview schedules.

Why Do You Need a Strong Medical Assistant Resume?

Even though certified medical assistants fall in top-rated professions with exceptional job opportunities, there is intense competition to fill vacant positions. This means a strong resume is essential to enable you to stand out. You can only stand out when you show employers your valuable skills for the position. Thus, crafting a solid resume is the only option that can help you secure your future in the field.

Which Costly Mistakes Should You Avoid in Your CMA Resume?

  1. Including too many personal details

Trying to include too much on your CMA resume will deny you that vacancy. The hiring managers do not have a lot of time to go through every single paragraph, lines, or pages. Hence you should try to filter the information you feed on your CMA resume. You can try to summarize your resume by using bullets and short entries.

  1. Avoiding to mention skills that make you unique

You need to identify the exceptional skills that make you competitive, such as working in an intense environment, being friendly to patients, good verbal and written communication skills, outstanding attitude, commitment, and much more. Showcasing such skills to the hiring managers make you an ideal fit for the job. Don’t include skills that don’t relate to the position, such as the ability to drive, doing repairs etc.

What to put on a CMA resume for your first job with no experience

Certified Medical assistants are professionals whose work involves supporting the community and individual health. If you’re applying for your job, including the qualifications, skills, and abilities related to the facility.

Since you’re applying for your first job, it means you have no experience. But in your work experience section, you can mention your unique administrative skills, such as data entry which can be transferable to a certified medical assistant position. You can also mention soft skills such as customer service and language translation.

The qualifications section include certifications, licenses, and training related to the advertised job. You can also include certifications such as CPR or X-ray.

When it comes to the summary statement, show the hiring manager that even if you are inexperienced, you can comfortably work with physicians, peers, and the public within office and clinical environments.

You can mention your hard and soft skills, such as teamwork, customer care, and communication skills. As mentioned earlier, your summary statement serves as a calling card for your professional persona. Therefore, include the skills and abilities that make you the ideal candidate for the advertised job.


Writing a Certified Medical Assistant resume can be a tough job that requires a lot of keenness and determination. But using the sample we have attached, you should be able to write up a resume that can win you the position. Just remember to include relevant skills and stress the things only you can offer the employer. Take your time to come up with an outstanding document. And before sending your CMA resume to prospective employers, check if it has a good objective, skills and experience.

Now it is time to begin writing your outstanding CMA resume!

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