Characteristics of Aries Man: What Character Define an Aries Man?

 Character determines a man’s survival. While basic needs are universal among all human beings, each has specific characteristics to meet these needs. Thus, a man can only survive in an environment where his needs can be met.

A man changes the environment in ways that can be beneficial for himself. An Aries man is not an exception to this. Characteristics of Aries man is by far the most prominent among all the zodiac signs. Aries are born warriors. They fiercely face situations.

Aries men love to be in the limelight. They have developed adaptation to outshine their fellow men who try to occupy their niche. They live up to their first position in the zodiac calendar – March 21st to April 19th.

However challenging a situation is, an Aries man dives into the case headfirst. They believe nothing can hinder them from getting what they desire. They are ambitious, passionate, motivated, and bold.

Mars rules Aries. The red planet is dynamic. Aries is named after a Roman god of war. No wonder Aries men have the characteristics of soldiers.

Notable characteristics of Aries man

Aries man is passionate.

Having intense feelings towards a situation or a relationship is one of the most robust features that Aries men possess. When they decide to love, they do it to their best. Whether it is a sexual or romantic stint, an Aries man has mastered the skills to deliver it most unimaginably.

Have you ever been in love with an Aries man? They’ll invoke a powerfully sentimental view of life within your being. You’ll be carried away by every move or action that they elicit in your life. They believe in the creation of an ideal situation of love.

Aries men are men of people

The admiration for the characteristics of Aries man is not limited to women alone. Men admire them too. These kinds of guys get along well with every individual who crosses their path. Problems might arise only when they are challenged.

They are speedy to react to situations, and thus an Aries man won’t hesitate to unleash his wrath on any man who dares to challenge him.

The best example to show that he is a man’s man, the Aries man loves sports, especially those that are challenging. He enjoys participating in sports with friends. Car racing, martial arts, mountain climbing, and biking are sports he likes the most because of the challenge they offer.

While taking part in these activities, he prefers to have opponents who are experienced at the game. So if you are up against such a man, you must be prepared to deliver your best, or else you’ll be frustrated. An Arian man participates in any activity with passion. He looks at nothing short of being the best participants. True to his nature, he is!

Being competitive

Did you that Arians lead with blind optimism? Astrologers believe that each sign learns from the other sign. Aries is the first sign. Therefore, he learns from no one. This forces him to work extra hard to create the best example for the rest of the zodiac signs.

They believe in their ability to deliver results. This spirit of singularity makes these rams live by the slogan of “every man for himself.” The fire sign has the character of being result-oriented – best results.

They have unmatched abilities to strategize and execute their plan most effectively. They inherit these characteristics from the Roman god of war.

In any activity an Arian man engages in (business, love, sports, career, or war), he always has a plan to execute it uniquely. This makes him a highly competitive individual in life.

Note that he doesn’t use dubious means to achieve success, but he believes in his potential to achieve results reasonably.

Did you know that an Arian man finds it fun to competing even against himself? At the workplace, he loves to be the best. His career is the benchmark of his accomplishments. It makes him happy when he achieves a milestone or success.

The fascinating thing about Aries man is his love life. He is always attracted to women who are hard to get since he loves challenges. He only follows what he desires the most. He competes with his mates to win the most desirable woman. He fights because he knows he will emerge the victor.

An Aries man is aggressive

Exploiting all the available opportunities without a second thought is another essential characteristic of Aries man. This makes them aggressive individuals. Like the Roman god of war, he hungers for war and love in equal measures. He launches attacks in the most unexpected ways, thanks to his smart minds.

The act of initiating hostilities gives him a profile of individuals with aggressive behavior. An immature Arian man is characterized by inciting wars that might lead to massive destruction. The principal reason for starting such battles is to show his warrior skills.

Aggressive tendencies and readiness for war make an Arian man appear selfish but courageous. So when you are dealing with these blazing rams, you must be wise to avoid unnecessary confrontations and fights.

Put in mind that anything an Aries man cannot take control over or cannot change makes him agitated. He tries to solve it through aggression. He, therefore, downloads his furry to the people he blames or those who are near him. This is unpleasant.


Courage can make you accomplish unique things. Taking that bold first move to establish and nurture an idea is typical to an Aries man. They take the bull by the horn.

Take an example of some of notable Aries men in the world – Adolf Hitler, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Jackie Chan, to name but a few. Who among them is not known? Each one of them has done something that has worldwide recognition (whether negative or positive).

These individuals conceive an idea and courageously present it to people. Their strong will makes them push their agenda to achieve the type of results they want. They are good at making inventions and excelling in fields that others have failed, thanks to their courage.

An Aries man can be very demanding

Aries is first. Their unwavering belief that they must be first in everything makes them a demanding lot of individuals. If you date an Aries man, always put him first in your life; otherwise, he’ll leave if he feels someone or something else is occupying your attention more than him. Similarly, in business deals, he feels the same need to be considered first.

What may superficially seem like a demanding nature of Aries man is the desire for validation. Do not take it as an ego. The best thing is to understand his nature and give him what he deserves. Why are you in a relationship with him, anyway?

To meet his demanding nature, always give him reassuring but genuine encounters. Anything contrary to this may be detrimental to your relationship. Arians have an inbuilt mechanism to detect any insincere moves.

Again, remember to reassure him of his first position as often as possible. Besides making him happy, it makes him feel considered and worth spending time with you.

An Arian man needs praise

How often do you praise your partner? Well, if you are in love with an Aries man, you have to do it as often as possible. Remember, genuine praise is what will cement the two of you together.

Every moment shows appreciation. Say “thank you” when he buys presents or goes out of his way to deliver something unexpected. When he does something unique, he always recognizes it. Be extravagant with sweet words.

He is romantic

The quest for war and love are equal in an Aries man. These characteristics of Aries man make him the most desired man when it comes to relationships. From chasing a lady to finally wining him, Aries man employs unique tactics that are flavored by romance.

However, you must be able to reciprocate this kind of love. Pose something unique, too; otherwise, he may be tempted to look for something that excites him. Be ready to explore the world and dine in the loveliest places.


Undoubtedly, the characteristics of Aries man portray him as an energetic, aggressive and person with excellent leadership skills. Physically, these individuals are good-looking, well-built, and groom themselves appropriately. The energy of an Aries man attracts many people to them.

Much as praises are poured on Arians, they also feature numerous negative characteristics.

Being aggressive is one undesirable characteristic of this ram. It makes him get agitated quickly, which elicits war. He might deliberately do unwanted things because he knows it will bother you, and as such, you’ll remind them to behave appropriately.

Aries sign rules the face and the head. That is why an Aries moon or Aries sun person is easily identifiable by scarring in the face or forehead. Nowadays, this scenario is best explained by plastic surgery.

However, when they behave well, they stand out as the best friends, companions, and people to hang around.

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