Cleansing Spells Harry Potter: Karma Cleansing Spells

It is often said that cleanliness is next to goodness. A clean person attracts good and clean things, a clean environment also attracts the right forces-gods or angels.

Therefore we need to be clean in all aspect of our life it could be our body, house, equipment or utensils. A clean heart makes your spell effective.

Our daily lives are always interfered by negative thoughts, people or activities which can make one feel low, that is why cleansing spells are excellent ways of releasing emotional and spiritual negativity.

Sometimes we hurt people knowingly or unknowingly and it catches up with us (karma). And the law of karma is true when you do evil to someone it will catch up with you.

Sometimes we hurt people without knowing and it brings harm to us causing us not to succeed and be prosperous.

Cleansing spells are a great way of undoing the karma and attracting good karma.

Cleansing spells can be used as part of a person’s lifestyle where you connect to nature and self-purification. It is also an excellent way of relieving stress and strains for our everyday life, magical work, and surrounding. It is also a way of enjoying peace and spiritual purity.

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What are cleansing spells?

What are cleansing spells?Cleaning spell is ritual performed with the aim of removing all negative and harmful energy in a person or thing or environment where the ritual will take place. Cleansing spells can also be done before or after spell casting and to also clean the equipment used.

Cleansing Spell is also used for doing away with negative feelings, relaxation, and purification.

Whenever you clean your house, the environment feels fresh, calm and dirt free, the same way when you use a cleansing spell you feel fresh, calm and relaxed. You attract the right energies because you are clean.

Cleansing spell helps you change the way you feel, relieve you of guilt and it brings better balance to your life. If you are suffering from guilt or any problem. The only solution is to try a cleansing spell. It helps you find forgiveness within yourself.

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Cleansing Spells

Purification is a way of cleaning yourself or the environment. The cleansing ritual is done to purify a person if he has committed a sin or have evil thoughts. Purification spell is to cast out all evil, unwanted spirits and thoughts.

Why do you need to cast a cleansing spell?

There are a lot of reasons why people cast cleansing spells. Some are for self-cleaning, home or environment cleansing and some are to dispel negative energies.

  • Cleansing spells are aimed at cleansing your physical and spiritual path in order to restore love, peace, happiness, harmony and to live a trouble-free life. When you are cleansed you attract good karma and cast out bad karma completely from your life.
  • You need cleansing spells to dispel negative energies inside a person or an environment. To dispel such energies you will need to search yourself and find those negative energies and let them go through deep meditation and devotion in order to clean yourself and be filled with positive energy.
  • You need to believe that the negativity is gone and pay attention to your inner body as you repeat the chant, you will feel the negativity leaving your body and are likely to feel light and peaceful.
  • Cleansing spells are also used for protection. When you cast a cleansing spell you get protected from evil. Cleansing spells protect you from evil. When someone is trying to harm you they find it hard to do so because you have been protected. Cleansing spells are do not only protect your home but your life, work, and all endeavors. Cleansing spells can clear away evil and attract good.
  • When you are tired and need to relax, the cleansing spell might just be right for you. It helps in the release of good energy and keeps you feeling happy, free from fatigue, stress, and troubles. Sometimes our working space or homes might be affected by negativity which makes is to lose interest in working and feel exhausted easily.
  • The cleansing spell is performed with the intent of lifting your spirit when you are feeling low. Relaxation cleansing spell can be performed anytime you feel low and is a great way to bring color and attract love to your life.
  • Cleansing spells are also needed for cleansing of magical items or space. Whenever you cast a spell, the right thing to do is to use a cleansing spell and cleans all the tools you used in performing the ritual and also space in order to allow a good flow of energies. Sometimes spells are being cast around you leaving invincible energies hovering around and can cause a person not to succeed, use cleansing spells to stop the activities of these negative energies.
  • Cleansing spells also help in giving a peaceful home. Finally, cleansing spells are also used for home or room cleaning. We are often surrounded with invincible energies which could be positive or negative making the air feel heavy and if you find it hard to focus, use a cleansing spell to clean such negative energy from your home.

Risks associated with cleansing spells.

Cleansing spells have no risk associated with it, all you need is to strictly obey all instructions in performing the spell. You need to know why you are cleansing and the type of cleansing you will want to engage in.

Cleansing spells should be done by a professional spellcaster or one’s self depending on the instructions.
When performing cleansing spells, do not use any oil, herbs or powder you are allergic to because it might cause you harm.

How to cast cleansing spells.

Cleansing spells can be performed in different ways which are:

1. Water cleansing spells.

This is an easy way of cleansing, you can use the shower bathtub or ocean. You will need to let go of all negativity while standing or seating in the water.


  • Sea salts
  • Herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Shower or bathtub


  • If you are using a bathtub, mix all the ingredients in the bathtub
    Seat in the water and close your eyes releasing all the negative energies or curse.
  • Continue meditating until you feel better.
  • Say these words aloud.
    With this water, I clean myself, let all negatives energies that don’t deserve my body leave and let my body be filled with positive energies.

2. Room candle cleansing spell.


  • White candle
  • Salt
  • Holder
  • Matches


  • Sprinkle the salt in the form of a circle
  • Place the candle in the middle
  • light the candle and say these words out loud.
  • Creature of fire and wax
  • hear my desire
  • cleanse this room and
  • dispel all negativity and bring no harm.

3. Smoke cleansing spell

This is also called smudging or herbal stick burning.


  • Herb sticks
  • Matches
  • Cauldron.


  • Put the cauldron on a fireproof surface
  • Put all the herbal sticks and light it.
  • Open the door in order to cast out spirits in the room.
  • Meditate and release all negativity and curse.
  • Say these words out loud.
With these smoke, I cast you all evil presence to leave this room or body. Thank you for your stay but it’s time to leave.
Say it with conviction and believe it will work.



Cleansing spells are very important and good for everyone. You can use these spells for adults, children friends, and family. Cleansing Spells can be performed once in a while or as often as you desire. The more you clean the more you attract positive energies which will add more meaning to your life and give you that beautiful life. Now that you know all about cleansing spells and how to cast one why not give it a try?

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