Come To Me Spell: 7 FREE Come Back To Me Love Spell That Work

Are you ready to learn the 7 Powerful Come Back To Me Love Spell; The Come To Me Spell to Get Love the Love of your Life?

In a relationship, the most horrible part is breaking up with your love. Since your feelings are still attached to him, you will unsuccessfully try to bring your lost love back to you. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry more because the love is not over.

You can use magic love spells to reunite with him. “Come back to me love spell” can restore your love in a short period provided you do it correctly and wait for the results patiently. This powerful spell is designed to make your lost lover come back home within the shortest time.

What are the factors to consider before using come back to me spell?

  • Patience is a critical virtue.
  • It would be best if you had a firm belief in every word you chant during the ritual.
  • The spells work best if repeated occasionally.
  • Believe in everything you will be doing.
  • Before casting the spell, ensure you are in black clothing, which symbolizes you are mourning for being left by your lover.

Most of these ‘come back to me love spells’ require the use of candles. The recommended color of the candle should be red to symbolize romance or love. Below are some powerful come back-to-me love spell that is likely to give you a successful outcome.

1. Hair love spell

Hair magic spell has proved extremely useful, given that hair is very personal to a person. As the name suggests, you might need a few strands of his hair to cast a spell on, which can be pretty challenging to get. To successfully get his hair, you must be incredibly creative. For instance, you might consider giving him your comb, and once he is done making his hair, you might get a few strands.

Materials needed

  • A few strands of your hair.
  • A few strands of your beloved hair.
  • A metal plate.
  • A red candle.

How to cast the spell
In this technique, your timing matters a lot. To increase psychic power, you should cast the spell at sunset. You should also choose a quiet location free from any distractions in the background, such as TV. For effective results, take the following procedure:

  • In a dark and quiet room, light the red candle and take a seat facing it with your legs crossed.
  • Join together your hair strands and that of your beloved to make a braid.
  • Shut your eyes and imagine being together with your beloved.
  • Keep the thoughts of your beloved in your mind and develop the feeling of how good it feels to be back in love again.
  • With your eyes still closed, imagine the kind of love you wish to have and chant the name of that person you wish to come back to you.
  • Open your eyes and place the braid on the metallic plate.
  • Light up the braid and as it burns, inhale the smoke and say the following chant:

“May our relationship prosper just the same way our hair is burning. Make him come to my door.”

After the braid burns out, take the ashes and rub them into your head. Repeat the chant and believe your request has gone to Higher Powers.

If you don’t see him within a week, repeat the ritual. Note that a hair love spell can only be effective if you have strong feelings towards your beloved.

2. Photo love spell chant

Photo love spell is the easiest ‘come back to me love spell.’ As the name suggests, you need to have a photo of your beloved and strong feelings towards your target.

  • Before going to bed, please take a photo of your beloved and focus your attention on it.
  • Shut your eyes and start meditating on the feeling of having your beloved back in your life.
  • With your eyes still closed, try to control the person’s mind by making them think positively.

Remember to believe in the ritual, and after a few days, your beloved will be at your doorstep.

3. Daily love chant

This love spell is recommendable if you leave your house every morning and return in the evening. To perform this magic spell and remind him about you, recite a brief chant when you leave the house.
You can chant the following phrase three times: “Ooo! Our love is not over. Just like you left me, you will return to me.” This ‘come back spell’ will remind him about you. Consider your spell successful if he contacts you shortly.

4. Full moon love letter spell

The moonlight has a compelling impact that can fulfill your wishes. To conduct this spell, you need to time the full moon. You can choose to perform the spell between 12:00 am to 3:00 am.
You will require the following ingredients:

  • Pink candle.
  • Rose petals.
  • Pink or green pen.
  • Incense
  • Envelope

What to do

  • On the night scheduled to cast your spell, tune up your love feelings by listening to romantic music to set yourself in the mood.
  • Take a bath and apply some perfume or cologne.

Casting the Love Spell

  • As soon as the full moon appears, burn some incense to clean the space from negativities.
  • Light your candle and focus on the flame.
  • Begin meditating on the feeling of being together with your love.
  • Take the paper and pen, then write a letter to your beloved.
  • Write everything in your mind and tell him of your desires.
  • Put your finished letter in the envelope and sprinkle the rose petals around it in the shape of a heart.
  • Look up to the moon and say the following chant:

“This moonlight represents my burning desire. I summon the energies to make Mr. X come back to me.”

  • When done, take the letter and hide it in a secret place.

Believe in every word mentioned in the ritual and expect him to contact you shortly.

5. Magnetic charm

Magnetic charm is the most simple karma-friendly love spell that will bring about the desirable outcome quickly. All you have to do is trust in the ritual and avoid overdoing it because you risk diluting its effectiveness.

  • Ideal location, preferably your kitchen.
  • A piece of aluminum foil.
  • Rosemary and cinnamon herbs.

Casting the spell

  • Gently anoint your hands by rubbing the herbs with them.
  • Say the following chant to the highest power to bless the herbs.

“With these herbs, I call forth my charms to work for all my desires.”

  • Sprinkle the herbs on the foil.
  • Fold the foil to seal the herbs inside.
  • Place the foil anywhere near your heart.

This ritual works depending on your belief. You have to be honest with your desires while casting the spell and trust your request to the universe.

6. Salty water love spell chanting

As the name suggests, this love spell technique involves using a salty solution to cast your spell. You will require the following materials: A glass of water and a portion of salt.
Casting the spell

  • Take a small portion of salt and sprinkle it in a glass of water.
  • Anoint the glass of water by saying the following chant;

“Universe, with this sacred water, I place all my charms and summon a positive outcome. Come back to me, lover.”

  • Repeat the love spell chant 2-3 times.
  • Drink the salty

The success of this ritual depends on whether you believe in its power or not. That means you must think positively and trust the process.

7. The burning fire spell

Burning fire is one of the most powerful love spells that may bring you the love you are looking for. From the name, this technique involves lighting a small fire and doing some rituals. The fire symbolizes your troubles are burning away, and the flame represents your love glowing stronger.
Getting ready for the ritual

  • Look for an open space, preferably an outdoor location.
  • Assemble all the materials to light fire. Include sea salt, incest, and red rose petals.

What to do

  • Light a small flame.
  • Take off your shoes and stand next to the fire.
  • Burn some incest to cleanse the space with an empowering smell.
  • Sprinkle the sea salt in front of the fire.
  • Throw the red roses in the fire and watch it burn while saying the following:

“As you burn, so does my troubles. Let his heart burn for me. Bring him to me soon.”

As you watch the rose petals burn, picture your beloved in your inner mind. Believe that healing has already occurred, and he has come back to you. Extinguish the flame and wait for him to come back.


Love spell works wonders as long your intentions are not to enslave anyone. Love spells can unlock possibilities and make your life better within a short period. You only have one role to play, believe in the ritual and maintain a positive mindset. Even if your relationship is going left, worry no more. Believe in the power of magic and see him come back to you.

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