FREE Effective Commitment Spells To Make Him Commit and Marry Me

In our pursuit of academic training, career, and financial success, we neglect the evolution of interpersonal relationships. Marriage is often not even considered an option for people determined to have a successful career. Although many of these people are involved in long-term relationships, they simply do not want to take the big step. We do not find time for having a family in our busy schedules. You can change the order of your lover’s priorities. Try these free effective commitment spells to make him commit and marry you.

In the following article, you will find information about a commitment spell, how to make him propose spell, and how to strengthen a bond spell.

Before tying the knot, you want to trust your partner completely. You can cast the following spell to ensure fidelity.

Fidelity spell

Before marrying somebody, you want to be certain they are faithful to you. Checking your lover’s phone obsessively, reading all his messages, and stalking all his friends on social media is not the way to go. If you don’t trust your partner, ask yourself why. Is he acting strange? Did you pick up on some hints that he is cheating on you? Then you should have a discussion about it and try to solve the problem together as a couple. If you still think he is having an affair try to convince yourself you are better off without this lying, manipulative person. However, if your bond is strong, and your hunches on them cheating were never confirmed, you can perform the following 3 ingredients spell to prevent other people meddle in your life.


When we’re together all things are lovely and sweet.

Your mood when with me is upbeat.

You love and long for me when away,

Apart for too long we cannot stay.

You’re now under my spell’s sway.

With this grain of sugar in your shoe,

To other girls (or men) you’ll say “Adieu”!



Perform the ritual under a full moon, preferably outdoors, somewhere in nature. The full moon will maximize the potency of your spell.

Start your magical working by taking off your shoes. You want to be connected with the earth while casting this spell. Feel the fertile soil and the dew on the crisp green grass. Imagine how from the soles of your feet are emerging strong roots that pierce through the surface of the earth and are slowly swirling their way down towards the planetary core. You are feeding yourself with earthy, life-giving energy.

The full moon is shining its silvery rays upon you, charging you with lunar power. You are harvesting natural energies through your body, similar to a battery. Concentrate on storing the harvested natural force throughout the spell casting.

The following step is to fill the wooden bowl with sugar. Next, run your hands through the sugar grains, like you would do with the sand at the beach. While doing this, visualize your intent. Picture how your partner will always be in love with you, how he will always be faithful and true to you. Try to form vivid, colorful images in your mind’s eye. Pretend you are watching a movie about your life together, as a couple, and later as a family.

After the visualization exercise comes the sugar enchanting. You can write your own incantation or you can use the one provided above. Of course, by writing your own incantations, the words are charged with your intent, making your spell more efficient. Regardless of what incantation you choose to use, you need to read it 3 times by the red light to enchant the sugar.

You should keep the enchanted sugar hidden from anybody’s eyes but yours. Sprinkle a little sugar in your partner’s shoe whenever your intuition tells you to. Don’t store the sugar for more than 3 months.

After you are certain that your beloved stays faithful to you no matter the circumstances, you should cast the following spell for strengthening the commitment between the two of you.

Spell to strengthen a bond

Love is the engine and source of life. The love of our partner, family, and friends is our daily source of energy. On the other hand, life itself emerges from love. These things make love the most precious and cherished emotion of them all. Love and passion make us feel alive, no matter the hard time or the problems we have. The more we love, the more love we receive.

To strengthen and nurture this life-giving feeling, follow the directions below.


  • 2 glass bottles with cork
  • a personal item of your partner
  • a personal item of yours
  • rose petals
  • carnation petals
  • yarrow flowers and leaves
  • essential rose oil
  • a couple of drops of your perfume
  • a couple of drops of his perfume
  • The Lovers tarot card
  • a red ribbon


Aim to perform this ritual on a Friday night with a full or crescent moon.  Friday is the day associated with Venus, the goddess of Love and beauty.

Start by placing The Lovers tarot card on the altar, in front of you. Try to connect with the card. Observe the colors, the shapes and the feelings you encounter when looking at it. This card symbolizes attraction, love, beauty, and overcoming obstacles in your love life.

Next, take the two glass bottles and put them on top of The Lovers card. One bottle will be charged with your energy and the other with your partner’s. Keeping this in mind, assign the appurtenances of personal energy to each bottle.

 After you established which bottle represents who, start filling them with the herbs, using the same amounts for each glass container. Using equal quantities to fill up the bottles is crucial. So be careful to measure everything precisely to avoid creating imbalances in your love life. As you add the ingredients in the bottles, you can increase the plants’ efficiency by saying simple chants similar to “Yarrow will make our love grow”.

After adding all plants, pour in the rose oil next. Be sure the herbs are imbibed by the fragrant rose elixir. This oil will amplify the effects of the plant mixture. Before getting to the next step, anoint your pulse points with the rose oil, envisioning how this will attract your lover’s admiration and affection.

Before putting the corks, top your magical concoctions with the perfumes. The fragrances symbolize the essence of each of you, thus making the charming bottle spiritually bound to each of you. You can replace the perfume with blood, hair, nail clippings, and saliva. If you want to keep your charms pretty, you might want to skip the hair and the nails. Adding personal DNA to a spell bottle will increase its potency. But obtaining such ingredients is not a facile task.

After you fill both bottles with the ingredients, put the corks on and proceed with binding the two magical charms together. Take your ribbon and swirl it around each bottle forming a lemniscate (the infinity symbol). Finnish binding the bottles by making three knots.

Merry me spell

The last step towards casting a “Merry me”spell is the casting itself. The preparatory steps are over. You are now ready to seal the deal. For this ritual, you want to wait until the next new moon, as this is the time suitable for new plans.


  • a silver ring
  • a red cloth
  • a strand of your hair
  • a strand of his hair
  • a piece of red thread
  • almond oil
  • three red roses


Start the ritual by anointing your ring finger with almond oil. When doing so, visualize your partner proposing to you, and as you massage the oil into your skin, picture how the engagement ring easily slides down your finger.

Next, put a drop of almond oil on the silver ring too. This is the placeholder of the engagement ring. Keep that in mind when you are polishing it with oil.

The following step consists of wrapping the hair strands around the ring. The strands will stick onto the oily ring easily, and you can coil the thread on top of them.

Put the ring on the red cloth and add the red roses on top. Fold the cloth to enclose the ingredients and tie some thread around it, just to be sure everything stays in place.

Hold the charmed bag in your right hand, and say: ” I bury the seed of commitment tonight. The seed will sprout by the next full moon. My lover will propose when the sprouted seed will be dug out of the ground.” After stating your intention loud and clear, bury the charm in your garden.

On the next full moon, at midnight, dig out the bag and unfold it. Burn everything and purify the silver ring. Scatter the remaining ashes around your house.

This spell will plant the thought of proposing in your future spouse’s mind. Your wish shall be granted soon after the full moon.


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