How to Compare Electric Shavers

How to compare electric shavers

Today, we got a motorized shaver to replace the traditional one. You can follow the steps below to get the best electric shavers for all of your needs. These are standard tips, you may have your own tips and tricks. Just pick what fits you the best.

1. Choose a shaver with the highest rpm and best foil

Pay attention to the foil because the best result only came from the best foil, even though it may be still difficult to shave long hair or your neck. The result will be better if the shaver has 3 heads rotating simultaneously which will give you easy maneuver.

2. Choose a product with the shortest charging time and highest battery capacity

Choosing a shaver with the best battery capacity is very important, especially when you love to go outside because it determines how long you can use the shaver and how long does it takes to re-charge.

3. Use online references as a comparison

It is very important to read customers’ review or product specification before purchasing a shaver, so you will get only the best product.

4. Try to find a product which you can try before purchasing it

Human’s skin is not a synthetic one. You will need some time before your skin can adapt to the electric shaver. It may take hours, days, weeks, even months. The trial period is very important because, during this time, you can know whether the shaver can cause any damage to your skin or not, especially if you have any allergy with the shaver.

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